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Details | ABC |
New Future Of The

Cable cost are up
too high
You turned to the
internet and so have

My Youtube channel
is the way to go
Now I can even make
video shows

I group the videos
to make a show
To bring you the
best of where I go

For kids the mower
and stove videos
I also have vehicles
and some scarecrows

Kids can watch from
morn til night
with lots of things
for a kids delight
Light houses, ship
building, and horses
Antique barn yards
and tractor pulls
just for you

Aviation, taxidermy,
and crafty wood
Viewwithme Youtube
has all the quirks 

The historical homes
make a great tour
Contest and oxen
pulls are never a

Animal friends, I
haven’t forgotten
I have horses, dogs,
cows and sheep too

Plenty of petting
pens and milking for
And a simple click
is all you have to

A lot of shows with
a mix for all
Like demolition
derby or a stunt so

So if you dropped
the cable and you
have a need
I have three
channels for you to
By: Doris Anne

Copyright © Doris Beaulieu | Year Posted 2014

Details | Haiku |
Great idea here Let’s open a Haiku Shoppe They go great with beer Easy to find I’m told They hide under nibs of pens Don’t let them get old To make a great stew Take a limerick or two Mix well with Haiku If all has gone well And your mix has turned out right You’re ready to sell One more thing to do We must put them on a bun - Sit and have a few Written by John Posey 12/22/12

Copyright © John Posey | Year Posted 2012

Details | Acrostic |
P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

Details | Heroic Couplets |
Twas the night before sunrise
and all through the warehouse,
not a creature was stirring
except Elmer, the field mouse.

It was 1962
And times were hard on mice.
Elmer had eaten this month
only twice.

Away to the bin
he scurried like a flash.
He squeezed under the door,
and irritated his little rash

He bobbed his head up,
and twitched his little nose.
“I think I’ve hit the jackpot!
They’ve got Lays and Fritos!”

He scratched and he clawed
He bit and he chewed
“Gee,” he wondered
“What am I going to do with all this food?”

“I guess I’ll take some home,
then come back and get more.
But just as he was thinking that,
there was a sound at the front door.

Elmer scurried away fast.
He had enough warning.
“But who could it be?” he thought.
“It’s 3:30 in the morning!”

Elmer’s eyes stuck to the entrance
like glue.
The door swung wide,
and in walked Billy Pugh.

He was a good-looking man,
but check out those bushy eyebrows!
To Elmer, they looked bigger
than what the law allows!

He guessed they were to cover those puffy eyes.
They looked like vanilla wafers!
He looked like he spent the night
at Heartbreakers!

Billy said not a word,
but went straight to his work.
He started to load his truck,
then turned with a jerk.

Now Billy wasn’t a temperate man,
but his blood pressure was up a bit.
“Someone’s made a mess in here!
And what’s this?  Mouse shit?”

Billy shook his head,
and with his arm gave a wave.
“I’ll clean it up later,
after a haircut and a shave.”

Billy’s pockets jingled when he walked.
He was a man of great wealth.
It wasn’t just his bankroll.
It was his pride, his happiness, and his health.

Elmer’s eyes widened as Billy
crouched near him on the floor.
“Eat all you want, mouse.
I’m sure we’ll make more.”

It was then that Elmer knew
That this man would go far.
He’d do some good things.
He’s shine brighter than the brightest star.

The years have gone by now,
And Billy shares the simple times of the past.
As long as his mind holds out,
the memories will last and last.

Elmer has looked in on Billy
from time to time.
He’s seen the new technologies.
He’s seen the Pepsi stock climb.

He saw him that last day,
just before he walked out the door.
Billy said “I’m old and I’m slow
and I can’t do 32 more.”

“No more of this.
Let the computers do the math.
I’m ready to find
my own golden path.”

Copyright © Mike Shoemaker | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |
Our world is embarking on a destination
that is odd and strange, everyone has
learned to fear age,

Corporations are obssessed with youthfulness
and the ability to be cute,

They are shoving capable people down the
garbage chute,

"Involuntary Retirement" is what it is silently 
called, the intelligent are overwhelmed and 
appalled, because the victims are being replaced
with people who lack quality and have no taste,

But as long as they are young and virile,
Good people are laid out to pasture as if
they were waste,

Why does our society abhor aging gracefully?
Is it because they are so desperately trying
to please "the establishment" and the advertisers
who are ardent worshippers of youngsters with fluff
and trimming, yet beneath the surface they are
shallow and clueless?

Copyright © Margeret Bailey | Year Posted 2011

Details | Dramatic Verse |
We should place the elderly in prison because,
They will get a shower every day,
Video surveillance in case of problems,
Three meals a day, access to a library,
Computer, television, gym, doctors on-site,
And free medication if needed.

Put criminals in home cares,
And they'll get,
Cold meals, lights out at seven p.m.,
Two showers a week, live in a smaller room,
And pay rent at two thousands dollar a month or more!!!!

It's pretty sad that we treat prisoners better then the elderly.

Copyright © JEANNINE GLEN | Year Posted 2016

Details | Political Verse |
In one sense,
the Cafe CoOp
started as my therapeutic retirement dream.

in quite another
the CoOp goes back to when I was eight,
and I thought,
assumed really,
everyone indulged in Thought Experiments
about what would my optimal Eden Paradise.
restoring peace and justice across Earth
look like,
feel like,
smell like,
sound like?

And how are these
a response to what I do not currently prefer
to live with,
and without.

Perhaps in both ways,
I began seeing how cooperative aspirations
might become cooperatively owned and, coincidentally,
managed for mutual health care optimization
of all us CoOp EarthCafe residents,
supported by restoring therapeutic peace
and ego-ecojustice teachers
and polycultural outcome mentors 
and multicultural scripture scholars 
and WinWin systems analysts,
organic gardeners
and waterers of flowers and not monoculturing weeds,
and holistic cooks and preservers 
conservers and medicinal herb gatherers,
indoors and outside,

And, yes, of course 
Permaculture Designers 
and CoOperative Implementation CoInvestors
and ReStorative Justice businesses of and for healing,
projecting community health optimization incomes
for 2020 ReStorative Justice
as this healthy extending family 
polyculturing peace-filling outcomes.

All monocultural supremacy came quite near a boil
during 2016's Retributive Nationalistic Patriarchal Lose-Lose Selection
against Constitutional protections of multicultural Welfare pursuits
and against purity of, and loyalty to, democratic global Unity
for PolyCultural Outcomes of Freedom,
CoOperative WinWin Liberties for all species
and subclimates.

My ego's Yang longing for unity
belonged within Yin-Holonic Restorative Justice aspirations,
EgoLeft with EcoRight
cosmic cosmological consciousness
of CoOp Cafe karma
growing through self-other co-empathic 
creolization awareness.

In ZeroSum equivalent FourDimensional RealTime
bilateral Left-Right ecological history
of enculturation,
regenerative trans-poly-perpetuating sacred substantiation
we all live creolizing best
through Golden NonDual Appositional Rules
to empathize with each Other
within LeftYang and RightYin
as outside too Patriarchal RightWing
with Matriarchal NonZero-Sum WinWin LeftWing suppression
of all CoOp Cafe EarthTribe members,
Permaculture Designers,
ReStorative Therapeutic Justice Advocates.

Why would anyone in their right balanced mind
not want to restore healthy justice
especially while Trumpians and supremacist homophobic allies
rule our most nuclear-risk of climate permanent unrest?

The CoOp Cafe
and our after-school
ReStorative Justice and Peace YouthLeadership Project
in these ways and means
with middle school and high school
and community college students 
and performance and journalism teachers,

Then adding ReStorative Justice Parent Alliances,
and an early-afternoon crowd coming down the street
after their baked chicken lunches
at St. Vincent de Paul,
asking these same questions of hopeful life
v despairingly dissonant death,
engaging in similarly themed Thought Experiments.

How do we know 2016,
or even worse,
will never happen again?

In the U.S.,
most climate urgently,
but also across Earth
in our Cafe CoOps,
wherever we can find and build them together,
on-line, indoors, and outdoors
sharing EarthBound 4D SpaceTime
fractal and seasonal DNA ReGenerative Health Values
informed with RNA bilateral nutrition Root Systems
providing true and faithful and just EcoBlossoms,
YangReasoned--IntuitiveYin Seasoned 

I just assumed,
when I was eight,
that these are the ways
others would co-define Paradise
as both Interdependent Earth
and nondually dipolar EmptySet EgoIdentity interiors
because how could we possibly be anything at all
without OriginalMother Sacred Intent
becoming anything more or less
than PolyPathic Yang = Not(Not PolyPhonic MatrioticYin)
because +1 Yang must always double-bind notnot (0),
just as uracil's form
cytosine's notnot-folding-unfolding flow functions
of bilateral heuristic waves.

If notnot (0) First OriginalCause,
then no possible way
to doubleBind 4D SpaceFractals
through BiLateral Strings
of ReStorative-ReGenerative Justice

Not not what and when and why Lose to Lose
when each is free to choose
Win economics to Win ecologics
notnot (0)Sum bilateral ego-eco-consciousness,
when speaking trust within multiple multicultures
and transacting cooperative therapeutic business
nutritional sciences
and performance arts
and writing,
and singing fair and true and just and beautiful lyrics
and dancing lyrically,
standing with vulnerable comedy and tragedy stories,
sweeping in chi gong co-op circle sessions,
breathing through yoga stretching circles and squares,
triangles, maybe,
that would be good;
could feel healthy
for cooling internal climates.

Our Cafe CoOp
started as a collective dream
about where we might feel and be safest
in restoring vulnerability of co-ownership
with each other,
co-responsible interdependence
between consumers and producers,
between suffering traumatic past investments
and offering care-giving and -receiving therapies
for parenting and healthy childing,
for teaching and wealthy studenting,
for mentoring and menteeing grace
as healthy gratitude,
positive karma attitude
for mutually cooperative multicultural restorations.

So, less mutually competitive mistrust,
bad faith,
negative fear-mongering lifelessness,
depression and repression
and suppression
of all Matriotic ReStorative Wisdom Circles
and ego-eco balancing nature-spirit practices
of bilaterally empathic praxis
for basic enthymematic 
co-empathic development
of maturing GoodFaith CoOp Cafe Management.

In one multiculturing sense,
our EarthTribe Cafe CoOp
started as everyone's therapeutic retirement dream
coming together
for mutually restoring economic health 
and community safety purposes.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017