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Details | Sonnet |
I stood upon a hill and watched the sun,
It shone much brighter than it did before,
And as I watched, I knew that we were one,
And many galaxies I would explore.
To fly above the clouds and touch the sky,
The silent earth so far beneath my feet,
To wander space, and gravity defy,
This feel of freedom really would be sweet.
Exploring places yet unknown to man,
The innocence of planets never seen,
Of mountains never climbed, nor oceans swam,
A universe where no one's ever been.
And as I stood in awe and watched the sky,
I knew that someday yonder I would fly.

Copyright © David Pekrul | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |
THE sun superbly smiles in the world
The faces of the people become impeccably bright
And the birds brood, sing softly enraptured,
Wet green grass glean with dew light,
Various flowers loutishly bloom bright and fresh
And the dull, dark night stars disappear,
A breeze cuts through the world without brash,
Hearts of people beat lightly the rhythm they endear
And their souls unburdened duly of dubious oppression,
Their formerly bowed backs now straitening,
Some jubilant wiping the sweat of emancipation
From their victorious visages, now blatantly beaming;
And the mountains seem to recede down to plains,
The burly, bullish bushes let sun rays penetrate,
The rivers flow on sun shined land, colorlessly sedate,
Seas now smell of edible, huge fish’
And thence, the long eagerly awaited tuneful liberation
Emerges from the sun-coated east horizon goldfish
Spreading luxuriantly to the west with expectation

Copyright © HONESTY OIMBO | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |
I grew up in a place I didn't want to be
Became someone that i knew i didn't want to be
Society grabbing me by the throat telling me to be me
But who are they to say that I should be what is not me?
Catastrophe shaking this world, leaving fault lines at the finish line
Scarred for what we have to look forward to
You can't put your soul on hold for all your past pretensions
Earthquakes changing the course of continuation
Throwing vibes from left and right
Hitting the pedal to ignite
What imperial dilemmas that arise from such despise
From what i know i'm just another reflection of disguise, who am i?
Those that float around with no worries in the world,
Don't care about the money, all they've got is what's gold
The people who kill, for power and respect
Dont realize what is out there is what's in the next step
And it's all in their head
We've got all of eternity
The tower of destruction that'll set us all free
Cause in the end we always find that there's another place to be;
physically or mentally.
People walking around with frowns carved into their faces
I wonder if theyll ever look up and see that they've been going places
All along, 
Giving up falling down through the cracks of the ground
They're at fault for all loss that was among their own soul
Oh, its a cold world
As it slowly turns, im watching the clock tick as i feel the room burn
And its funny, that people try to play the game of constant manipulation,
Repeated deification.
Thinking they were born alive, but really,
They were only born to die.
No not everyone lives under the sun these days
A lot of those that fear thy own will fall pale in the shade
Under a dead willow
How we all want the sun because it's here for a reason
We all expect it to invest in the seasons
The government work of treason,
Throwing ropes to pull it down
Making this place so much hotter than it was when underground
I can't stand to be bothered by the burn that it's put on my wrist
From slamming this door shut, we've got to put an end to this
We're destroying what's inside ourselves cause of things on all the shelves
Yet he destroys, and he breaks, so we build
They take the money, and we run it while they kill
Although it's kinda funny that the state depends on pills,
I'll hold the sun and run away from all that's real.

Copyright © Green Trees | Year Posted 2011

Details | Quatrain |
Behold our sun;
the politically correct.
Pulls up the flowers;
makes hearts reflect.

Steers all it's planets
to circle it's will.
Revolves again,
going further still.

Forms every cloud
to cause them rain.
Then soaks the soil;
that rivers drain.

Shines morning glow
from mist to dew.
Brings out our smiles
to make us new.

Makes every rainbow
in every light,
that every colour
should bring us sight.

and builds the wind
to spread the Earth
in all it's pollen's
cooling mirth.

And when it sets,
it's currents hushed.
Your soul's relaxed;
no longer rushed.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |
Radiant sun so tender and kind come and enlighten my powerful mind
Cheerful sun so  warm and divine nurture my soul with grandeur
Elevate my elegant steps and wrap your arms around  the core of my flesh
Enrich my heart with gladness and utter the words that I long to hear.

Here  I am sitting in this crowded space waiting for you to release me
from the tempestuous age, woo me with splendor and grace
Fill my heart with a happy song that I may dance with the sensational throng.
Come nigh unto me oh radiant sun, and drench me with songs of victory.

I am leaping on the pinnacle of ambition, come and saturate me  in your fortified arm.
Write a love letter to me and enthrall me with your fantasy 
Beguile me with  powerful words, words that cut to core of my soul
Words that wet my appetite, and appeal to the arousing hunger inside.

Radiant sun  so powerful and divine administer to the yearning  inside
I have waited for decades to share  this joy with you,
Permeate me with your madness and imbue the fire within. 
Oh radiant sun so pure and divine you have stood the test of time.

Copyright © Christine Phillips | Year Posted 2016

Details | Political Verse |
The Chinese were barred from entering
America or becoming U.S. citizens long
after they had built the American railroads.
Anarchists were likewise banned following
President McKinley's assassination in 1901.
Communists (the “Reds”) were barred from
coming to America (the law's still on the books).
Japanese and other Asians were also excluded.
FDR even barred Jewish refugees during WW2.
Why not deny entry now to the Saudis who
were behind 9/11 and the creation of ISIS?!

Copyright © Ross Vassilev | Year Posted 2017

Details | Alliteration |
Arise fair sun
and kill the envious moon
the very life blood of our enterprise
that has know size
for the present enterprise
set of his head
with a happy storm
before his very eyes
as he rise to pray
and goes to bed to work
for the makers
i will surprise
as the sun rises
arise fair sun

Copyright © Anthony Onyeka | Year Posted 2011

Details | Dramatic monologue |
Adam and Eve stand on the lonely ground
but the apple is nowhere to be found.
Bushes wrapped around their formidable throne
And the snake is crawling around
The moment they have waited for has just arrived
forcing smiles and swallowing their  shameful pride
Humiliated by their own choice everyone is paying an awful price
Now  the throne  hangs empty,  bare and dry
The faithful are reaching towards the omniscient  sky
Laughter and chatter are everywhere
Mockery hinges on the ruthless  border in dispair
And the porous bucket is dripping  muddy water.
The ogre-faced spider with its tangled web
is waiting for an out right disaster.
Forgetting the purpose of their  existence
They run from town to town seeking dominion
The heart of Adam bleeds soaking the earth with indignity
but  his soul is nowhere to be found
Lost in his pride shaken by his own arrogance 
A claim he made from the start has landed him in the painful  dark
having to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow
He toiled ceaselessly at the foot of the mount
Truth confronts truth exposing shadows of yesterday 
Flutter by his brazen pride he land punches on every side
The painting on the wall  stares at him
The writing on the screen is mocking him
Strange noise
Strange sound
She suddenly appears from beneath the ground
And take one leap to the top of the stairs. 

Copyright © Christine Phillips | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |
cold, dark night is upon us

the dark night of humanity is upon us

the sun has a long time before it is ready to rise

the cold, dark night is upon us

and it will envelop humanity

before the sun is able to rise.

the sun will not be able to rise on these great shores

the sun will not rise on this great land


it will take time.

it will take time before truth waves her magic hand.

i walk and i think, i think about humanity alot

i think it will take time

i fear the bloodshed

i fear the evil in the world

it takes great courage.

Copyright © John Goodman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Dramatic Verse |
Strolling down the street hand on my gat,
with the sun at my back ready to attack.
Slow to the fight quick to react,
always marching forward never looking back.
10 months in the desert not a drop of rain,
only thing I've sen is suffering and pain.
The weight of my gear is difficult to maintain,
to end my own life I try to refrain.
Another pointless battle in an unknown frontier,
never making it home my only fear.
Another explosion in the distance all I hear,
as I push forward hoping the end is near.
Watching the sun set I sit there and pray,
that I will make it through yet another day.
All of a sudden I see a white light and hear loud bangs,
4 more friends died with the blast of that grenade.
Will I make it home I do not know,
for in my countries arms lies my soul.
My blood, sweat, and tears are my toll,
and the hope of going home is all I know.

Copyright © Thomas McKenzie | Year Posted 2010

Details | Ballad |
Brittannia ruled the waves,they said
My old school atlas,dotted red;
Cricket its multi-national game
Pageantry & fair-play its claim to fame;
Governed by the privileged few
English,said & written its glue.

Now six decades further on
Its colonial power foever gone;
A damp offshore Atlantic island
Sinking slowly,in PC quick-sand;
Multi-cultures of its past,now abound
Each language of its Empire,here is found.

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2007