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Thanksgiving from Three Perspectives

A Child's Thanksgiving Prayer 

Lord, I thank thee as I sit to eat,
For mashed potatoes that I helped to make.
And thanks, dear Lord, we're having something sweet.
Besides the beets and peas, there's pies and cake!

I thank thee for the sweet potatoes too
‘Cause Mom put tiny marshmallows on top.
They melted into white and taste goo;
Bless Mom, this  time her cooking didn't flop!

And thanks, dear Lord, my cousins came today.
I only get to see them once a year.
It snowed, and so we're going out to play.
Only my aunt Ruthie isn't here.

I'm glad she caught a cold. Forgive me, Lord.
It's just she talks so much we kids get bored.

A Dad's Thanksgiving Prayer 

Thanks, Lord, for this day of our Thanksgiving.
I've got a nice long weekend thanks to thee,
Starting with what I call really living-
Football on TV for me to see.

I'm thankful for this turkey on the table,
And for my wife, who bought it at the store
Even though she had to read the label
On how to cook the thing and even more . . .

Because this was her first time hosting dinner,
There was a lot my poor wife had to learn.
But the pumpkin pie turned out to be a winner,
And the gravy(which I love), she didn't burn!

And praise to thee, my kid is not as bad
As those that my wife's sister Annie had.

A Mom's Thanksgiving Prayer 

I thank thee, Lord, for this Thanksgiving Day,
For helping hands to clear away this mess;
For snow to tempt the kids outside to play;
For all my family and the meal's success.

I haven't seen my sisters in a while.
Though Ruthie's gone, I'm glad we all can chat.
The men are in the den.  Each wears a smile.
They're chugging Buds and happy getting fat.

I'm thankful too that Mom and Dad are here.
They're taking all the kids to see a show
Tomorrow while the men are drinking beer.
I hope nobody gets into a row!

Bless Mom and Dad.  The kids will have them hopping
(Especially Annie's kids) while we're out shopping!

For PD's "Gobble, Gobble, Gobble.. any food, thanksgiving
 or turkey poem CONTEST.. Poetry Contest"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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To Mom

My dearest mom, forty and five years gone,
although to me, it seems like yesterday.
You were too young to leave this earth at dawn
that sad, regretful fall September day.

I miss your smile and gentle way you cared
for me and precious grandkids, now all grown;
and how you would have taught and sweetly shared
your love and talents that so brightly shone.

I feel your presence more than I can say
and know somehow your spirit lives in me.
If only life had granted us our way...
one hundred years, since winter past, you'd be.

Dear mom, please know that not a day goes by,
I wish we'd had more time before goodbye.

Sandra M. Haight

~2nd Place~
Contest: Sonnet #3
Sponsor: Eve Roper
Judged: 09/10/2016

~2nd Place~
Premiere Contest: To Mom
Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Judged: June 4, 2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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My Mom

My mother was your average country mom
She wasn't gorgeous. Some might call her "plain"
But had the patience to diffuse a bomb
Her eyes grew narrow, when I caused her pain

She never raised her voice nor slapped my face
Still taught me right from wrong and not to lie
Made sure I bowed my head when dad said grace
Encouraged me to find new things to try

And even though she worked, twas not for greed
She took great pleasure from the "simple things"
She told me, "Faith in God," was all one needs
That real love doesn't come with any strings

My mother was as gentle as a dove
My prayer this Mother's Day, she knows she's loved

    by Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2017

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Letter To Mom

Dear Mother,
Conceived in love, your passion gave me life
The very blood this heart pumps through these veins
A dream fulfilled as mother and as wife
I wonder now, if I was worth your pain

I did not walk the path you set me on
The gifts you gave to me are still like new
My body, I abused, A wasted pawn
I sang my song, performed my own soft shoe

But each thing I have done, I gave my all
Regardless of the deed, I did my best
I never asked you once to break my fall
Nor steal the grass or twigs that line your nest

At times in life, I know I've made you cry
Your passion, is my only alibi

                by Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2017

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Mother's Love

Mother’s Love (Sonnet)

Love begins at the time of conception
When a mother’s dear child grows in her womb.
Her life is changed to thoughts of protection.
Excitement and wonder of gender bloom.

This new little life will bring heightened joy.
A new baby is what dreams are made of.
It matters not if it’s a girl or boy,
Birth will bring happiness and so much love.

Teaching a sweet child as he or she grows
Is a most important tool used each day.
To teach how compassion and kindness flows,
As they emulate and do things our way.

A mother’s love, with every endeavor,
Is a gift to her children forever.

© 2014 Connie Marcum Wong

Happy Mother’s Day to every Mother and Step-Mother and Grand Mother and 
G. Grand Mother. Happy Belated Mother's Day to those of you in countries 
where you have already celebrated Mother's Day.

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2014

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Happy Birthday Jenny (Kyrielle Sonnet)

Happy birthday to you Jenny
Hope your big day brings you plenty
Keep a bright smile all the way
Your mom sings your praises today

Soon you will be driving to school
Don’t forget to follow the rules
Enjoy your day with a buffet
Your mom sings your praises today

Happy birthday to you Jenny
Don’t forget to save your pennies
Wish on a star on your great day
Your mom sings your praises today

Happy birthday to you Jenny
Your mom sings your praises today

© Joseph, 8/20/2007
© All Rights Reserved

This is for the the daughter of our own poetess, Kathy.

The Kyrielle Sonnet is a French form from the Middle Ages. It has 14 lines (three 
rhyming quatrains and a non-rhyming couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase 
as a refrain in the last line of each stanza.  Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet 
has eight syllables.  There are times when a French poem links back to the 
poem’s beginning; therefore, a common practice is to combine the first line of 
the first quatrain and the refrain in each quatrain as the ending couplet for the 

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr | Year Posted 2007

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A Sonnet to Mom

Mom, I only talk with you by cell phone.
Our voices through the miles of air waves go.
You moved to an apartment. On your own,
you manage, though less spry than years ago.

I think about the times you read to me,
instilling love for fiction in my heart.
We didn't have a car, so through our city
we'd walk to places like the super mart.

Today I exercise, and that's for YOU!
You cooked and cleaned for us. Without a doubt,
you cheered us on in all we tried to do.
And how we loved your tales we laughed about!

Your heart, like Time, ticks on, yet Time can't steal
our memories - before life got so real!

This poem written for the “Who Do You Think I Am” Contest of Richard Lamoureux
after I read his  thoughtful poem “Before and Beyond the Bed,” which he also dedicated to a mutual friend, Armand. The lines from his poem that resonated with me were these:

"What I miss most 
Yes most of all is laughter
Playful exchanges -
Those times no one else existed
the moments when we were the best of us
before life became real"

Check out Richard's entire poem here:

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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A mother carried you in her womb,
Her happiness moment is when you were born and she met you.
A mother is tender and nurtures you.
She does everything to take care of you.
A mother is your protector who keeps you out of harms way.
She worries about you night and day.
A mother is your supporter and inspiration.
She guides you in the right direction.
A mother is your comfort when you need an ear,
She is the only one who is true and dear.
A mother sets an example,
There is nothing too great for her to handle.
A mother's love is unconditional,
All the decisions she makes are rational.
A mother is valuable and strong,
Not afraid to tell you what's right when you're wrong.
A mother does everything to give you what you need,
She's there cheering you on to succeed.
A mother will always be your mother,
She is irreplaceable because you will never get another.
A mother goes over and beyond,
Nothing can come in between a mother and her child's bond.
A mother is truly a gift that needs to be appreciated,
She is the reason why you were created.
A mother would die for you,
She lives her life for you.
A mother sacrifices her wants for yours,
She is your own personal super hero and more.

       May 10, 2014
~The One and Only~

Copyright © Pamela Bland | Year Posted 2014

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Morning Has Broken - Sonnet for my Mom

Early this morning, the song of blackbirds
quell the swell of silence enfolded by night.
Dim light on a distant ridge: the sun returns,
freed from Atlantis, drenched in the cloak of life.
Soft dew-drop showers dapple the dusty 
garden with pops of pastels like lavender,
lilac, tea rose and pink, from clouds that carry
cleansing tears of a newborn’s young mother, 
the potter protective her infant clay.
She picks up her child, a fragile bowl, chipped,
frail from thirty years spent running away,
now run aground as a twice sunken ship.
Her hands keep a promise, one quietly spoken,
made long ago when the morning had broken. 


- For my mother who sang me Cat Stevens'
   Morning has Broken the day 
   I was born.

Copyright © Phillip Garcia | Year Posted 2017

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Sisterly Examples

When I was young, I had a great disdain
for Campell's nasty soup named Alphabet.
One Saturday it was our mother's threat
we had to eat it up or home remain
and miss the matinee. How inhumane!
Mom left the room; I never will forget
the thing which I'd repeat without regret -
I took that slop and tossed it down the drain!

When Mom returned, I'd "downed" all of my soup.
Again she left; Mel went to dump HER meal
and at the sink got caught. Poor nincompoop!
She missed "Red Riding Hood" while I, the heel,
went out. Our mom was left "out of the loop."
My little sister did not even squeal!

(Some slang words here for my non-native friends:
a "nincompoop" is a foolish person,
"out of the loop" means to never be aware of something
and the last verb "squeal" means to "tell on someone"
I always tried to get away with murder when I was young
and I can't believe my sister missed the movie by not telling
on me! On the other hand, I really enjoyed "Red Riding Hood" heehee)

For Frank H's 
A Childhood MEMORY Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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You left us on the Fourth of July
Now my heart is filled with unexpected pain
I remember when you would say to look at the sky
To find the moon, now that is on memory lane.

You would sing us the sweetest lullaby
Even though you were far away
And simple phone call to pacify
The miles traveled in a day

But ever since the day you've been gone,
I've succeeded in many things you'd be proud of
It has been so hard for us to move on
I just keep thinking of you up above

No matter the miles that keep is apart
You will forever and always be in my heart.

Copyright © Gabrielle Caudill | Year Posted 2015

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Can I tell you, Mom, that I love you?
You smile so bright it lights up a room,
I can’t help appreciate all that you do,
Like you make luscious flowers bloom.
Rough winds do try to shake your beauty,
You stand tight and hold steady.
Raising me was your solemn duty,
When being there for me, you were always ready. 
But though your age, your job shall not end,
For your job as a mother will be vigorous,
 You will always have a helping hand to lend,
And that is why you’re marvelous!
When your brown hair gets all white and gray,
I’ll be there to help you like you do today.

Copyright © Emma H | Year Posted 2013

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Forever Fragile Flower

Lay softly still my forever fragile flower
For the wind will swiftly surely come
And sway you back and forth on the hour
Before the coming calming summer sun

Your bashful beauty beguilingly beckons
Within the subtle skies of bathing blue
For one day you’ll be gone in seconds
And that is the day I shall miss you

Your petals perched like a quixotic queen
Your saintly strength shining through
Your pain pours down the evergreen
Your sacred selfless smile bids adieu

Gently blooming in heavens diamond dome
Where birds and butterflies romantically roam.

My Hero - Contest
Sponsored by: Shadow Hamilton 

Dedicated to my mom Emma...who is suffering from multiple myeloma...although she is very fragile...she still shows inner strength and beauty...

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2017

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A Death in the Family

We buried her in a hole in the ground.
It was her final, resting place—poor Mom!
Shaken, I wept but my siblings were calm.
Only I appeared distraught and unsound,
overwhelmed at the sudden loss I found
too great to bear. It was like a huge bomb
had exploded in our lives—like napalm!
There I sat. My grieving tears were profound.
It had been an upsetting funeral.
We buried her on a cold, wintry morn—
all there knew their places on arrival.
Among them I wept, so tearful and torn
during the service and the burial.
In the end, I felt so dead and stillborn.

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2014

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A sonnet to a faded little rose,
Could never hope to tell you how I feel.
The things you gave up just for me do show,
That parental love is your only seal.
Since birth you've been near just to protect me,
And help me up each time that I would fall,
And guide me with a hand on which I'd lean,
Depending as I start down lifes vast hall.
When I have gone from your home to my own,
To rear my family as you did rear me. 
I only hope that God will help me know,
The joy and sorrows, that I once caused thee.

My love for you is as endless as time itself,
And deeper than the oceans deepest cove.

                           Cile Beer

written l955

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2005

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Mom and Dad

Mom and dad you are the best
you are the key for any lock
i can bet and cop any test
i was wet or sad and broke
you got me rid of yet modest
eye see me far ear my knock
toy pen tie bat and all rest
my kid-ask was not ad-hoc
you buy me all may not afford
you are my god you are my lord
for any foe big dam and sword 
i beg to god not big mart
it is an apt and bit smart
i opt to hid you in my heart

Date 04/13/2016
Entered Contest : A poem you are proud of
Sponsored by: SKAT A

Copyright © Deepak A. | Year Posted 2016

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New Mom

Inside my stomach I feel the flutters, I don't know what to think 

so I watch other mothers. 

Our future uncertain - yet an exciting mystery. 

I can not wait to meet you, I wonder if you will look like me!

A child's love I have been told is the purest kind of love, like gold.

Is it true? I hope I feel such love from you.

Of course I'm nervous and scared, but if you think I'm bad,

well you should see your dad!

He loves you already, that is what he often tells me.

In nine months time the mystery will be solved,

October will be a time for smiles with all involved. 

(any advice would be helpful)

Copyright © Kristen Thomas | Year Posted 2013

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Home to the Ocean


While dreaming of my childhood ocean ties, 
mem'ry's chandelier sheds light, somewhat eclipsed.
The essence of the salt still stings my eyes; 
the rusty taste of iron hangs on my lips.
The ocean’s fragrant spray not quite so fair
as I recall; it makes me think of death.
Many a moon has set since I was there;
destiny speaks to me - my own last breath.
The ocean’s soft waves bring dulcet mem’ries, 
gran-mama’s silk scarf brushing ‘gainst my face.
Turbulent storms always left me on my knees
under safe precipice back of our place.

It is there my dreams rest as I stand by; 
it’s there I shall be buried when I die. 

written January 29, 2013

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2013

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An omnipotent'd been ideated by militant clan,
Aeons tell how it put them through a social pace.
To set up abode or to relate races with astute plan,
God had its genesis;women-men needed it to seek solace.

As fact a woman conceives, is manifest
Man couldn't conceive of anything but God for law and lex.
Dyed-in-the-wool,they kept bending head for mending mind lest
They vex orders of war, worship and women for sex.

But missile killed gravid woman with faded hue,
Her baby survived in placenta of its mom of Gaza:
A whole race, policies, religion; yet nothing to rue,
As if all were busy computing to bring future bonanza.

No more sacred are our Temple and Church or Mosque and tomb.
Truth says:fetus Jesus'd been bestowed on Mary's womb!

Copyright © PRITHWISH MUKHERJEE | Year Posted 2014

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Father's Blood and Mother's Love

Father's Blood
Mother's Love
Written By: D. Collins 10/24/13
My father's blood gave me my darkened skin.
But, mother's love was that which made me who I am.
Whatever I strive to achieve can actually be mine.
I'll have to work at it harder because of father's bloodline.
But, that ain't about nothing! My mother's love is in me.
Combined with father's blood created the man you see.
I will not be hindered. See the look on my face.
And, nothing is allowed to knock me off my pace.
I have ambitions and the grit to boot.
A mix of mom and dad and fortitude.
The way I see it,they go hand-in-hand.
Blood and love creates distinguished black men.

Copyright © Darrell Collins | Year Posted 2014

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Love you,mom

I simply know how my cords will quiver
Eyes fill to the brim with warm gratitude
Voice swell slightly heavy with unshed tears
Its simply futile to say ‘I love you’

You would surely smell the tiniest speck
Detect, hear the slightest little waver
Feel the tightness in the back of my neck
The soft subtle twinge in my demeanor

I worry you would commence your crusade
Negotiate, barter with the maker
Praying and fasting long, I am afraid
to return back the smile of your daughter.

But— write her a sonnet, my heart whispers
And meekly comply my servile fingers.

Written 05/17/2016
Contest "Pen a sonnet on it" judged on 05/30/2016

Copyright © Sara Chansarkar | Year Posted 2016

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Calgon and Mom

Calgon couldn’t take me away from this
not only was Calgon on our TV
it’s what mother always told me and sis
she wasn’t happy until she was free

if Calgon wasn’t in the tub at all
me and my sister would know Ajax was
she’d be using Ajax having a ball
on the weekends she came home with a buzz

that was back in her polka dancing days
her days of soaking in Calgon gone too
I know she misses the tub on weekdays
sadly mom thinks I belong in a zoo

I don’t see my mom much now by my choice
my mother has always ignored my voice

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2013

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my angels

My weary brain keeps me awake
A constant fiendish fear grabs my face,
Is she thirsty or is the fan too high for him,
I wish I‘d rather die in every ache,
Which intends to inflict you my angels!
Take me and tear me apart,
And bring every grief on to me,
But don’t unfortunate them…
A greed has taken me and
All I wish is to farewell the passions,
Because I want to give you the world,
By little I have, by work,
I have my heaven living in the next room,
Lord keep them always in bloom.

(*i call my momdad my angels)

Copyright © HINA NASIR | Year Posted 2015

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My Mothers Face

her love is more than a small child’s first word 
my mother’s heart and love, one in a chord 
she lived all my childhood dreams in adore 
with wisdom and love allowed them to soar

when breakers of her life beat at the door 
she made beaches of pain instead of war 
her life taught her to value and treasure  
people’s friendship, respect, this her measure  

her face reflects her life in soft wrinkles 
a path by His hand with life love sprinkles 
her wrinkles life events now in the past 
she’s thankful and now wrapped in peace at last

her husband in heaven, and we are sad 
she shares the face of love, waiting for dad

Below the original I wrote for my mother

God se Gesig  

liefde is meer as n klein kinder woord
liefde en my ma se hart in akoord
sy het my kinder droome elk deurleef
en met wysheid en liefde hul laat sweef

toe die lewens branders slaan teen haar deur
maak sy strande plaas van rotse van seer
die lewe haar geleer om te begeer
verhoudings met mense, diep vas in eer

haar gesig spieel haar lewe in ploeie 
pad gestap aan Sy hand in die mooie
ploei gebeure los sy in verlede 
dankbaar vir als toegedraai in vrede 

haar hart in die hemel maar, gelukkig, 
deel sy nog God se gesig, geduldig 

Copyright © Just James | Year Posted 2017

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Serenity Sonnet

Serenity Prayer my flashlight through life
life at times can be very confusing
and troubles can cut you just like a knife
true serenity can end suffering

staying straight on the right course is too hard
too many variables are in the way
sometimes it’s hard for me to leave the yard
unfortunately I can’t run away.

I’m a prisoner because of my word
maybe I’m making mountains from mole hills
doesn’t like the use of my vocal chord
control freaks don’t really bring me much thrills

ever since mom all the women the same
is this life of mine just one awful game?

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2013

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Wild Persimmon Preserves

Out hunting in the woods, late in the fall
I came upon a wild persimmon tree
Strewn all around were reddish-yellow balls
A treasure it had dropped, now mine for free

With empty game bag down upon one knee
Inspecting them to make sure they were ripe
I picked them up and squeezed them carefully
Then on my sleeve, I'd give a gentle swipe

And if there's juice enough to leave a stripe
Then in the bag, how mom would be surprised
At least when I got home there'd be no gripe
Because no squirrels met with their demise

Persimmons make the sweetest of preserves
Especially the ones my mama serves

  July 14 2017  
 Spenserian Sonnet
squirrels- 2 syllables

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2017

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Taking a Disappointment in Your Life Turning it into Something Positive

Confused and hurt by a woman of strength, 
               she placed shame and blame onto my poor soul-
Would’ve died for her, gone to any length,
    gave her compassion and love, made her whole.

                 Mentally sick, she left during my youth,
innocent girl longing for her dear mum-
         As I grew older I needed the truth,
so many questions; where did I come from?

A woman I became and realized,
                  it was not her fault, it was a disease-
All those sad tears that came from my blue eyes,
    began to dry and my sorrow did cease.

                                     Optimistic I became, I was strong- 
                                     I had made a right... that came from a wrong. 

Taking a Disappointment in Your Life 
Turning it into Something Positive 

October 5, 2017

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2017

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Writing With Weeping Words

These words of sadness sleep inside my heart
     and they lie dormant for a while until
          my mind awakens them with thoughts of you;
the years we've missed together, dearest mom.

So young you were that day you left, and I
     had not a chance to give you my last kiss
          and thank you for our years together spent:
your loving ways that you passed on to me.

I write this poem too, with thankful thoughts.
     The years went by, but you still live in me.
          These words of sadness sleep inside my heart,
but all you taught remains my guiding light.

I write to you my thoughts with weeping words
          then tuck them in my heart to sleep again.

October 6, 2017

Contest: It's The End Of The Form Series
Sponsor: Broken Wings
Theme: Writing With Weeping Words ~ Unrhymed Sonnet

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2017