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Remember Acrostic Poems

These Remember Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Remember. These are the best examples of Acrostic Remember poems written by international poets.

Kings have conspired
Enthralling enchantments
Across the world
Now we dance
Unified at last

Remember the old songs
Every long evening
Escaped into the wild
Voracious we surely were
Excited by the world beyond

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Categories: adventure, joy, nostalgia, peace,

Premium Member Trust in the Lord with all thine heart
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart  Proverbs 3:5 (KJV) 

Try to remember that He knows all
Realize that you are His work, too

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Categories: blessing, god, inspirational, jesus,

Outstanding Ministry


Topic: 10th Death Anniversary of Bro. Eraño G. Manalo (August 31,2019) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: anniversary, death, remember,

Premium Member With Bated Breath
Walking up the winding path
inside the cemetery where my family is buried;
the path leads me through the oldest parts, and I recall
haunted stories of childhood.


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Categories: beautiful, death, love,

Was Never
Do you remember, how the dumb things would make us laugh?
It makes me think, was there a wall before our path?
Remember the late nights on...

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Categories: 12th grade, absence, depression,

Trying To Fill The Lonely
Tremendously trying to fill the hollow void between us
Radiant sun shimmers oh so shyly from on high
Yet, the maroon moon is just a day away,...

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Categories: angst, loneliness, lonely, silence,

Guessing has become the norm.
I was never certain of anything.
I just guess my way through the storm.

Can't blame anyone for losing faith.
It's all about survival,...

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Categories: change, character, how i

Diabetes I Hate You
Dishearten me if that is your will
I have seen countless others dance in your shadows
Abandoned, alone within your grasp
Bested through your touch
Exhausted they fell
Too tired...

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Categories: sick,

BAKER examination of conscience
Bless the Lord, o my soul!
Asking the Holy Spirit: enlighten and control
Killed my Redeemer by my sins, for these I mourn
Embracing Divine Mercy like a...

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Categories: blessing, memory, night, prayer,

Premium Member Boing Boing Boeing
on the dead
in dread
no morals saved
great profits staved

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Categories: africa, allusion, america, environment,

Premium Member Patience
Pieces of hours, fragmented minutes
As raindrops slide down windows
Tangled skeins of memories unravel
Infusing reverie in melted rainbows
Encroached upon asphalt canvas, absorbing
New moon's amnesia; her silver...

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Categories: hope, introspection, recovery from,

In Sadness and Sorrow I Now Weep
In Sadness and Sorrow I Now Weep

I   In sadness and sorrow I now weep
N  Never to see the one I loved so...

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Categories: bereavement, death of a

Must dos' are the things that we must do without having to be told

I have a 'short list' that makes it easy to remember for...

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Categories: anniversary, appreciation, birthday, memory,

My Babe Mama
You are the omega of my heart
the foundation of my conception of love

When i think of what a black woman should be
its you that i...

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Categories: black love, dedication, friendship

I remember the silhouette
From her stares and gestures
How they gracefully slithered
Through minds and seasons
The silk in her demeanor
How it sucked un-weaved roughage
And tilted edges of...

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Categories: conflict,

Dealing With Discouragement

Do you feel downhearted at this time now in your life?
Is your heart all burdened from the trials and the strife?
Set your focus...

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Categories: depression,

One day you will grow
one day you will grow
o/only with time
n/no other way can 
e/every growth be born

d/destiny can be delayed but never
a/accept to be a failure 
y/your destiny...

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Categories: africa, confidence, courage, deep,

Test yourself
test yourself
e/every of your ability
s/success is achieved with 

y/you are the 
o/only one that can make
u/use of your ability by yourself
s/success is...

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Categories: africa, blessing, confidence, courage,

Renew In The Memory
W-ind again in the mind, 
E-arnestly learn to remember; 
A-im not to ever forget 
N-or to say none or 

B-egin to renew in the...

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Categories: birthday,

Remember The Memory
R-emember the memory, 
O-ctober twentieth day; 
B-ad events of the past 
E-ven have roles to play. 
L-et every memory make 
Y-our mind learn the lesson;...

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Categories: birthday,