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we are stars

people are like stars,
some are younger,
some are older,
some are brighter,
some are darker,
some are bigger,
some are smaller,
but in the end we are all the same.
all together.
shining bright with our personality.
dont care about what other people think.
its their own opinion.
be unique,be you.
you are who you are, and who you are is all their gonna get.
so shine like a star!!!

Copyright © mary youkhana | Year Posted 2013

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The Rising Red sun

                       Inspirational poem.. Rising Golden red sun all its way..dedicated to all 
                               of you  guys..wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

                                          The Rising Red sun

As like the charming moon and  luminous star fades away.
It promises to send the dynamite sun shining in the sky.
Due to which oceano pearl glitters all the day.
Praying god for the happiness in all our way.

The morning sagas made me understand, Me and my vivacious life.
But When I look back and pick up the souvenir of my childhood. Its just nostalgic. Feel like to go back to the teenage. The sustained pain is the only option left that I can’t get those days of my innocence back.
All I could make up my mind and just say, move on. Just move on.

Ray of hope chimed my heart.
Because god gifted me Something and added in my cart.
Provided me and my sincerity towards work can’t depart.
From the very day uplifted to give a quick start.

The moment I realized the magnetising power of the sun.
Felt trust on it and renovated my life again by attenuating my pains.
Rest all I expect peace my thee.
Left with the ray of hope. Bless us  MY god, My lord !!!!!

Wrote by:

Copyright © Madhavi Sarjare pagare | Year Posted 2013

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he compared my smile to a sun

Kiss me until the stitches on my heart dissolve, 
and I forget what it feels like to breathe without lungs.
Touch my skin until your fingertips warm my muscles,
and help my blood run smoothly
Your apartment is cold, but your eyes are colder;
emptier too.
Your hands held nothing but bad intentions, not even my own
and as you tossed and turned in-between worn sheets,
so did my mind.
get me out of this bed
give me back my clothes
get out of my head
I know your moves before you make them
your hands, up my thighs
whisper sweet nothings into my ear
bittersweet lies to help pass the time
before the sun splashes into your room in-between the blinds,
reminding me once again
you cannot make a home out of a human.

Copyright © dakota vacker | Year Posted 2014

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Dream Big

~ Dream Big ~ It is hard to believe Sixteen years have passed Since the day you were born A bundle of joy The apple of your Dad’s eyes Your Mom’s little princess Her baby girl I knew it then and I know it now You are special Always will be The sky has no limit Neither does the Stars, Sun or Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Over the years you have grown Into a beautiful young lady Full of love Compassion and Kindness I love you so very much The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Here is to you One of the most beautiful girls I the world While some may say I am partial to you I know it is true Just keep being you The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ It’s your sweet sixteen However nothing is as sweet as you I love you so much I love you like my own You will always be The apple of your Daddy’s eyes Your Mom’s little princess Her baby girl Yet you are growing up so quick I wish nothing but the best for you I believe in you The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Happy Birthday Michelle Love Aunt Jean

Copyright © Jean Bonella | Year Posted 2012

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We'll make love like it's our last

Her touch has rendered me weak. 
I've lost the strength to speak 
And to fight the feeling. 
I lost control. 
My nails swept her cheek 
While she stayed there, kneeling. 
Her smile started to hum 
While my heart began to drum 
To the beat of her swaying. 
At last I'm whole. 
We couldn't keep from 
Each other, now we're laying 
And watching the sun lose size 
Hand in hand with closed eyes. 
The sun remains yonder. 
Our bodies' heat 
Continues to rise 
As we let our hands wander. 
Necking in the flowers, 
Minutes feel like hours 
But time's still flying too fast. 
We're both complete. 
This night is ours. 
And we'll make love like it's our last.

Copyright © Rob Washick | Year Posted 2014

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Cruel Reality

Cruel Reality, watching so closely,
like a motionless tiger, lying in wait.

We were so safe in our Dream bubble,
so unaware of the cold world outside.

The sun shone so brightly upon the green field,
and together we danced, laughingly, carefree.

But jealous Reality, clothed in red dress,
gazed at our joy, and then gleefully screamed,

"I'll take your bright sun and replace it with rain;
your green grassy field will become a gray swamp.
Every sweet word that you both have spoken
shall now melt away, leaving nothing behind."

So the walls of our love were quickly torn down,
and Reality quickly swept us apart.

Copyright © Karlin K. Jensen | Year Posted 2012

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I want grape juice and sex all the time.
All he can think about is spray painting.

He looks at me like I am the strange girl 
down the street who eats saltines and ketchup. 

I step right on somebody’s chewed gum walking with him.
Our fingers laced like we are tourist scum in matching cowboy boots.

I look at him like he never wears the same underwear two days in a row.

He knows I lied to his family when they asked me if I liked toasted cheese and Budweiser. 
Then again when I told his drunk father I would never sleep with him on a spaceship.

He looks at me like I am a joke about women’s
tennis, or a blackboard with a spit wad stuck on it.

He lied to my mother when he said he’s never had sex with a mannequin.
Then again when he said he never shot me with a tranquilizer gun.

I look at him like he might get me pregnant.
He looks at me like he’s arranging a celebration for the sun. 

Copyright © Lyon Brave | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Volatile Weather

When the sun shines
Ablaze and about to burst
Flames touch the tips of trees
Igniting them with shock
Bursts of excruciating contentment descends
Directing me with the courage for tomorrow
Pools of depraved memories wane
The lines of sorrow die out in the air
When the sun shines
When the sun hides
Unexpected clouds tumble in to color the sky ashen
Casting the shower of days gone by upon your appearance
Puddles rematerialize with a commanding poise
The reverberations of a virtuous day
Days comparable to these are when I finish most dreadful
Ambition wearing out of my body
When the sun hides

Copyright © Samantha Larson | Year Posted 2012

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Freedom Light

Freedom light

Now and Then I wonder about life, and about death.
And then I start to ponder, and then take a deep breath.
I wrap my arms around myself, my head falls to my chest.
I give myself a warm embrace and wish all of us the best.
For life is now, and only now, which is the only way  to live.
The sun will shine on you somehow, if you take and if you give.
And when it does you'll know it, the person you become.
And when you do you'll love it, and now it's just begun.
So take it all and use it up, do what you want to do.
Go down that road to fill your cup and you'll discover, too, 
that life is free, alive with light, calling out for you.
Your sun and sky, your land and sea, are only for you to move.

Copyright © Dina Cassiano | Year Posted 2012

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I'm The Sun

Like the sun above the Earth,
I will be always around,
Can you feel my worth?
Because I am forever bound.

My body is strong as is my mind, 
I can put up a fight,
Even if I'm blind.

I might fade from white to gray, 
Maybe black on my worst days.
But I will always shine,
With or without my spine.  

My words are my armor,
My pen is my sword, 
Just listen to me, it'll be your reward.  

Copyright © Sara Phillips | Year Posted 2010

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Coffee Covered Sun

Watching as the stars go by
On this strange and ethereal wave
The sunshine burning down on 
This fine and wild ride
Fly on the Dream Bean
Too close to the heat
Release the cargo, my friend
Cut the engines, grab a mug
And give a hearty toast
To our coffee  covered sun
For we have seen the summer rise
Rise with the sun in the morning
The early warmth that bids the night its leave
We grin stupidly, happily, wickedly
Electric that is what they say
This feeling in the air of this place
Sharp and strange and new
Free and wild and barely restrained
So suddenly do I see this 
A stark contrast to my old pain
I now see a world full over
A light shines in the darkest way
Like flash-tag
Summer with tangled hair and slashed jeans
The season of commerce and play
Well goodbye, friends 
This best of times shall never stop
As the sun shines down 
You smile and cry in the walls we trust
And so, farewell
For what is in the game?
But for wild abandon and a name? 

Copyright © Lacey Petty | Year Posted 2006

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Kiss from the Sun (2005)

There was once a time when I dreaded the sun
All throughout the summer I had no fun
I was hiding in oversized clothes ashamed of me
Couldn’t be the women I wanted to be
I hated everything but the woman I used to hide
I wanted to reach for the inner side
Everyone would look comfortable and great
I had to cover up and conceal my hate
I felt ashamed of my body growing
It was the transition of me and knowing
But now I have grown and the summer is bliss
I run out side for a long summery kiss
I crisp and tan 
I’ll chill out for as long as I can
I’m happy being who I always was deep inside teens
Now the women I am, shines and beams

Copyright © R Kumari | Year Posted 2005

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Young Love

June 17, 2006
How sweet, how serene,
Delicate inside a core,
A flower I have bore.
Such a magnificent scene!
Blossoms in bloom are what you bring.
I couldn’t ask of you for much more,
I even find you shining on the Seashore.
You make my heart dance and sing!
The Sun shines down on me,
And the Moon leads my way.
The Stars shine and I can see,
A beautiful Sun shiny day!
You come from somewhere up above,
Tender in my heart is a Young Love!
® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2009

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The sun rises.
The reaper gathering the prizes.
Souls and just general death.
Taking life with one breath.
Gradually coming around.
Not speaking the tortures aloud.
Within one blink of an eye.
All your attempts and hopes run dry.

The sun sets.
Do away with all of your regrets.
He doesn't care about past shame.
Doesn't look for someone to blame.
The Reaper takes without thought.
Death is one thing that cannot be bought.
Forsaken or forlorn.
Life is meant to be born.

Copyright © hell kat | Year Posted 2005

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Smile, Be Happy

Remember the sun today
Remember the sun tomorrow
Remember the sun just from yesterday
Always keep that smile
That is always on your face…
Because I want you to be happy!

Do you know what brightens up my day?
And I'm sure everyone else's
It's just your attitude
So whenever you're feeling down
It affects me as well
And I don’t ever want to see you sad
Oh I'll do anything in my…
Power to make sure… that you're happy
Oh I'll push myself beyond…
My limitations, if it is to keep you smiling

Remember the sun today
Remember the sun tomorrow
Remember the sun from just yesterday
Even through rainy days
I still want to see that smile…
Because I want you to be happy!

If at the sacrifice of myself
Simply everything of me
I'll give it all up, if it would make you happy
Whenever you need to be cheered up
Just call on me…
I'll be there, and quickly change the mood
Oh I'll do anything in my…
Power to make sure… that you're happy
Oh I'll push myself beyond…
My limitations, if it is to keep you smiling

Remember the sun today
Remember the sun tomorrow
Remember the sun just from yesterday
Always keep that smile
That is always on your face…
Because I want you to be happy!

Copyright © Samuel Obazee jr. | Year Posted 2005