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Sometimes Acrostic Poems

These Sometimes Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Sometimes. These are the best examples of Acrostic Sometimes poems written by international poets.

Night Shoes
Neon blinking and clinking the paved town
is the steel-tipped heel, tattooing a graffitti,
gamely upon the cemented turf - a tapping
honing killer-skills of that infamous search

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© taai tekai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allusion,


There are many thoughts that envelope your inner voice
There are many scenarios that do and do not give you a choice
There are many fears that...

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Categories: change, depression, encouraging,

Premium Member APOLOGY- -
Accusations sometimes false sometimes true accused
Past transgressions please grant grace, penance
Own sympathies of love in true love forgiveness
Loud reproaches criticise
Owning own transgressions okay
Genuine regrets condemn

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Categories: analogy, assonance, celebration, forgiveness,

Cuplike purple or yellow belle
Rising sometimes through snow and doing well
Often chosen to grace a suburban lawn
Coastal gardens also, where your beauty does dawn
Undulating, swaying...

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Categories: beauty, color, flower, imagery,

Never quit
When things go wrong as they sometimes will
When the road u r building seems all uphill
When the funds r low n the debts r high

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Categories: hope,

Premium Member Dream
Devouring the darkness comes a dappled beam, so sweet.

Rapture waits for me on slumber’s steepest slope.

Embracing these dappled beams can sometimes seem a feat!

All things...

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Categories: dream,


Choosing to stay or move on who chooses
At time things just seems to just stand still
Then from nowhere something just change
Are we our own destiny...

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Categories: blessing, hope,

Dealing With Discouragement

Do you feel downhearted at this time now in your life?
Is your heart all burdened from the trials and the strife?
Set your focus...

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Categories: depression,

Premium Member Ghost Hunters and Spiritualists
G        goblins, ghouls and ghosts
H        haunted houses, blood running cold...

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Categories: death, perspective,

Beautiful Fall


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Categories: autumn, beautiful, seasons,

She is the principal thing
Sometimes, I'd like to believe I can't love her less.
Having her by my side is all I desire as the day goes by
Except death do...

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Categories: eulogy, nature, princess, sweet

Premium Member Solitude
S ilence sometimes brings satisfaction
O ccasionally, time for thought.
L uxuriousness~calm distraction
I nconsequential things become naught

T emptestuous seas level out
U nchoregraphed waltzes cease
D rought ended, spirit's...

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Categories: introspection,

Premium Member Splendor of Love
Sometimes late at night I smell your scent,
Piquancy of my senses saturated in delight-
Lover of mine, you have been heaven sent,
Encompass me in your strong...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: husband, love,

Life After Monday

Masters of our own fate and doing it our way?  No, no, no.           ...

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Categories: career,

Shadow People
Shadow People

Did you ever see a face in a snowy covered tree
Did you ever see a face in a place that should not be
Have you...

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Categories: spiritual,


Iie stand before a truth sometimes it's like a blank sheet 

Same like we hard to catch a butterfly which we had before 


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Categories: anxiety,

Assuring breathing for seeing tomorrow
Seriously tick tock and tit for tat the scatted hands borrow
Unfanctioned hairs are shaved daily
Getting the forgettable minds
Lime dunking the flight...

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Categories: life,

got me thinking you love me
it like you care
i mean if you keep on
keeping on
i might whined-up thinking you
love me or something
I mean kissing and dance
getting those second glances
and the...

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Categories: appreciation, confidence, encouraging, endurance,

Premium Member SEAHORSES
Swimming side by side in unison among red coral,
Entwining occasionally in their colourful pre-dawn dance,
A pair of small creatures resembling 
Horses of the sea 

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Categories: animal,

Lickety Split
L  	lively people 
I 	 in 
C 	 cold
K  	 kingdoms
E  	eat
T  	tasty
Y	yams

S	sometimes
P	people 
L	live 
I	in
T	tents


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Categories: fun,