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Everyone has to stand Either side of the belt In two big lines. Line managers fill Reserve boxes full of nuts. Then comes the chocolate. A column of chocolate. We have to stand and Watch out for the frays in the belt. We must stay in our lines And trust the boxes have been refilled With nuts. Unending boxes full of nuts, An unending formation of chocolate Coming closer to where we stand. Moving hands ahead blur the belt, Quick and steady hands keeping in line. Already the boxes look less full. The bosses in blue hairnets refill The boxes full to the top of nuts. They oversee the decoration of chocolate. Every day and they do this by sitting By the boxes on the side of the belt, Chatting, or milking power out of nuts. And it’s us on the line Who get the blame when the boxes are empty, And chocolate goes by without being nutted, And they have to chuck away trays of chocolate, We’re sweating from their shouting but we stand; We keep our places by the belt. Our place is by the belt. Either side of the line. We do not wait for the nuts to be refilled. If necessary we will take them from our friends We think only of the chocolate. For as long as it takes, we stand.

Copyright © Samuel James | Year Posted 2015

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Words on a page, sounds, Mother's calling
soft tones rose from leather tomes sweetly,
through rouged lips they tumble with love.
Lullabies call through the coldest of nights
as frost haloes about the curls, open-hearted,
eager, a child of contested love’s joining.

What would this chimera become now joined.
Oh what would be the result of this clarion call?
Angels wonder at the blend of unformed heart,
as words of Our Fathers resound so sweet
for the thrice kissed lips of child and overbearing night.
May all who come from the light delight in love.

May the child addressed bring comfort, bring love, 
grow in service to the higher good and join
the wholesome hearts who warm the darkest night,
for bringing comfort, kindness, and caring is a calling,
which teaches every opened soul of sweetness
and heals the aching angry sores of forlorn hearts.

With words of joy, and a voice full of heart
let her hands touch, and sooth, each pain lovingly,
with the like-minded teachers and nurses sweetening
the balm smoothed upon the brow of man, enjoined
to heed the call, the ancient ever-present call
of majesty in morning and peaceful rest at night. 

Each life presents its morning and ends in eternal night.
Each soul stores fonts of happiness and heartache.
Conception buds and blooms, sending out a clarion call
enjoining all who have the healing gift to garner love.
Gentle ones, who plant the seeds, tend the hearts join…
be the humble gardeners of the meek and sweet.

What task could be richer or path sweeter
than that of those who doctor, and nurse, and warm night?
Tender hearts and helping hands come together, join…
in the higher consciousness of he’s and she’s heartfelt.
Raise the banner; fly the unifying flag of healing love,
make this your onward path the Way, the Red Road your calling.

For what is sweeter day or night for each are joined,
heartily we love and live to heed these fine callings.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2012

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Prices rising:  the reality of this plunging economy,
thriftiness and frugality are greatly demanded
in order to survive, and having less to spend
is a deterrent to those once-easily-obtainable luxuries;
I have become very frugal, to buy more for less,
and waste of food is not allowed to incur scarcity...

I squandered my money on items laying in unopened boxes,
never displayed:  I could have saved those dollars,
and not put on a grim outlook as dispirited as this;
so embittered and hard-to-get-used-to, and yet hopeful that
the New York's Stock Market will improve, by the bell's sound,
bringing stability to the Nation and the optimist's mind... 

The extended warranty on my Honda has run out,
and repairs must wait...back on jammed buses and trains,
standing up and putting up with noisy and naughty kids;
my savings account is running dry and worries amount,
repression or recession are bad news for an honest working man:
no planned vacations, and no expensive gifts for that matter...

Here, in the United States, Mega Millions and Lotto promise to make people millionaires,
but every winner has deprived himself of many needed things
before striking it rich, and with tons of money:  how will one handle it wisely?
For now, this fate remains unchanged...following the same routine:
getting up and going to work, just being normal and making ends meet;
being thankful to have a job to ease up this grim outlook:  not awfully dull and daffy...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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Literary awards honor the prolific writers of any age,
and the ones who make the Best Seller's list: 
large sums of money will precede fame;
congratulations to the few who make it!
How will I  be received for prognosticating like astrologers?
And will these poems still excite and consume my readers?

You've been fascinated by the poetic words, 
I invented and the images I created in my narration
and you might have doubted if all had been real;
nothing I withheld from faithful ones,
and my only purpose was to reveal everything,
and through confession, I became that profound revelation...  

And although my work remains in doubt,
you can learn much from its prospective:
as the harsh realities I foster without a treat;
no word is ever foul and it doesn't lack precept:
others use vulgarity and obscenity to make their point,
I use empathy and morality to execute them... 

Support and encourage me with your delightful comments,
because of one my truest desires is to please your senses;
making you aware of my felicity, strength and confidence,
not preventing anything from being written and divulged!
Competitive thoughts I will not breed, they will not toss my head;
I wish good fortune to all and a life-long success...   

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009