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Welcome Home

Waiting, I'm patiently waiting for
your ship to sail on back to shore
Time standing still, does it even exist
It's been too long since we once kissed

Your scent on my pillow fading away
Wishing and hoping you were here this day
I lay in the darkness thinking of you
and of the day all of our dreams come true

Sounds of footsteps creaking on the pine floor
Gentle knocking upon my bedroom door
Visions of beauty, visions so clear
My meaning, my whole has finally appeared

Crawl into my arms, crawl into my heart
Our two lives together, no longer apart

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Welcome Home

W eeping fills the hangar as his casket is brought out,
E mbraced by Old Glory's colors, a fitting soldier's shroud.
L oved one's hearts are shattered, future hopes, dreams are crushed;
C omrades in arms salute him, adding a bittersweet touch.
O verwhelming grief consumes those left behind,
M eaningless words, platitudes spoken to be kind.
E arnest tales of bravery told of him who died.

H eavy with emotion, a nation shares regrets,
O ffering condolences to those who won't forget.
M any a brave soldier has been welcomed home this way.
E nding future ventures, they've come home to stay.

Entered in Susan Burch's Little Viewed Jewels contest.

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2011

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Welcome Home



Flames flicker

Shadow boxing


Welcome home!

For Brian's "Light My Fire" Contest. (Lanterne!)

Copyright © Frances King | Year Posted 2009

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Welcome Home Storm

Whipping gulf clouds burn
Sheets of sideways rain
People's worried smiles
hurry, pass me by
I'm a lazy girl

Rumbling starts in
Slashing lightning
I mosey home
to watch the storm

Slow feet now
Pellet rain
Lock the door

Sweet sound
Tire me


Copyright © Tatyana Carney | Year Posted 2005

Details | Free verse |

Welcome Home, My Child

Getting sleepy with eyes falling tired
Drift away into a new sense of wonder
Longing for purpose that seems to fade away
With every step, God whispers, "Stay...
"Slow down My Child, you're going too fast
Take a look around at My Home for you at last
Take all in the Love I have for you
And don't fret over fear of what I want from you
I love you Child more than you could ever know
You are My Child; I am your Home
And I will never let you go
All I want is for you to love Me too
Welcome Home, My Child
I love you."

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |

Welcome home dad

The sun shines through my window,
Awakening me with its warmth.
My eyes open to the light that it sheds on me,
My day begins.

I grab my shower,
Feeling the water as it sooths my mind.
I put my clothes on ,
And begin a new day.

I enter the hostile world,
The crooks,thieves,and vigilants.
I fight my way to work,
Through the road rage and never ending traffic.

The day is over,
I fight my way back home.
I enter the door and lean against it,
And the most wonderful thing happens.

My daughter takes my hand,
All the strife of the day just,

Copyright © Charles Ruble | Year Posted 2009

Details | Lyric |

Welcome Home, Sister

She wears a metal bracelet, oh, so proudly,
With a POW’s name upon her arm.
She earns her living working in an office,
Typing letters and filing all those forms.

The girls down at work, they tend to gossip,
They talk about her, but not in an unkind way.
But all the same, sometimes it gets too personal…
On the coffee-break, you ought to hear what the girls say.

Welcome home, sister, tell us about Vietnam,
Welcome home, sister, tell us all about it, if you can—

Now what possessed a girl like you to go over there?
Were you running from yourself?—that’s what we heard.
Did you go for the thrills, did you go for the men, did you like those uniforms?
To carry it on this long, it seems absurd.

Yes, I played Country music for the G.I.’s,
I made that USO club tour scene.
And I rode with body bags in the helicopters…
And I saw a night-club blown to smithereens.

And yes, I go to D.C. on vacation,
I spend a lot of time beside that cold, black wall.
I recognize some names upon the surface…
Sometimes it feels just like I know them all.

Copyright © Steve Eng | Year Posted 2009

Details | Kyrielle |

Welcome to my Home

Special welcome friend, come right in to my place of quiet serene. 
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
Of Master’s love and your’s my friend  of wisdom’s grace may I glean,
 As we dismiss St Nicholas myth this Christmas season’s cheer.

Three water pots filled of water be ready, heart, soul and mind.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
Welcome is thy mouth,  of abundant life spout, pour in new wine.
We shall drink and be merry, wine of Sharon, on midnight clear.

Bright eyed of Christ mass, humbled children, these special gifts I would, 
welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
I would this season of bliss would kiss, as the brotherhood should.
Often blossoms love and kindness in this blessed season cheer.

My humble dwelling my log cabin near lively stream of life,
welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year.
Where the Lamb and Lion lie together having not any strife.
By  the virgin void my home serene came on a midnight clear!

Come fish with me in narrow strait beneath arch of heaven’s gate!
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year,
my friends of late let us cleans the slate by dip in narrow strait.
A dip in peaceful river serene clears all the concept’s fear.

Corner stone, concepts rejection the same is heart protected.
Welcome to my Holiday home at this special time of year,
`Tis faith, love material erected, though minds rejected. 
Welcome! My eternal Christmas home, of paranormal cheer!

For contest: Holiday Home
Sponsored by Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.C.

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |

Welcome Home

My precious son, welcome home
Let me hold you, embrace you, for you are not alone
My how you’ve changed, what battle has done
From serving your country, my soldier son

Your shoulders are broader, your face is like stone
Your hands are all battered, ankles worn to bone
You’ve shed lots of blood, and flood many tears
For you are a man, who’s truly faced fears

You’ve done the unthinkable, and have taken a life
And prayed for the courage, to do it in strife
You’ve lost many brothers, in battle abroad
And know that they rest, in a place next to God

I know who you are, because Im the same man
Now sit back and listen, while I hold your hand
I’ll tell you a tale, of freedom and pride
For I am God’s son, like you I have died

You see I’ve been a soldier, since the beginning of time
Fighting for good, my mission divine
I’ve died for Gods children, which you too have done
Your master is thankful, my soldier son

You were not blessed, with riches or gold
But with gifts much greater, than can ever be sold
You see god made you, with one mission in mind
To protect his creation, your mission divine

I know you have scars, that run deep inside
That man cannot see, but from me they can’t hide
Now hand me those burdens, in me you confide
Lay them at my feet, I’ll wear them with pride

Your mission is over, so lets take you home
To meet our great father, the man on the throne
He loves you so much, for what you have done
I welcome you home, my soldier son

Rhett Connolly, Author>

Copyright © rhett connolly | Year Posted 2014

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The Welcome Mat in Front of Our Home

This family fears God above. Within these walls, there will always be love. The door will constantly be open to the good. I want that to be unequivocally understood. If you are good, you will always be welcome. We don't care where you are going, or where you are from. See the welcome mat in front of our home? While it is there, you will never have to roam. inspired by another member's poem

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

Welcome home

Welcome Home

She stood by his grave in a long black veil
They found small remains in his jungle hell.
The honor guard, they all stand tall,
As they hand her a flag for her special wall.

She thought how young when he went away,
He was so proud to be leaving that day.
Now its many years since he's been gone
So she kneeled down and said:
Welcome Home,

OH Welcome Home, Welcome Home
You've marched off to deaths drum.
Some came back, but found darkness there
And it will always be their cross to bear.
So walk with me and carry on.
And know this.....

Welcome Home, Welcome Home
You've been away too damn long.
You've done your time, you've paid your price.
You've felt the pain, you've sacrificed.
I know you’re tired and feel alone
So I say to you,
Welcome Home.

                                              He was awakened by the call one night
A brother’s body was on a midnight flight.
So many times like the times before
He's followed a warrior to a loved one’s door.

So he rode his Harley to the service gate
Where there was a flag draped on a wooden crate.
And down inside laid his gallant bones,
As they passed he said.... 
 Welcome Home,

OH Welcome Home, Welcome Home
You've marched off to deaths drum.
Some came back, but found the darkness there
And it will always be their cross to bear.
So walk with me brother and carry on.
And know this..... 

Welcome Home, Welcome Home
You've been away just too damn long.
You've done your time, you've paid your price.
You've felt the pain, you've sacrificed.
I know you’re tired and feel alone
So I say to you,
Welcome Home.

SFC (ret) Alva Brown

Copyright © alva brown | Year Posted 2016

Details | Villanelle |

A belated welcome home

Written in 1981 after attending a Viet Nam veterans welcome home parade.

They march in step without a cadence call
and wear old uniforms, if they still fit,
recalling days when they were standing tall.

Five services, they represent them all; 
a few in rolling chairs, required to sit.
They march in step without a cadence call.

On their parade a somber rain did fall,
but these were warriors not inclined to quit;
while some men heard the drummer not at all.

The flagless streets and silence they recall;
now greeted with a smile instead of spit.
They march in step without a cadence call.

On skeptic ears polite applause did fall,
for causes lost, but not their part in it;
while some men heard the drummer not at all.

The tears for those who died will ever fall
belatedly, a candle now was lit.
While some men hear the drummer not at all,
they march in step without a cadence call.

Copyright © Wayne Sapp | Year Posted 2010

Details | Quatrain |

Welcome To My Home

Welcome To My Home

I've been blinded by your sentiment, and awoken by your sweet cologne, like our sweet morning regiment, we don't live in a house, but a home. I see my pugs silly smushy face, as soon as I open my exhausted eyes, all night he sleeps in the same place, on my feet, but I'm not surprised. I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I open the door and there he is, my sweet golden retriever beast, So darn sweet, how can I resist? “Time to get up Ella and get dressed!”, It's Monday, you know how that goes, As I see her smile I know I am blessed, Love her from her head to her tiny toes. Pancakes and orange juice for breakfast, packing a lunch for my sweet Ella Rose, These special moments can't be purchased, Oh, how her beautiful brown hair flows. Back from school and it's Laura time, I kick back, relax, and do a little writing, I'm lucky to have a chance to unwind, My over sized lounge chair, typewriting. Laundry piled up I suppose I throw in a load, mmmmmmm..my favorite fabric softener, Hot water is off my washer is cold, But I think it makes the clothes softer. Eat lunch? Or my favorite apple strudel? I'll go with the unhealthy snack instead, Plus I just looked and I'm all out of noodles, and I have no more of my raspberry vinaigrette. Uh oh, I forgot to feed the turtle and bunny, my precious white fluffy piece of heaven, His name is Lucky and he is very funny, Pebbles the turtle just turned seven. I set my phone alarm to go off at four o'clock, I still can't decide what's my favorite ring tone, I go to the bus stop right around the block, It's cold, I would've brought a coat if I had known. “Hi sweetheart, how was your day at work? He's finally home, I've missed him so much. Next it's time to sit down and do homework, Dinner's ready, we are all starving, I figured as such. Look inside our windows you will see it yourself, With our little family of seven we're never alone, We may not have a lot of monetary wealth, But we've learned to turn a house into a home. Written By: Laura Loo Date Written: January 29, 2016

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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Welcome home

Lost in the wilderness 
For so many years
Suffering the loneliness 
With no one to dry his tears.
His sanity depending 
Upon his beautiful memories
Climbing mountains never ending 
Alone with the valley's streams and tree's.

He is escaping life's pressures 
The pain that haunts his mind
Taking drastic measures
Himself he has to find .
Sleeping outdoors under the sky above
Feeding from the land 
He remembers his true love
and the life that they had planned.

By campfire he's smiling 
Feeling so serene 
Her beauty so beguiling 
Tonight of her he'll dream.
Butterflies ascending 
In his heart he knows 
Forever love he's defending 
and it follows wherever he goes.

He gathers his belongings 
Packing them in his canoe 
The sound of rapids thronging
He knows what he must do.
He'll hug her eagerly 
No more will he roam 
Then kiss her tenderly 
As she whispers ''welcome home''

Any poem#16 contest
Sponsor Poet destroyer A

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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Welcome to your new Home

Welcome to your new Home

Home is where the Scott’s hearts rest.
Encapsulated in the joys of the best
place to create a safe and secure nest.
Where two become as one, this is the test
that will bring them towards life’s crest

B. J. “A” 2
April 2nd 2016

Copyright © William J. Jr. Atfield | Year Posted 2016

Details | Haiku |

Welcome Home

The Swallows return

    Like old friends we welcome home 

        Until they depart...

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |

Welcome Home

Welcome Home

“May the Force be with you” (Obi Wan Kenobi)
“Nanu nanu” (Mork)
And now (February 27, 2015 - Leonard Nimoy)
“Live long and Prosper” (Spock)

All this makes me wonder how Peter greets folks at the Gate
“Greetings” (Uncle Sam)
“Aah what’s up Doc?” (Bugs Bunny)
Or “Namaste” (ancient Sanskrit greeting)

 And Hopefully Not:  "I've got a bad feeling about this" (Han Solo)  

Copyright © KJ Hooten | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Welcome Home Soldier Boy

Food is cooking
Kids are playing
Dog is barking
My hearts swaying
At the news I have received
Feeling stunned and so relieved
My soldier boy is coming back
Safely from this war attack
That's been going on for years
Leaving families crying tears
Waiting for that special day
A loved ones voice is heard to say
I'll be home in a day or two
With open arms for holding you
Tightly never letting go
Joyful tears will start to flow
From my eyes that can now see
My baby boy in front of me
A prayer that I've wished for a while
Since the army took my child
To a far away off place
And a dangerous camp base
My heart now has a joyful beat
And my life is so complete
Knowing he is here for now
But I know someday somehow
He'll be called away again
And more prayers will then be sent
To protect my son and others
Every sister every brother
Moms and dads
Husbands and wives
Please don't let them lose their lives

Copyright © robin davis | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |


Smile of loud parade
   All confetti in the air
        A hero’s welcome!

Copyright © Lei Strauss | Year Posted 2015

Details | Blank verse |

Welcome Home Girl

Oh! Wow! It’s you!
I can’t believe it! 
I’ve missed you, you know that?
What in the world have you been up to,
I can hardly wait to hear! Really!
But give me a hug before you say a word OK?
First things first!

Of course I still write poetry.
What do you expect after 6 months
Of zilch communication, nada?
“But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?”
Hell, you’ve already got your feet on my couch!
Take off your shoes at least OK?
(That will be a start in the right direction!)

(I sure hope she hasn’t started smoking,
With adventurous girls you never know!)
Yes, I know I can be a real pain
You have often told me as much,
But who do you know girl that loves you more?
And don’t kill the messenger but
I really do like your longer hair too!
Any chance you might leave it that way for a while?

How long can you stay?
(Forever would be good!
Crap, I’m already thinking about taking her skiing
And then my Birthday is in January!
Remember love is a gift given daily you fool!
You don’t want to look needy do you?
Even if that is precisely what she is looking for!
Even if that is precisely what you are!)

(That’s right sweetie, let's do it!
And sooner rather than later I’m hoping!)
Your beret is really so European….
No, please don’t take it off.
“You can leave your hat on!”

Brian Johnston
October 28, 2015

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2015

Details | Kyrielle |

Welcome to my Holiday Home

Carols are hummed by the mom of this home
Christmas lights are shining for the ones I hold dear
A hot chocolate with creamy foam?
Welcome to my holiday home at this special time of year

The oven is baking, the blender is shaking, yum!
Nativity is reminding me to praise and not fear
Faithful ones in search of a babe come
Welcome to my holiday home at this special time of year!

working on it.

Copyright © Doris Culverhouse | Year Posted 2010

Details | Haiku |

Welcome Home

huge ageless smiles
timeless grins of new found joy
welcome home my love

Copyright © Richard Bates | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |

Welcome Home

"Welcome, my child, I'm glad you are here,
Where there is no sorrow, worry or fear,
Now open the gift I have given to you,
A life of abundance, accepted by few."

The gates were swung open, and that which I saw,
Both kept me in silence, and left me in awe,
The City of God, with its streets of pure gold,
The Lord's Holy City, as scripture foretold.

Another voice spoke, saying, "This is God's home,
You'll live here forever, no longer to roam,
For God's with His people, and with them He'll dwell,
To give life eternal, abundant and well."

I saw a great river, like crystal so clear,
I walked to the river, and as I got near,
I saw that it flowed from the throne-room of God,
I looked on His face, and again I was awed.

"Welcome, my child, I'm glad you are here,
Where there is no sorrow, worry or fear,
You'll have no more sickness, crying or pain,
Your sins have been washed by my Son's crimson stain."

I fell on my knees and cried like a child,
He lifted me up as He gave me a smile,
I knew I was loved and life's bonds I had flown,
For I was in Heaven; I found my way home.

Copyright © David Pekrul | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

a welcome home: part I

as the hypocrite talking head
seeking re-election in 2012
tells us all that this empire (which continues to wield its
sledge hammer upon the world)
this “land of the free”
(who demands that all others follow in its 
is one which “unlike the old empires,”
does not force its will upon the people of this planet
“for territory or resources,”
a soldier watching
shoves their finger down their throat
forcing themselves to vomit up the 
utterly visceral disgust
which accompanies the knowledge that
s/he has taken part in making Iraq

the soldier is coming home to a country
whose chose the spending of money on
bashing Afghanistan & Iraq 
to be more important than providing employment,
universal healthcare,
affordable housing or
a decent education system
to its own citizens---
instead we have taken pleasure in killing those abroad
so that they will be forced to be like us---
so that one day they can have
skyrocketing unemployment,
no health care,
no affordable housing or
a decent education system 
(that is, if they don’t already reside in such a state as a 
product of our entrance & extraction of all their
resources for use within our borders).

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |


this is the home
thats not alone
its a house of god
its smooth as lard
 for him we work hard
if you stop by
we will meet eye to eye
and try
to you let you be
and feel here free
make you feel you belong

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2011

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Welcome Home, My Friend

There we all were,
surrounding our dear loved one.

Watching over her, praying for her,
in an instant, in walked THE FATHERS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON!

It was like time stood still!
THE LORD made HIS presence very known!

We all knew why HE was there!
HE had come back to bring HIS DAUGHTER HOME!

HIS presence flooded her hospital room!
It was filled with HIS complete love!

Nothing else at that time seemed to matter!
We couldn't see HIM with our eyes, still we knew HE was there!

We watched her  as she took her last breath on earth!
She had such a peaceful look come over her face!

She was no longer sick!
She was now with THE LORD!
She would forever be surrounded by HIS GRACE!

Next to my children being born,
that was the most beautiful  sight I had ever seen!

Now I know, when my time here is completed,
THE LORD will also be coming back for me!

I miss her so much,
but I know she is now with THE FATHER!

The experience in that room was one I will never forget,
and I know one day we will all be together!


This is dedicated to my dear friend, Carol Hatch

Copyright © Stacey Copeland | Year Posted 2006

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I approach the gates of
heaven - I see God 
standing there,
He smiles at me so 
warmly - he really does
so care.
The scene is so surreal,
the angels are smiling
too - 
But the place is really
so quiet - there's never
any queue.

I check in at the pearly
gates - a man with a
long, long white beard,
He asks me very friendly;
'are you feeling tired?'
He gives me a hug and
I start to cry - as this is
now my home - 
I am now in club paradise - 
where I'm free to roam!

I look on down from
in the fountain - I see
my family all crying;
'But God tells me they
will all live on - and start
a new beginning?'
God takes me by the
hand - and he smiles
so bright at me,
He then pats me on 
the shoulder - and all I
feel is glee.

So now I am in heaven - 
there isn't any more
I can just sit down all
peacefully - and watch
the clouds make rain.
I am at peace - this is
true - I'm in a heavenly
But please don't mourn
too long for me - I really
do feel ace?

You won't believe the
sights I see - it really
is a dream,
We all sit and dine 
together - and even eat
ice cream!!
The magic of the new
kingdom - is always
open to you,
Always believe in the
miracle of heaven - it
happens to be...TRUE!


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

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Child, Welcome Home

  Child, Welcome Home

I was traveling towards the light when darkness suddenly fell.
So I headed towards the singing and the ringing of the bell.
When I was greeted by a woman dressed in sparkling white,
Who smiled warmly and guided me towards the light.
With a new found eagerness I walked away alone,
When a voice from the choir said, “Child, Welcome Home”.
My heart was overfilled, replacing which was sad,
For I was looking forward to greeting mom and dad.
I instantly started singing a song I never knew,
About the love of a Savior who’s wisdom is tried and true.
Feelings of anxiety and loneliness were erased from my mind,
Replaced with a joy of a completely different kind.

As I walked the sparkling street my eyes began to strain,
From the brilliance of the presence, and “I AM” was his name.
He took me by the hand, as the choir began to sing,
Jesus Loves The Little Children, and Glory To The King.
He knelt down to my level then swooped me in his arm,
I never felt so warm and completely safe from harm.
He told me of patience and how the time would quickly come,
When my family would be united and we would live here as one.
So please stop your crying and try not to be sad,
I’m waiting for you in heaven, I love you Mom and Dad.

Copyright © Jeff Morehead | Year Posted 2011

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Welcome Home, Soldier

The brave young soldier had served his tour in the dreadful battle,
Midst the deafening roar of cannon and the muskets' constant rattle!
He'd spent months in the trenches in the cold, the mud and gore,
And had seen his valiant brothers fall and learned the futility of war.

He'd finished his tour of duty and was heading home to take his rest.
Comrades escorted him to the plane saying, "Buddy, you did your very best!"
Alas, he had fallen and was placed aboard a C-130 known as the "Angel Flight".
In a casket he lay in the dimmed cargo space as they sped on through the night.

He had fought heroically with members of his platoon at his side.
He had taken the solemn oath to serve his country with unabashed pride.
Sadly, he would not hear 'welcome home' by his kin with great elation,
Nor be embraced with longing arms or hear the praise of a grateful nation.

No!  He heard angelic choirs and God's tender welcome to his eternal home,
As he took his final bourne on high through that vast celestial dome.
God said, "Welcome home, Soldier!  May I present you with this crown!
You have served Me and My people with honor and great renown!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |


this is the home
thats not alone
its a house of god
its smooth as lard
 for him we work hard
if you stop by
we will meet eye to eye
and try
to you let you be
and feel here free
make you feel you belong

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2011