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Religious Dance Poems | Religious Poems About Dance

These Religious Dance poems are examples of Religious poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Religious Dance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Tanka |


LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

This Is The Love

Stand up and shake;
Feel the rhythm in your heart.
Ignite those pants;
We get up and dance.
God on our mind,
Eternity in our souls;
Feel the chills of those bones.
It's the hope.
Open those closed doors:
Into Heaven we go,
Welcomed and forgiven.
Here is the love;
Let's dance!

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Couplet |

The Lovers Dance

It was their night they shone bright as they danced their sweet dance
Two lovers embraced in their world of romance.

They laughed and they cried as their eyes locked in stare
It was their world for this moment as if no one was there.

And their steps they so flawlessly glided in tune,
To a melody that touched everyone in that room.

Their passion brought envy to onlookers there,
Who secretly questioned their own love affair.

But as the night closed and came to an end
The lovers were blind to what lie round the bend.

The house and the cars and the jobs that went bad
The kids drove them crazy and their savings were drab.

So they fought to hold on to the things in their life,
That caused them so much of their pain and their strife.

They fought with each other like enemies do,
And dismissed in their life everything that was true.

So when sickness and hardships and troubles occurred,
Their vows to commit seemed truly absurd.

Their home and their kids would now take a backseat,
For their moral obligation they chose not to meet.

So I Ask …
What happened to that dance they danced so well?
With passion and truth everyone could tell.

What happened to their dance where they held so tight?
What happened to the wonder of their glorious night?

What happened to the words that charmed their ears?
With a passionate rhythm that brought them to tears.

What happened to those vows that poured from their heart?
The “I love you forever and till death do us part”.

For these aren’t just words we borrow for the day,
From another who tells us this is what we must say.

We say them cause it’s what we feel true in our heart,
It’s a God given blessing we commit from the start.

But these words are now lost as they fall on deaf ears,
Since the pain and the struggles they’ve created these years.

So the lesson here learned dear people of odd,
Is that love is so fragile but made strong with our God.

So stop fighting for power and money or need,
For all of this nonsense is only our greed.

Keep God in your life and he’ll walk you through,
When heartache and pain and losses ensue.

For why commit vows in the eyes of our God,
And not call on him when life gets too hard?

For the truth of our vows we are all meant to see,
is that marriage is not, made of two, but of three

If reading these words ring some truth in your heart,
Decide that today you will make a new start.

Go hug your spouse and say something kind
Don’t let the small stuff cloud up your mind.

We’re all just lost souls who are trying to cope
If  not there for each other then where is the hope?

You see, the anger, the fight
that in us abide, Is only the insecure child inside.

So rise up above all this fear and this pain,
And see all the beauty that there is to gain.

By trusting in God and his will for you
Together forever he’ll see you both through.

For life is too short for our miserly ways
cheap on our love hence dreading our days.

He made us to love in all that we do
To wake up each morning and start us a new.

So pray for your spouse, ask God to be kind
To the person you prayed in the beginning to find.

They’re still the same person you loved from the start
But life and it’s troubles have hardened their heart.

You vowed that you’d love them in sickness and health
Now is your chance to show God what you felt.

So rise up my friend, don’t say that you’re through
For what if your loving God gave up on you?

Copyright © Bernard Colasurdo | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

Rain Dance

Rain Dance

I danced in the storm last night
As the rain came pouring down,
The music was in my head
And my feet just found the sound.
Lightening flashed, thunder struck
Mother Nature took the stage,
I found a new way of life
It is time to turn the page.
Harmony engaged my soul
I felt frozen in a trance,
Heaven opened up my eyes
And angels started to dance.
Everything became clearer
The storm is about to pass,
Stars are out and moon is full
Soak and wet here in the grass.

Copyright © Troy Snyder | Year Posted 2015

Details | Enclosed Rhyme |

Karagam Dance

Hey, hey, I want to dance the *KARAGAM dance *Hey, Sham, Manu, bring pitchers from archives Fill the pitchers with water and uncooked rice As rice symbolizes food that sustain our lives. With twirls bodies move free with intricate steps *Dhotis, jackets furl and the turbaned heads unfurl Hands holding peacock feathers of rainbow colors While small bells in their anklets and belts swirl. The vocalists sing and the drum bits pick motion And with that the vocalists start singing songs divine. As the rhythm picks up, so does audience’s emotion To invoke the Gangai Amman, the Goddess of rain.
================================ * A form of Indian Folk dance ** Indian names *** Indian dress March 15, 2014 Dr. Ram Mehta Form: Free Verse First Place Win Contest: Impress Me with Small Poems V By Giorgio V. Motif: Religious - A religious ceremony performed to invoke Goddess of Rain

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

The Praise Dancers

The Praise Dancers…
In stilled silent
between garnished tables,
the word exploded:  
gyrating motion 
spilled out
here and there;
bare clapping hands
and naked feet
no sound.

Staccato movements 
shot upward
finger waving arms— 
crescendo praises
bending knees
bowed heads
to poised reverence.

Sleeping soul spirits
to thrice toilsome
tried hearts
fluttering with audacious hope;
dancing to the rhythmic notes 
of faith
snakelike Salome sought
to defile. 

With heads held heavenly,
they danced 
before the head of their lives:
the true and ever living God.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

The Devil Came Knocking at My Door

The Devil came knocking at my door,
Coming in disguise, enticing me to the dance floor.
He whispered in my ear, saying he owned my soul.
Then I felt his manipulative evil, trying to take control.

I got out my Bible and began to read His word.
And I knew my prayers to God had not gone unheard.
Be careful which door you decide to open,
If you lose perspective, you could end up lost and broken.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

Details | Tanka |

Swirling Dervishes

swirling dervishes emblematic of her stay unsure what to make does she have to send photos with daring explanation?

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lay |

The Fate of Ancient Egypt

Warriors are no longer raging,
Women are no longer singing.
Firelight prances inside Seth's eyes,
dancing over Giza he cries:

"Fire! Fire! It will find you all
Even those who refuse to fall,
So even if you escape my deadly chant
Your ashes shall lie where living things aren't.

"If you would try to save the day,
It will be hell you'd have to pay.
I shall breathe my fatal breath
Upon those of you who run from death.

"Your pharaohs shall kneel before me crying
To be set free without you all dying,
But my deserts remain hot as ever
And none can escape - not even the clever.

"Only the faithful to me shall be spared,
So yes, the ones who have never cared.
They'll ball their fists and bare their teeth at Ra!"

"Forever obeying me."

By Leanne Walsh
04/20/2014 (MM/DD/YY)

Copyright © Leanne Walsh | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Autumn Dance

burgundy red 
then aspen gold 
what tapestry
the leaves unfold 
make their 
autumn dance
the leaves 
have souls

Copyright © Gregory Golden | Year Posted 2014

Details | Epic |


Amadioha the great god of Thunder and Justice
We have gathered at the shrine of Alusi’gwe 
To pour libations to you
Even as I do my folk song
Bring me the ogene, to awaken the spirit of my 
Forbearers to witness the doomsday they foretold
Give me the udu, to sound out a warning to the futureman
Give me the oja, the special voice of oganigwe the dreaded masquerade
Give the shekere, so that the women of owu can shake their enchanted waist
In love and tranquillity we lived with our neighbours, doing our folk song 

Buddha called out to Lord Brahman
Set aside a room for me in the inner chamber
Decorated with beautiful ornaments, to depict love and care
Flanked with candles and incense burner and the beautiful statue of the wise man
To help me escape from the corruption of this world
As I attempt to wake from hatred of neighbours
Focusing on love and purity of heart
Allow me do my folk song living in tranquillity with nature and neighbours

Christed you said you are, servant of the son of God sent from above
Your brother claimed that you are a messenger from Allah
What is this confusion I see, contradicting even your folk song 
You came with a sweet tongue of love, yet all I see is terrorism and 
A holy war fought by crusaders crushing the bones of the unbelievers 
Those who worship idols yet lived a life akin to nature – a life of love
You have created a polarised world of Christed men with less shame for evil
Of religious women without morals
Of Ulamas who feed on the sweat of Almagiris
Oh Christ! is this the gospel you preached on the street of Nazareth?
O! Mohamed is this the Rasuul you preached in Mecca
O! God what we do in your Name, we should be afraid of doing even in the dark

Allow me to return home 
To my folk song 
In African theism, to the shrines of Alusi’gwe, 
To do my folk song with Oganigwe the beautiful masquerade
To solicit corn and groundnuts from old women with sagging breasts 
Chasing the kids with a whip in my hand as I wear the mask of the spirit
A spirit of sportsmanship, of equity and love, of fair play and brotherhood.
Allow me do my folk song

©Chigbo Solomon Peter July 201

Copyright © Chigbo Peter | Year Posted 2017