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City Acrostic Poems

These City Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about City. These are the best examples of Acrostic City poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Taxi Cab Driver
T   Tips are adding up fast
A   And you can see the meter rolling hard
X   'Xasperating to watch your hard...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

IIM Bangalore
In the heart of bustling city,
It majestically sprawls across,
Mesmerising and gorgeous,
Bounded by pristine stone walls.

Awash with memories, I recall
Nights slogged until dawn,
Gearing up for exams...

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Categories: places, school,

Premium Member PATIENCE

Pausing  to breathe in   hours’ rhythmic motion
Allow  screech of  city whistles its knell--
There, under  maples   be hushed...

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Categories: time,

whirlwind of violence
It's crashing 
my heart trembles 
leaps out of place 
searching for crystal 
diamonds in the city streets
his breath melts ice like crumbs 
frost drops to...

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Categories: addiction, adventure, art, beautiful,

Surely a country with it beauty is it wealth
Come visit not just the big city but it towns
Once you see the rustic charms they'll give

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, holiday,

Premium Member Back Again
J  ohn is back again on the same busy street corner  
A  nother year older, grayer, slower, sicker, shabbier
N  ot poorer...

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Categories: city, poverty, sad,

The Back Roads
Trouble seems to follow me, and
Happiness does elude
Each time I find myself city
Bound, dressed up like some dude.

Acting the part of what I ain't
Chokes me...

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Categories: solitude,

Premium Member Juneteenth
Jubilation in the city of Galveston ensued when 

Union soldiers brought to the enslaved

News of an

Emancipation that had been proclaimed by Lincoln

Two whole years before...

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Categories: freedom,

Perfect Peace
P-erfect peace of life 
E-manates from the Lord's hand; 
A-im at the holy city, 
R-each the promised 

A-s you hope for the perfect peace,...

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Categories: birthday,

One Shot At Glory
J-ust one shot at glory, 
E-arly morn twelfth of May; 
N-o way will you ever let the rare chance slip away. 

T-his is one shot...

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Categories: birthday,

Mosques embellish the land in grandeur
Arts of its city including its Petronas Twin Tower at Kuala Lumpur
Langkawi flaps its wings beckoning its great wonder
Atop of...

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© Galeo DS  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: travel,

Heavenly Castle
L-et Wednesday first of March
E-rase the Tuesday twilight; 
O-bliterating the dusk, leaving the dark cold night.

L-et the morning glory
A-im to meet the dawn; 
Z-enith in...

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Categories: birthday,

Cold Chicago
Comfort zones go into hibernation every winter in Chicago

Only the tough skinned, strong willed, and native-born survive Chicago

Long live the reliable snow movers and the...

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Categories: chicago, winter,

Far From Volcanic Eruption
J-ust let March one come, 
E-liminating the long night; 
N-o more cold raindrops, 
N-ew dawn sees the light. 
I-t's a beautiful Wednesday, 
F-rom dawn till...

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Categories: birthday,

Ever Lasting Peace
P-eace that never ends 
R-emain great and true; 
E-arly eleventh of August, 
C-loud nine waits for 

P-eace that lasts forever 
I-s found in the...

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Categories: birthday,

To Winifred:
Wild and beautiful flower
I shudder as the thorns
Numb my veins. I cower;
I fear as I attempt to lock horns
For your beauty
Radiates at a pace
Eternal beings...

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Categories: angel,

Premium Member Yard Sale
Yes there's hope to make some cash
And get rid of stashs of trash
Running before the sun shines
Drive around putting up signs

Somebodys kid just broke a...

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© PAT Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: city, clothes, people, urban,

Cut down routine, dine 
Toss your shadow in the evening wind
Harmonize your dreams with the 
Allure of a half moon wooing a
Red tinged 
Inner peace

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Categories: art, august, beauty, city,

Till We Reach The Finish Line
T-ill we reach the finish line, 
H-owever far or near; 
E-arnestly hold our faith, 
L-ove and hope without fear.
M-ake our faith so strong as we...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Spring Is Coming Soon
Spring Is Coming Soon

Sassy spring when new things have their way,
Playing, romping, joyous with the day.
Roses bloom beneath the azure blue.
Ideal for birds and clover...

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Categories: appreciation, spring,