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Africa Acrostic Poems

These Africa Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Africa. These are the best examples of Acrostic Africa poems written by international poets.

Don't wait for the world to change
don't wait for the world to change
d/dont wait for the world 
o/only move on 
n/never mind 
t/the up's and down

w/we are always like that 

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Categories: africa, blessing, confidence, courage,

One day you will grow
one day you will grow
o/only with time
n/no other way can 
e/every growth be born

d/destiny can be delayed but never
a/accept to be a failure 
y/your destiny...

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Categories: africa, confidence, courage, deep,

Test yourself
test yourself
e/every of your ability
s/success is achieved with 

y/you are the 
o/only one that can make
u/use of your ability by yourself
s/success is...

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Categories: africa, blessing, confidence, courage,

Let me not
Let me not to the married of true minds
Alter what thou love may seem to peace
As rivered lips at dawn
Shall it be less sharp as...

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Categories: 11th grade, africa, fantasy,

The power of imagination
the power of imagination
T/the power to 
H/heal is in you so 
E/elevate the 

P/power of your imagination
O/only in you it dwells so 
w/worries less when...

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Categories: africa, confidence, encouraging, power,

m/make love
e/end wars of all kinds
m/make Africa great again
o/only unity can make us live again
r/remember love 
I/is the only true way to life
e/else you will...

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Categories: abuse, africa, dedication, freedom,



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Categories: abuse, america, evil, hate,

Bla bla bla
bla bla bla
b- bless the world everday
l- let the light of God 
    be your strength
a- always gave thanks to 

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Categories: africa, blessing, courage, humanity,

Africa:our spirit,our sound,our colour
Africa is rich in culture.
Blessed by nature.
I am proud to be African.

Our Spirit is high.
We Strive to achieve.
We are Africans.

Our Sound is loud.
Loud and clear.

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Categories: africa, color, literature, love,

My African Queen
She is a beautiful dark lady born and raised in Africa.I find her so beautiful,that when she comes to mind, i become overwhelmed and speechless...

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Categories: africa, emotions, fashion, love,

I always think, big big and bigger
Less do I forget, asking why and why?
Of all that happen, not a moon bigger
Very little do care, why...

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Categories: africa,

Silent you were, aloud you shouted
Heavy it looked, lighter you took
Imbalanced you were, in balance you are
Know how had you, but his deep in you

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Categories: 2nd grade, africa, appreciation,

Great are the savannahs
It's amazing to see them
Right where you always roam
Always in search of food
From the treetops you look down
Far and wide is your...

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Categories: africa, animal, appreciation, earth,

s/ should I be blamed
u/ unnecessary be cursed
because I choose to
be human 
s/should I be isolated
because I choose to 
p/ place love as 
a God...

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Categories: africa, confidence, courage, emotions,

These our because these moments to 
Cum please due sir you; ok ok ok well then 
We have a fuckin problem equals moment 
nickname promises...

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Categories: 12th grade, adventure, africa,

my steel fists
Ó my steel fists, see, I rolled up the sleeves with subtle splendor;
to see my strength my beard rigid,
my darkness behind these my eyes
that took...

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Categories: absence, africa, allusion, anger,

I'm a black elephant
I'm a black elephant
and I'm on the edge of my bed.
Oh glamor, the one I feel
when I roll in bed
and my feet huge or hot...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, africa,

Terrorism is anyone or everyone
terrorism is anyone or everyone
t-the fear of terror will never
e-ever leave when the 
r-right of one is 
r-right in the hand 
o-of those who 

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Categories: abuse, africa, corruption, humanity,

a blood moon Awakes casting spells
be wary of the Ringing of bells
clinging and clanging, Motioning
darkness upon A land awaiting
evil unlike any created by God
folly, foolishness...

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Categories: africa,

We need the rain
	We need the rain

W-ish we could conjure up the rain
E-scalating drought feeling the pain
N-o cold front no cloud in the sky
E-arnest thoughts months go by

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Categories: africa, anxiety,