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Books Acrostic Poems

These Books Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Books. These are the best examples of Acrostic Books poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Library Love
Lingering among the stacks
Interval of serenity, a luxury to
Borrow a world, then bring it back
Riches of printed page, once few
Are carried throughout the community
Requiring only...

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Categories: appreciation, books, community, together,

Premium Member Tutelage
Two groups but one stays a minor to be managed
Under another and rough is the written page
Training close to a better is a good adage

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Categories: adventure, art, body, books,

Belonging to heavens ,
Only for the gifted sevens,
Overflowing with love for knowledge,
Keen are their eyes that
Say,books form my sight...

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Categories: books, poetry,

Premium Member My 1950's Acrostic
T	Think about the ponytails and clean cut crews
H	He is your main priority, there are books that prove
E	Everyone smokes. It is sophisticated and fancy.

F	Feeling truly patriotic...

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Categories: nostalgia,

The school life
Tears in the eyes
When my school began
Willing to go to home back
That time, the only place of heaven
A small child doesn't know much
What are books...

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Categories: 10th grade, pashto, people,

Fanatics in love with 
A movie or book, stuck in a 
Never-ending world of
Great fan fiction and fan art.
Infected with the feels that make them

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Categories: america, angst, books, film,

Premium Member Romantic Love
Romance is grand, that is the tack.
Of course it's all commercial ruse;
Merchants to turn books red to black
And cause us wallets to abuse.
Not one device...

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Categories: humor, love, romance,

Books galore
I went to the Frankfurt Book Fair the other day.
It was mind-boggling..
Books! There were fat books, thin books,
White books, black books, tawny books,
Paperbacks, hardbacks, beautifully...

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Categories: bible, books, strength,

Harmonious co-existence vexes as
Ugliness of spirit overrides all sense:
Man, woman, young, old - locked in constant conflict.
Antagonistic leanings destructive, but
Nations are split by doctrine more...

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Categories: adventure, destiny, humanity, philosophy,

D-awn early Thursday
H-as warmed the March second; 
A-iming to thrill her heart, 
L-ight comes from the beacon.
I-t's a beautiful morn, meeting the break of day;...

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Categories: birthday,

Pen me when I’m down
Open my heart when I’m heart-broken
Eulogize my creativity when I spit words of wisdom
Mention me to generations yet to be born...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, art, books,

At The School Classroom
J-anuary twenty-fourth morn
O-pens the day with a fresh start; 
V-iew in the bright sky warms
Y-our soul and your heart.

A-llow the Tuesday to come, 
G-iving glee...

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Categories: birthday,

Kuru Soup
Sticks and stones, they break your bones, and words they disembowel. Poetry is a dagger, linguistics a humble cowl. Lab rat hearted heathens pray the...

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Categories: america, anger, angst, art,

Premium Member Writing Poetry - The Alliance Acrostic Style
~Writing Poetry~
(Alliance Acrostic)

W-hen I write just let my imagination soar n' sometimes to places unknown this way I go
R-emembering that the sky is the limit...

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Categories: acrostic, beautiful, love, poetry, writing,

Today is tomorrow only yesterday
Today is tomorrow only yesterday 
Oh how days go by counting sheep 
May I say this day to be the boy who cries wolf 

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Categories: fun,

Premium Member message in an acrostic contest
Show me which path I should tread
How I should choose the books to read
Oh how I miss my parents guiding hands
With so many things I...

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Categories: prayer,

Parliament is an umbrella of the people by which
All those who have read books of satire and sarcasm
Regularly shelter and gossip wisely and vigorously
Legal issues...

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Categories: allusion, political,

Cheerfully relaxing
Happy and content
Resting from it all
I am here - I am not, I am
Surrendering, I become it all
Timeless and eternal
Mysterious but knowable
Speaking words of


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Categories: christmas,

Library Acrostic Poem
L is for

I is for

B is for

R is for

A is for
An education

R is for
Reaching out
For any kind of knowledge
You can get your hands on

Y is...

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Categories: acrostic, books,

life is short
Life is short
A day has passed
An hour is gone
A minute is consumed
A second still counts
Months have been washed away by rain

A heartbeat is still beating

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Categories: abortion, age, books, boxing