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Details | Sestina |
No mother would fill up her eyes with tears of woman...
if it weren't for God performing a miracle at dawn,
as she cried out in joy and held her baby in trembling arms
but shed many sweet tears hearing his laughter so loud;
oh, he couldn't see her mommy's face through his tiny eyes,
and it will be long before he'll will utter the first word, " Mom." 

Now that baby sleeps under the attentive look of his mom,
who's too young to become a mature woman;
many visions of this birth crossed her gleeful eyes
she dreamed of the very same words whispered at each dawn,
repeating them in her silly head as if they sounded too loud...
while cradling a pretty doll in her folded arms.

Will she be welcomed home by her parents opening their arms?
Will they reprimand her and not consider her a legal mom?
Perhaps they will not be angry and speak not so loud:
girls are supposed to be girls, not suddenly turn into woman...
So this innocent girl, deceived by a bad boy, must wake up at dawn
when her baby cries and feed him with scary, childish eyes?

Nights seem longer for her, trying to stay awake rubbing her eyes,
what she beheld in those exciting eyes, now it's a burden in her weary arms;
she remembers that pain was too unbearable, but joy more sublime at dawn...
how will she learn how to care for the infant by watching her mom?
She must have seen a nursery or read a book how to think like a real woman,
and can anyone imagine how she keeps that secret instead of revealing it loud?

She must gather enough courage inside to feed her baby who can't cry loud,
but for now she must carry that baby without sighs of distress into her bright eyes;
and her parents can see the changes making her a loving person already woman;
they may ask questions to why she has gained weight and holds dolls in her arms...
no, they aren't anticipating great news and in doubt, they await a splendid dawn.

Mother and daughter closely together amazed by the coming dawn,
any concealed secret can be easily spoken...somewhat joyful and loud;
they imagine the infant's futures will be part of grandma and mom!
Their reunited hearts come together to show love in their delighted eyes,
and they'll take turns feeding the new-born, tenderly lulling him in their arms;
what if forgiveness hadn't been there to deny her all of the joys of woman?

Would a mother deny her daughter compassion as a good woman?
Even God hurried dawn to offer that gift into her gracious, tender arms...
and those arms accepted it with the gentleness and kindness of mom.

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sestina |
Only 14 and eager to find love, she sneaks out at four in the morning
Persuading her best friend to come along – meet someone new
Hence at the nearest park an unfamiliar friendship is formed
Sketchy as it may sound, Anthony grew to be an addition
to the bad influences that were to come – coming of age
But what did she know, she just wanted to fall in love

Only 15 and again she met someone knew, who showed her love
Nights spent away from home, with David by her side in the morning
Snorting candy in his restroom – new experiences come with age
Pupils dilated, shaky hands bringing them closer every other weekend anew
She found what she wanted, the paraphernalia was an addition
But just as simple as love was found, deceptions were bound to form

Only 16 and life was a pool of mixed emotions treacherously forming
Then Alberto came to show her that a broken heart still has hope for love
But she could not grasp the fact, so he became merely an addition
to the list of emotions she could no longer face each morning
Suicidal in thought and action but this was nothing new
For her arm wore a scar of each fear that surfaced as she aged

Only 17 and her mentality mistakenly surpassed her age
She contented with denying love as soon as it started to take form
For the season had passed and her heart rejected anything new
that entered in the form of affection – disdaining love
Instead she found emotion in other harm that morning
Being careless and carefree came easy when candy was an addition

Only 18 and her priorities were set aside as addiction from the addition
took over and washed away the intellect accumulated at her age
As she discovered how to assimilate in a declining community some morning
For the ignorance that surrounds her finally came to show form
She was crowned Prom Queen one night but still denied to feel the love
Not accepting the popularity that deemed from being someone new

Only 19 and her life takes a route that will reckon something new
Responsibilities wave over as her past becomes the addition
to the addictions that engulf her, for they fill the void of love
A void so profoundly misguided in context to her age
One that could never be accepted thus failing to form
Reminding herself of what derived from that morning

Untitled is the new chapter that will come a certain age,
as the addition of what has been expected for so long forms – 
the love that she needs in order to be at peace and not wake in the morning.

Copyright © Marielle Dominguez | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sestina |
Every corner I turn, I see your sweet face
Its memory, like a ghost, haunts me still
I recall how you loved me, you gave me your all
I can not believe that I just let you go!
Now my heart, so heavy, my days dreary and dark
It is I whose pride I must cast aside

I must search in earnest, lay every doubt aside
And pray day comes, when again, I touch your sweet face
When days become brighter no longer to exist in the dark
I promise, on my honor to give you my all
'Til you return to me, there is no place I want to go
So right here in this time I wait for you still

Your joy, your pain,  every heart beat, I'll share it all
We’ll blend as one, lay insecurities aside
Wherever you may be, my heart and I also will go
Haunted no longer by the memory of your sweet face
For now I know above all else, I love you still
In the light of your eyes I bloom, but slowly, I die in the dark

When the storms of life bring in clouds so dark
When loneliness engulfs me, clearly I see it all
In the quiet of night when all is still
I lay alone in our bed, I cast my mask aside
On your pillow I swear there’s the imprint of your sweet face
Tears flow, my pain grows, get no respite, no where to go

Every thought of you lingers  and won’t let me go
Find no comfort in solitude as I sit in the dark
I pretend your laying here; I can almost touch your face
Ingratitude was what I offered, while you gave to me your all
Your love, your quiet devotion, taken for granted and cast aside
For wanton, shallow affection, now I’m nothing!  I need you still

If only you could see me and I could see you still
If you would come to me now, today, or I to you, go
I’d pledge my life; my true devotion put my wanderings aside
No longer would sadness embrace me as I pace in the dark
My heart I’d give only to you, I'd forsake the many others, all!
And bask in sunlight forever, if I could only see your sweet face

In my eyes your still the light that shines in the dark
I would go anywhere for you, for you I'd give my all
Brush my foolish pride aside that once more I may see your sweet face

* Entry for Jared Pickett's "Sestina" Contest

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sestina |
And so I see your moving mouth
Not a coherent word my ears hear uttered
I must not assume
You're apologizing for the affair
For your love I now rival
For your heart I now lust

And I think she must too lust
Lustful for those lips on your mouth
I am certain she’s my rival
Cursed words I have uttered
They did little to suspend the affair
I must not assume

I must not assume
You are not subject to lust
Lust fuels the fire of this affair
Again curses fly from my mouth
Dirty words from your lips are uttered
Into the ear of my sole rival

The war wages against my rival
I must not assume
All words between us uttered
Lacking love, losing lust
I long to hit you squarely in the mouth
I long to banish remnants of this affair

You repeatedly indulge in your affair
And spoil my rival
By kissing her demon mouth
I must not assume
It cannot be love but only lust
Evil wishes against her I have uttered

Hopeful wishes she has uttered
Longing for more than the affair
Love is blossoming from her lust
‘Til death do us part her I’ll rival
I must not assume
That you meant it when the words I love you left your mouth

From your mouth your love you've uttered
I must not assume it was not of the affair
Your mightiest rival is lust

Copyright © Nicole Signorelli | Year Posted 2007