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Details | Sestina |
Day has sunk and the old fisherman, like a well-trained athlete, rows his rugged boat.
Defying starry night's turbulent waves,
It cruises seaward, smooth and swift, like an agile proud fish.

Then, into his net a shooting star drops; hauls he a thousand delicate, bright starfish.
Guided by remaining stars, he comes home with a boatful
Of glimmering soft, fleshy crystals of hope to his daughter's eager waving

At the murky, starless bay. Her voice rushes out in tidal sound-waves.
She puts a finger in, fishing
One live hope, stellar and warm, out of what used to be a champion's sailboat.

Rocking the boat and making waves, their laughter splashes like a floundering fat fish.

(Form: loose tritina)

Copyright © Adam Adhistian | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sestina |
Universes of time, aged stars;
Silent and bright, how they swirl.
Each one lights its own corner of the heavens;
each stands as one body;
serving the universe, alone.
They all reach great heights.

There are no fears here of heights;
no phobias among these stars;
despite them having to stand alone.
Round and round they swirl;
each centrifugal body,
swirling in the heavens.

When people look at the heavens;
they look to great heights;
and peruse those wondrous bodies.
They stare and dream, beneath the stars;
watching them blink and swirl;
each doing their job together, yet alone.

The state of being alone, 
up there, in the heavens;
in a constant state of, swirling;
can steer them to those, limitless heights.
Like people, they are travelers, those stars;
little gypsy’s in cosmic light bodies.

With no limbs to impede their bodies;
they travel to other universes, alone.
Each life has its own journey, even a star; 
as it travels through the heavens; 
it achieves, greater and greater heights;
never looking back, as it swirls.

Like stars, the human mind, with dreams…swirls;
within the mortal body;
Until it too, achieves great heights;
and doing this, very much alone.

Man dreams of rising to heaven; 
just like the gypsy stars.

In the end, like dwarfed stars; the human mind will cease its swirl.
In the heights of heaven, there is no mortal body.
No soul is alone, yet without any spin, it achieves those new heights.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sestina |
How I greet thee star with my wish tonight!

Will you grant me a twinkle from your sky,

Do I dare dream upon your beauty bright?

Burning like candles with eternal flames,

Shine down, shine down and fill me with your light,

Fulfill the desire to hold her hand.


I want to reach out and hold her sweet hand,

How I wish upon you shining tonight.

I shall watch you glow until morning light!

Till dawn shall awake with my blue heart sky,

For my dreams burn hotter than the suns flames

She lives in my soul, eternally bright.


There is no other that can burn so bright

I long for her touch, the softness of her hand

Can you hear my plea, my words are like flames.

Will you wink your approval down tonight,

How long shall I stare into your dark sky?

I shall stare until the breaking dawn’s light.


Grant me this wish and be my guiding light

Lead me to the touch that makes my life bright

A love that’s as deep as your endless sky.

Let me melt into the touch of her hand,

This shall be the only wish I wish tonight,

Cast all other dreams upon unending flames.


I will light the match and fan my dreams flames,

Promise me her touch before the day light,

The smile on her face I can feel tonight.

Dear star, oh dear star, that shines down so bright,

Do you feel the pain as I long for her hand?

Feel the depth of my love in your moonlit sky.


How many wishes shall I place in the sky

Will you fall from the heavens in a ball of flames

Because of my request to hold her hand?

Please hear my words for I shall have no light,

Can you catch a falling star, no longer shining bright?

My wishes are yours to answer tonight.


I dream of her hand and pray to the sky

Searching tonight for the lustrous flames

My wish before sun light, grant me star bright!

Copyright © Travis Tapley | Year Posted 2010