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Sad Love Acrostic Poems

These Sad Love Acrostic poems are examples of poetry about Sad Love Acrostic. These are the best examples of Acrostic Sad Love poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Goodbye Love, Version 2
Goodnight, firefly, flap into
Oblivion, for a lover's light has vanished.
Oh, Romeo, wherefore this
Devastating doom?!
Bury me too, night sky!
Yield nothing in return.
Every forbidden kiss was never...

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Categories: death, devotion, for him,

Premium Member Goodbye Love
Goodbye first kiss; into
Oblivion our last.
Oh, Romeo, could I ever let go of a lover's clasp?
Darkness is still, hovering limp.
Beyond eons of lost breaths, you...

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Categories: death, goodbye, i miss

My dearest love, why do you cry in the morning?
Are the sharp rays of light hurting your eyes?
Remember times when we were young, spry, full...

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Categories: cry, love hurts, marriage,


Remiss I’d be to disavow my love for you
Opportune moments these days arise in short supply
Magical meanderings seem only to dissipate
Amorous adieus most nights all...

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Categories: emotions, encouraging, longing, relationship,

Part of me hugs the air for travel
Let's with gravel claim a cloud-
Aim'd I to hook our love to the sky
Neutral she dissolves truth of...

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Categories: bereavement, lost love, love,

Love Me Too
Baby I'm meeting a guy regularly now a days
He is generous
Admirable and
Not only that
Understanding and caring too 

Smart and genuine 
Interesting character
Very honest and humble

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Categories: beautiful, fairy, hope, i

Fragile hearts

For many years romance blossomed covertly 
Robert was the man of Ami’s dreams. Sadly
Ami's parents had promised her hand to
Giurkiran and the arranged marriage...

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Categories: heartbreak, love hurts, sad

R omance in the night?
O nly in dreams nowadays.
M en have lost the skill
A nd women miss that still.
N o more flowers or candles.
C uddles...

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Categories: absence, romance, sad love,

Premium Member ECSTASY

	Eve and Adam*, both 16, gave in to temptation to try the "hug drug."*
	Cuddling and kissing ceased when she succumbed to the drug,
	Suffering an unusually...

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Categories: relationship, sad love, drug,

Loves of my Life
 L  ovely metallic lady lost in Aisle Eight,
 O  n a rubbled spillway frightened and alone.
 V  ehicular damage on fore...

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Categories: farewell, lost love, love,

i don't love you
I didn't know what to say.
Diffusing those three words like a bomb,
Only i can stop the explosion.
Nothing comes out and you're stuck
Thinking, "why can't...

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Categories: betrayal, crush, goodbye, lost

Hatred Never Felt So Good
Haphazard chaos became the norm.
Attention Deficit Disorder brought the storm
Throw in a little hyperactivity and boys.
Rip roaring commotion and a disarray of toys.
Every action challenged...

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Categories: anger, corruption, depression, family,

It seems to me,
Since you lay right here.
I thought we’d be,
Till you disappeared.

A lighthouse sunk to the sea,
In the dark of the night.
With no...

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Categories: break up, goodbye, i

Find me in this life
Yes they have their university degrees and wealthy accounts, but they are not yours. darling....
They don’t know you too,
How to please you that is.... and...

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Categories: fantasy, girlfriend, heartbroken, how

I never met you
On that date.

We never connected 
it wasnt great.

We didnt talk the night away,
We really, didnt have much to say.

We never laughed at...

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Categories: absence, sad love,

my shadow can stay
i am already gone but my shadow can stay
       At least to finish what is left of...

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Categories: love, sad love,

Standing alone in a crowded room 
Crying inside from the feeling of doom 
Remember the times I had someone to love 
Each one I lied...

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Categories: life, loss, sad, love,

Loneliness VS Happiness
Loneliness is being
Only one! Feeling alone and
Neglected. Pushed into a corner, knowing there’s nothing left except
Everlasting pain and rejection. A
Loveless creature, with nothing but the

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Categories: happiness, love, sad, love,

A Love
A love, a feeling that is locked away for so long that you forgot it was there.
A love you thought you shouldn't be felt, a...

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Categories: forgiveness, happiness, lost love,