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Poetry Acrostic Poems

These Poetry Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Poetry. These are the best examples of Acrostic Poetry poems written by international poets.


They say I am a dreamer and a true romantic fool 
Happiest living in my own little world though you are welcome too ...

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Categories: me, strength, uplifting,

Premium Member Archbishop

Adorned with jewels, embroidered silks and golden staffs
Richly garbed shepherds strut in their ornate robes.
Cynical, stuffy and pretentious, these popinjays are
Holdovers of regal times, a...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member SAVE MORE
Stashing away is my resolution
and extra thousand or two
valuing each paycheck that I
earn, saving for a time when work is through.

Mutual funds, IRA’s, annuities
options for...

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Categories: money, new year,

Premium Member The Hard Climb
Returned again to this same hill
Each year a vow to surely break
So climb it in your stubborn will
Or make it grow in each mistake
Like years...

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Categories: analogy, metaphor, philosophy, wisdom,

Insulting As it can be
New contest acRostic
To demean an arChbishop
Our arcHbishop is our spiritual 
Leader same as a raBbi or an
Eastern clerIc
Remove this conteSt
And don't...

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Categories: hate, judgement, religion,

Premium Member Archbishop-Choice Of The Meek

An archbishop was seen by me only on TV or at the movies.
Rather an uncouth character played the part of an archbishop
Critical outlook on a...

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Categories: religion,

Premium Member 'Like A Tree Upon This Earth'
Like a tree in the green forest-  I reach for the sky,
into each new dawn I pray, but Lord, I
keep secrets deep in my...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tree,

Premium Member RESOLUTIONS-

R esolve change undesired trait behaviors, to accomplish a personal goal decision aimed aspirations
E very second, minute daily, weekly moment or yearly
S single-mindedness strength of...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, appreciation, celebration,

Premium Member The Exalted Poet
E cdemomania is a Poets affliction  

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Categories: appreciation, art, creation, inspiration,

Imperfect Patience
Please move
Allow me to get by
Take your time ladies and gentlemen, really
Is there another way we can all get some help? 
Everyone please take a...

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Categories: anxiety,

Premium Member PAX The Meaning of Peace
P eace speaks as a haven of tranquility and calmness and lauds
A ngelic understanding and acceptance given to contentment
X enial with the quality of great...

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Categories: feelings, peace,

Premium Member Resolution

Resolution list; To be responsible that is not impossible, willing to
Engage in physical activities that are appropriate for my golden age. Be   ...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: change, life,

Premium Member Private Eyes - Watchful
With quiet reservations he admires

Attuned to all that senses captivate

To sift thru information he acquires

Considering how it may thus relate

He studies all with intimate precision


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Categories: analogy, metaphor, wisdom,

Premium Member Resolutions

R  esolutions occasion themselves optimally at the start of a new year
E  very new calendrical chart anew page in our lives of things...

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Categories: new year,

Premium Member Gift of God
Gift of God is the meaning of my name.
It comes with grace and love that’s all the same,
From Father in his care for me each...

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Categories: nostalgia,

Premium Member TWENTY TWENTY
This new year I feel the tensions of taxes due
While I resolve to complete them in time as
Every year I procrastinate until the deadline is...

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Categories: new year,

Premium Member A New January
Resolutions each January I feel I must do.                 ...

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Categories: february, january, power,

Premium Member Spring STRAND CHOICE 2
Singing birds emerging.
Pretty flowers are blooming.
Rabbits are hopping.
In spring things start living.
Nests of eggs are cracking.
Gardens are now growing.

Written Date: 1/21/2020...

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Categories: bird, flower, spring,

Rejuvenated all the more to do utmost best midst constant revival 
Earnestly, I’m resolved to fulfill God’s will along values eternal
Steadfast through Christ’s strength, I’ll...

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Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god,

Premium Member LEONARDO

Lion, known well as King of the beasts,
Exemplary in strength and brawn,
Obdurate, he knows his passionate will as
Nature calls from his haughty roar has 

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Categories: animal, cat,