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Sonnet Business Poems | Sonnet Poems About Business

These Sonnet Business poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Business. These are the best examples of Sonnet Business poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Leadership through trust

The smile of a child,trying to climb on his foot,
trusts the mother to hold on ,and that builds his youth.

the child as a youth moves on every possibility
trusting on his teacher and his reliability

Then the life takes the youth to the next level,
challenging his credibility and making him face hell.

Along with experience he learns the legacy,
that trust is more when there is intimacy.

Slowly by pace the trust grows cent by cent
with gradual involvement and engagement.

Then there's a task and a timeline to keep,
and he finds trust works very well in a partnership

And finally the task is achieved and a smile on his lips,
The glory is great ,and such simple is the skill of leadership.

Copyright © Biplab Mahadani | Year Posted 2012

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Happy Endings

Saw Brecht rolling in his grave
And Weill gasping for air.
And the masterful Brecht rave,
And rant and try to be fair.
(if that is possible for his rage,)
that audience-tested Happy endings 
by TV and Hollywood rule the age
and color rosy,  these times' being

With gorge rising say, we all love
Those Happy Endings,  so addicted
And far into labored joy they shove
Thus, the truth of our lives we ignore
With plenty of joy and sorrow sure,
And lead so willingly  by the "corps."

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |


and there is no dame like a building society or a bank!

There may be nothing like me, but I assure you
the world would have gone to hell but for organised sex -
if boys and girls were left to nature’s provenance,
a person like me would be nowhere at all.

Oh, I know how to milk attraction
and stabilise what is essentially of short duration:
if boys and girls were left to innocence
there’d be no delighting old men.

If that sounds unfair, I didn’t make the rules -
all this spontaneity leaves everyone very poor,
the Church, the magistrates and the building societies
are all depending on the regulation of love.

It’s the people who won’t smile who bother me,
hard fitted, easy suited, do they think it’s all for free?

(C) Rosemarie Rowley

From IN MEMORY OF HER (2008)

Copyright © Rosemarie Rowley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |


Mind and heart know the way of flow,
Opt to receive the grace of zest;
Now sense the glow of love that shows,
Keep and achieve your affluent best;
Eye with delight bliss with sure ease,
Yes dare to seek blessings most grand.
Bright words spark sight of scented peace,
Urge your bold peaks in joy's lifespan;
Sights and sounds swirl and call you now,
Indulge the heart with happy days;
Niche then your world with fond endow,
Expand fine start through rainbow rays;
Set your mind clear with faith that grounds,
Soar beyond fear to peace profound.

Leon Enriquez
09 February 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

the refugee

A Refugee 
He had been given a lift by a Lithuanian truck driver
to a little town in inland Norway where the winter 
starts in September and is cold and unforgiven as its 
inhabitants. The truck driver had given him money 
for coffee, and cigarettes.
Not dressed for winter this swarthy unshaven Levant 
perhaps Iraq, a flotsam from a war caused by black
 stuff that came up from the earth and cursed them.
He walked into the railway station had a coffee but sat 
So long a guard came and told him to leave.

In the waiting room, he felt strange, sweated needed air
went outside to cool down and collapsed, pneumonia and
lack of nutrition an ambulance arrived people gathered
Around, bloody refugees get everything for free someone
in the crowd murmured. 

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2016

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Executive Scandal

Our tax they win it now rub the law in iniquity buy and sell but can nay say how so an odd act of equity see the tag on a not fed cow try to sue; jab in unity a big axe to get a bow for all to ask the quality the hot tar and wax now felt woe to the sir on dry belt hit and tow the raw app to melt for all to see and reply the bad and the low, all ply top to rat, now out of supply

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

by the river

By The River.
At the estuary of the Amazons the water is muddy and shallow and 
there are no undercover bosses, pretending to be one of the people 
who live in houses on stilts on the small islands where the river 
meets the sea, blends and loses its power; for those who have sailed 
the oceans no river is big. On the delta, of the great river, live people 
who get their income from fishing they are poor yet free from prying
bosses those who buy the river and the sea for exploitation and make 
people into low paid worker; destitution without pride.  

Every group of houses on the islands have a shop that sells sweets,
cigarettes and Coca Cola, the fisherman smokes, children drink cola, 
America´s cultural export reaches every corner of our cerulean orb,
Camel is a brand not an animal, Winston is a night riding cowboy.
 This means nothing for the people here, who try to catch the Boto, 
(pink river dolphin) which is rich in protein and tastes good.   

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

Commentary on Future Mining

Rare earth materials in cars and phones
help us hear and travel and stay in touch.
Much of human capital is in loans,
funding needs like a societal crutch.

Every device turns over in a year
to support immediate stock deadlines.
Endless mining is what we have to fear.
Endless growth is feeding our fat felines.

Greenland is our next source of rare earth stock.
When Greenland is depleted, where to go?
Antarctic continent at six-o-clock
is next place to mine for capital flow.

Like retired folks, it will not be long
when new generations find it all gone.

Copyright © Graphite Drug | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |


Your own computer, where they should not go,
'tis your own place, your Heaven or your Hell
All sacred are the words they should not know,
Nor spy upon, some things you'd never tell.

The scum of life know secrets to the lock,
They play among your bits, yes ev'ry byte.
And troubled nights, not sleeping like a rock
You'll laugh it off, as just imagined plight.

But know you well, conspiracies they thrive,
from cyberspace, they bring you false alarm,
Intimidation keeps their cause alive
Their snooping's meant to bring you naught but harm.

If you've uneasy feeling someone's there
Then know you well, they're with us ev'rywhere.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

Porto Night

From door to door until the light,
players cruise the Porto night.
Endless streams of cat dance haze,
private like their secret stays.

Loose and warm and smooth and sweet,
magic merges into body heat.
Oxana dances on her private stage,
Daniella lures them into her cage.

The Porto river pulls out to sea,
and drains the anger out of me.
The music flows into my ears,
and calms the storm that rages here.

Through these doors I am revealed,
my twisted heart is washed and healed.

Copyright © James Fredholm | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |



Once a beggar was sitting at the edge of the thoroughfare 
And many put their soul’s guilt as coins in his bowl, 
As his dog lay nearby eying passersby like an owl,	
Wagging, whining, whimpering and barking for the fare.

When he passed away, all passersby dropped coins and care
And his kin dared to install his image with dog and a bigger bowl;
They guarded it like dogs, warring, wining and dining out of the bowl.
Soon, there was built a vault with a gazebo; they reigned without care; 

Tales were spun on the dog’s tail and myths meandered on the beggar;
Some claimed it was he in Jericho called David’s son to get back sight;
And motley crowds started bowing low, circling the beggar’s image,

In frenzied piety; thus a modern deity was born out of a dog and beggar;
Many, many stories appear on how to curry favor with the pauper’s sight,
And many more tarry in faith day and night burying worries in his image.

Copyright © Swamidhason Francis | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

A format of progress

I dedicate this poem to them who are ignorant and making statements on innocent girls that were raped and killed in India. 

Disturbance creates crystal ball for heeling flirt.
irresponsibilities perform failure of skills and spreads dirt.
reliabilities of options confirm the intellect of a utilizer,
that runs a system; a person becomes consultant or an advisor,
firms establish a uniform asks young girls to wear a short skirt.
conversation counts in matters also smile draws relationship,
Academic education and experience fails if it takes nudity step,
the system is based on production, progress and growth,
time is value, money is source that never counts someone's hurt.
personal skill counts in an interview to differ a colouring shirt.
caste, colour, religion, language or a boundary that never counts,
if corruption or selfishness profound fails if honesty not in account,
something is different unaffordable that attitudes fail to apply,
we develop injustice, forcible manners in our daily amounts.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

You know buddy

When I fall sick I found the importance of my sound body.
Otherwise I ignored my practice to live with the hard treatments.
When you punched me I cried with pain and prayer for mercy hints.
Please forgive me oh lord Christ my soul is yours but little moody.
My mind is worshipper of devil. my evil spirit speaks loudly.
I know I run for my benefit never care who is dying thirsty,
I know I killed the appetite of a human open the fire with cursety. 
I never thought of your chase I walked fast to hide face with hoody.
So nobody can identify the task that I killed innocence of children.
Raped women for my fun.  never encounter that i committed sin. 
I'm warrior fighting for my nation got a certificate to exploit others,
I 'll be honoured with these achievements if I harass my brothers.
My actions are appreciable and acknowledged for further study,
A community's progress is based on references you know buddy.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

French Cafe

I own a petite cafe in South France
Overlooking the sparkling azure sea
The apron-clad staff serves some top cuisine
But mainly fine china filled with black tea.

Chef Christopher becomes so furious
No one orders his finely prepared food
Because he poured his heart and soul in it
But the customers are not in the mood.

I console him and say the tourists stress
About the growing size of their own waist
They say his creamy dishes look divine
Even when they refuse to take a taste.

I tell the chef to breathe in the sea air
And remember his wage is more than fair.

September 8, 2016

Copyright © Kim Bond | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

Aire Kingdom

The way stretches forward, the infinity path
Every shape well defined, by the certainty of math
Great ferns surround, curved in huge Fibonacci arcs
While trees, gods of forest, are discontinuities in bark

The air is still and it's gentle touch oddly cool
And a visiting writer would lie about a pool
And a nymph.  Or a vast Aire kingdom on high:
Beauty's present as the trees, though concealed from the sky

I followed her here, for where else would she dwell
Not hidden away in some black and white cell
The most perfect line, shaping me and my soul
Once my love now my breath, my quest takes a great toll

This cool jungle is our home as I try to define her:
I'm a textbook on the harm of obsession's spur.

Copyright © Grace Williams | Year Posted 2012

Details | Italian Sonnet |

Cooking The Books For Tony !

First the line/
Next the heavy sinker !
Dealing with Tony is like dealing with a real stinker !
It's so not what you know/
Rather it's in who you blow !

Out cooking the books for Tony/
He'll be the best asset in getting you a loan,
The pool shark Jones had just left the premises/
Out cooking the books for Tony !
Mr. Jones was sleeping around on the misses/
At one time he thought he was some contender ?
Pressed for questions his approach was all wrong/
Out there painting the town then sleeping with the fishes/
Yet couldn't even bother to pay the dinner tab/
Now their cleaning all of the dishes/

Loose lips tend to sink ships when there out numbered/
They may be out tripping along with Rosie The Derivator !
Hence, the line was suddenly drawn in the sand !
Yet too many there be that try to stick it to the man ?
Within time elapse their can come pain/
Like not having you in my arms is driving me insane !
Two Kanucks' came back from The Jersey Shore !

One knew Tone;
While the other schmuck was only half Sicillian ?
Tony took in the first,
The second shortly after when along for some ride ?
Yet if you really knew Tony/
You would have every bit of reason to run away and hide,
He lives to cook the books on the side !
Yet just like he loves his greasy french fries !
Today the mob still rules it's just in a different form/
We have no reason by which to run away and hide,
Only if your a Sicillian !

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2010

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Bayside shoppes call with vivid hint,
Array of goods in grand display;
Yield stall by stall finesse that tints,
Stuff to fit mood with poignant play;
Indulge fond taste with grandeur's range,
Delve touch that grooms in luxury;
Expound pure haste in splendour strange.
Sense charm that blooms such tapestries,
Here wealthy toys can spring delight;
Opt to receive the art of poise,
Pure play primes ploy streaming sure sight;
Prize the belief in subtle choice,
Explore grand fit to match joy's spills,
See how rich wit can match fine deals.

Leon Enriquez
06 January 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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She was too busy, racing for nowhere,
hunting for directions; I couldn't go. 
Warm and breezy; o why can't I pause now?
Life will soon fail in face of the snow.

So strange to start beginnings and still strive, 
to plan for other futures all the while. 
My soul is torn, loyalties divided,
I watch all my plans burn in a pile. 

Too late to capture anything, too late!
Water dripping from my hands into void.
Failed; responsibility remains.
Can't it see I am already destroyed? 

September! You thrashed my hopes and my dreams!
Remember—peace is never as it seems.

2 October 2016

Copyright © J. I. Thomas F. | Year Posted 2016

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earn dont take

He is a mechanic
Repairing failed brakes
to help or to worsen
I know not

for many have fallen victims
in his act of mechanikism
the failed brake he repairs
but to second mission it

He wants it second missioned
but the result he reasons not
for life he thinks laughed
The car now bloody

Copyright © Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq | Year Posted 2007

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A Business

A business is clever, handsome and polite.
Linguistic, apologetic but tactics are behind.
Mathematically and politically he is honest mind,
Dramatics, gymnastics and generatic bright.
Pleasant, tranquil, psyche psychometrics bite,
The bourgeoisie possessive and proletarian prodigal,
Lucrative, ludicrous, resumable heroics skill,
Personable, arguable and a desirable diet.

Forcible, flexible and fund raiser responsible,
Likeable, sizeable and an unshakeable height,
Referable, preferable and transferable mongrel,
Credible, reproducible and decisionable slight. 
Expressible, risible and a sensible detail.
Challengeable, achievable and demonstrable kite.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2006

Details | Sonnet |

Ahmadinezhad And the Price Of Gas -

       Ahmadinezhad And the Price Of Gas -
          (His Name Pron - Ah - mad - in - eh - zhad)
The politics of Promise you unfold
as we approach election twenty-twelve,
and you can bet there's not a promise told
the President to be won't have to shelve!

Their only problem's just to sway us all
and gather votes that count election day
they all can see the writing on the wall
but no one reads the writing anyway!

Could 40 thieves of Persia sway the vote
if someone plays their cards exactly right?
Ahmadinezhad might be someone to note
as we get closer to election night!

Before election day will ever pass
get set to pay a whole lot more for gas.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2012

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The Handy Man

The handy man is always available by my night or day.
I’m being stringent to say my very least to his very best.
All potential clergymen are put through his trickery test
Oh my God at these odds and ends his mind dare weigh.
He is intricately susceptible in light seeking a pardoned way,
He overcomes the homeliest just by his daily authentic quest.
In about a day or two will come his much timely needed rest!
Estranged in a time of several times where his mind did stray.
Caught up in clouds he drifts yet further away slicing thin.
Pondering many thoughts per milliseconds flood his gates.
Consuming ideas overwhelm his deep words drawn within.
He forms heaps of potential until he himself smears slates.
Single handedly he comes with his charts already mapped with my plan!
After all, he is quite elaborate when I exclusively need my Handy Man!

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2009

Details | Sonnet |

We Can

Where, are we now, is the question at hand.
How are we to feel, upon this lifetime?
Are we to sit, now do nothing or stand?
Up against evil, as well simple crime,

This country became great, not from money.
From doing the right thing, when needed now,
American life not always sunny,
We have become, to greedy for endow.

Our wants, desires, out grew natural needs.
Things have become more important to all.
We have grown much waste, harvested no seeds.
Forgot about love, betrayed natures call.

March forward; bring back our ancestors plan.
Building country stronger, you know we can.

Written for
Sponsor Paula Swanson 
Contest Name Just poetry 

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sonnet |


To fast or feast, both feeding of the soul,
It matters not, so long as there we feed.
Both nourishment, to meet our chosen goal,
to make our lives appear, we're not in need.

But if there's not enough of this or that,
Our crying can be heard around the Hill
And in the White House, if too much of fat,
The Veto pen moves in to make the kill!

There's not one other vote, Obama grins!
But knows within his heart, they're plotting for
Another way to see he never wins,
To change it all may be an act of war!

The crying on Main Street is seldom heard,
Without the veto pen for every word.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2012

Details | Sonnet |

What is Normality?

Is demonstration a progressive method for normality?
Skills for a good quality are necessary for product,
Nobody wants to pay for wrongs, who can stock useless dirt,
Quality is a demand of us we return the goods if are faulty.
If a worker isn’t responsible who can pay for job royalty?
Responsibility is faith for living and security for a job,
If attitudes are hooliganism who can control a mob,
Principles are for betterment we need to draw formality.

Education and training is for realization so we can faith,
Faith is an actual life, understanding for living standard,
What is hard to follow the rules if we like human growth?
Satisfaction is a root of honesty if labour is n’t bounded,
Care is only a path that can provide benefits to both.
If rules are n’t applicable what is gain of one and hundred?

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2006

Details | Sonnet |

Oskar time

Oscar Time 
 I have been watching Fox news channel which is entertainment 
more than news with long legged girls arguing and trying to make 
Trump into an intellectual giant. The legs apart, I sometimes agree 
the neo-liberal hatred in America is frightening, this fury by
the democrats who feel cheated are palpable.
This aside the great Oscar time is here, the magnificent plastic people in 
a room of nervous tension, perfumed sweat and gulped whisky in 
the locker room. La La Land won a sweet film- no doubt that- will make 
us forget hunger in Africa, bloody wars and the Palestinian catastrophe

I think the power to want it this way to infantilize us encourage 
the gossip about the film stars, who slowly seem to learn to live with 
Donald Trump, they know who is running the industry and it is not
the beautiful people Hollywood Land 

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2017

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O happy town, that leaps to life again,
With cars and trucks and people on the go,
You have no need of base complaining men
Who hold your triumph but a hollow show.
Nay, vile they say it is, your tow'ring course,
And must be stricken down for wolves and bears,
And mindless acts of Mother Nature's force;
Yea, mindless----bent design of all their prayers.
Run forward, leap! and higher, stronger, grow;
Exult with pride that you're the best on earth!
Roar out your motors, sing along each street,
Disdain the pits that dare to pull you low
And climb above the clouds with all your worth.
The weekend's past and "born again" is sweet.

Copyright © Brian Faulkner | Year Posted 2008

Details | Sonnet |

Black Friday Eve

Preposterous! These prophets professed, just
Profaned, have taken o'er the sacred vault
With wholly hostile holidays. I must
Deceive, with holey lowly praise exalt.
Must I submit this unjust cult of damning's
Worth my worship? No. Call me lunatic
And write me off, I'll tax with culture jamming,
Reveal your frauds, conceive a heretic.
Discover must, and what must you perceive?
This dismal band and burglar ring of ills,
The disgrace crooks and maul-hearts. All receive
And dispense naught but doles for gains and kills.
          This preacher's fruit just takes and takes and takes,
          Poor apple's Eve just breaks and aches and snakes.

Copyright © Jeremy Michael | Year Posted 2017