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-The Same Old SongS-

That's all he ever talks about 


Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2015

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There’s a new American Holiday, guess what it is my football loving friends,
It’s a classical sport of champions, where helmet headed, game geared
Warriors challenge raw brawn against skill’s swiftness, to conquer and win,
With screaming fans, cheering on these gladiators’ in this deadly modern
Arena of clashing titans!
On Super Bowl Sunday, the pigskin faithful gather, around the big colored screen
Altar of entertainment, divided team factions residing on living room sectionals,
Ready to cheer for their favorite NFL sporting champions!
  Golden Trophies of victory’s honored bound glory, to conquests shinning
Athletes whom have surpassed all rivals in competition field of battle,
On this sacred Super Bowl Sunday! 
Endurance's brutal game of physical strength and agilities stamina,
Pit raw natural force against skills mental intelligence, placed upon
Each line of defensive prowess exudes bravery’s finest, producing
Distinguished, and extraordinary ability’s athletic mark of excellence!
Lit are the flames of American glory, as flash bulbs flicker from every
Fan filed level of this modern televised colosseum, above fly’s the
Goodyear blimp, flashing messages of sportsmanship to millions
Within thousands of U.S.A. homes views watch with awes quiets hush,
Awaiting for the next plays excitement to take place on this massive
Green turfed stage, locked gazes of stern concentration as hearts beat
With accelerations thrilling anticipation, the rooms explosive force erupts,
With one words announcement, field goal!
It’s the half times rock party festival, while tunes of fans recover,
For the next thrill ride, to victory’s finest moments of achievements
To occur, for legacy’s future generations state of remembrance recall,
In yesteryears to come, fathers unto sons, and mothers unto daughters,
Will say, “Yes, I saw that play, and I’ll never forget it either!”
At the final battle line drawn the rival warriors take to their marked
Positions, fierce animalistic growling is heard as these diehard gladiators,’
Prepare for the ultimate collision point of no return, again anticipations
Hush returns, the silence is deafening, as a nations heart rate is set
On maximum overloads racing pace!
What earthquake shake could rattle more severely at a continental
Seam, as the underdog team wins the final championship, the victory’s
Golden trophy is placed within the grasp of these athletic giants,
Whom have proved themselves true winners once and for all!
There’s a new American Holiday, guess what it is my football loving friends,
It’s a classical sport of champions, where helmet headed, game geared
Warriors challenge raw brawn against skill’s swiftness, to concur and win,
With screaming fans, cheering on these gladiators’ in this deadly modern
Arena of clashing titans!


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2016

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Can you not hear the rumblings of that distant herd coming,
The loud thundering of destiny’s champions crossing, the NFL
Field of dreams, beware the rampaging lightening team known
As the Dallas Cowboys, for they are the hail storms victorous
Breed, the eye of the hurricane riders, searching for their
Well-deserved trophy of fortunes honor! 
Remove your cowboy’s hats of respect unto them, ladies
Curtsy with reverences motion, for these athletes are
Endurance’s best, and they shall overcome against
Any opposing finest challengers, these rangers of the
Old western traditions, that carry this country’s time
Honored name of the cowboy to the ultimate extreme,
Of skill and strength’s dexterity!
Dallas all plain drifters of purity’s valor, head to head
No bull horns about it, these are the champions of the
Gladiatorial games in the world of sportsmanship!
Yielding unto no oppositions combatants, these warriors
Hold their ground with distinctions sheer magnificence!
Let those world famous cheerleaders scream with every
Field goal achieved, for these beauties know that no
Other team in footballs annals will score, to the level
Of these good old boys, named by fame's hall of records,
The famous Dallas Cowboys, heehaw and God bless hum!
Now listen you city slicking team of sports hall of fameing
Seekers, you’d better go back to your home fields of 
Advantages, for hear in this lone star state, we take no
Prisoners, and show no mercy to out lander's!
Here in the ALAMO state of freedoms calling,
We remember our heritage standing tall and 
Proud against all odds, blazoned in bullets
Historical legends, our grand team barres
The name of fore-barriers proudly, those
Pioneer’s men known, as the all American
These six-shooters whom rode the die hard tails,
Across a new world creating a country of freedom,
Where only the tumble-weeds rolled, and desert dust,
Coached a man’s thirst almost to madness!
Now in traditions sport of men, a new team of desperado’s,
Threatens this lone star state, but have no fear my fellow
Texans for our Dallas Cowboys will send them packing,
With a good old boy’s field goals smacking, so I’ll cheer
Them on, waving my hat in the evening air, yelling heehaw,
Go get hum boys!


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2016

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Pain in Spain
Bland England
Shame in the game
Who do you blame
When your approach is lame
Three lions or three blind mice?
I wonder

Copyright © John Pen | Year Posted 2014

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Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

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Our heroes roar
There they are
Flags held high
Voices raised too high
Eyes raised so high
Heads up in the sky
The spirit of football so much
They are our heroes
To play it all
All mouths are wide open
Throats always yelling out
Our heroes truly roar
Our hearts stir to the rhythm
While we watch the ball
We widen our souls in the stadium
One world on the pitch
We catch the ball in our eyes
We all kick it
‘****in **** we goin to do it’
The cries of victory make us sane
The laughter for the goal
The red card curse
The yellow fuss
It’s in the news ;’what a hurray’
They win or lose
The heroes kick up the wind
And kick up the sun’s rays
Till the sweat reminds us of the power
We want them to get the cup for us
When they do we promise to hail them
Though not all of us can have it
Those who lose want to kill
But we remember more excitedly
It’s better than the world war three
It’s the world cup
Those who put their lips to it
Will play it and play it
Because our heroes roar! And roar!

Copyright © joyce wolayo | Year Posted 2014

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A new dawn has come
He showers and puts on his lucky tee
Sits and waits in his lounge chair
Times has come
He kicks and runs 
Catches and tackles 
His blood pressure goes up 
All from his recliner chair
He cheers and howlers
Rants and raves 
Oregon Ducks 48,
Wyoming Cowboys 14

 By Eve Roper 9/25/2014

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2014

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His is the whispering voice echoing within the athlete’s field of dreams,
The harkening leader, a teacher of strength and confidence, whom takes
The raw abilities given unto an individual then molds it, shapes it until
This natural turns into a legend, to be remembered throughout all time,
Behold the sports mentor, known as a coach! 
Undefinable is the terminology of what makes a courageous role model,
Is it the sacrifices made in the name of a sporting event, or his brave spirit
To overcome obstacles challenges, set before him as a human being! 
Nay it’s the humanity, compassion dwelling within this individual, he whom
 Is willing to fight and drive another to their utmost degree of performance,
Bringing out the best of their athletic abilities no matter the cost, the 
Show must go on!
Honor bound by humility, he whom stands in the shadows of living
Giants, a ghost figure of fame's silhouetted legends, who walks off 
Into the footnotes of history, smiling at a faded photograph, signed
By a remembrances talent, simply reading to my coach, I’ll never
Be able to repay what you’ve done for me, or meant to me,
Sincerely always yours, the natural!
At the cracking of the first balls sounding, or the clashing of
Helmet’s bashing, alone wolf strolls across the golden
Evergreen battlefields of this modern day colosseum!
A scout seeking the next gladiator, to fight in this arena
Of combatant’s best skilled division of honor, valor,
And glories finest!
Behold a taskmaster of men’s souls, endurance's judgement
Caller testing the winds of destiny, listening for that distant
Voice of hungers desire of a champion waiting to be discovered!
Grasping upon the heels of an uncertain breeze, this man thus embarks
Searching beneath every chained linked fence school yard, or back
Alleys scrimmage field, then by fates chance, he sees the next
Rising star to shine in brilliances appendages uniform!
What is the true meaning of life anyway, is it not to make
A difference in this world, for which we are all born upon,
And this is the reason, a coach wakes up every morning!
For this man’s everlasting legacy, is to listen for that 
Voice crying out in the wilderness of the inner city streets,
Or the suburban outskirts of now where’s vile, and bring
The gifted home, to that stadium of fame and recognition!
God grants the blessings of the athletic talented to rise up,
But it takes a leader of men to spot this raw force, and tenderly
Nurture it, until it is finely hewed in the fires of training flame,
With respects confidence, the coach tests the metal of the natural,
Then releases the next Gladiator unto the field of honor,
Shouting go get hum boy, you are the best I’ve ever seen!
As a newly born star shines above, a shadow man walks
Off again, writing another line in the annals of history,
Smiling at a faded photograph, simply stated to 
The coach always, and sincerely yours, the natural!



Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2016

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Sweat rolls down my
Five seconds left
Down a touchdown 
Without an extra point
We have the ball
Crowd is wild
We’re going to win, 
We’re going to go
To state
My team and I 
Have it in the bag
No need to worry
“One, two. Hut.”
The ball is thrown
To me
Caught it
Running as fast as I can
Trip, fall but make it
Friday night lights 
Is what makes the
Game worth it. 

Copyright © brianna black | Year Posted 2015

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                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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Two opposing warring factions, meet upon the AstroTurf
Battlefield, in the sporting arena of Victory or agony’s defeated,
Warriors of the pigs skinned javelin, tackle each other at the
White lines of collisions honor, marked by the numbered banners
Of the fifty yard kick off point, yielding unto the pillars of the
Goal post of champions!
In the heat of battle these heroes of gladiatorial games, called
The NFL, thrill and chill their fans to the inner bones of the
True sportsman living within all us, born in this great nation,
Known as the U.S.A.
In this victorious field of dreams, no illusionary visions exist,
For these powerhouse gentlemen, gain each footings sacred
Ground by athletic skill and sheer raw brawn!
 To the meek goes the booing of the fumble, to the strong
The million dollar playoff championship, cheered on by their
Ever loyal crowds of adoring fans, whom are enthroned by
This sport of endurance and strength of will!
In this modern coliseum of champions, no touch down goes
 Without a standing ovation, or Styrofoam’s thumps up signal
Of approval, in these concrete surroundings this is truly a time
Honored sport of traditions, to be remembered in the
 Historical records of the future as a classical game, 
To challenge the strongest of athletes!
Golden are the rings given as victory’s insignias, 
But in the hearts of the players and their loyal fans,
The price of the championship game is worth the cost
Of every single ounce of sweat and exaggeration, shown
On this epic field of battle!
As the crowds roar, with excitements thrilling kick offs
Point of the triumphant, field goal point scoring, their
Human wave of appreciation, is set at the release level
Of thousands! 
In the homes of America the volume levels of the cheering
Is off the ratio scales charts, as chairs go flying backwards,
And Bowls of snacks explode everywhere, for the winning
Play has just been committed, and the championship team
Takes the final center field of the victorious!
Hurray for the great sport known as football,
The American sport of champions has again earned
Another season of splendor in the turf war of victories,
Behold our favorite pastime, may this pigskin colors never fade,
As our flag shall forever wave, for this is truly the great
American sport of athletic skill personified! 


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

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UNITY STATED! We are cool. We sweat. We shoot. We hit. This is our game we play. Yes, we are the American way. We are fame. We are the success. We compete. We project. This is the game we play. Basketball NBA! We thrive. We catch. We are strategized. We depict. This is our game day. We are the American way. We compete. We project. We are fame. We are the success. Football NFL! A sure thing we have. We are the thrill. We are enjoyed. We are the players. We are the sport. This is the game we play. Yes, we are an American way. We are skilled with our toys. We compete. We score. We are hyperactivity. We are the National Hockey League! We are the team. We are the competitors. We are the wow. We the game all love. This is our pastime and sport. Yes, we are the universal recreation. We are competitive. We are the babes. We are ready to win the game. We compete to excel. Baseball Major League! A sure thing we have! Unity Stated - team sports - get involve! ______________________________________| Penned June 16, 2015!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2015

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Yes, there is football again today,
The melodrama in the usual way,
Like ancient dramas, the crowds,
The roars and chorus, free kicks allowed!
His team are losing again,
Do they have a winning vein?
Television the negative conduit,
He enjoys being sad, leave him to it!
Find something else to in another room,
Yes, chicks can have crafternoon,
That's craft and reading for me and you,
Just throw chocolate at him and zoom!
Why? It's a football afternoon!

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2016

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   Have you ever written anything without sub combing to tears ?
    My Family portrait in my mind , 2 older sisters , 2 brothers
        My Mother caring about all five in different ways
      Just with Mom & Dad there having the best of Holidays 
     My sisters laying out on the deck of river bank for 4th of July ~
      Listening to " Honkey Chateau " and all by Elton John. 
       music  a great memory ~Disco , Donna summer , Grease ~ Jaws !

     Dad's records to Tony Bennett , Hank W Sr. , Count Basie & Louis Armstrong.
          The music  takes me home in a wagon filled with children and a dog "Lucky "    
      My Older brother , athletic , always fishing & hunting.
                 My younger , my Rock , Swimming and netting for fish,
        feeding our Fat cat Perch off the rocks patiently awaits her food               
       the yelling , slamming of doors ,  tempers Flare , passion 
         Our Parents , passionate love yet passionate Hate .
        After being a Family of Seven , Divorcing their fate ..
         Why did that show " Dallas " bring out the Divorce in all ?

       Scottish ~ Irish ~ French Iroquois ~ Cherokee  
                 No matter what the mix ..Our curse Alcohol ~
          the  Screaming , Drinking , this memory I wish to shut the door on .  
        Going to A & W or making Cheerleading ,The Bears of course~
             Excited in Chicago !  seeing Elton John in the Summer of 1976 ~
        Cubs ,  museum of Wax , Museum of science & History , Pizza !
       Expeditions of discovery ,little brother & I finding arrowheads on the Shore.
             Our Grandparents Faithful Celebrations ! Chiffon cake , Apple strudel `  
        Our Cousins on Holidays , going for ice cream cones , 
          scent of wet rain on oak leaves ~Before Halloween was bought in stores.
           ~ That is the Family I Love ,
                     that is the Family I choose to miss ~    

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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All has come to an end, except for who to proclaim The winner of The National College Football Championship Game Excitement is brewing for the play-off game Some will be at the game watching getting rained on, cold, and excited The armchair quarterbacks stay at home and watch on their big screen TV being- telecasted Scheduling and planning their parties to cheer on their favorite team and fellowships Shopping for chips and dips Hot wings and BBQ smokies Soda pop, tea, beer, and whiskeys They dress themselves and their children in lucky sports team attire Kick off time has come, everyone is bouncing off the walls inspired Armchair quarterback is playing in his own little field He kicks and runs Catches, tackles, and stuns “That’s not the way they teach you to tackle!” With all his excitement he almost slides off the armchair “Oh, come on! Hey ref that’s not fair!” “That’s pass interference he was all over him while the ball was in the air!” He hollers and cheers “Touchdown!” That’s the way! Rants and raves “Quit doing that, you idiot, you're going to get a fifteen yard penalty!” His blood pressure is going up we all agree “What the Hell was that you nitwit!” “He dropped it.! You could have had it!” Disappointment sets in, his team has lost He blames the refs for all the bad calls, and its cost Cleaning the carpet because of all the excitement, it’s going to cost The season is over and I don't have to hear his rants until next year and Our children will be the next generation of armchair quarterbacks 1/13/2015 by: Eve Roper
Accounts on watching and listening to my husband and brother

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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ODE TO THE AFL!!!  (Melbourne, Australia, a unique whimsy)

Are footy fanatics,
Total raving lunatics? 
The flag's in the bag!
We've got some lively lads,
Best we've ever had!
Peter Pans on pot,
The flags that time forgot,
Footy finals fever,
Talk about dream weavers!
Footy finals phobias,
TV claustrophobia,
Why didn't we win?
Any old excuse again!
Footy fanatics,
Raving lunatics,
Footy finals fever,
Melbourne's dream weavers!

(And we wouldn't have it any other way!!)

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2015

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A more-brawn-than-brains game; they are overpaid to knock the opponents senseless.

~SPORT One Liner #4 contest by Silent One

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2015

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The Irish may have lost the game,
The other team has won.
But the players feel like winners,
They've still got the Leprechaun!

With him comes the Pot O' Gold,
The Pride O' Wearing Green.
You try to take THAT from them,
And you'll SEE who can be mean!

This poem is dedicated to my nephew, Rob, who is a senior at Notre Dame, and is a trainer on the sidelines at athletic events.  His Pot O' Gold is 4.0, and the Pride O' Wearing GREEN.

Uncle RAY 

Copyright © Ray Dillard | Year Posted 2013

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I’m from liberty and justice; kindness and sadness. 
I’m from freedom and victory; presidential elections and offices.
I’m from celebration of freedom and fireworks; and a wonderful melting pot. 
I’m from an eagle and an anthem, which happily plays on.

I’m from life and death, and of people of different descent. 
I’m from the Show-Me State, upholding the motto “Salus populi suprema lex esto:” 
The welfare of the people shall be supreme law. 
I am of the Missouri Waltz, and of an Algonquian Indian word.
I am of farming and mining; aircraft equipment and cars.

I’m from an annexed Jasper County and Newton County; from Methodist congregation and zinc mining. 
(A place I can hardly even remember, as it has been changed)
From Route 66, and historical background knowledge. 
I am from devastation and destruction; death and injuries. 
I’m from damage and regrowth; repopulation and help. 
I’m from family and friends; businesses both small and large.
 I am of silence and tears, and of federal disaster.
 I’m from strength and dignity; perseverance and trust. 
I am of murals and proud historic background. 
Artifacts and messages, love and hope.

I’m from comedy and drama; friendship and bonds. 
I’m from love and loss; football and cheer. 
I’m from an academic and athletic strength; and from the A+ Program. 
I am from Junge field, and brick structuring.
 I am of theatre and JET-14; show choir, orchestra, and band. 
I am of FTC and AP courses. 
I am of loss and damage; devastation and irreparability. 
I am from a temporary and split campus, and renovation.
 I am from commencement, and uncommon maturity.

I am from a battered and bruised community, and a slowly growing voice.
 I’m from experience and pain, hardworking and strong people.
 I am of economic setback, and of pain and heartache. 
I am of faith and trust, influence and beliefs.

I am of love and pain, sarcastic and snide remarks.
I am from life and death; adoption and birth. 
I am from old and young; wrong and right. 
I am from values and morals; beliefs and brief moments of laughter.
I am from tinkling of bells and the sound of dropped frying pans. 
I’m from happiness and sadness; from the moon and stars. 
I’m from Christianity; particularly of Pentecostal belief.
I am from the tinkle of a baby’s laugh and tears; of nieces and nephews.
I'm of friendship and hope..

This is where I'm from.

Copyright © Allié-Marie Smith | Year Posted 2013

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Fall brings football season.
Friends, family gather,
for friendly rivalry.
Food and drink are a must!
Field goals and touchdowns scored;
fouls flagged by referees.
Faithful fans come alive!


Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2015

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Patriots and Seahawks, today head to head
Will wear the helmets; tooth and nail fight the day
University of Phoenix stadium, the beautiful Grand Canyon state
Sweat and blood will spill on cactus bed.

Hard training, pain, dedication and rivalry
Let it end today in guts, honor and glory.

“The Star- spangled Banner”, the sweet little song
That’s the way to start the game on
The Red, White and Blue, waving in the air
Jet planes stripe the sky in white smoky flair.

It is half time show; Katy Perry will soothe the ear
Lenny Kravitz will tear up our fear.

Time to have a drink baby
Cold beer, pinot noir or tequila savory
Let’s dive deep in some dips
Velveeta, salsa and tortilla chips.

Enjoy the platter of, hot wings, blue cheese and dill mayonnaise
Add some green olives, carrots and crunchy celeries.

Slices of pizza or meaty tacos, gasp my sigh
A bowl of chili, or even a chicken leg fry
Everything will go just fine
When we are all football high.

Forget all work, qualms and quarks 
Keep your whining and politics inside the drawers
Let’s all watch the Super Bowl on this Sunday
And hold dear a simple pleasure in truly American way.

Copyright © Nirode Ray | Year Posted 2015

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Football exists!
It's all hit and miss,
The goals they missed,
Lost in the mists,
Supporters get miffed,
Yes, football exists,
Woe! No more need be said,
I've banished football from my head!

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2016

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I am Sam
I am that I am
I am the one who became the first openly gay footballer in America

I am Sam
I am that I am
I am the black man
But I am Sam who does not see my gayness as having anything to do with my professional career which was a choice until like sexuality

I am Sam
I am that I am
I am the one who does not want to be judged by the color of my life style but by my actions on the field of play and the character of my heart 
I am Sam
I am that I am 
I am the Sam who is connected to the Rainbow Connection and I am a bridge to help others like me to come out come out no matter wherever you are to Saint Louis

The name of the Star

I am Sam
I am that I am
I am the you and I am me
I am that I am
I am the Sam the Ram

Copyright © Mel Brake | Year Posted 2014

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It was all heat and sweat. Controlled
anger and subdued agony.
Driving themselves beyond known limits.
Pushing bone, sinew, and muscle.
Expanding capability, while honing ability.
Intimacy with a few acres of dry,
chalk-lined practice field. Controlled
fury.The last three weeks of August.

Snatching gasps of fiery summer air.
Every inspiration burning the tongue
and throat over 3 hours of practice.
The heart is a furnace. The air its fuel.
Blood thickens despite hydration.
Ears pounding. Dangerously 
elevated heart-rates.

Sprints, agilities, power trains.
Sled drills, Full contact. Three times
a day, two in full equipment. Profuse
sweat flooding every pore.
Brutal, full contact drill and scrimmage.
All measured, yet seeming eternal.
Meetings. Chalk talks. Special Teams
run-through mid-day. All to play the game.
Sacrificing everything
to be part of the team. 

At night, sultry stillness.
Craving and needing rest for recovery.
Before claiming deep sleep, meditating 
on the gladiators of past millennia.
They trained to extend their life.
We train to see who we are. To play.

"Coach, we who are about to 
 sweat, salute you!
Will we ever play a game?"

                      The Agony
                      Fall Camp '74

Copyright © Brian Baumgarn | Year Posted 2015

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The pizza has been ordered.
The chicken is cooking.
The tv is on and ready to show.
It's Sunday night and the game is on.
The beer is cold and ready to drink.
Chip are in the bowl a few to eat.
No women would be good. 
For Sunday night football is for us.

Copyright © Harold Hunt sr | Year Posted 2014

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Well, well, well!
The whole world knows by now, impossible dreams can come true,
In the game of professional soccer, it has just been proven at Leicester,
Starting the season with a laughable 5,000 to 1 odds of winning the Championship,
Leicester has the last laugh now, they have topped  the 2016 Premier League,
They are into their victory parades and celebrations, ticker tapes and partying,
A minnow in spending with prudent management in the world of soccer,
They confounded all the disbelieving sport pundits who think they know better,
For when all the battle dust is settled, they are the Premier League Champions!

Of less epic proportions are the latest sporting achievements here in Asia,
Somewhere in the unlikely courts of Chinese Taipei, member countries of Asia,
They were battling it out for bragging rights to be the best in Asian Squash,
Of particular significance was the women teams event, team spirits at its best,
The 2nd seeded Indian team knocked out the top seeded team from Hongkong,
The Indian team were in the finals after a surprising 2-0 drubbing of Hongkong,
The Malaysian team, seeded 3rd, was a rookie team headed by Delia Arnold,
She is the only veteran seasoned in these kind of team competitions.

In the final shootout, it was rather tame affair as the players strutted their stuff,
First to court was 17year old Sivasangari who despatched her Indian rival 3-0,
Next in court was captain Delia Arnold who was classy as a 30 year old veteran,
Her game against her Indian rival Joshanna Chinappa was a quite dicey affair,
Losing her first game, then having to dig it in to carve out a win in the second,
There were many an anxious moment as each player tried to dominate the other,
But playing the captain role to perfection, Delia Arnold presevered to be a winner,
Deservedly, the Malaysian Captain secured the winning point for the gold medal!!

Back in Kuala Lumpur, a miracle of sorts was recently achieved on a playing field,
A local rugby team, against all odds and in spite of little or no publicity,
Outran and outfought other international teams to claim the Division One title,
An incredible triumph on home soil to win in this Asian Rugby Championship,
Of course we have have the services of 3 Fijians, as foreigners in the other teams,
What is significant is that we have a winning team in this international sport.

Well, well, well! Heads up, underdogs!

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2016

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Footballs guarded like gold bars.
ISIS severes headlines from
Africa's crisis. 
Forward is backward
Reverse is attractive 
A prison ward devoid of words
Speechless, how captivating 
meaningless has become
A dictatorship of media sensationalism
dig beneath the surface 
you've heard it before.
Over and over again
the same ol record spins
Society's music
has separated us 
from feeling anything
more than an
exposed erections.
Where's love's lesson?
Self actualization 
self sacrifice 
Don't think twice
Colonel Stauffenberg
went on a suicide mission
to restore hope in all of
The equivalent of our hereos
shoots balls through hoops
and complian having
to wear suits.
Really wish there was 
a person who could fly.
Soar above hype and fortune
truly worthy of the title of hero
Need life more simplified.
Need the whos and whys
answered with so what!
Put suffering souls
forward and front
recognize those who 
recognize this
call them heroes 
for highlighting what matters

Copyright © TS Lewis | Year Posted 2015

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So you old bugger 
you’ve gone

and how many more will there be of


in the top 


watching from Holgate you’d just come back
you'd scored for England B 
against Scotland 
plaster on your brow

autograph book in hand
boys lined up

“One signing only
Charles Buchan Football Monthly haven’t I signed once 
for you i’m not here for the good of me health”

did you say“young man” back then?

August 1958 
won first match of the season 
9-0 Brighton
You got 

Sign this Brian? 
“Do I know you? One signing only
Charles Buchan Football Monthly 
haven’t I signed once for you i’m not here for the good of me health” 
in the heat of the morning 

“they call me Mr Clough I call me old Big ‘Ead”

did I ever really walk on water

I do now

Copyright © Michael J Lewis | Year Posted 2014

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Reminiscing about the camps. 
Who wants it more!?
Who wants to start!?
Who is hungry!?
Stress levels are rising.
Players at each others throats.
Lap after lap.
Hill after hill.
Who wants it more?!
Growing stronger every day.
Not as a person but as a unit, as a family, my brothers.
Miss new cleats coming in just so I can get them dirty again.
Lifting weights to see who was stronger. 
Who wants it more!?
Miss when offseason was officially over.
Hype and Butterflies couldn't wait to get on that field.
Names in the newspaper with expectations.
First game of the season was always the best.
Practicing and hitting hard all week.
Who wants it more!?
Miss the locker room sessions.
Praying to God to keep us out of danger.
Exciting to see those field lights come on.
Love it when we got prep talks.
Coming out the little tunnel.
Hearing our team name be called as we run out.
Who wants it more!?

I miss that feeling
I miss that hype
I miss the game....


Copyright © Landon Browning | Year Posted 2014

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**At First Glance**

Friday night lights blind,
Fans thick and in full throat.
our team is in position, primed.
Everyone praying they don't choke!

I'm grooving thanks to Jose' & Jack,
my voice hoarse from acting a fool.


Before I continue
let me just tell you 
what caught my eye!

A ginger,
let's say five nine,
white denim jacket, stunning!
Long hair twisted in design. 

Lights reflection flashing
brightly from her crimson hair.
I stare,
shorties unique with much flare

At first glance I was hooked
and I don't even have her name.
I make my way across the field 
to be known to this grande dame.

Where was I?
oh yeah, the ballgame!

They won with a great aerial attack,
there will be parties all night at school.

the crowd dissolves, she stands alone
I approach! 
Not shy, I cast the first stone.
my name is! you are?

My voice deep like a trombone,
nervous, I'm out of my comfort zone!
She breaks the ice, 
saying something witty
"why'd you take so long?
"I noticed you to silly!"

"Do you have plans tonight?
would you like to join me?"
There's a party on the south side,
just over the railroad tracks.
I grab her hand, "lets take a ride"
Twas my angle of attack!

From a sea of faces,
she stood alone.
Lost in her eyes,
my oasis.
Under her control.

Like a game of "Where's Waldo",
romance found by chance!
Never thought I could fall so hard,
At first glance!

Jared Pickett

Copyright © Jared Pickett | Year Posted 2014