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Fair Maybelle

Fair Maybelle trode through the morning dew
She peered through the foggy haze
Her blue eyes saw what I tell you is true
For the fog did part and the sun did blaze
And a pure white unicorn met her gaze

Now it may well seem it would run away
Or perhaps she would rather shy
But against her nature she hastened to stay
And an unseen cord drew her nigh
Till Maybelle's feet she laid her by

So sweetly Maybelle stroked her hair
She longed for her touch once more
But Maybelle ceased, and she left her there
For what a *wight could see, that her heart was sore
Till she meet her love on the Highdown *Tor

So Maybelle walked o'er the far and near
And her one-horned friend followed light as a bird
And they travelled on without a sight of fear
With but one care and nary a word
That winsome twosome persevered

At the long last, Maybelle heard a pleasant sound
The sound of a rollicking song
And the butterflies danced in the air all around
Whilst her love held her dearly and long
If it could, could it be that she was the theme of his song?

So the three of them lived in the fairyland *wold
Where the sun slips off to the moonlight's glow
Where the wind blows warm and the streams flow cold
And the daffodils thrive in winter's snow
Now here is the end, as you surely know

* Wight: A person
* Tor: A high pointed hill
* Wold: A wood or forest

Written 4/2/2013

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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Rising Sun

Observe how the ants labor without a peep;
Note the fine artistry of the spider's web-spinning;
Who will wake the bear from his long winter sleep?
Stand in awe of the hummingbird flapping its wings;
Listen to the lovely melody the songbirds sing;
Watch the majestic hawks leave their nests and soar;
Bask in the rising sun's heat at the ocean shore.
An invitation into God's presence  
comes from the sun, the creatures, and much more.
All of His creation emits His essence.

Copyright © Kim Bond | Year Posted 2014

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A Hush

There was a hush over the land
not even a blade of grass stirred.
The sun beamed down in delight
and flowers opened their petals.

The lake sparkled and shone
its waves lapping the shore.
The odd fish leapt up at flies
then swiftly sunk back down.

The forest trees seemed to part
leaving a faint winding path.
Then into the shady clearing
she daintily stepped out.

As she appeared a ripple,
a ripple of excitement.
Gleaming coat of silver
as the sun highted her.

She stood there poised
as her ears flicked listening.
A sculpture of beauty
with rippling muscles.

It was that most elusive creature
with a spiral horn in her head.
That gracefully walked to drink
when done she faded into shadow

Once more the forest came alive
on the ground a silver hair
giving proof to the legend
that indeed Unicorns still live.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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The Giraffe who was Friends with the Moon and the Sun

The black giraffe
With the orange and silver spots
Looked up at his mum with a frown,

Is it OK that I look
A little bit strange?
Have you heard what the other ones do say?

His mum looked down
With kindness in her eyes
And glanced at his odd looking skin,

My love, you are beautiful
Your skin is the night sky
A blanket of stars to light our way,

Why look like all the rest,
When your skin holds the sun close by
And is best friends with moon up on high?

Little one
You must dare to be different I say
Walk away from those that are mean

For you will gallop from star to star 
Sing rings around the planets afar
You will dance with the very best,

See yourself with my eyes my dear
If only you knew what I knew
Face your life with courage

Don't be afraid of who you are.

Copyright © Fran Slimon | Year Posted 2014

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        like a

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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If I could change the world in more ways than presently,
Computers would not crash; nor could they ever be hacked.                           If competition does not increase in both NBA Conferences,
Playoff spots in the NBA would be reduced to 6 from 8.

In the automobile industry, Buyer Beware Rules would be changed,
affording buyers a fighting chance of getting a good car at a fair price.

No dictatorships in Asia or Africa.
No drugs from Middle East or South America.
Political parties would be discouraged in the US of America.
Terror would cease; and nations would study war no more.
Absolutely no one would pay attention to political polls.
The entire planet would be neither too hot, nor too cold.
Every person would live for ever, and never grow old.
The streets in every city would be paved with gold.
And there would be no pot holes on the road.

No nation would be aggressive toward another nation.
Every nation would humanely govern itself as it chooses.
There would exist the purest form of Sovereignty among nations.
Peace will reign from East to West and from North to South Poles.
All transactions would be fair, and nothing would be deceitfully sold.
There would be fair trades between people everywhere around the globe.

Plenty of clean water for everyone, even the birds and the bees.
Medicines would be minimized, and healing would come from trees.
Children would play without fear of pedophiles.
No human would be bartered or bought.
No child abuse or women misused;
No abortions and no rapes; 
No cruelties to any animal,
Including elephants and whales.
04112016  PS Contest, If  You Could Change The World, Dan Kearley

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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circle of sun - Fantasy contest

Rabbit’s sitting in a circle of sun
as though they were in school
watching a hula hoop being swung by one

round and round the hoop swung
mesmerizing in its swirl being watched by the cool 
rabbit’s sitting in a circle of sun

I watched as they sat entranced in the sun
Playing silly games but always aware and nobody's fool
watching a hula hoop being swirled by one

Mother’s of the rabbits arrived at a run
food in a hamper with cold drinks for the supercool
rabbit’s sitting in a circle of sun

Chase was next on the cards “touch your on”
 was the favourite, except for the ones playing boule,
watching a hula hoop being swirled by one.

Next time your near a fairly glen
tip toe in quietly and you might see these cool
rabbit’s sitting in a circle of sun
watching a hula hoop being swirled by one

Penned 30 June 2013

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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The Hunt

Eagle carves the wind 
Talons flashing in the sun
Fat spawning salmon

Copyright © Kathleen Callaway | Year Posted 2015

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Country Life

  sheep gather
  in dappled shade -
  collie chases tail

Copyright © LINDA JACKSON | Year Posted 2013

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Good Things Come

The bones of an animal
Who died in the cold
Have dried in the sun
Only a month or two old

Copyright © Bruce Coates | Year Posted 2015

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strangled destiny

Through the peep hole of  Egyptian darkness shackled by conquerors hypnotic scheme 
awaits the incarnate spirit of Ra.

Summoned to defend the skies of eternity and the land of death 
against the traitors to the throne of the sun god
peace in these savage times shall be your curse.
may your conscience be your pillow  
and your wretched hearts your lullaby 
you and your puppet slaves will never tame this mane. 

there is nothing your lassos can suppress 
your skin of deception your pillars of lies and halls of betrayal 
will fall to the hum of my dynastic roar 
I am the truth the originator of galactic time 
your presence was my flatulent secretion
your death will be my orgasmic sigh.

Women of gaze that by-stand my struggle
fan as you may your perfumed air
it is your heart my canines seek
 your tongue has collapsed my rump
and stolen my corner stone
may your blood from my mandible spell

written for  Isaiah Zerbst's contest, Ancient Egypt.

Copyright © Mark Taylor | Year Posted 2013

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View from a Hill

Oh, I get such a lovely thrill
looking out from the top of a hill
The view is very heavenly
enchanting me with its beauty

Watching the clouds in the sky
I see them slowly drifting by
Some of them are white and fluffy
making me feel bright and cheery
Some are shaped like animals
A horse, a whale and other mammals

Looking down in the valley below
Trees are bathed with the sunshine's glow
Water in the stream that's flowing
is crystal clear and glistening

Yes, the view from the top of a hill
certainly gives me a lovely thrill

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2013

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Crazy World Of Skin Colour

Some dark-skinned people seek to lighten their skin colour
By applying skin creams to make themselves fairer
Most of these creams have some chemical matter
That can cause serious health problems later
Their use is common in countries like India
Where beauty and fair skin tone go together
Girls are encouraged to avoid too much exposure
To the sunshine which can make their skins darker

But some white-skinned people who are born fairer
Are not satisfied with their natural skin colour
And wilfully seek more sunlight exposure
To get a tan and make their skins darker
For them, a skin that is darkened looks better
And is more beautiful than their natural colour
Yet, for white people, sunlight overexposure
Can lead to a deadly form of skin cancer

Some animals like to wallow in muddy water
Which when dried can change their outer colour
But this serves as a temperature regulator
And keeps off skin pests of one form or another
Animals do not seek to change their skin colour
To consciously make themselves fairer or darker
Such weird action is purely human in nature
In this crazy world of people's skin colour

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2013

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In The Midnight Moonlight

Hey there midnight.
How was your day?
And how goes the night?

Lay there and sleep tight.
We're just as afraid
as we all are alright.

So light me up a fire
while we sing along the wires
with a choir who desires
to deserve some peace and quiet...

Tonight is midnight.
Where the sun fades away
in the shade of moonlight.

So goodnight and dream bright.
Like the clouds glow with jade
in the midnight moonlight.

Copyright © Jorge Tuazon | Year Posted 2015

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Robin's fair light

as new life flowers                                                                                                   equal illumination                                                                                                 meager changing clothes                                                                    *           
** the sun the moon draws warming hearts and minds amply a new leaf to turn

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

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A night at a countryside

As the moonlight shone over the mountains
The stars starts to flicker one by one
Humming winds eases the roughness
From the day's unforgiving sun.

Chilling wind caresses the darkness
Serenading them softly and low
Night critters goes out to mingle
Under the moon's mesmerizing glow.

The calm river chimes in its flowing
Flickering waves illumes the riverside
The chilling winds keeps on pushing
Quenching the thirst of the countryside.

As the sun lifts the shroud covering
Of mountain tops to the grass of the plains
Leaves and flowers bow to dew drops falling
As the sun kisses them once again.

Copyright © Jonathan Medida | Year Posted 2014

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Canadian Grays

Canadian grays
Rain and fog push their bodies
Sun opens relief

Copyright © JP Armstrong | Year Posted 2016

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Do Not Disturb

          Do Not Disturb

While walking through the bush one day
Hot sun burning the planet to a cinder
I happened upon a black mamba snake
When I say “happened upon” I mean stepped upon
The creature had no legs or toes or shoes
It knocked me off my feet with one swift strike
Signs all over nature read, “Do Not Disturb”
If only I could read I would have read them
Instead I’m feeling a little woozy 
Thinking about a nap
Perhaps a cracker with some tea would perk me up
With luck I might make it to supper by three
Or the cemetery

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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Hyena's showdown

tic tock a high noon                                                                                              sun is glaring with laughter                                                                                             tails dart to darkness

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2013

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Boa 1 Boa 2

           Boa 1 
life flows like stealth, down
river, boa, stretch the banks
strike comes to the prey

     Boa 2
humidity, sun
river, body winding, strikes 
boa stretches prey

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2016

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Grays Fly Through The Fog

Grays fly through the fog
Rain pushes their bodies down
Sun splits open clouds

Copyright © JP Armstrong | Year Posted 2016

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Think of me walking through an empty field…
Staring at the sun, staring into the blue;
Searching for you.
In a sky so empty of anything with such beauty;
This life has no mysteries left to be revealed.

Rain, rain; go away.
Come again another day.
Bring with you her love and I will happily stay;
Come back empty handed and I shall leave you to your happiness 
And I will never be seen again.

In a room of broken mirrors, I am happy at last.
Now I can see my mind clearly; it is full of cracks.
There lies my mind; because of the lies, it is shattered.
Chasing madness, chasing memories; chasing pavements. 
I have been battered.
Bruised by love again and never truly healed;
I walk amongst the poppies, lost inside this field.

I went out of my mind and found religion;
I guess I needed something I could dive right into.
I wondered if I would ever again be fixed; 
Once shy, forever bitten.
A dog barks, a farmer farms and the cow goes moo.

Searching for answers;
Searching for sanity.
Searching for anybody who can help me;
Searching for a remedy.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2016

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I could never express how it 
feels, walking outside at 3 
in the morning, wrapped 
inside the night air. I’m in 
my shorts, without a shirt. 
without the sun, you can see 
all of what you ignore in the 
yard. you can hear the chain 
move on the neck of the dog 
next door. there aren’t any 
cars at this time so the 
frogs hold your ears 
prisoner. the Pacific I hold 
tastes better than ever and 
each drag from the cigarette 
gets better. very few people 
listen to classical today but 
how many can say they listen 
to Gould? it’s a glorious 
thing when you know at that 
time, you’re the only one. I 
forget my heartache, the 
Pacific and the cigarette 
give me something a whore 
could never give me. I sit 
there in existence and smile 
into the sky as I listen to 
the recordings that Gould 
made when he was alive. it’s 
a magic unlike anything I can 
clearly describe. for the 
moment, you know you’re safe. 
for the moment, you are 
living. lines for the next 
poem come to mind and I place 
each one accordingly.

I can only hope this night 
never ends but with the end 
of each sound of music, so 
too does the time pass. soon, 
the sun will be out and I’ll 
be back to this miserable 
position. I’ll leave the 
chair for now; it’s not like 
the whores I’ve known. it’ll 
be there when I get back. my
bottle is empty, the 
cigarette is out, Gould has 
come to an end and all that 
is left is the squeaking of 
the chair, the squeaking that 
tells me, tomorrow early 
morning, I get to do it all 
over again.

By: Chicano Eddie  

Copyright © CHICANO EDDIE | Year Posted 2016