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Details | Haiku |
Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
By my side:
The tallest mountain,
The calmest pond,
The purest stream;
My hope and strength,
Faith and love;
The Lord,
Our God,
Always by our side

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
Always running late;
Just taking time to enjoy it.
Life is a car speeding fast,
But it's better to be stuck in traffic.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |
On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

Copyright © Brian Otoole | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |
we got a lot of rain man's wearin ray bands tryin to shake hands
with baked fans it a staged plan to get carly rea pants in front of a video tape.
stumblin mumblin bumblin fools trying to get paid
To say f this chick and f that one
whatever absurd word that flows right off of this tongue
got a dirty mouth, here is some orbitz gum
im sweatin bullets and i cant even afford a gun
but its so free if i want to abort my son then take his lungs
so i can be one hundred and forty one
and be here to see the thwarting of the sun

mr. obama who've worn out your welcome
But what do I know? I'm this republicun
who thinks all  girls and boys should become
either a monk or nun and never cum
and pay for all of our condoms and pregnancy prescriptions
Or am I christian who cant have fun
because I know hun its wrong to drink coke and rums
till i am drunk and wait for the ring to get buns
then go condemn kids with weed and pokemon

And its sad to think this what our kids believe
cause this what they preach on the MTV
and  their  heart beat beats to each tweet and re-tweet
till a pick leaks online then they move on to vines
whatever better trend setter that stimulates the mind

Copyright © Mike Conway | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
The long glade rolls the lingering tongue                                                                          a licking fire who can tame it                                                                                           the talk of the town fame                                                                                                the gossip of the new birth                                                                                       speaking on a speculating specter                                                                                 do you see what I am saying                                                                                          as words quiz by your head                                                                                              glossing over to see fiery darts                                                                                         substances of thing not see                                                                                            on edifying myself not alone                                                                                        the Word quenching the enemy                                                                                      the promise kept older than the sandy grit                                                                perfect before and not of the same karma                                                                       He uttered Light gave rise it was so                                                                              there is only One who shears the shrewd                                                                          driving out the wicked tongue in life or death                                                                 no more babel they heard the wonderful works of God

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballade |
A Poet Masterfully weaves His words
He mixed them with rhyme and rhythm
And expresses them in great depth of reason

Beauty and Excellency is the aim of the Poet
His piece is an expression of a divine perfection
It is rendered in a way that arouses affection

The Poet spit-out words instead of paint
The poet string words instead of bead
The Poet weaves words instead of thread

A Poet evokes our thoughts and calls us to reason
A Poet enlightens and draws inspiration
A Poet educates and arouses aspiration

The audience is his cosmos
Upon whom the piece is to have an impact
Stirred and deeply affected by his language and art

God is the Master Poet
The Poet and His Poem are in affinity
The Poet’s Piece is a product of divinity

The Poem of God is not buried underground
The Piece of God is not concealed in a book
The work of God is not hid under a nook

The Poem of God is read and recited
It is distinctly seen and apprehended
It is discreetly felt and comprehended

This Poem is the Poet’s most magnificent Masterpiece
We are the divine masterpiece of God’s glory
Publishing the Good News of His Greatest story

Our life is a classic and inspiring Poem
A perfect and a breathtaking work of creation
Yet, this Poem is under a divine construction

For we are His Poem, engrossed in Christ Jesus for good works,
Which God imagine and design that we should divinely express them- Eph 2:10 [The Poet’s Preachers Version]

Copyright © Gideon Foli | Year Posted 2013

Details | Dramatic monologue |
the negro is inferno. doomed for hell. sinful with lost indulging in their own ignorance. made into a reincarnation of the devils wishes. the devils wants the devils needs. they say the pigment is the reason. but i say Jesus is the reason for the devilish seasons excuse my blatant response to the evils that have been done in the name of the SON. the inferno negro is the movie of this country, always watched and critic-ed. you must understand that self hating is very wicced, misunderstood when you walk through a suburban neighboorhood the devil is screaming conform!! conformm!! inferno negro you dont belong so just get along, even if the devil knows. the devil knows your story and your weakness and he lives behind and inside the so called supremacy system we live within. peace inferno negro know thyself for you are so lost in this Babylonia hell.

Copyright © KingWata XX | Year Posted 2013

Details | Epic |

Come on, Come on, Come on, God!
Where ya at? Tell me!!!!
Where? Nowhere for physical eyes to see,
But I know where you are,
Not far and seen with my third eye,
Dam, your everywhere, your omnipresent,
Sent from within consciousness where some of us are present,
In the now, wow, mind blown in this confession of an old soul,
Not writing this to have followers, I’m not hollow like a hoe,
You know I may have even been below you, 
But you don’t know me,
You don’t know me,

I’m on a level where I revel in success, 
Blessed by a lot who teaches me the rest,
“Dam I forgot” is a quote we all relate to,	
Ask and it shall be given when you ask from heaven,
I’m here to win with the power of seven,
Zayin, straight light from the source to man,
Mankind needs to make changes at great height,
Understand? Do you understand as we stand in the dying world?  I’m right?
Or is it just my own opinion, 
Hearing rumors saying I will never win, 
Cause I’m supposed to follow Jesus religious kingdom?
I just can’t believe them after extensive research,
Searched and searched, internet data from all over the earth,
Served with prophecy because we are all fools,
The Tanakh, book of Daniel writing and fitting pieces together,
Forever to be marveled and acknowledged,  
Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase."
Well look around today, shocking, will this cease?
Peace, but firstly peace of mind, while writing this rhyme,
Putting the time into it with steez, Theses need filed mankind please!!!

I’m no tree huger, but I look to the trees,
And sacred geometry, to find peace,
These natural beliefs, within nature,
But the world acts like they all hate her,
Unnatural state of mind, blind to many,
Nowhere near harmony,
We are acting like a curse,
Deserving what we get,
Better be set and don’t forget,
Because we’re always forgetting, procrastinating,
Are you relating?
Never hating, just studying Semantics,
With delivery using vocabulary quick as a whip,
Dipping and flipping the perceptions of thought,
Your distorted distraught spiritually untaught,
Never bought into anything but,
The physical that kills everything,
Eventually, I hope you wake up to something,
So think! But instead you keep winging it, 
Unfit situations hit you more and more,
But when awake, ya see straight through that,
You’re spiritually hardcore, right down to the core!!!!

Quincy Mac
date written: 14.12.2015

Copyright © Quincy Mac | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |
I wrote this poem when I was reading the book of revelation pertaining to Jesus Christ.

The Son of man came riding on the clouds
At his appearing the kings of the earth bowed
He was arrayed in His finest robe as a guest
And had a girdle of gold about His breast

His head and hair as white as crystals of snow
All could see His iridescent halo in the glow
His eyes flashed like flames of fire
Dazzling the admiring heavenly choir

His feet like fine brass
One of a celestial class
His voice as the sound of a roaring ocean
Majestic and Powerful, in a state of raging motion

In His right hand are seven stars
Glittering like heaven’s road afar
Out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword
With His sword He overcame, for he is Lord

His countenance was like the sun of gold
 Too bright and blazing for mortal eyes to behold
Heaven and earth too shall all pass
He remains Alpha and Omega, the First and Last

I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book-Rev 1:11a

Copyright © Gideon Foli | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |
>For those of you who do not know me, I have to write as those words come to me.  Otherwise they seem to float away and not return.  That's all I can say.

I lost Jesus.

I never made it to bed tonight.
Brain told me I had to write.
Perhaps to make peace alright.
As I’d lost Jesus yes that’s right.

Was on a crucifix He was.
Crucified as was what He was.
When I looked at it one night,
my crucifix did not look right.
As I’d lost Jesus yes that’s right.

I searched for his figure everywhere.
If my hair was not so short,
I’d pull it out in despair.
But as I could not, felt such a clot.
As I’d lost Jesus, I kid you not.

The other day, my heart did glow.
My health had so improved.  You know.
As I stared at that bare cross.
Jesus had not lost me.  No He had not.

My heart, then felt alive.
I really had nothing to hide.
You see Jesus is alive.
And that their cross will now thrive.

I’ll wear it proud around my neck.
Complete with holes.  You can bet.
As He rose high to Calvary,
I thank God, Jesus did not forget me.

And that is all I was called to write as Easter is soon to be upon us.  I hope you do not mind me sharing whatever it was that caused my pen to write, as it did.  I shall try and print exactly what I wrote, so any errors I guess they are my misinterpretation.  Happy Easter everyone when it comes.   Jesus is not on my crucifix.  And the best thing is, I have not lost Him.   Stanley (The mad Author)<

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
My dear friends,
you may be afraid of an end,
afraid of the truth of life,
afraid to even use a knife.

For you know it can be used for more than food,
it is more bad than good,
but you know not to do things like that...
know to never turn your back.

For you love Him,
you don't want to lose Him,
but my dear friends...
I had went to the end.

I had done things I haven't told you.
I don't know if you want me to be true,
for I haven't been real...
haven't told you how I really feel.

I have been going through a battle all on my own,
always thought I was alone.
Even when I knew I had God,
I never really was with your God.

I don't want you to make the same mistakes,
for I believe that I am fake.
Don't believe a word I say...
if you did, you'd just walk away.

My dear friends
do not fear, this is not the end.
I will get better,
and become another.

My dear friends,
I will not come to an end.
I will come back,
and I promise that.

My dear friends,
please make your amends,
and live your life.
Put away that knife.

Copyright © Ana Jusino | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |
Who Am I

I'm the air you breathe 
the love you seek
I am the the universe
I am the Mighty King
who's name millions seek
but some shame and give blame
I am the light that shines deep into the night
the red colored tulips of the fild
I am the beauty that shines in your eyes
I am the way 
I will never lead you astray
I am the memory of anchint time
that always feed your spiritual mind
So, who am I 
I'm your forever love.

Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

Details | Narrative |
Sovereign Lord Jesus

Tread lightly in a world so unkind
just know Jehovah our God is always near 
he knows all your fears and your pains
even in darken dreams 
things are never what they seem 
when it comes to dreams,

Under the snow white roads is where one had
walked long ago
Speak gently to all the ears that hears
he would tell them about his Father 
Jehovah our God who loves us very much
who hears every word that is ever said
when you write down all your feelings
give it your very best,

Give it all your might to live a life that is right
in Gods eyes and he will keep things bright 
even in your darkest hours
Like the stars in the midnight sky that shines on high
just know Jehovah loves you 
when your heart is tarnished in pain
never give up on his Love,

Keep on Planting seeds doing good deeds
that will grow and never get old
Oh, how his spirit will run deep into your soul
that will spark your spirit 
Keep your young mind clean so when it fallen to dust 
your soul will be given to your first and true Love,

Lilly is my name 
this is what I write 
I am a woman that is white as snow 
I lived a life of pain that ran in darkness
I had been lost sometime ago
Jehovah is the one who is now in control of my soul
I hardly knew my my mother or my father
I was very young running from life that gave me pains,

When my own Mother and Father 
hurt me so bad I felt my life shatter like glass
it put my heart on the run 
but when I grown up in to womanhood
I realized she is the woman
that did given birth to me,
so my life I think her for the gift of letting me live,

But her lies about my life 
still runs in my mind
it cuts me deep like someone put a knife to me
her own darkness is all see ever known ,
I gave my heart to my Sovereign Lord Jesus 
and to my God Jehovah to wash me clean ,

They both had watch me grow like a Father should 
the spirit of true love has given me the strength
to forgive all who has hurt me
and given me something to live for
even in this world of darkness.

Poetic Lilly Judy Emery (c)

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

Details | Quatern |

Eternal Father saw outnumber of people’s sins 
Sad with what He created
He wanted to destroy the world
People hurting each other

Jesus Christ stopped Him
Told the Father He would go down to earth
Take People’s cruelty
To start His power over people

He told the Father people would understand
Ransom Himself
Just don’t destroy the world
Believed people to be one

Eternal Father searched a woman
To conceive and bear a Son
Angiel Gabriel spoke to Mary
You have found favor from God

Holy Spirit will shine over you
You are to name Him Jesus Christ
He will save people from their sins
To save destruction of the world

Jesus Christ created a Church
For People to be Universal
People don’t understand
In there people are saved

What are these other churches?
In there you are not saved
Don’t be fooled
By the Christ’s like religions

There is only one
Deal to the Father
Be Universal to His Church
Roman Catholic

To understand the Two Greatest Commandments
“Love God all your mind, heart, body and soul”
Second is “Love your neighbor as yourself”
When we love our neighbor, Covers the 1st Greatest Commandment

Other Churches are misleading people
Thought they love Jesus Christ
Person who created their Church
Was the person they believed and loved

Jesus Crist is very hurt
People don’t know in His Church
You’re saved
In others you’re condemned

J.R.M. 11162011

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2011

Details | Rhyme |
Your words justified your words condemn     				      their own blood they lay in wait by consent  				         of spiritual things not to entice with them                                                                          you know what you said Lord knows what you meant      											        For shallow attempts to lead you astray    				      with pretense made their own speech will betray        			     their rock is not our Rock beware leaven     				      true to thyself their own little deity    													    Their so as above is not heaven          					        no fear before their eyes brothers of impropriety                 			     they swallow the gravel of sinking sand        				 smooth talk took their hand as pebbles drowning 			                                                                                                                  Reaping the foaming shame of a dark land             				         all the while their deeds Jesus is frowning           			                      desperate wicked above all things hearts                                                                          how well you do in the swelling Jordan												                          speak truth in love repent be born again                                                                           divides asunder the soul and spirit   					        He being Truth knows how to set apart          				    make new hearts not of stone those that fear it 				     																

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |
The author of the bible must have been god
for Jesus himself never wrote it
and i wonder if Jesus truly existed
then why are we not studying timeless works of art written by the first people
that learned how to read and write?
Another question plagues me
why are there legacies of family traditions of stories in families talked about
handed down from generation from generation
that yes your gret great grandmother was a witch burnt at the stake
or your great great grandfather was a black slave
but why I ask do we never hear those who brag 
through the testimonies of legacies of stories around campfires
that did you know your ancestor touched the hand of christ?
and this story of those days has been in our family for generations?

no one using logic how the world works?
true how quickly we forget
even war veterans pass down terrors of war tortures and terrors of such things
so why did we stop passing down the story of a god?

Is it because the author of the bible was god?
and he knew everthing that happened with jesus and Job
cain and Abel?
or was it just that one day there was a belief
and it was accepted
replaced an old belief
and murdered the old
and we praise it now?

Is this proof we are brainwashed?
gullible even
the fact that the old religion has more stories handed down in generations 
in family 
than this supposed god
who taught us all how to read or write?
I'm sure if i was there to be the first people to learn how to read and write
id write down some stories of the lessons i was taught
tell everyone i knew
of the man i had met who taught me
if the bible is true
and there were that many witnesses

I know id pass it down to my children
and my grandchildren
nieces and nephews

Copyright © Troy Nelson | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |
Never am eye ever counting my self worth in the amounts and measures of this 
world the many blankets that eye have like an old Indian man this would lead me 
into madness and depression far too quickly then is my want the things afforded 
me is gold and silver lines my pockets but the stuffins that eye have and all the 
riches of this world yes even MONEY is not GOD and HE has Glory when eye 
gather and even when eye find eye just say thank you JESUS even in my mind 
The way is narrow the way is hard the way is easy the way is love.
The shoes upon my feet are not wearing out they keep there size and shape for 
many months now. NO one is perfect and things are not forever but the one who 
blesses us can make a shiny piece of leather
Last seemingly forever if it is on the sandel of his desert feet.
The Holy Son Of GOD the JESUS of the Nazarene landscaping the Jesus of the 
CROSS is HE who is my blessing. A good Christian man must examine himself 
to see if he is in the HUMAN race the thing to please remember is to have the 
attitude inside the forewithall to hide thyself from pride and foolish attitude of self 
decay and sometimes leaving water here and there is the hope of someone 
else’s day. A drink left out where poor one may soon find it may not seem like 
much in the Grand scheme of things but we must soon get started giving and the 
good deed comes in living and just having FAITH and leaving just a cup just ONE 
CUP of cold water in the place the poor man dwells eye can say with out reserve 
with out much thinking looking back eye have been that very thirsty eye have 
needed water finding none and eye was thirsty did ewe give me drink did ewe 
give me some. Eye left a cup of water for the poor man to drink and GOD has 
overflowed my wellness and eye am not now ever sick. This is my biomyopic.

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2007

Details | Rhyme |
I was lounging in plain sight,
He appeared and said “Write!”
I said, “Paper is fresh out,”
Legal pads, college-lined, and rose-scented paper
suddenly delivered in fresh stacks all about,
Then He vanished in a foggy purple vapor.

Again I began lounging outright,
He reappeared and told me to “Write!”
I said, “Pen just ran out of ink,”
Ballpoints, gel pens with comfort grips,
feathered quills and inkwells came about in a blink,
Then He disappeared like the sun during an eclipse.

Once more He was there. “Write,” He said.
I replied, “I am afraid to see what’s in my head.”
He said, “Don’t be afraid, dear daughter.”
Then He produced a lake of still water.

Wearily, I looked inside.
Carefully, I wrote.
Tragically, I shrieked.
Frantically, I cried.
Then He held me,
And I was satisfied.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.” -Psalm 23:2

Copyright © Kim Bond | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lyric |
Twas the night of an important date
decided to write while I wait.
Pen and paper, waiting to rhyme,
what will be my first line.
My mind blank, in a stare,
suddenly my words appeared.
Begin to write of love and life.
Knew my poem would come out right.
As I continued to sit in wait,
my lines were forming oh so great.
My mind still wondering as I wrote,
I thought about your note.
In it you said you would not be late,
here I sit thinking of our date.
I hope we grow fond of each other,
maybe we'll become lovers.
Who knows perhaps in life,
we'll become man and wife.
Suddenly you knock on the door,
I finally sit and wait no more.

Copyright © Diane Pennestri | Year Posted 2016

Details | Couplet |

Through grace our sins are left behind,
Each day now we spread message in kind.

Through life willfully given up to death,
We each day partake in living breath.

Through Him we averted spiritual loss,
Now souls blossom unlike flowerless moss.

Through His love a life saved from wrath,
Same now beckons to walk sanctioned path.

Through His grace we received this gift, 
Revealing to others His forgiveness is swift.

Now in Him through Christ we boast,
More souls raised in reconciliatory toast.

Copyright © Richard Martins | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
No words of my own                                                                                                        yet they are free unbound                                                                                               flowing along winding but on course                                                                                 free for all yet not a brawl at all                                                                                       see here you are freely given so freely give                                                                       couplet in reverse not rehearsed                                                                                      double it for I am free from the curse                                                                        incorruptible seed sown on good ground                                                                         dying to self that life may abound                                                                                     born again to be a slave of the wind                                                                                 storms of this life have an end                                                                                         free like the sea                                                                                                  running like a mustang                                                                                                fruit of the tree                                                                                                      falling

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |
It is not the writing, but the subject
As it is almost like fighting to get some people to reflect
Typing on the keyboard, asking God for some direction
For anytime I soared it was always in God's reflection

Many will miss out, wallowing in their own doubt
It is to them that I shout, why aren't you more devout 
Only repeating what the Lord has said as you lie in that bed
Knowing full well in my head without the Lord, you are dead

So I'll try one style like using the color gray
Then after a while I try things a different way
But for everything I say there is always someone in denial
So all I can do is pray and whittle away with this file

And so I again begin down yet another path
Talking about the wrath that comes along with our sin
But why did you continue to read being in such doubt
I just wish that you agreed that Jesus is your only way out

Copyright © Vincent Flannery | Year Posted 2014

Details | Quatrain |
To turn away from You is to fall
To You is to stand
To remain in You is
To have a sure support


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |
Managerial inseparable font new words made up just on the spot 
warpped constitutional practices they took JESUS out of school 
they pray to the dollar bill and grab as many of them 
as they can possibly imagine 
they start out slow and then they snowball 
they change the history in the history books 
they give the children dirty looks 
they have an analytical mind 
they have no rhyme or rhythum 
though they beat upon a drum 
they tattoe dreams upon their arms 
and sleep in constellations of alarm 
they ruin life for all the rest of us 
they make it hurt and make it suffer 
they indicate and relate the waif 
they simulate their lover 
they do it undercover of the light 
mye soul will be with JESUS 
for they murdered all the crowe in me 
they fight they kill and they could not pay the bill 
what is worth thy soul in all eternity 
a new york t shirt and one dollar bill to some 

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2007

Details | Rhyme |
If Jesus were a blogger,
I’m sure His stats would soar.
When folks read of His miracles
they’d want to come back for more.
There’s no doubt in my mind
that His followers, they’d become;
when they read how He could heal
the lame, blind, deaf and dumb.
His popularity would be off the charts,
at least in my estimation.
As they heard of the  loaves and fishes,
He would be an instant sensation.
His fame would be astronomical,
spreading afar and near ;
As long as He constantly published
what the masses were  wanting to hear.
But what if He wrote to His “followers”
that they needed to take up their cross?
Would folks still throng to His site
or would blog traffic  suffer a loss?
What if He got specific,
and in writing, defined what was sin?
Would the groupies continue to follow,
or would the blog crowd start to thin?
Well, Jesus is not a blogger,
but He has given us His Word
While some cling to it tenaciously,
others think it outdated, absurd.
Some thrill to read of the miracles;
the blessings on earth and above,
The wonders of His creation,
His mercy, His grace, His love.
Don’t  tell them of expectations.
To serve God, there’s a price to pay.
It doesn’t please their ears.
From sound doctrine, they turn away.
But God’s Word is not a smorgasbord.
There is no take it or leave it.
It’s inspired, profitable, all of it.
So obey it and believe it.
It may not be the popular thing,
what majorities want to pursue.
The Holy Bible, will you wholly follow?
The choice is up to you. 

Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |
Look at this burden
to write out in perfect blasphemy
what you did
what we went through
what you did to me
so now after weeping
underneath murderous stars
i begin to hang your sins on jesus
every metaphor another scar

how do you tie into this
pointing the finger at me
messages from the past
sent forward written in the sky
a soulbound train for jesus to ride

Slip you this letter
of the dead word curse
hanging sins on jesus
lets hang him first
what army do the meek have that inherit the earth
a logical equation
to resurrect the truth we covered

hanging sins on jesus
an under rug swept routine
pull the wool of the wolf
and lets see what was that is
inbetween things that will be

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sonnet |
If our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour, were alive today;
He would then diligently be teaching us how to pray;
He would have penned beautiful haiku & senryu & rhyme;
Not the elegy of life, or the A.B.C. of crime.

But haiku, about the birds, the fish, and wonder nature;
The senryu, about mankind, being stubborn and un-pure;
And the hearty rhyme of His peace and love, be the armor
Of faith, for those who long for eternal grace, evermore!

His poetry would be the New Heaven and the New Earth,
And in His holy Church would be the promise of re-birth;
If our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour, were alive today;
He would then diligently be teaching us how to pray.

Yet, on this perverted Earth, He had opted not to stay;
Indeed, just for us all, from God, we would not be at bay!

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2007

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If you die unsaved, your soul will be lost.
If you die without Jesus, you won't like what it will cost.
Evil people like Ted Bundy go to hell and that's exactly what they deserve.
But it would be tragic to see good people condemned to an eternal sentence in 
hell to serve.
If you haven't been saved, please get saved now.
Lost souls are what we cannot allow.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2007

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If Jesus hadn't been born, we wouldn't be celebrating Christmas.
He came down here because he wanted to save all of us.
If he hadn't been born, there would be no presents under the tree.
Christmas came from Jesus and that should feel us with glee.
I have something to say to you and I'm going to be frank.
When you get your gifts, you should remember that you have Jesus to thank.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2007