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Tragic Love Poems | Tragic Poems About Love

These Tragic Love poems are examples of Tragic poems about Love. These are the best examples of Tragic Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Rhyme |

The Sad And Tragic Death Of Emily Hope

The Sad And Tragic Death Of Emily Hope

That night flew roaring Wind- a mighty gale
over hill and dale through windows left up
Had I then known its fruits, I'd have turned pale
for its destruction was a bitter cup!
Yet I, pen in busy hand onward wrote
verses quite dear, to my romantic love
Thus in writing fever, I took no note
of great black wrath descending from above!

Alas! How could I, her sad Fate have known
how dark winds, her dearest life with Fate sealed
Foul and wicked Wind's evil had thus blown
tragic death, no prayer could have repealed!
Her home blown into badly broken heaps
her fragile body under massive weight
My soul cried out, in greatest depths sad weeps
for evil often works with Hand Of Fate!

Then destroyed, my once so happy belief
in love's magic and promised paradise
From this darkened world, I found no relief
just enough bread and water to suffice!
Once thinking of death by gun or short rope
in love-lost grief life, nothing came around
Then I recalled, hope, her last name was Hope
in that word, my recovery was found!

Robert J. Lindley, 1-18-2017

Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Total # Syllables: 240
Total # Words: 186

Note- A sad one , because life with its joys , often brings in tragic and sad events..
We that survive such must learn to live with it and always have hope in future happiness and love of family...

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

Details | Narrative |

Magic Or Tragic

How would we define the difference between magic and tragic Your first kiss under a big bright yellow moon is definitely “magic” Or maybe in later years when you pull out a ring And ask her to marry you and she says, “Yes oh yes, my darling Fred” When your actual name is Anthony!!! WOW! That's not what I would call “magic”... that's more like “tragic!” It's “magic” when your first wee one comes along But has a strong resemblance to your friend Howard You question your dear wifey poo about it And she confesses to an affair with not only Howard but with six others That's tragic... oh yeah Then you tell her you forgive her, it's all in the past That's magic! Life is filled with “magic” and “tragic” events When “magic” wins you'll have a warm loving relationship! © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

Details | Epic |

Tragic Love

She gave him her heart
But he went and tore it apart

She gave him her world
but he did everything to change it

She gave him happiness and joy
but his happiness was in her pain

She gave him forever 
but forever means nothing to him

She was there for him
but he was never there for her

She gave him her life
but he took it from her

Nows she's six feet under
wondering where she went wrong 

While he's happy with some different girl. 
Without an inch of pain or regret In his soul

You know he never cared!

All he wanted was another heart to break
Another soul to scar
Another life to take

She meant nothing to him
but he meant the world to her

Behind the eyes of the once lover, 
held the lies and deception of his plans, 
his looks are deceiving 

But even the devil fooled most
He abused her and used her
But she was too blind to see
That his plans where meant for an unhappy ending

He stalks in the middle of the night
Never making a single sound
Ready to take another soul forever

He was once human
Until things got to hard for him and he turned to P

He was the first of his kind
On his last day of his life
He has hoped to go to a 
better place, but instead he got something much different 

He watched his soul leave his body and lay for dead
He nearly cried out as his mother burst into the room
realizing what happened 
He wanted to comfort her and tell her he was okay

But it was too late
He was gone
His main goal complete 

But he never realized who he hurt in the process 
His mother cries everyday on his birthday 
His friends remain quite on his favorite days

Copyright © Jamesa Love | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Tragic Love

They made their camp across the tracks upon the edge of town.
Their colored wagons in a circle, anchored to the ground.
Each night their music could be heard drifting through the air.
Their singing and their dancing, a tradition that they shared.

They cooked their food by fire and they bathed inside the pond.
But none would cross the railroad tracks or venture much beyond.
‘No gypsies, tramps or thieves allowed,’ written on a sign.
‘No crossing back and forth, in either way across the line.’

But there were two who crossed the line at midnight every night.
Their burning love ignited underneath the starry light.
No wooden sign or words of hate could separate the two.
Their passion was undying, and their love was strong and true.

Sadly, the two lovers did not know the strength of hate.
Until they were discovered and they met their tragic fate.
Now their ghosts still meet at midnight underneath the moon.
Two lovers bound forever, their love was gone too soon.

April 26, 2012

Copyright © Samia Ali Salama | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

A Tragic Love Story

Cold and frigid,
just like ice
I really should have
thought twice
About falling in
love with you
Doubting all the
stories were true
About the way you
treat women
If I could do it all
I wouldn't be so
blind and careless
Letting my heart be
so fearless
Falling for each
word and gesture
That you would treat
me much better
Than past loves and
never cheat
Making me feel
For a while you were
The chance I took to
make you mine
I thought would be
worth every minute
A happy life when
you are in it
Days, weeks, months
then our first year
Celebrating so much
AN anniversary I
wont forget
But not one  I'll
ever let
Leave my mind as
long as I
Keep it there, my
heart won't die
From mistakes like
this anymore
Cause when I opened
up the door
Presents in my arms
for you
You gave me a
surprise too
Wrapped up in your
arms so tight
A secret lover in
the night
That was just as
shocked as me
Two victims of a
love story
With a sad ending
that is cruel
Because of a lying
That doesn't care
who he hurts
He just likes to
hunt and flirt

Copyright © robin davis | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dramatic Verse |

Oleander, The Tragic Love Story of Hero and Leander

Oh, how he struggles through storm swollen seas,
lost in the thought of his lover and he.
His toil made clear as he searches the night
for the flickering promise of her candle light.

Tossed by the waves as his muscles fatigue
in his grasp, a gift for his true love's intrigue.
Kept safe in the wrap of a soft silken veil
are fragrant white flowers, their scent to inhale. 

Step by steep step she traverses each flight
to the top of the stairs to wait by the light.
From the cusp of the spire she hopes and she craves
to see her Leander arise from the waves.

He yearns to be near her on the distant land 
and to touch her smooth skin with his calloused hand.
To hold her so gently and caress her soft breast
with his cheek pressed against her his body will rest.
His legs become heavy, his arms become weak
and he knows to attain his desire is bleak.
"Oh, Hero, my sweet I have lost you this night,"
the waters embrace him, he surrenders his life.

In the top of the tower above the tall trees
she waits for Leander to emerge from the sea. 
Through the mist she can see him, dead on the sand,
the white petals upon him and strewn 'cross the land.

"Oh, Leander my love I have waited for thee,
but now you are gone, killed by the sea.
Never again to kiss your sweet lips,
I will join you," she spoke, as her foot she let slip.

Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lyric |

Tragic Love

(Christine) And in my dreams he sings to my young soul, he is darkness, passion, lust, and he is beautiful. He is obsession, danger and desire, hiding in labyrinth catacombs his disfigured face, a scar I do not see. He lives his shadowy existence, feared by all behind a mask he hides. He is the Phantom of the Opera, the grand Paris Opera House. He has taught my voice to sing, sweet and strong, while terrorizing all who care for me, yet, I cannot resist his love. He has created an underground palace, dazzling. Yet, there is another who offers me romance, he is handsome and has a quiet safety to offer me, so, I must turn away, my love. He is the Phantom of the Opera, the grand Paris Opera House. (Phantom) Go, forget me, let me go, it is over. _______________________________ Inspired by The Seeker's contest, Phantom Lyrics November 13, 2016 Inspired by the song, Phantom Of The Opera(it made me weep) and the book written by Gaston Leroux, 1910, Horror Novel Sixth Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2016

Details | ABC |

Before The Tragic End

If your hearts a brutal storm, I will walk right through.
If your hearts on fire, I will bare that pain too.
Theres not a thing, I wouldnt do for you.
I'd give my life, just to the see the one smile.
Not one hiding a victom, but one ensuring that she will stay for a while.
Not the one baring the girl who's insane, not the one who wants her life to end,
but the one who knows in me, she can depend.
All before the tragic end.

Copyright © Charles Jefferson | Year Posted 2012

Details | Light Poetry |

Tragic Irony

Do you ever find yourself starving eating the words you just said. Or that thing you did, that makes you hang your head in shame. This is my reality! I never wanted my life to turn out this way. Had things not slip from the track I placed us on, you’d never been gone. Course maybe I’m wrong. Things could have been destined for failure all a long. In that case I was screwed either way. Yet that doesn’t ease the pain, that I face on a day to day basis. I miss looking in the mirror at our faces. Their are those times when all my thoughts are gathered. Placed in one small unit. Their shut off to hear your laughter. Yours, is the only conversation I’m after. I could be struck dead in that moment, and know I died happy. Maybe this is the best thing that could happen for me, Because I’m scared of a complete loss of you. I’m like a baby boy, still needing to be held & feed then tucked into bed, a sweet dream and a kiss on the forehead. I’m beginning to think I never was alive, till this moment. Reflecting back; I cringe at those thoughts that put me where I am today. I think about you crying, or those times we fought, and this puts me in a sad way. Especially those times you begged me to stay. Now I walk for miles in those shoes, begging just the same. Tragic Irony, Everyone around can see, but me. Karma, definitely. This is coming in 10 fold. Teaching me what it feels like not to have the one you love To hold. If this were a card game Id understand why you’d fold. Playing these cards to bold. Right now I’m in the darkness, butt ass naked and cold. You’re looking down to say How’s this feel Jay?

Copyright © jay o'neal | Year Posted 2011

Details | Rhyme |

A Tragic Day

Up the steep wall Scotty climbed, soon he would be out of time
The ravine stood proud and tall, death was waiting if he'd fall
Down below they snapped their jaws, flung and threw their angry claws
Their eyes, they swirled round and round, hoping supper would be found

Scotty looked up, up above, he longed just to save his love
Lucy stood, tear in her eye, her face showed pain and she cried
Lucy wore a belt of rope, not by choice, not by her vote
A bandit had tied her there, took her purse, left without care

Scotty did put up a fight, Scotty fought with all his might
He got pushed over the edge, the bandit laughed from the ledge
Two hearts beat for each other, hoping not for another
Several more steps tot he top, love would not let Scotty stop

He huffed and puffed, pressing on, his strength was weak but not gone
Almost there, a few more feet, upon his face the sun beat
Then the edge found his bare hand, finally! the thought was grand
One more heave, Scotty was up, he stood, he held the golden cup

He ran straight for Lucy's side, happy they were, smiles wide
"Lucy, Lucy, I love you!" they were safe, their love was true
The day had been filled with fear, but that has now past, joy is here
The sunset now danced with glee, sadness was gone, jubilee

Copyright © Kimberly Clarke | Year Posted 2006

Details | Rhyme |

Tragic Love

I’ve never felt like this before,
I’ve never loved a man.
I’ve never felt completely safe
Just by holding someone’s hand.

I can’t believe we lasted so long,
What do you have there?
I can’t believe you’re on your knee
So this is how much you care.

I love you so my dear,
Enough to say yes.
I love you to the ends of the earth.
So much, I’ll even wear this dress.

Why are we fighting like this?
Won't you please sleep next to me?
Why don’t you come home on time?
I’m too scared to face reality.

How did this happen?
I can’t believe I was so stupid.
How could I not have seen?
I though it had been the work of Cupid.

Now my heart is shattered.
While your heart is just fine.
Now I'm all alone again,
Knowing you were never mine.

I’ll never fall in love again.
You’ve destroyed me.
I’ll never trust another man.
Seeing as you’re left with ALL our money.

I must thank you though.
You’ve taught me a lesson I hold quite dear.
Never fall in love.
And never believe the words that you hear.

Copyright © whitney wilson | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


Romeo is dead and juliet has followed
left me in tears and my heart do hollowed.

Jack has died and rose has dried
making my eyes watery
with no one to have them dried.

Paris triggered the fall of troy
stealing Helen, farest of sparta's toil
this nursed the war of trojan
inevitable, dem no fit dodge am....

Orpheus and eurydice
-it has a tragic end-

cleopatra and mark Anthony
-it has a tragic end-.

Tristan and iseult
- it has a tragic end-.

Napoleon and josephine
-it has a tragic end-.

Bonnie and clyde
-it has a tragic end-.

Even that broken hearted reading this
knew that now love always has a tragic end.

Copyright © Edoja Faith | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |

A sad and tragic death

(This is a true story)

While a small chested lady was having breast enlargement surgery, she died.
Her boyfriend wanted her to have the surgery because he wasn't satisfied.
This poor lady's death was very sad and tragic.
She died because the doctor accidentally gave her too much anesthetic.
Because of her boyfriend, she's no longer around.
That jerk is enjoying life while she's in the ground.
If he couldn't love her for who she was, he should've set her free.
That wonderful lady deserved to be loved for her personality.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |

A Beautiful Tragic-

It's the course of every love song.
It's the tempo of every good bye.
The tone behind "I'll love you forever",
And the reason behind a midnight cry.

Maybe she's the girl who never noticed
Or he's the boy who never cared.
Regardless we stay awake night after night,
Wishing they were there.

It really makes no sense
For us to wish for more pain,
But it's better to pretend they know and care
Than sit alone, remembering yesterdays.

But once the fog has cleared,
And they are gone from our lives,
Are we freed from a curse
Or were they a blessing in disguise?

It's a stupid thing called life,
Filled with wonder and magic,
But it has an insane need
To turn everything beautifully tragic.


**For any poem wizards out there, if I ever label my poems incorrectly please tell me. I am terrible at categorizing and just put everything pretty much as free verse or I don't know. So if you know that it belongs elsewhere please let me know, it wouldn't be rude and you'd actually be doign me a huge favor. Thanks!**

Copyright © Nichole Parker | Year Posted 2015

Details | Romanticism |

Tragic Magic

We thought our love was magic
It turned to be tragic
We thought we were one soul
When neither had one
We hid the heart God gave us
We ran away from ourselves
The passion in my heart that burnt like flames
Turned to the rage of a fire
The sugar in my soul would never ease the vinegar in your heart
The stings of my heart never could play to your song of sour grapes
When the windows of my soul cascaded like a waterfall
My tears became the rapids of a river
When all I wanted was to be dipped in the moonlight
You dropped me in hell

Copyright © Susan Thoms | Year Posted 2006

Details | Narrative |

Tragic Juliet

These days have faded
Your nights are dead
Mush together 
Inside her head
The act is so selfish
Her lips quiver in fear
She knows it’s over
She senses you’re there
She won’t blackmail you again 
Her mental wounds you can’t mend. 
Juliet however still reaches 
For your hand. 
She still loves you. 
And wishes you’d understand
Why won’t you hold her anymore?
He screams still echo 
As you slam the door.

She stands alone 
It was your mistake too.
Yet you blame her. 
Have you forgotten 
That it was you? 
You stole her innocence 
You didn’t think twice
So why is it only 
Her paying for the crime. 

She kept your letters 
She remembered those date’s 
But you forget her
It’s her that you hate
She stands alone. 
Skin pale
Knife in her hands
She gets on her knees
Ready to meet her fate. 

You turn down the corridor
Run back to the door
Sweet Juliet 
She’s lying dead on the floor. 

Copyright © Michell Reddy | Year Posted 2008

Details | Verse |


Love is tragic
With a harmful feeling
Of intense pain
Never fading
love is numb 
With no feelings

Love is sorrow
With a broken heart
Shattered to pieces
Then torn apart
Love is blue
With no repairs

Love is misery
With constant company
So completly alone
Consumed by loneliness
Love is empty
With no fillers

Love is saddness
With a weeping soul
Inside crying always
Endless tear drops
Love is falling
With no tissues

Love is harmful
With a throbing pain
So distracting
So hurtful 
Love is aching
With no soothers

Love is worthless
Love is pointless
Love is meaningless
Love is nothing
Love is love
With no happy endings

Copyright © mandy klein | Year Posted 2012

Details | I do not know? |

Tragic Loss

Brakes squeal

Metal smashes

Glass shatters

Hearts breaking

Bodies shaking

Dreams destroyed

Pain rips through me

As I fly through the air

All things leave me

Eternal sleep is what I do

Weep many not

Brief sadness only

Nevermore is love

Not even missed

Forever more I salk

Spirit weeping

All alone I am now

Replaced by another I am

Ment nothing to many

Trash thrown out

No ones treasure

No one soulmate

One weeps in pain

Sitting on the ground crying

I wipe tears away

My presents felt

Smile on ones face appears

My spirit clings to this one

Lost and confused am I

What happen?

Why am I here?

Questions fill the air

Bandages cover him

A light shines but I ignore

Pain stricken is he

A name that is not mine

A man that is hurt

Memories all gone

Days go by

He still weeps

Still broken and crushed

I attempt to comfort

Healing of wounds

I can no longer

He feels but cannot see

Eyes shut peacfully

Terror attacks in dreams

A loss no one senses

A pain he wont express

Comfort he wont seek

External wounds heal Internally never to be fixed

A ring he grasps tightly each and every night

My picture underneath his pillow

A face that cannot be replaced

A mask to cover up his pain

A face to hide his sorrow No smile to brighten his face

Death of me haunts him daily

Scatter brained at the sound of my name

Tears flood his eyes with memories

I speak softly but he no hear

I hold tightly with every tear

His love truer than true

Deeper than most express for many

A bed half empty

Death is his only escape

Slowly I lift his spirit to be with mine

Our love continue even after death

Love stronger than life its self

Love the greatest feeling that we share

Two names share a stone

Two souls at rest

Copyright © Cassandra Shafer | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Tragic Breath

Tragedy walks to the beat of tone deaf tears...
falling waywardly onto shifting shores,
unsure of anything around him.
                             He wonders why it hurts to walk on something 
                                                   as soft as your cheeks;
and steps as if he might fall through
each bruise his unsteady feet conquer.
                          His breath burns.
                                                     His chest heaving under the weight
                                                        of epidermic ridicule he doesn't understand.
Why does love feel so much like hate? 
                                      Every footstep sends a longing coursing through her veins,
                                                      that makes every kiss bittersweet.
The fire keeps them honest I suppose,
reminding every lover the difference 
between joy and pain. 
Suffering together.
                           A blessing that no one seems to understand
                                           until death shudders down our throats.
In spite of it all, beauty stands still under the light that shines
down upon us all;
Showing the truth of why...
the breath of tragedy gives life to love.

Copyright © James Kelley | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

His Tragic Sweetheart

He saw her,
Standing next to him...
With a peaceful smile

He ran towards her,
Listening to his first words...
With great interest

He offered upon her,
Accepting on his relationship...
With destined happiness

He recited to her,
Thinking of his brave story...
With endless wonder

He comforted her,
Crying hard upon him...
With emotional tears

He confessed her,
Hearing about his painful past...
With an honest understanding

He danced with her,
Following with his footsteps...
With an imaginative melody

He promised her,
Assuring for his own happiness...
With sealed hands

He kissed her,
Knowing upon adored and loved by him...
With a quiet feeling

And then... he grieved for her,
Knowing she was lost forever...
With a tragic death of the heart

Copyright © Nileisha Giselle Deliz Diana | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

A Love So Tragic

(pt 1) 
We seem so indifferent
Like we just don't feel
We've got cuts on our hearts
That will never heal
Beautiful as a train wreck
In that confusing way
Stuck in reverse
Living on yesterdays
We fall into the darkness
And drown in the sea
No love has ever been so tragic
As the love between you and me

(pt 2) 
Your gorgeous as you always are
So beautiful no one could believe
That you could find such beauty
In someone like me
But we paint a pretty picture
We make it look so nice
With hearts hard as stone
And eyes carved from ice
Seperated only by distance
Our beauty envied by the stars
Our story so original
The tragedy of what we are

(pt 3) 
Pick me up and carry me
Through our sweet abyss
Shroud me in your fantasy
Its not like I'll be missed
Give me all your heart
Your perfect in my imperfections
Look in the mirror and see it
That beautiful reflection
So we'll dance our way to freedom
We'll dance until we die
Forever framed in beauty
The tragedy of you and I

Copyright © Jasmine Hollar | Year Posted 2006

Details | Sonnet |

A Love So Tragic

(pt 1) 
We seem so indifferent
Like we just don't feel
We've got cuts on our hearts
That will never heal
Beautiful as a train wreck
In that confusing way
Stuck in reverse
Living on yesterdays
We fall into the darkness
And drown in the sea
No love has ever been so tragic
As the love between you and me

(pt 2) 
Your gorgeous as you always are
So beautiful no one could believe
That you could find such beauty
In someone like me
But we paint a pretty picture
We make it look so nice
With hearts hard as stone
And eyes carved from ice
Seperated only by distance
Our beauty envied by the stars
Our story so original
The tragedy of what we are

(pt 3) 
Pick me up and carry me
Through our sweet abyss
Shroud me in your fantasy
Its not like I'll be missed
Give me all your heart
Your perfect in my imperfections
Look in the mirror and see it
That beautiful reflection
So we'll dance our way to freedom
We'll dance until we die
Forever framed in beauty
The tragedy of you and I

Copyright © Jasmine Hollar | Year Posted 2006

Details | Free verse |

To the queen of tragic love

She loved him 
With all the passion 
she was bestowed with, 
surrendered her wishes
like a firefly to the darkness
she counted all the stars, twice, 
in the starry night 
she followed each wave
that touched the shore
yet his man never returned to her
He who promised her 
To love from dawn to dusk
To change the flow of his life
To mend his ways for the sake of love
To shower all his emotions 
On her smiles 
To stop the time 
Within her two eyes
To measure the distance of his emotion
Between her two arms
To count the years of his life
Between the two alphabets of her name
And she believed him 
Undoubtedly and unconditionally
Who fooled whom it is for you to decide? 
But the tragedy of this queen is certainly
Written on the sky with the stars
Pearl lying 20,000 leagues under the sea
Pain buried in broken pieces of heart
On the dried fallen leaves and the tears
I know she will never bloom 
She will never rise like phoenix …
My heart will go on to knock on the door…….

Copyright © M Asim Nehal | Year Posted 2016