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The Trick of St Patrick

Patrick lived in Great Britain, his wick,
But when he was sixteen and quick, 
Was captured by pirates horrible, 
Taken to Ireland adorable, 
Where he found god, his walking stick. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

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Everybody nobody somebody anybody

Everybody is in a terrible condition and Jesus is the only antigen, everyday.
Nobody that is in this Parable can avoid sins infection but realize now Jesus destroyes sins pathogen. That makes the Lord the opposite of noday.

 Somebody will learn that the Lord makes the unbearable, bearable. Sin has one affection and that will always be insurrection. Jesus taught the true Catalan, through that we know we are his cabochon. Take heart because Jesus will use his Javelin, someday.

 Anybody can embody the words of the Lord. The Lord plants all seeds, that makes you wearable, tell me what is comparable when you hear something that is beyond incredible. He gives us our Direction, he takes away the disconnection. With the Lord's correction and disinfection by his resurrection the lord gave us every protection. Jesus equals submission forgiveness and love it's not about being masculine the Lord makes us examine  and reexamine every ademption. When you contemplate on the beginning you will understand, Jesus created the laminin. Remember Jesus is your protector anyday.

Copyright © David Waldrop | Year Posted 2016

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I reached out for the songs
you gave the sons of men
They said it heresy
and wouldn’t let me in
They were the raging valiant men of old
and no such women were I have been told
They filled the world
with their deeds and desire
And the women were decoration
for their hearth and fire
The curse of domination and pain
And how I rail against this refrain
how am I less to receive heavens song
not allowed to dance among the throng
Why should my countenance be cast down
and upon my heresy you frown
Can a woman walk with God
walk the path the ancients trod
Live a life that people laud

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

Copyright © Poetryof Providence | Year Posted 2014

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I still stand  
Have a chance
Mike in my hand
Lyrically band
Drums beating
Cymbals clashed
Titans passed
Powers situations
Bolts metaphorically hating
Pacing Blues
Sue pursue
Royalties with no moves
Jacking prices
To get a sail
Back down river bends and boats
Seattle with no coasts
Trailing door knobs without a turn
Tripped Sun burn
Antennas remotely
Coated Symphony
Operatic Anomalies
Fake paced with properties
State faced moralities
Given sentence no warning 
Exclamation interrogation
Periodically visitations
Paroled up
Handcuffs taken to another case
What stand
Back at it again

Copyright © Elisheba Yahudah | Year Posted 2016

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I Was In Prison

I was in prison
and you never came.
Years and years
everyday the same.
Moaning in torment
through each endless night.
Alone in my misery
no hope in sight.
I opened my heart
and Jesus came in.
Freed me from torment
forgave all my sin.
Gave me new life
a new song to sing.
Just ask for forgiveness
and new life He'll bring.

Copyright © Lary Houston | Year Posted 2012

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Catharsis by Evan Sachs

When your heart’s passed the hard part
And made it to the sweet spot
When you beat the box
When you’ve lifted the unliftable rock and been uplifted
The gift you’ve been gifted is called beneficence by the faithful
Far from hateful
It’s being able to breathe…finally!
Something touchy-feely.
Well…you feel a touch
It’s much. much. much. much…
It might even be All.

Copyright © Evan Sachs | Year Posted 2016