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Sick Acrostic Poems

These Sick Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Sick. These are the best examples of Acrostic Sick poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Leave Me Alone
Leave me alone please, the disturbingly patient but truly sick woman said.
Every time she was mysteriously interrupted, she was brought out of bed.
After the six...

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Categories: how i feel,

Premium Member Children Should Be Immune To Cancer

Cancer strikes terror in people.

Awful prognosis, scars a family.

Nasty disease that hurts and kills many.

Children should be immune, but they are not.

Everyone thinks they know,...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member C H R I S T M A S
Child-like enthusiasm at Christmas time is not easily duplicated.
Hearty laughter surrounds a family reminiscing about other Christmases.
Rich pastries, cookies and candy only found once a...

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Categories: holiday,

Juneteenth True Freedom

J EHOVAH is Christ’s Father’s name, name He called … his God
U nthinkable from  Bibles Jehovah’s name, men have removed
N ame Christ said...

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Categories: bible, faith, freedom, god,

Premium Member From LARGE to small
From  ~  LARGE  ~  to  ~  small  ~

K~Konstantin had travelled the world in unbeknown searching~g   ...

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Categories: meaningful,

I missed u
I inside me you dwell

M missed you day n night
I  i found you are the only delight
S so don't  leave me time n...

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Categories: absence, allegory, allusion, angel,

Alphabetical Blues
Autopilot these feelings of mine
Brutally keep them in line
Completely lost in time
Definitely my love you have undermined
Especially after I gave you my all
Foolishly thought I'd...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, emotions, heartbreak,

Never A Rose Without A Prick
D-ay twenty-six of July, 
E-arly light starts to ascend; 
X-factor is the beacon, 
I-solated raindrops 

C-ry not because of thorns, 
A-ll in the world...

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Categories: birthday,

Keep An Eagle Eye On The Flock
J-ust keep an eagle eye on the flock, 
O-n the twenty-fifth of November; 
S-aturday like any other day 
E-mploys unpredictable weather. 
P-lease keep an eagle...

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Categories: birthday,

Let Not The Patient Worry
N-ever let the patient worry, 
E-arly Tuesday second of May; 
W-ith God's divine guidance, doctors do the right way.

E-ven the nurses and neurologists
R-emain responsible workers;...

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Categories: birthday,

Let Not The Love Grow Cold
J-ust let not the love grow cold, 
E-ven if time is passing by; 
A-llow it to rise as the sun, 
N-ot weak but shining high.


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Categories: birthday,

Just Listen To The Music
J-ust listen to the music, 
O-pen your ears to the sound; 
A-llow your heart to glow, 
N-ew wave will turn you around.

S-o listen to the...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member TOUCH -Sharon's Acrostic contest
Tenderness exudes from him as he takes the hand

Of the woman, sick and frail; he’s a gifted man.

Uncommonly calm, he utters, “God has a plan.”


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Categories: spiritual,

Share The Love We Have
S-hare the love we have, 
H-owever big or small; 
E-ven if anger threatens, 
R-eal concern we give to all.
Y-earn to have compassion for people who...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Eclectic Angel Thee

Maybe it was because he was the runt of the litter
Yet, his joy to your heart, I knew, that none could not compare
Friendly big frame,...

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Categories: forgiveness, friendship, love,


             TOXIC STATE          ...

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Categories: anxiety, how i feel,

Premium Member Pandemonium
Packed like sardines in a subway train  
a scream and then  the samurai sword swings
no escape it's a scene from some sort of...

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Categories: day, death,

Farewell Fighter
Foreign is this simple sound escaping my breath, filling the room in excess
Am I sick, am I alone in here; the sound resonates an echo...

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Categories: health, music, nonsense, ,

Narcissistic You
Never-mind… caught up in the web of lies…ebbed forever it seems…fill’d with broken dreams…breaking by the seams…I beam – alas, you gave in to narcissism…in...

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Categories: betrayal,

Premium Member Love Me
Leave me alone you beautified 6itch ;
Oh ghastly and ghoulish playpen of a witch.
Vases of roses are covering your deeds;
Eloquent verses describe your sick needs....

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Categories: fun, humorous, love,