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Sonnet Christian Poems | Sonnet Poems About Christian

These Sonnet Christian poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Christian. These are the best examples of Sonnet Christian poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Cross of Destiny

Three crosses stood still that faithful day
As the skies sadly wept a guilted grey
On the highest hill they would be seen
By Roman ruled eyes that did demean

The middle cross covered in rustic red
Where the calamitous Christ’s blood sacrificed shed
The lachrymal lamb dies for our shameless sins
As the whispering winds wind and the sky dims

The christened cross made thus Divine
For the Christ awaits Ascension to His Holy shrine
The weathered wood of dogmatic Destiny
Dexterously dismantled while bereaving blessedly

The Christ carefully put in a timeless tomb
With His Loving Light creates a new womb.

A Happy Easter 
From (:^WW^:)

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2016

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Praise God With Me

We praise You for the mysterious sea
We fear Your glorious Name above all Names
More than the sharpness of shark fangs
We will forever sing of Your glory.
Oh, Architect of all Earth’s beauty,
King above all kings that reign, 
Deliverer from our every chain,
You are so ever praiseworthy!

Your Son died and rose again,
He holds the keys to Your kingdom,
His blood washes clean our every sin.
Behold the Spirit He said You would send, 
No one surpasses Him in wisdom,
He is our ever-present friend.

Copyright © Kim Bond | Year Posted 2014

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Christmas Music

Compassion’s finger strums another note,
He listens as the angels start to sing,
Recalling lines from what apostles wrote,
Indwells the spirit held by Heaven’s king.
Succinctly spoken leaving soul in tune,
The gifts we need are never under trees,
Mosaic mustard seeds lit by the moon,
Aspires our gaze and prayers on bending knees.
Submits himself to love and sounds of grace,

Mistrust no longer drowns and mutes his heart,
United song with Christ, him to erase
So many sins in mercy to impart.
In essence, life and hope beyond today.
Contrasts the world, as it dissolves away. 

Written:  12.16.15

Recently entered
Contest: Your absolute best
Sponser: The Seeker

Previously entered
Contest:  A Christmas Sonnet Acrostic
Sponser: Andrea Dietrich

Copyright © rob carmack | Year Posted 2015

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The Supper

The future, like the wind, I cannot see
yet God has said my days He has ordained
my final breath remains a mystery
through veil of death, a life anew proclaimed.

Caught up into the heavens, I will go
before the throne of God, there I will stand
saved by the blood of Jesus, this I know
I'll join the marriage Supper of the Lamb.

A kingly table, beauty to behold
and people gathered, every tribe and tongue
in perfect fellowship, within His fold
with Jesus, the Good Shepherd, in His love.

For at that Supper we'll forget our strife
we'll feast and celebrate eternal life.

Written on 9/14/2016
For Sonnet 4 Poetry Contest

Copyright © Laura Leiser | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |


The WORD was there before the dawn of time
His Voice, unheard by any living soul
Most Holy God proclaimed His grand design
with sounds so pure it made the angels glow.

Creator God, who knew the heart of man
desired faithfulness, a choice to make
the enemy was near to thwart God's plan
yet sacrifice would cover for Loves' sake.

One holy night the Promised One appeared
God's only Son, the WORD, came in the flesh
to preach the gospel truth for all to hear
He came to save mankind from sin and death.

Then He arose, triumphant from the grave
and from above He'll come again someday.

Written on 5/12/2016

Copyright © Laura Leiser | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

RED Redemption

The Rose of Sharon bled holy RED
with a crown of thorns upon His head
His blood flowed through time and space
pleasing the Father, covering our disgrace.

How great Thou art, oh spotless Lamb
to suffer for the souls of man
innocent, beaten, torn and scarred
healed by Your stripes from eternal harm.

Believe in the power of the blood
shed freely upon that cross above
for by it we're forgiven if we truly believe
new life to be given if we truly receive.

The Rose of Sharon bled holy RED
with a crown of thorns upon His head.

Written on 5/29/2017
For RED contest
Sponsor: Mystic Rose

Copyright © Laura Leiser | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |

My Spiritual Strength

When I embraced my Christianity
It brought me closer to serenity
God has been the best friend I ever have 
And I can depend on Him and His love

I found in this life a much clearer light
For God made my existence all things bright
He gave me the love of a family
That I will treasure for eternity

As I walk over joyous and sore times
I can feel His divine presence at times
Lifting me up and guiding me at length
Giving me hope and spiritual strength 

I hope that I will know more of Him still
And to live life according to His will

21 July 2017

Copyright © Elaine Gonzales | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |

In His Grasp

  A child, a babe, taken from earth's plane
  The songbirds envious of her angels
  For the angels have taken her from them
  Her body is reposed, but her soul soars 

  The pain is gone and so are the babe's tears
  Replaced by none, but God's newly gained one
  With Abba, Father, she does not sleep here
  She's with Him being guided by the thrones

  The sun, the sun shining through the stained glass
  Reflects colors too numerous to count
  The quiet, hushed weeping blends with the song
  The song of the Lord receiving her in

  A brilliance so bright that the mourners gasped
  The child, a babe, now in our Lord's grasp.

Copyright © Regina Elliott | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |


The Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation perfects baptismal grace

The Sacrament gives the Holy Spirit to root us more deeply in divine filiation

Incorporate us more firmly to Fr. Christ

Strengthen our bond with the Church

Associate us more closely with her mission

Help us bear witness to Christian faith in words accompanied by deeds

Like Baptism imprints a spiritual mark or indeliable character of the Christian soul

For this reason one can receive this sacrament only once in one’s life

A candidate for Confirmation has attained the age of reason must profess faith

Be in the state of grace

Have the intention of receiving the Sacrament

Be prepared to assume the role of disciple

Witness to Fr. Christ, both within the Ecclesial bond

Annointing of the forehead of the baptized with sacred chrism

Written 09172012

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2012

Details | Italian Sonnet |

Farmer's Seed

You are the salt of the earth;
Farmer, we say that to you;
You are hardworking and true;
We recognize your worth.
To the crop you give birth,
The soil, you subdue,
Cornstalks break through,
to avert famine and dearth.

But where is your son?
He’s not learning how.
He won’t be outdone—
living the life of high brow,
He forfeits work in the sun,
renounces his seed and the plow.

Copyright © Kim Bond | Year Posted 2014

Details | Italian Sonnet |

Divine Intervention

They said he would grow out of it,
All night I’d listen to his cough,
His nose dripped and wouldn’t turn off,
When it got bad, he would vomit.
The doctors wouldn’t promise
Their treatments would pay off,
After years, they acted a little lost
When he showed almost no progress.

I kept praying for his healing,
Suddenly, good news without question, 
Test results showed normal breathing,
The doc said, “Stop the medicine!”
I’m still reeling from the feeling,
That, my friends, is divine intervention.

*This poem is based on true events.

Copyright © Kim Bond | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Our omnipotent Savior, Jesus Christ
Is worthy of all the honor and praise
Through His redeeming death he paid the price
So all of humanity could be saved

Soldiers pierced the Messiah’s feet and hands
Then with spear they pierced the Messiah’s side
The ruthless soldiers did not understand
The things our Savior had prophesied

The Messiah who came from Mary’s womb
Triumphed over death and over the grave
Though His body was sealed inside a tomb
He arose, as foretold, on the third day

The Disciples of Christ were quite surprised
To discover the boulder pushed aside
Jubilant were they when they realized
The Blessed Savior was yet alive!

Copyright © Valerie Staton | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |


EVERYDAY IS GOD'S DAY Threats of war-- shakes the peace floating in the breeze, Bombs and guns, they rattle to break bony reasons of the mind, Thorns and knocks that seed from biting disease, Shouts and wails rising 'neath conscience and ego grind, all these like wagon wheels-- the whole world theater confines When will humans know there's always a God standing by? Dawn and dusk---brace night and day, His own design so are animals that swim, hop and eagles soaring high! All He provided and us, He asked to keenly give an eye but pass flipping years did we try to allot some time? Utter some thanksgiving shedding clouds of shy? Daily we walk a lifeline to reach one peak prime, offering our lives humbly as like saint Paul though pang of death is the stage of our befall... Everyday is a day the Lord has made, blessings He bestow a hug of sunlight, tests, He spearheads--the best teacher blade. . . Even if seven devils come in flight to invite stand like Jesus in the wilderness, hold tight! Fight! None like vapor but forward like Lancelot we go, serving God, throughout our life, the zenith height. Let praises grow and God's glory our constant show! Hatred we forego, letting love melt a heart of snow so when the day comes our Holy Father judge let our lives greet Him with bright smile of hello "Well, done faithful servant", He will say as He touch beckoning us inside a prepared Castle room Sharing with Him a life everlasting of bloom! _________________________________________ Sponsor Verlena S. Walker Contest Name -THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD GAVE- Placed 1st ©O. E. Guillermo 09:19 pm, January 25, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

Harvest Time

There are no roots to see, not with our eyes,
that stretch from earth, umbilically below;
not even to the sun, to realize,
but there must be a  chord we do not know;

Are we not on a fruit, still ripening?
Perhaps we are the nectar from the tree,
Awaiting harvest time's great siphoning
When all are ripened; it's our time to be.

And we will be plucked from the path we're on
Around the sun, into a vat and pressed;
The vintage of Apopolictic Dawn,
Revealing vast unknowns, we've never guessed.

Then all our stuff of non-sense; all we thought,
Ferments into the past, already bought.

© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown  Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2016

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Visit to Auschwitz

    Visit To Auschwitz
I wish to hear the names long laid to rest
forgotten in their time, an empty prayer,
who wanted nothing more, through life's long quest
than just to know some good's alive somewhere;

their black and white of days, we'll never know,
wreak havok to the minds who hold back tears,
and though I hold them back, they have to flow
so they are not forgotten through the years.

I'd sing the children songs, if I could sing,
of life and love and better ways to be,
and if I thought my song would ever bring
one ray of hope, I'd sing til death of me!

But wordless are the songs, now echoing
from times when death was all a prayer could bring.
© Ron Wilson Arbuthnot
aka Vee bBdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2016

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To Live in Heaven

The two kinds of sins are Original and Actual Sins
Original Sin is what we inherit our first parents, Mama Eve, Papa Adam
We are brought into the world with guilt on our soul
Original Sin was transmitted by natural generation to all his descendants
We are cleansed only through Baptism
The other kind is Actual sin
Actual sin is any willful thought, desire, word action or omission forbidden by the law of Eternal God
Chief sources of actual sin are Pride, Covetousness, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Avarice, Sloth or Laziness
Actual sin or Daily Sin
We are cleansed only by the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confession or Penance
We must first have the 3 initial sacraments
The 3 sacraments are Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist
Before the other 4 sacraments
To live in heaven with our Lord


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

Doing Whats Right

~Doing What's Right~ (Sonnet) Many seek "stardom" by destroying their self, To get into the so-called media-spot light, But Daniel achieved this in a better way, When he and his friends did what was right. When captived by a ruthless invading nation, It was unlikely they'd be heard from ‘gain, But the godly men distinguished themselves As very intelligent and truth worthy to begin And when the King had a dream that his wise Men couldn't repeat nor interpret to him, He condemn them right there to death, After a night of prayer Daniel got a gift. The gift of interpreting the King's dream, As God made Daniel part of his royal team. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,17,2015

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

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Romanian Sonnet

Smokes as long ropes for puppets drawn by people of air;
Round about, only the sky and the perambulator star;
Compote of plums and stars in a huge glass jar;                                                   
Night with smell of bread next cheerful bakers sitting on chair;
One was promised to be fired because he wasted too much light;
A chalet covered by white diamonds like a tomb painted with blue 
From the Happy Cemetery, where with gathered funny tales grew
A new season like a white page to be written with blue from height;

Miss Winter with shinning eyes and long white gloves,       
Conducting long snow drifts and carols moving above;       
Making fate met destiny with all that they gave;    
This sun with a grey fur cap made us invisible doves                                                 
Flying towards The Milky Way singing slowly of love;     
At the other side of the soul, people live in the same cave.

Copyright © Ovidiu Bocsa | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

Mother's Unfailing Love

Our rising worship! Oh, perfect love of Mother and Child

is understood by adoring eyes. Eager hearts pray, 

from the eternal breath of babe. Lifted high, strong yet mild,

He foretells of forgiveness and whispers agape.

Upon Mary's chest, lie His heavenly dreams -

a love of no measure born unto a Virgin

and sins evermore are assuredly redeemed

as God's blessed Mother cradles creation.

Her womb brought forth Light, the Savior of man.

Her gentle touch nurtured God's only Son.

The sacrifice, His blood shed to quench a dry land.

Prophecy fulfilled, so no soul shall be shunned.

Inspire us precious babe upon Mary's chest.

Mother's unfailing love gives comfort and rest.

*Inspired by Anguissola's Virgin and Child. 

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2013

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An Obedient Child

Runs errands with a fantastic label even with mane and jaws, humble is this Lion simple is the main cause, Cain hates Abel needing little heat to bend such Iron. A call to build the tower of Babel measurement of needed time shows it's in eon yet finds no reason to rightly rebel ability to react, dead as neon dissatisfaction is weighed in a low count the presence of such child reduces the bills deviation from exact, falls on no account slight waves, then rotations from the wind mills parents happily display on the mount a character scenting like hot spiced grills.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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Heaven For Me

When it's my time I welcome Heaven's call
as surely as I've lived the best I could
believing as I do, and that is all
that Jesus said, who'll make His promise good;

I can not hope that Heaven holds for me
some pearly gates, or streets paved out of gold,
I'd rather see some grass, far as I see
more than the best of things that kings could hold;

I'd rather see in Heaven--birds and bees,
more than the diamonds queens hold to their breast
some falling rain, and waterfalls and trees
more than the treasure in a pirates chest;

   and surely Heaven holds, what life should be
   the love of you, that warms the heart of me.
© ron wilson arbuthnot
aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

Let it be

Let no shadow be cast in my soul
for I have seen the countenance of grace.
Let my heart not build a wall
to hide the furious compassion of Your face.

Let the rain of mercy fall
upon the dry wasteland of my memories.
Let my life answer to Your call
and my own stubbornness cease.

Let me not at the foot of the cross
resent precious blood splattered for me.
Let it cover the pain of loss
and from sin set me free.

Thank the Lord my soul can rejoice
for I am but a sinner whom You gave a choice.

Copyright © Robyn Thomas | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

Christmas Carolers

Come list' my dear to Christmas, 'tis the sound
of children's voices ringing soft and dear,
it calls to mind some hope may still be found
within a world that lives in constant fear.

Oh what a change the world's been going through
since first we met one winter Christmas eve,
and all I ever had, the gift of you,
is all I ever needed to believe

that peace on Earth would be all of our days
and now just hear these children sing along,
perhaps we judge them harshly, in some ways,
for don't they seem the picture of their song?

How could one think our children do not care,
 when there's so much of Christmas they now share? 
© ron wilson aa vee bdosa the doylestown poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |



Can yet the joy of Christmas love assure,
His wisdom shared in praise of child’s rebirth,
Remind to modest souls of bliss secure,
In heaven’s glory, hail his divine worth.
Sincerest carols sung in seasons song,
To welcome Christ in festive joy of peace,
Most worthy love to claim for life so strong,
As tenderest belief will never cease.
Save and rejoice the message kept alive,

Give all thy love to cheer thy love’s reform,
In days of blessing, wherefore peace shall thrive,
For kindness reigns when loving thoughts conform.
This day and festive season’s fare enthral,
So hail the Lord his greatest gift of all.

Contest: Something New - A Christmas Sonnet Acrostic
Sponsored by: Andrea Dietrich

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

Victory, Sweet Victory

Bless You, bless You, praise You Lord.
Thank you for Your holy Word.
I thank You that You’ve set me free.
I thank You for the victory.
You beat the devil handily.
And took his keys away.
You’ve given me the victory.
You died to set me free.
Bless You, bless You, praise You Lord.
Thank You for Your holy Word.
I thank You that You’ve set me free.
I thank You for the victory.
Victory, sweet victory
The battle has been won
Victory, sweet victory
With Jesus Christ God’s Son.

Copyright © John Squires | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

Sin Has No Hold ON Me

On this most holy of days
I stop for a moment to think
Of sin and its horrible stink
I begin to mend my ways
I give jesus the praise
I no longer at sin will wink
Now it makes me blink
I care what Jesus says
He is my Savior now
He died to make me whole
At my sin He didn't scowl
He gave His life for my soul
He died to set me free
Now sin has no hold on me!

Copyright © Marvin D. Schrebe | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

Sonnet to the Christ

That the brilliance of His majestic ways
and fire that burns from His white-hot eyes
give light to space of infinite, vast size 
and shine on martyr’s endless lift and praise;
that the grace He shows them endures and stays
in them and keeps and seals their lips from lies
for hearts and minds to remain pure and wise
and give His Word divine, angelic raise;
that the millennial Kingdom's earthly time
arrives after end times' brief, labor pangs
and saves God's children from sin's filthy grime,
so they who were tempted by Satan's gangs
will live on in glory and in their prime
once Christ defangs the Serpent's deadly fangs!

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

Mere Creature that I Am

My lady and her unborn child I'd borne to this small town, where door to door they went in search of some place they might stay till morn. At last, to this small stable they were sent. Though worried, they were very good to me. My lady was in pain. I heard her moan while Joseph knelt beside her tenderly to wipe her brow; a star above them shone. I looked up and could see it getting bright, then brighter when she gave birth to her son! Some shepherds came; it was a wondrous sight. I heard them say He was the chosen one of whom the angels sang in skies above! Mere creature that I am, I felt pure love. (I am the donkey, by the way, in case I needed to name the animal!) Written November 2015 for the Christmas With Christ Poetry Contest of Isaiah Zerbst

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

To A Child Who Has A Disorder

Children with an illness,
Go through life,
They are looked down apon,
Because they are different,
When really they are not,
They are no different from  you and me,
They have the same blood,
Running through their bodies,
Just as their hearts as well,
So, don't just look apon,
Their outer appearance,
And judge them,
For who they really are,
For a lot of them,
Are smarter and brighter,
Than you and I,
Could possibly be,
On our brightest day,
For they have the gifts,
From God up above,
So, always take the time,
To get to know their inner beauty,
For who they really are,
Cause they too need love,
Just as everyone else does,
If not even more.

Copyright © John Hembree | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |


Some day we will hear the angel's voices,
singing from heaven
and the love of God will light up
this old world here below;
some day we will see a light from Heaven,
shining from Heaven,
and the love of God 
will light this world we know.

On the day when Jesus comes again,
we'll all look up to Heaven.
He'll be there in His glory
on the day He comes again.
On the day when Jesus comes again
we'll all look up to see Him!
On the day when Jesus comes again!

All the world will stop!
And look to Heaven
when they hear the angels singing!
All the world will stop!
And see the saviour
standing in the light of God!
All the world will stop!
and we'll see Jesus
and the glory He'll be bringing!
Then you're gonna hear the whole world singing!
Then you're gonna hear the whole world singing!
Hallelujah! It's Jesus!
© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2014