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Drink Acrostic Poems

These Drink Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Drink. These are the best examples of Acrostic Drink poems written by international poets.

Milk, the white fresh beverage
Is far too underrated
Lost in the depths of people’s mind
Kills the thirst or spice

It is what I call a drink
So creamy...

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© Jeff Tam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: 11th grade, emotions,

River Of Life
A-nother river of life 
I-s visited early Monday; 
K-iss the mist goodbye, 
O-r take the haze away. 

B-eacon twentieth of March 
O-bliterates the night; 

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Categories: birthday,

Dear To Me
Dear To Me

My house is on fire! I know what to do,
Grab my wallet and cell phone too.
The smoke it’s thickening and I hear a...

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© Eric Lewis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fire, home, lost, meaningful,

Premium Member Inebriate
Insanity constantly enslaves and mocks
No break, no pause, the appetite always knocks
Enough, never registers, his life, it sucks
Beer and gin, in his long gut line...

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Categories: abuse, corruption, drink, wisdom,

Thanksgiving Traditions
Thanksgiving holiday
Has its traditions but, some folks will
Add in those of family, creating new ways
No two families celebrate the same way, still
Keeping their traditions along...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, drink, food,

Reason For Man's Being
R-eal reason for man's being
I-s to glorify the Creator;
N-ot just to eat and drink,
A-im to worship with ardor.
L-ord God did create
Y-ou to serve Him in...

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Categories: birthday,

hangover reflections
Hang Over Reflections

Last night a Korean friend from Virginia came for a two week visit He brought with him a 30-year Bottle of Ballentine whiskey....

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© jake aller  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: addiction, celebration, cheer up,

Premium Member Lickety Splits
Look this is not a ‘Bang Up To The Elephant’ poem

It splits licks like ‘Bit Buttered Up The Bacon’ but

Come on don’t we poets like...

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Categories: words,

Once The River Begins To Run
M-ountains bring water, 
H-ills set everything aright; 
I-t's the river running by day, 
E-ven during the 

B-lessings are overflowing, 
R-unning not dry under the...

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Categories: birthday,

o-on upon awakening
f-fresh ground coffee beans
f-flavour hazel nut
e-every morning...

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Categories: drink, morning,

God Will Keep You Alive
M-aker will keep you alive, 
H-e will let the sun ascend; 
A-lmighty God will give you 
F-avor and aid that never 

M-aker will keep...

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Categories: birthday,

 Nobody see the pain I feel inside or that I cry when no one is watching ; Why I never answer my door when...

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Categories: deep,

The Night Clerk
The night air with owls cry invitation of canopies of writers to write the 
Days using the night pen jolting candle to the candidates aspiring...

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Categories: beauty, daffodils, longing, solitude,

Men Cry
Where me cry,
Men don't drink much;
Where me stare
Till eyes are sore;
Women never come,
How did this one do!

Coming to me, she wears
Denims, short to show off

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Categories: heart, heartbreak,

Be unbounded by the ways of the world.
Ignorance claims the dogma of men
To qualify as the sheer pith of truth.
My thirst will then be quenched,...

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Categories: adventure, christian, courage, desire,

The Water That Gives Life
J-ust drink the life-giving water
O-n twenty-third September; 
V-ery vital for salvation, 
E-ssential for one to live

T-ry your best to have peace with God, 
U-ntil you're...

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Categories: birthday,

Marie Is In Tea House
M-arie is in tea house, 
A-iming to order herbal drink; 
R-efreshment in boiling water
I-ncludes tea in oolong or green.
C-ris is in tea house, 
R-eceiving aromatic...

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Categories: birthday,

The name Spring was already taken
Soon to be is Spring you see
Please breathe what last winter air there be 
Ring and do sing in tune with merry ole me and...

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Categories: beauty, cat, character, crazy,

Premium Member Coffee Addiction
Coffee Addiction

Calibrating coffee homeostasis flows easily back and forth

On the ‘high’-way of instant craze and crave of gratification

'Feodor' true to his name slurps the divine...

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Categories: addiction, good morning,

Premium Member Even Old People Party On
Write an invitation, send it to your friends 
“Everyone please come, one and all…

We are going to party, have some fun.”
Include a little note with...

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Categories: drink, food, fun,