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A farmer is in a village .
24 , years , is his age .
He cultivates under rays .
One day , he meets with a sage .
Then , he says ,
‘ you will be the world famous , in future days ! ‘
Then the farmer becomes surprise !
‘ How is it possible ?
Is it true ? ‘
He thinks too and too……………
Next night , the stars rise .
An old man comes in his farmhouse .
He is too fible !
He gifts to the farmer , a white mouse .
And says , ‘ it is too lucky , really , truely !
Keep it carefully ! ‘
Then he becomes dead .
Then the mouse touches his head .
Why ? the farmer does not know it .
Later , one dawn , 
It is a spring morn ;
The farmer cultivates on his field ……….
He gets from the field ,
A big box  , made by gold ;
Too old !
He picks it up , then ;
He breaks it’s lock , then ;
He sees that , in it , here is 3 manuscripts of 3 books ;
The farmer does not know reading ;
So nothing understands ;
Only he looks and looks ………………
Yes , then all are in his hands ;
Later , he reaches in that cortage ,
Where meditates , the old sage ;
Then the farmer shows the papers to the sage ;
And then , the sage is reading and reading…………………
Oh ! the old medical  discoveries ! 
Yes , the medicines of the cancer ;
In 3 manuscripts , here are 3 names of medicines of the cancer .
And also all about , in details……………
He becomes surprise !
Then , he tells ,
To the newspapers ;
All read the all papers……….
Yes , the new stars then arise ;
No death ; 
Oh ! then the forcast of the sage , becomes true ;
Oh ! the old faith !
Yes , then the farmer becomes the world famous man !
The whole world , then , becmes his fan ;
All say , ‘ I love you ! 
Too ……...too ………too ………………………………….’
Then that white lucky mouse says ,
‘ I stay in the cortage of the sage ; ‘
Then the farmer says ,
‘ why ? no ! you stay with me ! dear ! ’
Then the sage says ,
Hey ! from today , we all stay together ; too …… too near ! ‘
From that day , they all stay in a very big , new , palace ;
Yes , yes , yes , 
With bless …………………………………
With success …………………………………………………

Copyright © ANJALI DENANDEE | Year Posted 2016

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PINNACLE With a piggyback of hopes and dreams, I set forth to reach a peak. Along bed of roses, rocks and tall sharp weeds, I harvested golden grains of progress. The days and nights rang a wake-up kiss on my head. They told me: "Move on, move on...Don't ever give up..." There are rainy days on the way. A rain shower teased my climb halting me for awhile. Some so strong, I faltered - gained some wounds. Some directly stabbed my heart. And somehow, sometimes they even knocked my very soul. Although tough thunder tremors shook me, I fought hard to stand still continuing my climb. Each height I step onto, I came to know moon and stars. Some of them began a war with me. Some of them a veil of fraud. But blessing, most have shed a continuing guiding light. Some hugged me. And wanted me to stay but some pushed and pressured me until I am all like a dripping sponge. The potpourri situations brought me: a ladder closer to our God. His faithfulness and unfailing love a durable adhesive to my persistence and dreams. A rainbow after each rain drew a promise of sun-kissed days. They melted the cold lonely years away. They permitted me a walk and run to heavenly meadows. Finally, I reached the pinnacle where grins a forever familiar tale. (c) Olive Eloisa 2:07pm October 01. 2012

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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Bitter Truths

                                  Bitter Truths

How much of bitterness is truth we cannot swallow.
The acridity of words held idle for too long, fermenting
in the cauldron of conceit, the spoils of victory flaunted
in feigned servility.  What scales measure life against
life, gain against greater gain, success against success?
Can we not savor the sweetness of another’s gifts
without coveting them, bathing them in our envy,
sullying them with our rancor?  Could we not applaud
the valor and perseverance of the triumphant, revel
in a rivalry well played, tip our equally soiled cap,
nod in an appreciation of a job well done?
Must the fist of failure pummel all who do not win,
remove the joy of competition’s camaraderie,
negate the lessons learned, the hours shared,
diminish the successes in setting and
eclipsing goals and gains.  Does not the acrid stench
of final gun fade, slowly drifting on a passing breeze?
Why must the truth hold bitter still, unable to accept
the success in every failure and the failure in
disparaging success.

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2015

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Hustling And Bustling- The Ghetto's Slogan

So packed and full is the train a lot die trying to taste of its final gain. This journey so full of pain as it seems all that Life can offer is a cane treating its bunch of victims with disdain. But don't give it all up and go off the lane to this cause stay true and sane. In Life priorities, make it the main provided it is clean and plain. Cos finally, it won't be in vain. Just be patient on the rain when its out pour comes your rewards shall build up like the empire in Spain. Accepting the newly found guardian whom unto you it begets after near-surviving years of neglect. Now, your pain it will recompense and deservedly account for every drop of your sweat!

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2014

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I CAN'T BE PERFECT..............

with what thought we start our 
life and what it shows,
where is our destination and 
where it goes.....
when all dreams kneel downs in 
front of life's twist,
we can't judge our faith for 
frustration's mist. 

The latent truth of my life is 
that I can't be prefect,
i will end in silence that's the 
real fact.
achievements will laugh 
standing far from my reach,
failure will bite my passion like 
broom witch..

i can't be perfect, i m sure;
in front of others, my talent will 
always remain poor.
they are running in the race 
track to hold their future,
forgetting the pleasure to be the 
king of all creature...

my life only promise me to 
enjoy the best present,
it never believes in future or 
past legends.
it only knows it can't be perfect,
it will end in silence that's the 
real fact

Copyright © Dipankar Chakraborty | Year Posted 2013

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Vegas Be Damned

Vegas be Damned!

Vegas took him off the board at 80.
As the cards were dealt each day, passersby
would swear the deck was stacked –
against him.  Fate had, for some reason,
chosen him to constantly be in the line
that closed for lunch, watching the bus
he just missed - leave.  Youth, street kid,
pin setter in a bowling alley, living at the
kindness of friends parents, eating as the
opportunity presented.  17, enlisted,
good duty, three hots and a cot.  Re-enlisted,
war, Korea, PTSD (before it was PTSD).
Discharged, returned to the streets of
his youth – no longer a youth.  The drink,
elixir of the damned, damnation of the
scarred, comforter of the comfortless.
Arrests and jail time, flop houses, back
to the streets.  Early in his forties, fate’s
dealer broke open a new deck.  A chance
meeting, a choice, an unsteady walk,
a door, into a new life.  Get well jobs,
dishwasher, grave digger, volunteer.
A 75 dollar car, an apartment of his
own, friends, and fellowship.  Another
better job, 30 years later, retirement
at age 75.  A birthday party shared with
friends - many half his age of 84.  He
still walks the streets of his youth
proudly, thinks of those who, unlike him,
were not as fortunate.  Those who succumbed
to the rigors of life, and death, the unseen
wounds that never healed, the hopelessness
of a stacked deck.  He laughs a lot, has a
bit of a skip in his step, a wry smile on his
face, an MBTA Charlie Card in his wallet,
and a plan to be a part of this day.
Vegas be damned!

John G. Lawless
for Gautami Phookan – Sketch a Character – Poetry Contest

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2014

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Take Off the Mask and Be Yourself

Take off the mask and be yourself:
Be honest; be true and strong.
Stop trying so hard to fit in a crowd where you really don't belong.

Don't side-step your calling
To HIM, you should only remain true
Don't push HIM aside because you need HIM as Guide in all that you think, say 
and do.

He is the only One who does possess the Power to the success you are looking 

So take off the mask; simply be yourself; accept His plans for you.
Rekindle His Love through repentance, prayer and faith within your heart-
And true success will scoop you up and elevate you high;
And wealth will be yours unendlessly with love; with  peace you can not deny.

Copyright © Martha Malloy | Year Posted 2008

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All Roads Lead to Success have to Pass Through Multiple Hurdles and Obstacles

The sun up in the air for free and this leads us to success? exactly!!
So it is all in our life, if we want to achieve success we will have to fight for it with 
appropriate knowledge and to conquer a position.
With money, we can buy a lots of things but knowledge and intelligence is not for sale, it 
is for everyone to learn.
And we need to make every effort to gain knowledge and possess it because “Success 
will not happen overnight”
But that take time and patience with a lot of learning material to be learned and it will 
not always be easy, because not everyone has the same predisposition for something.
Also with a business transaction or to start a company, we must first explore about it so 
that everything can be organized to have a better chance of success later.
This requires a huge effort , when we have enough knowledge to lead through the legal 
rules and take action so that there will be no problems afterwards as everything runs 
smoothly without suffering when an officer sworn by legal come to us.
So it also with success in sports to deliver performance we most change from a normal 
life to a strong diet for our bodies and prepare to perform entirely.
That’s not always fun and there is joy in a victory but a disappointment by loss after, 
because there are many obstacles and hurdles involved.
Successes are not for everyone and not constantly, there are some underperforming 
moments by loss which give us psychological pressure and this has a major impact on 
our life and can be seen as a significant obstacle.
Also the urge to show the achieving of success to many fans and intrusive media who 
thrives on criticizing.
It is not an easy task to deliver first successes in life today without being confronted by 
many obstacles and hurdles .
But that does not mean by every success or victory we celebrated with a triumphant joy 
and pride which give us a glorious existence in life
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

Copyright © Jan Jansen | Year Posted 2013

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Becoming The Ruler Of Zion

You have the gene in you and the potential is indeed luminous but you want to roar while still a mere cub. Wait and pass through the test cos if it's not a Lion it can never be a Lion. Being a part of the family isn't enough being mentioned in the roll-call isn't final if this makes you satisfied then you are simply an added number and a completer of the table like the inert gas, neon. You need not be a relative to achieve in magnitude the successes of Celine Dion. But effective networks and good friends are the only way or else your hard work will reap no rewards in eon. But take note of your cliques and peel from afar before coming close or else your sight will be bitten by the onion. Dining with loud mouths toiling with scoffers and having a fool as your companion are worse than sleeping with a red hot Iron. Cling unto the tree of these lines and chew from their sour produce then shall you be a champion and the mighty ruler of Zion.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2014

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Success on the Move

Success, Success
Awaits me, slowly
Is it, when my gray hairs would judge me with curses?
Is it, when my offspring’s would pay no homage?
Or it is, when our folks, would turn their backs into frustration?
Let not success come through those doors
No! Not at all
You’ve shined on the elite; like those in America, Europe, and Asia.
What about Africa, and what about me?
Success, Success
Don’t be static, move!
You’ve got to go on and on 
Don’t be bias, be selfless
Go round about.

Copyright © JAMES B. MORRIS JR | Year Posted 2013

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Copyright © Jerry Wells | Year Posted 2017