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Details | Sonnet |
My Muse, I So Abuse

My muse crying loudly, please write this way
I replied laughing, that will be the day
She storms off in a most indignant huff
I shouting at her, damn isn't that tough?

No fear, she always runs as she returns 
she my heart so loves, as my mind she burns
I, that often sit on cold bed of stones
She, poetic judge that often breaks bones!

Dead of night she cuddles up to me near
utters words, sweet nothings and a cold fear
I inquire, but my heart you love so dear
She shouts, that was a folly from last year!

My muse and I play wicked cat and mouse
She may be the roof but I am the House!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-26- 2014

note: My muse is a vindictive little tramp
she makes me kneel humbly before she lights the lamp!

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
I move, I move, My wheels turn like wild things My hands cry the rims I run in my dreams I jump with style I dance I move, and dance My eyes sing like sopranos My mouth uses color Like a rainbow Behind me I run I run and I run The drip lines in my arm Are parachute ropes I steer them alone To land here I stand I dream, I dream Nothing keeps my mind Inside my faltering Little loving body With dancing Writing pen *** January 13, 2017

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |
If I were to take your hand
                                     And ask you to dance
By the light of the moon
                                     Would you take a chance
You know I am just a dreamer
                                     Or so it would seem
For there is nothing I won't do
                                     In search of my dream
To me a dream is but a story
                                     Waiting to be told
And as a poet writes their dream
                                     They try to break the mold
So as you dance across your dream
                                     Trying to get it right
Close your eyes and drift away
                                     Dance with me tonight
As we dance across the floor
                                     Know my words are true
I have answered all my dreams
                                     Just by holding you

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2007

Details | Sonnet |
O' Dear Poets, Let True Pens Dance

O' dear poets, hold sweet and true to thy calls
Let not rejection's dark, lead hearts astray
Not into realms of drought stricken pitfalls
Nor in shallow vessels of weakened clay!

Stay dear poets, with kindness sent this sad world
Keen unto love, hope and mercy's great gifts
Pen to let magnificent words be hurled
In soul's fine music that cheers and uplifts!

O' dear poets, grace us with joyful heart's glee
Dance below moon's gleam cast lights thus given
For these gifts setting us apart and free
Bring us to gates of paradise liven'!

O' dear poets, buckle belts, greet all as friend
We are waves splashing hope until the end!

Robert J. Lindley, 1-05-2017

Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables: 140
Total # Words: 112

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

Details | Cinquain |
Blind, I walk tap tap
to find my way, rap echo.
Sing song carry me
home to you, bring it home tap
straight to my heart so I hear.

When I see the beat 
boomerang back rap to me
I know your sound space
I know the song of your sense
I hear the cry of your dream

The echoes build loud
Add fluid to the white space
Thoughts of listeners
Adding additional beat
Making new heart, soul, song, sound 

One by one you come
One by one you come online
Choir adding rhythm rip
choir adding some  filigree
add understanding to world

What the rap you make
What the taps you spell out loud
Becomes an image
Shared by all who listen, sing
Wonderful sound, our heartbeat.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |
"Daddy" the way I call my father
The man who loves my mother
The man who gave life to me
And the man who will risks his life to protect his family.

He's not showy about his feelings
But I know he loves us unconditionally
He gets angry when his siblings were hurt
And he makes us laugh the way he dances and tells us jokes

Now..he left us already
His silly jokes,crazy dance moves now were gone
Coz he went to a far away land
In a place where  hurt and sorrow has no place in man

I miss my daddy a lot
His voice,
His jokes,
His crazy dance moves
And his being father to us
I miss everything about him!

I know God has a plan
And I give everything into His merciful hand
Pls.take care ofmy daddy in heaven
Coz someday we'll see him again
And continue the sing and dance with him again...

Copyright © Jerica Sanchez | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |
Click clack; Sole on soul.
Swaying shoes to the rhythms 
The beat makes you whole.

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
Mourn my loss of innocence; the Queen of 
Love, and I her prince. Dance, we dance, all 
the way to Heaven- born of grief, and the 
things I have written...And dare I ask, or 
merely inquire, on who doth Love me, and who 
is a liar? Just say my name, old curse of 
shame, cloaked in dark, and murky colors 
No skies to fly, no seas to sail, no land on 
which to keep my Lovers
All too silent, this lonely night;
No choice to choose, no grounds to fight 
These pleading words, and Fools in herds-
marching to the Ends of the Earth 
People I loath, and you were told: I do wish 
Eve hadn't given birth...

Copyright © Just That Archaic Poet | Year Posted 2013

Details | Quatrain |
music's turning little dance								                     sing the sonettos 										          cabriole a turning stance										          ballerina's toe	                                                                                                                              ~												               tops cheval bureau a glance								           songs of little strophe    											 on look the spiraling chance									          day dreams étoile's soul                                                                											

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2012

Details | Narrative |
Invitation: Rick

Will you accept?
Not a challenge 
Rather an invitation
Let us explore each other's thoughts
Are we oil and water?
Will we have a meeting of the minds?
They say men and women are not the same
Do we both not bleed?
Do we not see the same sky?
Smell the same scents?
Strive for the same things?
I extend out my hand
I beg you, please don't turn away
I am trusting you with a part of me
Let us dance
Twirl along the page

Response: Eileen

A part of me and more
I lay here at your door
Your proposal is sweet
Oh, let our minds now meet
An invitation to dance
Is such a golden chance
To let rhythm and rhyme
Keep us dancing in time
Gender does not matter
Perceptions we will shatter
When it comes to poetry
We are the same entity
With words we are in love
Touched by inspiration's dove
We exude beauty fair
As our poetic souls we bare
My words a gift to you
You know just what to do
Oil and water don't combine
Each is unique and sublime
But they mix when making bread
By which hungry minds are fed
A sweet blessing our words bring
we can make the heavens sing

Response: Rick 

Like you, I am a lover of words
Looking for diamonds to capture light
Each word placed creates our delight
A symphony of colors shining bright
In the end I have a spirit of oil within
Long ago I permeated my lover's skin
She and I are now a we
From her comes the sweetness you see
You and I, opposite sides of similar coins
Separate, yet in subtle ways we are joined
Two coins jingle, create a sound
Tossed to the sky yet still Earth bound  
As we share what's on our minds
Only heaven knows what treasure we will find

Final Response: Eileen

Treasures don't lie on the ground
Buried deep, they must be found
The one with a passionate heart
Will get all, not just a part
Opposites attract, I'm told
Our poems, treasures of gold
You have stories and I have mine
Poem gems, sparkle and shine
Your love speaks to you; mine to me
Our ballads of sweet harmony
The treasure is this, our dance
Unsure, we still took a chance
You took the lead, steps just right
This dance with you, a sheer delight.

Collaboration between Richard Lamoureux and Eileen Ghali
For Shadow's Contest

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |
Waltzing Decrees 

with me
two, three
Count your steps
with ease
with me
if you please
hands holding waist
gentle tease
my toes
soft spoken

It's called a "Waltz Wave" introduced by Kim Merryman on Blog.
It has 19 lines with the following syllable pattern:
1,2,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,4,3,2,1,2,3,2,1,2,1.  You can split words to 
make the syllables fit the pattern, if you please

Copyright © Debra Squyres | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |

They write a script, 
A poem on quips,
A paragraph,
A typed last draft,
He wrote a play,
She wrote today, 
They wrote together,
A score that's clever.  
It takes time,
To write a rhyme, 
And jot down notes,
With double quotes, 
Compose sublime,
In double time, 
Move the dance, 
With old romance.
The written condition, 
(It's my suspicion), 
Or one I took,
That when I look,

by Edlynn Nau
© February 12, 2016

Copyright © Edlynn Nau | Year Posted 2016

Details | Pantoum |
Yes, to the dance and party at Hotel California.
You love the flirting game with pretty maids all in a row.
No more wasted time on the heartbreak endured in Georgia.
No sad desperado feel blocks your new, solo, man show.

You love the flirting game with pretty maids all in a row.
In the city, fantasy landscapes entice your lost heart.
No sad desperado feel blocks your new, solo, man show.
You believe life in the fast lane is a game you play smart.

In the city, fantasy landscapes entice your lost heart.
You long to dance sloshed into the morn’s tequila sunrise.
You believe life in the fast lane is a game you play smart.
I can’t tell you why your emotion seeks downtown tinged skies.

You long to dance sloshed into the morn’s tequila sunrise.
You’ll take one more skin or gin shot in a New York minute.
I can’t tell you why your emotion seeks downtown tinged skies.
A certain kind of fool with a broken heart, can’t mend it. 

You’ll take one more skin or gin shot in a New York minute.
No more wasted time on the heartbreak endured in Georgia.
A certain kind of fool with a broken heart, can’t mend it.  
Yes, to the dance and party at Hotel California.

The Eagles
Songs:  Hotel California, Pretty Maids All in a Row, Wasted Time, Desperado, In the City, Life in the Fast Lane, Tequila Sunrise, I Can’t Tell You Why, New York Minute, Certain Kind of Fool

... CayCay Jennings
June 4, 2016 

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
Blues, Shoes and Dancing

Saw a terrifying ghost today,
apparition of the ages gone by
too much sadness in its play
dark clouds in a weeping sky!

Saw a dead man dancing a jig,
headache seeing such lame moves
All bones with scary red wig
hairy feet were horse's hooves!

Saw a fallen warrior cry,
misery in his quivering voice
Kept asking , tell me why
my dying was never a choice!

Heard a song that ripped the blues
danced I did, but with no shoes!

Robert J. Lindley, 05-13-2015

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
That night, as so many, I woke
     and stepped, half asleep, featherlight
     out of bed, so steep, or did I forget
As usual I fall, could not make legs
     stand at all.

Lying on the ground, hurt and
     confused but sound, waiting for dawn...
          stifling a yawn, I opened my tablet
              and let my fantasy set the tone

And with eyes closed, hands working,
     duvet warming me, I wrote, seeing me dance
   in trance, (euphoric on a cold floor),
As I did in reality, so many years before


March 17, 2017

1st place in Contest: The Tale of your best.
Sponsor: Phillip Garcia.

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |
Stay The Hand

Send not evil word reapers chasing me
I the lover of every lovely tree
Stay the hand of a very fickle fate
I the saddest victim hit as of late

Erase the ravages of father time
I the fool that writes so clever in rhyme
Staying the cut that ever seeks to slay
I the artist writing no epic play

Slice not lonely heart resting within me
I the clown so desperate to just flee
Staying a direct hit that would so crush
I the writer always in a big rush

Send no blades slicing into my sad words
As I tend them into my little herds!

Robert J. Lindley  08-21-2014

note: Stayed up late to crank one out. 
Drank a very cold brew . This is what I threw.
Just took my last med, time to hit tha' old bed...

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |
I can do the mashed potato
oh yeah, baby, I can do the twist
I can even hand jive
so I'll write it out like this
   my hand dances with the pen
   gracefully across the page
   I stop to breathe now and then
   before continuing my glide across my stage
my mind is the choreographer
planning every subtle move
my heart is the director
and my soul gets me in the groove
    listenin' to that Rock 'N' Roll
    I shake it as I write
    life's rhythm flows through my soul
    will you hand jive with me tonight?

Copyright © Christy Stover | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |
Oh I love to dance but,? ?I am no great dancer
And,? ?i love romance but,? ?I'm not a take a chancer.
Give me a steady beat and,? ?I'll still hit the floor,
?'?cause I'm the only one I ever boogie for

But romance is dance designed exclusively for two?'
Skittish at the risks involved?; ?its a step I no longer do.
Now,? ?I have been a lover and a fighter but,? ?it's been
many long years gone since I engaged in a fight

And loving I do only from a distance but,? ?I have
always been a poet,? ?so most of all,? ?I sit and write.

Copyright © Ron Porter | Year Posted 2011

Details | Senryu |
Thoughts twirl waltzing words composing beautiful dance my step falls behind
... CayCay Jennings May 7, 2016

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2016

Details | Verse |

I gave to sorrow all I had,
all my sadness and trembling grief
and then-  I accepted my fate,
     with resignation.
     Heart-wrung with tears,
   I have found outlets for the pain,
   writing, dancing are now my loves,
I detached from passivity.

I am resigned to my reality,
to the letting go of loving hearts,
so it is for all of eternity,
     and today, I dance.
     I put everything there,
  all my emotions I surrender, relinquish
  tears are falling down and I collapse,
and then-   the music ends.

September 29, 2016

Anisometric Verse

For the contest, Resignation
sponsor, Nayda Ivette Negron

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2016

Details | Narrative |

I'm not really happy here 
all I feel is the evil in the air
where lies are spoken 
like it is a gift token
the evil games that are played 
in the Masquerade
it will leave you lonely the next day
where people come around an give blame
for all the evil games they played
I listen to the words they say
I looked around just to see 
all the wild faces looking at me
I searched out for kindness 
but all I found is madness
this isn't a place for me 
I don't feel safe at the Masquerade 
I try so hard to understand what they are saying
they are speaking in a unknown language
it is getting very scary over here
I'm lost in a nightmare of an evil Masquerade
people are changing by the hour
I want to walk away 
but I am too far away
darkness is hovering around the room 
I tried to talk and move along 
just then someone started sing an unknown song
so I danced along while I'm walking on
I'm lost inside this evil Masquerade
where fears and loneliness starts to play it's game
I felt like I wanted to cry 
but someone else was doing it for me
I weep and I dipped on by 
trying to hide the fear I hold in side
the I looked around and found all eyes on me
Oh, how I wanted so bad to disappear
No matter what I do 
I see and feel evil in the room
I know this is the season and the reasons
that they carry on like this
but this to me is a place of sin
something I don't want no part in
I started weeping in deep silence 
at this evil Masquerade
I am feeling so afraid 
and the people are acting very strange
they are getting closer 
and the music is getting louder
I tried to talk it over to the man in the corner
but he was doing lustful things
in this darken dream 
Oh, please help me I started to scream 
thats when everyone stop 
then ask me if I needed a drink
Thats when I smiled and said no thinks
I found the door to my freedom 
I walked out screaming and shouting 
thank god I am alive 
this was a nighmare at the evil Masquerade
everyone was acting strange.

Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

Details | Narrative |
Oh, my love touch me 
touch me like you never touched me before
let your love water the rose 
I don't know why I feel like this
but I know I need more of it
But somehow I always get tangeled up into a web
of what isn't nice for my pride
being your bride
Oh, but never worrie 
because right now your doing fine
Oh, my love let the rose water you
let you feel all the passion it needs to give
I will forgive we're not that blind
to the unkind
go deeper down inside 
to feel the warmth silk of the rose
this love is worth more 
so keep on trying 
let go of the lying
don't push what we have to the aside again
Oh, my love ,touch me 
and never let the rose wither to the wind
I wanna be good for you
I want love to be good to us
I don't mean to be bad
but there is times you make me so sad
But right now you are making me so glad 
Sweet love of mine 
I'll always be the the best you will ever find
I am the queen of all your dreams 
I will have you climbing the walls over me 
Oh, my love, just waite and see
I will be all you need
I hope I'm not being to mean ?
I just know all your needs 
so, never hide it from me 
Oh, my love, know need to knock down my door
come on in and let me pour you some wine
I'll be light on you 
I even set a candle out just for me and you
Oh, my love , touch me right hear
while we dance in so much romance
I wanna feel you breath on me
tonight this passion will never end 
what we have is the love you dreamed of 
things has changed in your game
that is pushing me to play in the hands of you
I think you pushed me too far
and I am pushing back 
I feel the need to reach for you
I need your loving touch
come to me and touch me 
don't let the rose dry 
you know it don't matter
what we feel to night
who is wrong or right
Lets just do it for the passion 
for the love for the queen
that comes to you in all your dreams .

Poetic Judy Emery 

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |
Every word I write
I listen to, I see.
For the familiar sound
Is what I call poetry.
It may sound crazy,
But the music I hear
Surrounds me in distinction
And quality,
While I'm envisioning
All sorts of things.
When I read a genuine poem,
I feel like I'm ready 
To dance,
And I ask you to join me 
When I read one 
Aloud to you...

Shall we dance?

Copyright © Josey Portas | Year Posted 2007

Details | Epic |
I put the DDRMAX video game in either the Play Station 2 or the Play Station 3 and it's
like a techno music festival in Tokyo, Japan. When I play Dance Dance Revolution, it's
like I'm at a night club in the Los Angeles area of Hollywood, California. If I had a pair
of DDRMAX Dance Pads for the Dance Dance Revolution video games, I'd host my own
dance-a-thon every weekend for the eight weeks. Me and the dancers could raise some money
for a real cause. If I had all DDR video games for all of the gaming consoles, including
the XBOX, and a Super Mario Bros. DDRMAX video game for the Nintendo Game Cube, then it'll
be like a never-ending party in Tokyo, Japan. I wish I had all of the dance music CDs so
that I can start my own DDRMAX (Dance Dance Revolution) video game. I wish it was about
techno music 24/7.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

Details | Narrative |
Eclipse In Your Eyes

Turnaround Moonlight let me see your eyes
because the is an elclipse in the sky tonight
thats when I softly said with my head down
while I turnaround I had found a new talent
then Dark Angel ask me what it is
then he raised my head and looked at my eyes
an he could see a change in them 
then he would ask me again what is it that I see
what are these new changes you have recived
that when I put on a smile and said 
only time will tell and you will see
thats when he given me one of his twisted smile
then he would say tonight is getting very lonely for me
would you come and dance with me?
you never seem to be around when I need you to be
don't forget Moonlight you are my queen
I get somewhat tired of playing your games 
Oh, how I would listen to his old crying lies
trying so hard to put all his badness on me
he just wants me to get mean
he started telling me things that would cut me deep
Oh, Moonlight let me see you weep
I miss the sound of your tears falling on the floor
it makes me hunger for you more
but tonight you are making a little nervous
I don't understand this feeling I am geting tonight
but the more I look into your eyes
I can see the eclips moving in deep
this is the best of all the years that has gone by
I never seen this look in your eyes
your making me feel a terrifing feeling 
I had been craving all this time
Come,come to me Moonlight and play on my mind
I can see this look in your eyes 
that you are not with me
what is it Moonlight that you see
come and talk with me
I need you tonight more then ever
I need you to let me hold you tight 
I will hold on to you forever 
I will never let you go 
I know we are wrong together 
but that is what makes it right
we can take this dance to the very end of life.

Poetic Judy Emery (c)

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

Details | Quatrain |
I have a routine when creating a poem,
A routine I do when I write,
I begin every verse with the same set of words
Whether written in the dawn, dusk or night.

I have a routine when creating a poem,
A routine with the words that I choose,
I routinely use a word to repeatedly scrawl
Repeatedly written by my little muse.

I have a routine when creating a poem,
A routine with an obscure word,
A word like froggingly where it sounds like it fits
In a phrase that’s never been used.

I have a routine when creating a poem,
A routine that I use every time,
And that is to have some sort of a beat
And to end the whole verse in a rhyme.

Copyright © Lewis Raynes | Year Posted 2017

Details | Narrative |
The Dance Of Dark Angel 
I stood so a lone in eternal winters, My tears are like ice, 
My body dead within, every tear that drops hollow within. 
If I don't greet to see life shine ever again I will try to dream  
It in my head , When I meet Dark Angel was at a dance ;  
My drink he gave me was a spell of his coldness of his drug  
I suffer with  anxiety from what he did to me , He dance the  
Breath of life out of me and I never seen the day light ever  
Again .I worry what you might think of me If true love ever  
Sees me ever again .  
I won’t offer hope in my dream that I will see light 
Of truth again, my palms are sweaty and so scared that Dark  
Angel is reading my mind again, I find it hard to concentrate  
When I feel Dark Angel rage of his darkness and pain of untruth 
Of his dark love he has for me, rain that never ends. 
I feel like my heart is pounding like a drum when he comes running 
To see if I had turn to the light of what is right, I feel kind of numb  
With no hope at all to be saved, the sun never came back and the 
Moon don't shine as much. It’s like I'm fading fast in this sickness, 
By my lost grave I crave with no more pain.  I sight because that  
Is only a dream, His eye is always on me, lost souls dancing around 
With hate in their eyes. I feel like I might run maybe even jump, 
I feel a sense of dread of sadness of so much lies of dusty gloom, 
I wish I could crawl back in my bed and wash him out of my head  
But I can’t. I wonder if he will ever understand my needs and wants  
Just to be truly loved. I am trying to get better of controlling how I feel 
The next time I see him I will take a deep breath and ask him to Chang 
With me if he truly loves me, lets run free in the light of true love. 
I will tell myself there is nothing to fear if true love is near. 
I will do my best to greet him in the light of true love. 
Poetic Judy Emery © 1987
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

Details | Narrative |
Moonlight has taken her stand 
when she told the slave to sing the garden of love
lay down all your pains to the heavens above
then gently her hands caressed all that had their heads knelled down
then she started to sing to the God and the Lord 
to come and take control over each and every ones soul
Oh, how the scent of burning candles all around the room
where the tears fall like rain in late June,
her heart was filled with so much pain 
even the angels could see her life has been possessed
but her heart and spirit so clean
as the slaves could hear her pray out in the rain
while they listen they could hear her tears fall 
while they each raised up there glass
crying out saying this will soon pass
while they all watch Moonlight walk in the garden of tears
they could see her transparent, untrampled love water the land
where she stands among the roses of the beautiful garden
that she loves so much,
you could see the silken threads of her tears fall as they weaving 
into the soil of true love,as she cried inwardly 
you could see the blades of time cut her deep as she weeps
asking God and her Lord to forgive all for their sins.

Poetic Judy Emery (c)

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

Details | Senryu |
Spidered vellum bows
cracked and twisted by the feet
of dancing daydreams.

Copyright © Tatyana Carney | Year Posted 2006

Details | I do not know? |
He plays the music loud
I'm not annoyed
I'm looking forward
to dancing with him

I am writing to tell you
I can't wait to dance with him

He dances so elegant
he taught me to dance
and he's waiting
I needed to tell someone
how he makes me feel

He raises the hair on my arms
he swings me
He looks at me
he's waiting

I am writing to tell you
I needed to tell someone
He's waiting

Copyright © Kimmy Holmes | Year Posted 2009