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Sorry Acrostic Poems

These Sorry Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Sorry. These are the best examples of Acrostic Sorry poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A New January
Resolutions each January I feel I must do.                 ...

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Categories: february, january, power,

Premium Member Spring STRAND CHOICE 2
Singing birds emerging.
Pretty flowers are blooming.
Rabbits are hopping.
In spring things start living.
Nests of eggs are cracking.
Gardens are now growing.

Written Date: 1/21/2020...

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Categories: bird, flower, spring,

Not Resolved
Really we should Realize
Everyone needs to be Engaged
Sometimes with a Sense
Of responsibility to Others
Looking after Lonely people
Unifying those who are Unlovable
To some folk who have...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Premium Member The Great Escape

Grand dreams that weep from vaults amidst the rain

Rouge billowed cheeks bleed soft from twilight's hem

Each star bounds heaven's breast, one glistened gem

All birthed from...

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Categories: analogy, dream, fantasy, imagination,

I Embarked Upon a Great Escape
I've deleted this acrostic from the competition for personal reasons. 
        SORRY, J. D.

G lorious was the morning...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure,

Promising you undying love
Lavishing you with jewelry
Easing your troubles like a dove
Asking you to forgive my foolery
Sorry will never be enough
Everything to give and end...

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Categories: angel, feelings, for her,

Dangerous Mind
The mind is a most dangerous thing,
Forcing memories into replay,
Endless relived moments drowning bring
Snippets in time more real than today. 
Paralyzing sadness is trouble
Which the...

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Categories: cheer up, cinderella, encouraging,

Premium Member Overcoming Mistakes
Overcoming Mistakes



Contest: Overcoming Mistakes
Sponsored By: Chantelle Anne Cooke
Date Created: 08/31/2019...

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sorry,

Memories poured out
Emission of doubt
Missing without knowing
Or caring at deep drowning
Reaching out to grasp
In the leaves of wraps
Entirely denying the pact
Sorry for experiencing the act...

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Categories: deep, emotions, feelings, leaving,

Premium Member APOLOGY- -
Accusations sometimes false sometimes true accused
Past transgressions please grant grace, penance
Own sympathies of love in true love forgiveness
Loud reproaches criticise
Owning own transgressions okay
Genuine regrets condemn

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Categories: analogy, assonance, celebration, forgiveness,

Premium Member January
Just in time for annal's first
Anthem of recovery from decadence
Nonsense shed of summer, duty toes
Unencumbered line forward, impaled pale
Arctic abyss breathes frozen flame
Regrets only as...

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Categories: motivation, new year, sad,

Premium Member My 1970's Acrostic
T	The wide belts, hip-huggers, bell bottom pants
H	Hip people dress like Sonny and Cher
E	Everyone loves Carol Burnet, Harvey Korman,  and Bonanza

S	Singers cannot compete with Barbara...

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Categories: nostalgia,

Premium Member Him Improvement
To husbands who are mystified
We offer here this marriage guide.
You'll have the finest union yet
If you accept this alphabet.

A  dopt a female point of...

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Categories: for her, humor, husband,

S- Sorry people were screaming cries.
C- Calling out their loved ones in havoc.
R- Rising atmosphere was getting worse, as in better.
E- Evening goes by in...

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© Ibidun O.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cry, dark, eve, humanity,

My Rainbow
I used to have a rainbow, I could see it all the time

For some reason it left me, I’m still not quite sure why
Every day...

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© Donald Lee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: color, depression, emotions,

World cruise
W wonders can abound if you follow me round
O oarsome adventures day after day (sorry)
R relaxed and unwound we felt jollier than a clown
L loosen...

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Categories: adventure,

roaming around
Roaming around 

Roaming around with 
Legs fighting flirting 
Writing meeting eating 
Drinking stucking sucking 
Ducking into the well of love 

Roaming around swimming 
Chewing meaning...

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Categories: absence, age,

Learn To Say Sorry
L-earn to say sorry, 
O-r express polite regret; 
R-ecognize your fault, 
E-nd the pain, let the other forget.
L-earn to say sorry, 
I-n your heart be...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Rusted and Busted Contest
Sinful Rusted Red Firebird

Sometimes I think back to those years
I wish I had been just a bit older
Nobody notices a fourteen year old boy
Funny though,...

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Categories: beautiful, car, hair, sensual,

Premium Member just for the crack
condoms should be used on every conceivable occasion
remember Ballet is best learned using proper steps and stages.
every tree is relieved when Spring comes
a shotgun wedding:...

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Categories: fun,