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Details | Romanticism |

Pursue Love

Pursue love,
the love that has no meaning,
the silver ports of the moon,
shine so bright,
that it blinds you in the twilight
she is beautiful and she is divine
she is the song sang by the sweet nightingales
in the gardens of worthy, overgrowning and blooming roses,
like wildfire grow tall and the thornes of the vines
tangle around her feet and drag her ever so slightly
throughout the garden of beauty.
As the roses lay along a table,
as she sits at the table
and she waits for me, the wordman
to come to the dinner table at the stroke of nine
and sit with her,
start a scene or two of romantic setting,
to pursue love in her name.
Love is around us,
the candlelight shines and reflects in her silk hair,
as her evening dress glitters and shines
and her bossom shows itself in the nightsky
as we lay together,
we pursue a dream together,
forever we live together forever,
as we stand upon the belcony of Romeo and Juliet's love scene
we swim in a pool of sweet divine care and love,
we swallow grapes and drink wine
hand and hand on Persian rugs and virgin white cloth sheets,
we dance to a simple, yet sweet Chopin's masterpiece
of his beautiful nocturnes,
which make such a sweet and romantic song in our heads.

We stomp out the flames
as we dance the night away,
and you lay in my arms,
and I kiss you upon your lovely head,
and you hold my hand,
and I hold you tight
never thinking of letting your love go away from me,
I would take my own life,
before I lose your love.
See us together,
it is a painting that lasts lifetimes,
that needs no touch-ups.
I care for you and love you!
Love me, I know you will.

My sweet and loving portrait lady,
who in reality is more beautiful than a fully bloomed rose
that sits on its green stem,
in the garden of beauty that sits outside my window.
Come up to my chambers
as I picked roses for you and pettles litter the atmosphere
as love's tension grows
and suspence brings us together,
let us make love tonight
seal the passion
and pursue love once and for all.

Then shall we wake with the first rays of the blazing of the morning sun,
I shall wake next to your beauty and glory,
and I shall point my attention to the heavens
and thank the Gods for sending you on the open road,
toward my chamber door, I call my heart.
Then we shall dress, and walk the pathways
in the garden of beauty
and I shall pick a bauquet of roses
and we shall sit by the lake and pursue our love
for one another
and nothing, not one earthquake shall shake us apart.


Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

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A Kiss of Sunshine

The world that once was slumbering
Beneath the quilt of Winter's snow
Is now set free to gladly see
The rays of golden sunlight

He peeks at first so shyly through
The drifting clouds of leaden grey
And then, behold his beams of gold!
A kiss of gentle sunshine

The trees are budding, flowers bloom
And shades of gentle green abound
The birds of spring so sweetly sing
While kissed by rays of sunlight

How father-like the sun looks down
In glorious warmth and light
To see the things his fire brings --
The miracle of sunshine

From east to west he travells on
In grandly royal golden robes
A pilgrim man, that once began
Benignly sending raylets

As here I watch th'unfolding spring
And bask in beams of heaven's king
I think of monarchs, once divine
Whose wond'rous kingdoms once did shine

This sun hath missed not one poor soul
But fondly with a tender touch
Hath kissed the maids that dwelt in glades
Of distant lands now vanished

Now all, I think, once gently kissed
Have sung the praise of heaven's rays
And all, it seems, that Sun hath wist
Have tracked his run throughout their days

His rhythmic climb and equal fall
While heeding Nature's firmest call
His constant change, yet still the same
When once returned from whence he came

A mystery, a miracle
At times a friend, at times severe
But each new day at Dawn's approach
Reveals the kiss of sunshine

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

Details | Verse |

Sound of Colors

I woke up to the sound of colors
from a misty dream 

heard the blue bells ringing
and a trombone playing the cream

a pink rhapsody kissed my lips 
as the sun climbed into our bed

whispering a love song 
in yellow, orange, and red.

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

We Welcome the Sun

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 

A gleaming sunrise is seen in the distance – shedding relief 
Bursting forth like fireworks in the dark blue sky 
Hues of beauty and sincerity washes away our grief
The cheery clouds come together like lovers embracing one another

I’m never waving goodbye
It’s so surreal… and magnificent to see this scene unfold
You lift up the sparkling light… you’re an angel from up above
It’s so vibrant – the illuminated sight never dulled 
You bring us luck and excitement – 

You’re as pleasant as a dove 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the love
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To omit the darkness 
To abolish the distress
To conceal the darkness
And reveal the halo
Hovering around your head
Burning away the dread 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun

An ocean of love is rubbing against my feet
Blankets of comfort embrace me now… our love will never dry
You treat us with reverence and I repeat – 
You’re as pleasant as a dove – taking wing from on high 
We welcome the sun in the morning 
We welcome the sun with open arms
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun 

A speedy breeze is whistling in my ears
Spiraling mad like a spinning top
Spiraling mad with all of its might 
You’re very intriguing – you casted away our fears 
Your gorgeous eyes
Project bright green and blue
You’re special in His sight 
He welcomes you
We welcome the hope 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To lighten up your load 
And lead you to the mercy road
Where you and I will escape to paradise
To drive out all of the negativity
To conceal the wretched farewells
To reveal the light in goodbye 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome you
With open arms 

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |

Haiku 7 - aurora borealis, rainbow sunset, cosmic glory

multi-coloured lights
searching the northern sky
aurora borealis

the setting sun
painting the evening sky
in colours of the rainbow

the glory of the cosmos
unending in space and time
how miraculous!

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2013

Details | Narrative |

The Sun

Between the earth n the empty space 
Is the fire ball
fetching forever
One for all ,
Luminous Rays of the holy hour.
Time and distance 
Doesn't matter
Aging without change
Year after year.
Reaching from the heights
To touch us
Through the beautiful ambiance of the floating waters....
Growing old.
Ain't cold
Fire ball
Rich in gold
Fine art of the great creator
Worthy of all...!!!

Copyright © anjanjyoti bhattacharjya | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

God is Kind

GOd is kind 
That my friend- 
Is what I find 
Everyday, everywhere 
Through your eyes 
His goodness I see 
When you smile 
I see his loving kindness 
As he reaches out 
To touch our hearts. 

God is kind 
That my friend- 
Is what I find 
When the sun rises at dawn 
His love we are shown 
At dusk with grace 
The pretty moon surface 
To edge out the sleeping sun 
Such beauty, such wonder 
Our God, our father 
Bestows on us his children 

God is kind 
That my friend- 
Is what I find 
This I ponder 
Every night by my bed 
As I say my prayers 
One thing remains certain, 
Constant, Sure and unwavering- 
His mercies endures forever. 

God is kind 
That my friend- 
Is what I find.

Copyright © Adeshina Aladeshawe | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

The Sun

Feel the breeze on our skin,
watch the rain on our skin
as it glistens.

Droplets of
water reflecting streams of
sun beam.

The breeze and
the rain may be cold. But the
sun is so bold and with a
warmth we all know. 

It's a truly
great feeling, seeing and receiving  
the sun in our daily lives.

Copyright © Andy Craig | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

sun or sea

Neither unknown like sun
Nor known like sea
I want a person who is written in my destiny

Not perfect like sun
Not excited like sea
I want a person whom i sees in my dreams

Not kind like sun
Not proper like sea  
I want a person who always stays near me.

Copyright © Deeksha gehlawat | Year Posted 2016

Details | Enclosed Rhyme |

Rises With Sun

Rises with sun, the morning with shine,
Clear is the view, for churches, mosque and shrine.
Glory of its softness, sweet as bread and wine,
A beautiful moment for remembering the holy divine.
Now darkness of loneliness vanished with the night,
Open up your mind; towards the sky appearing so bright.
Brings the almighty to you, the message of miracle and hope,
Using symbol of morning; denotes your grieve will elope.
A new day, a new journey, a new way, for every bird, animal and their venue,
Why are you so frightened? Go, plant your own avenue.
World was created for survivors, who never willed to give-up,
For those brave souls; who learn, implement and live up.
Upright is your future like trees and mountains high;
Giving the message to shade the noon, for underneath who’s the feeble lie.
You are the spark which ignites the thunder,
Why are you so afraid, even we god make blunder.
Rises with sun, the morning with shine,
Bring Glory to me, as you are my art so fine…
                                                                              -‘Panchi’ Panchal Hitesh 
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Copyright © Hitesh Panchal | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Fill the Children with Possibilities

Emily, just a girl,
yet so full of dreams.
She always wanted to fly,
or then so it seems.

One day she claimed
that she wanted to fly,
no one said she couldn't,
so she's never questioned why.

She began to fly,
oh, to see those sparkling eyes!
She knew her dream could be achieved,
just see how she flies!

The world is not warmed
with one lone sunbeam,
fill the children with possibilities
to dream.

Copyright © red barchettadrive | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

The Miracle of Your Sweetness in Seedlings

Tranquility from your eyes, so golden
Panoramas in orange with violet clouds
Those magnificent dreams still unfolding
Secrets fill the skies with spirits aroused

While the mountains embrace the green valley
Your softness and sweetness evoke my thirst
You snuggled up in my arms with many 
Thoughts that the love birds do verily perch 

Mindfulness is wrapped in your kind nature
Lovable hugs that you give away free 
Like a white flower blossom in nature
When your hands work at liberating me

In our center circle, we play our parts
We're seedlings gathering our sunny hearts

Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Fighting For a Miracle

She sits in the field watching
the sun slowly rise above the hill.
The warm rays wash over
her skin as light fills the sky.

She sits in the field remembering
the pain, reliving that dreadful day.
Those heart-wrenching words
forever burned into her mind.

She sits in the field and raises
her hand to her bare head.
Fingers gently caress the
stubble of hair slowly returning.

She sits in the field wrapping
her arms around her now flat chest.
The most prominent feature of a 
woman now lost to her forever.

She sits in the field, the taste of salt
in her mouth and tears staining her cheeks.
The hope of survival sitting
just out of reach.

She sits in the field thinking
of her should-have-been future now lost.
Another prayer fall from her lips
as she asks for a miracle.

She sits in the field watching
the sun slowly rise above the hill.
Hoping for more days like these
and praying for it all to just end.

Copyright © Lesley Brown | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |

What a Miracle

What a miracle
The sun shines so bright
The ocean brings the lives
The wind breezes our hearts

What a miracle
I can see sun in your eyes
I feel the ocean in your smile
and I breathe the breeze by your side

Copyright © Dinda Minardi | Year Posted 2011

Details | Sedoka |

Moon's Memorable Muse

The moon remembers
    that fateful day long ago.
          She was commanded to halt

                         though still glowing bright;
              right along with comrade sun.
   Lord God held back their forms.

Joshua 10:12-13  Then spake Joshua to the LORD in the day when the LORD delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon. 
And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. 

Moon's Memorable Muse

submitted for Moonlight Delight Contest sponsored by Russell Sivey

Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017