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Goodbye, Winter

"Goodbye, Winter" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques".

Goodbye, winter,
Goodbye, winter.
Hello, spring,
Hello, spring.
Tulips in my backyard,
Tulips in my backyard,
Are blossoming,
Are blossoming!

Bonus activity: Take children outside for recess on an early spring day and sing this 
song. Ask children how they know the seasons have changed and that spring has 
arrived. Is the air warmer? The grass greener? Are flowers blooming? Are butterflies 
flitting about?

Copyright © Cherie Durbin | Year Posted 2011

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2012

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My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

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Fallen snow will remind of me/ it is snowing ... 
Slowly as in the dream/ 
Boy word-beads/ with signs on his spine/ 
He kisses fine/ 
Your eyelids /

And it snows ... It snows /so slow/
It does/ and you're thinking of me/ 
'Coz it's warm/ it's better to stay in warmth/ 
Waiting for summer dim/ 
It is snowing/ slowly like in the dream/ 
Flakes/ go round/ playing the music theme/ 
You've been looking for rescue/ 
You searched in wine/ 
But it's in me/ 
all the rescues are mine/ 
It is snowing/ the snow is fluffy and white/ 
If you see darkness/ I'm deaf and blind/ 
there's the cast of time/ on the arm/ 
But I discern the light/ 
Dreams/ upon your eyelids tips/ 
Prepare you for winter drowse/ 
And it snows/ 

Fallen snow/ will remind of spring /
it will crumble and crackle in vain/ 
It will snow / fluffy /white/ and slow/ 
And you'll become whole/

Copyright © Ilya Emelin | Year Posted 2013

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SPRING IN AIR, LOVE ONLINE                                                          20/02/13

Nowadays , life is so unpalatable and stoic.
So unnecessarily busy and eventfully hectic.
Young folks thus gather in a shadowy discotheque, to kill,
The retreating winter shedding its last chill.
The chirps of the departing migratory,
With massacred green in a concrete urban factory,
Welcomes the spring breeze, and the cuckoo melody tune,
That too so rare,
For a short term vacation, in a vanity fair. 
Some emotional fools and roaming vagabond,
Can feel the spring air and reminiscences their  fond,
And cry for the past and the long lost love bonds.
Beside them no one dares to mingle,
Their soul with the colour of butterfly  twinkle.
No one cares to see the young green boughs,
Dancing in a frolic of crispy air that jingle.
All is there, in the air, except love my dear,
‘Cause love is now confined,
In another little world so secure.
Where there’s no hasty rushing,
No meaningless blushing,
No hassled waiting, no worrying restriction.
Love is just a ready-made parcel, 
At a press of a small button.
Love messages, e mails , tweets, face books ,web cyberspace and profile update,
Takes all the bothering responsibility, does all the necessary tete-a-tete.
No need for time taking arguments,
No need for extra commitments. 
Sometimes, meetings could be arranged, but
Oh! Never in public park or in a hopeless garden.
It could be in a shopping mall or a cool coffee  den.
The gorgeous and the grotty,
All gather at a V-day party.
Those who are privileged,
Share their love with diamonds and wine.
But for others, not a single grape,
Is sour in a vine.
Everything is taken for granted,
Just simple and fine.
‘Cause love can also be shared,
Simply free of cost on line.

Copyright © sangeeta saha | Year Posted 2013

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We shouldn't keep all our words

We shouldn't keep all our words
When world is breathing with the spring,
I let speech with kindest thoughts
disturbing sleep of lyric string.
Yes, I will let myself some phrase 
I'll let myself to say hello
to draw the profile or the face
of jolly March and I let go
the run of melting dying snows,
Let they will bring to you again
remains of damned and fallen verse,
Congratulation! Oh, my rain,
Perhaps, the March is cruel for you,
Perhaps, it is unseen and quiet,
Perhaps, you wait my words anew
So serious so mine, I might
Don't keep this so important words
When world is breathing with the spring
I cannot hide my kindest thoughts
And I disturb this lyric string.

Copyright © Serge Lyrewing | Year Posted 2016

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Love untitled

she's gone 
Without a good bye 
and these tears I cry 
I don't know why 
Finding it hard 
to carry on 
I still don't know 
where we went wrong 
How can this be 
when you're everything 
my eyes still see 
'My Love' 
I thought I just heard her say 
Guess, I was remembering yesterday 
Yes, I was dreaming of better days 
Only God knows the rhyme and reason 
we were sown together 
for a season 
Winter Spring Summer Fall 
I'll always remember 
the one I love 
best of all 
'My Love' 
Kills me everyday 
hearing those words 
that I long to say 
I wonder if they're 
really being true 
Like I was when 
I said them to you 
Now I know what 
good bye can do 
Now I know I'll be 
missing you 
'My Love' 
I thought I just heard her say 
Sometimes we'll loose even if 
the choice is not ours to choose 
Only God knows the rhyme and reason 
we were sown together 
for a season 
Winter Spring Summer Fall 
I'll always remember 
the one I love 
best of all 
'My Love'

Copyright © Edwin Baldwin | Year Posted 2012

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Dance with me and sing the song of Spring

*** In the style of the oldies :)

Dance with me among the stars tonight
And hold me tight.
When we touch and when I kiss your lips
It feels so right.
Every word you say to me is like a song of spring,
And with you I will forever sing.

Even when the winter’s cold embrace
Touches your face,
I will make you warm inside and 
I’ll be by your side
No one in this crazy world is more in love than I,
You’re the star I’ve searched for in the sky.

So, dance with me under the stars tonight,
Dance with me lets make this moment right,
Sing to me your lovely song of spring
And with you I will forever sing,
And with you I will forever sing.

Thought I can’t foretell of things to be
But you’re with me.
And this moment’s where I want to be 
And tenderly
I hold every kiss and every touch and sound,
Thank you love - for it is love I found.

So, dance with me under the stars tonight,
Dance with me and make this moment right,
Sing to me your lovely song of spring
And with you I will forever sing,
And for you I will forever sing.



© Copyright

Copyright © Helen Bingham | Year Posted 2012

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The warm spring rain is a steady downpour 
 on this foggy eight- wheeler
parked by a dark highway seen from nowhere, 
as I hold and softly caress
your glowing photograph in my hands;
this wish seems impossible,
and imagining you next to me...
brings me closer to reality!

I trust, you'll remain faithful to me...
and mark down another empty day,
making you restless and insecure;
all in all, I am the same man you adored!

My feet trudge into the deep sand...    
making me wish that there was more
to life than this useless sorrow;
I have loved you and been proud of it,
and I hope to make you the happiest...
when all this comes to an end! 

I trust, you'll remain faithful to me...
as I am faithful to you to this day;
to give up everything we gave and felt...
would be none other than foolishness!

The spring rain has stopped coming down,
a patch of blue is seen though the bright clouds;
at least, my hope isn't completly gone...
that's  a good sign for a guy who only wished once!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2007

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Ink From Springtime Fountain

Blushing poppies, red and pink flowers Grow wild and free when God is sower A host of dancing heads to the faithful beholder To a plain mind, just a passing Spring tide reminder. I see the joy from the cheeks that get warmer As dawn peeps, and the sun freezes longer Springtide, and the time is mildly softer Sweeter short whiles; happiness is long, never ! A twitter, a murmur and a breeze in the mountain A pen, a poem, and a feeling, spilling like a fountain

Copyright © Lonely Shepherd | Year Posted 2016

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The promise of Spring

Summer ended too soon
Autumn leaves falls under the moon
Snowflakes chills the winter air
As spring  flourishes with care

Raindrops will slowly pour and give the seeds
A new hope after the cold and lonely season
The sun will shine as if it has never been deprived
Of rising during the cold and lonely season

The bitterness of seeing the leaves
Cut-off from its mother branches
The sorrowful  sight of trees
Uprooted from Mother Earth

Even if the flowers are already withered
For now it’s leaves are sleeping
A new branch  will soon come out
And the tree will be soon alive again

Snow will soon vanish from your way
The leaves of hope won’t fall soon
Neither shall the trees be uprooted
That’s the promise of spring God will keep forever.

Copyright © Desiree Gapuz | Year Posted 2005

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On this day of spring Original By Rabindranath Tagore

So many flowers bloom 
On this day of Spring
So many flutes are played
So many birds sing
On this day of Spring
On this day of Spring

My friend’s heart is as soft
As a little flower
Whose negligence makes it 
So terribly suffer
Why do you come to her
And try to make her laugh
The one who used to come
Now doesn’t care enough

So many flowers bloom 
On this day of Spring
So many flutes are played
So many birds sing
On this day of Spring
On this day of Spring

God please keep the happy
People always happy
And let the Spring season 
Of joy pass by smoothly
God don’t let the happy 
People see her in tears
Since they overlook her
And want to live in cheers

So many flowers bloom 
On this day of Spring
So many flutes are played
So many birds sing
On this day of Spring
On this day of Spring

Copyright © Asif Andalib | Year Posted 2012

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Love's Song

As a cool breeze flowing on a warm spring day 
She sings Love’s Song to my soul
As a humming bird flutters about the spring blossoms
She enhances the grace of Love’s Song
She imitates the slow rising of the sun
By enlightening Love’s Song
Under the protection of the tree
She relaxes the tone of Love’s Song
While glancing at the sky’s pillows
She sweetly hums Love’s Song
As her arms enfold yours
She embraces you with Love’s Song
As you hear her whisper your name
She brings much justice to Love’s Song
As she whistles softly in your ear
She glorifies Love’s Song
As she smiles at you beautifully
She brightens Love’s Song
As the warm spring day transforms to a cool spring night
She sways to the melody of Love’s Song
As you glare at the starry skies
As if it were a lullaby, she sings Love’s Song
As you gently lay, alone under the stars
Her beauty reminds you of the melodic tune of Love’s Song
So as I long to win your heart, I look you in your eyes
And serenade you and your soul with Love’s Song

Copyright © Rolando Double A Harris | Year Posted 2006

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wet spring morn

Windswept rain slaps the bottoms of leaves
as shiveringly they shed it
Grassroots shake and slake their thirst
and wave their blades together
Tightly closed tree buds stand tall
reaching upward fretly
Shaking yes but through it all
They hold together wetly
Branches wave their banners green
so many hues and shades and tints
Spring is here and she is seen
Dancing twixt the raindrops
Wild gypsy Wind she sings and swings
Her sylvan winged tambourines 
In rhythmic wetness witness
Of the joy she brings and flings

Copyright © Donald Meikle | Year Posted 2005

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Spring Interlude

A breath 
Of fresh air
It’s there
Can you feel it? 
Amongst the atmosphere 
A breath 
Of fresh air
I will still provide 
The sadness in tunes 
The gloominess 
Of days to come
But as of now
I’ll give you 
A breath 
Of fresh air
Amongst the atmosphere
Can you feel it? 
It’s there

Copyright © Jerry Golden | Year Posted 2008

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«May Has Passed By»

Why is Spring not with me?

Why is this green May without me?

I dreamed about them in the winter,

I waited for them with fidelity.

I  sobbed in the night

Under glances of January stars.

I dreamed and believed:

May and Spring will help me!

I dreamed and believed:

I shall arrive with them 

into joyful edge of the green grasses

and the sea of flowers.

Green May will sing songs for me,

and Spring will give me her secret words.

And I shall be happy.

And I will live further 

without sorrow and illnesses.    

But why have they both passed near,  

yet I have not learned from them?

Copyright © Dina Televitskaya | Year Posted 2007