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Details | Couplet |
"The Law of Faith"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

I would like to inform those who just don't know the half
Man can corrupt anything except for Truth and math
But when it won't add up, they start to multiply their lies
So in order to have something real, division must arise
And just think of the remainder, a mere fraction of self
Always needing common factors to feel complete breath
Some will use substitution, others will choose elimination
To solve the system of Life's complex equations
It just depends on the situation, how was the problem derived
If it can't be integrated, it must have come from inside
That is called false pride, that's its natural base
And to calculate E, you need infinite space
And you only have one face, you can only subtract one Life
That proof was in the Induction Of Jesus Christ
The Identity Of Sacrifice As Given By The Word
The Co-Sign Was By The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit, How Superb

Copyright © eric boddie | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |
Each morning as my eyes awaken
A lovely song in my heart is heard
Its melody is more than enchanting
It inspires me with amazing words

How could I ever live without you
Lord, why would I ever turn away
From your spirits song of deep love
Which within my heart simply stays

I deeply breathe your perfect harmony 
Accepting your kiss of a love divine
Happiness paints my world beautifully
Since your wonderful gift became mine

Lord, I will always let the world know
How truly blessed my life really is
From that very first perfect moment
As you spoke to me the words I forgive

All that I thought would not be possible
Suddenly in an instant became very true
As my heart humbly responded joyfully 
How much in life I really needed you

I will seek new ways each morning
To happily lift up your name in praise
Thanking you for making love a reality
As a treasured blessing which now stays.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2015

Details | Light Poetry |
I have coffee with Jesus
Yes, of course I do
My coffee is on my night stand
And I speak to him of you.

I tell him of past events
Of how I let you down,
And how are one time closeness
Has shut completely down.

I ask for your forgiveness
When I spoke of love for you,
I never meant to hurt you 
Speaking only words of truth.

There is a coldness in our chatter 
As we discuss the latest trends,
We speak about the weather
And this is where it ends.

Yes I do have coffee with Jesus
I need him to be in touch,
Does Jesus have coffee with me?
I doubt it very much.

Lynn Hanna Barany.

Copyright © lynn Hanna Barany | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |
                                                        Jesus kisses me
                                                        I become a bee
                                                        Jesus kisses me
                                                      I become a flower
                                                 The Bee kisses the flower
                                                        I become honey

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |
Dull becomes the page, when there's nothing left to say 

When the classroom is empty and the projector, blank

Their halls echoing of silence these voices now gone ?

Autumn's past hope's inspiration dead as, Winter dawns....

Gathering his pens a felt unto the chalkboard's place one final 

Mark amid her farewell to impart but a happy trace ~

As turning out their lights closing this door; upon time's

Crossing a vacant lot: leaving, your world all it's colours, behind....


....“When The Poetry Fades Away” ~

Copyright © Jeremy Street | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |
Jesus must roll His eyes a million times a day
Watching and listening to the things we do and say.
We get angry over the little things we cannot control,
Yet we praise Him zealously when we get a free cinnamon roll.

God has a sense of humor,  just look at your goofy friends,
Taking pictures with their picture phones that no will (hopefully) see again.

We take delight in the strangest things,
like toddlers peeing on a tree,
Yet when it comes to death and dying; 
how somber we can be.

The very thing we should celebrate, a life with Him above,
We grieve and worry and fret about, forgetting about His love.

So let’s celebrate our gifts from God and 
His sense of humor too,
And join Jesus as He rolls His eyes 
at the things we say and do.

Copyright © Kristie Raburn | Year Posted 2016

Details | Lyric |
Jesus, Your love changed me
Your love made the difference
You loving me changed me
I’m not the same
I’ve been changed
I’m a new person
Changed from the inside out
Jesus, Your love changed me
Your love made the difference
You loving me changed me
I can pray for my enemies
I can turn the other cheek 
Jesus, Your love changed me
Your love made the difference
You loving me changed me
I can love, love unconditionally
I can bless those who curse me 
Although not always easy, I can do it
Yes, I can do it 
Jesus, Your love changed me
Your love made the difference
You loving me changed me
Changed me from the inside out

Copyright © Sonnier Williams | Year Posted 2017

Details | Light Poetry |
he is the rain
he is your pain
he is what love bring
he can stop all things
look up above
if you must

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |
Dragon's back! It’s Easter Time and, Yes; we’re going to church today...
Right after the Easter Egg Hunt. Ostrich eggs were perfect, for Dragon, I say… 
The Trolls worked at painting them, all night. They wanted them perfect., for sure.
Psychedelic colors seemed to reign supreme. Yes… with lots of crazy bling! De Jure!

Grandpa Troll’s carrying the BIG basket that his penguins decorated in ribbons strung!
His penguins got to go on the egg hunt, too It’s their first, but each picked, only one.
They couldn't understand eating eggs so we gave them chicks, that will hatch, so…
It’s off to church we go, cowboy best for the penguins, tending their eggs as they go.

Dragon has his 'Dragon Hood' cape with yellow bib overalls, totally covered in bling!
Beside himself, till we said he could go. Now he's jumping up and down, as he sings!
He's going to church, for he needs all the help he can get, along the way, true.
We're trying to instill, ‘What Would Jesus Do’. Strengthen his character ideas, too. 

But HE thinks he's already a STRONG character, and it's given him great success! 
Don't think he understood, what strength of character means, so his soul, God Bless! 
So what's next, he ask?... Gee! Taking the kitty down from the curtains would be nice. 
You SCARED her there! Remember! When you jumped up and down, once or twice!

NO! You can't burn the curtains to get her down! Gee! I think he’s MISSING the point!
She’s going to church to light a candle for you… to help you find… a better viewpoint.
Remember, in life… Make love not War. Make Friends! After all… What would Jesus Do?
Kitty is TOO important! I'll read you a fable 'The Lion and the Mouse', after Church, too. 

No! He didn't squish the mouse! Sigh! Think harder… THINK! WHAT WOULD JESUS DO! 
Hope it's an up hill battle. More likely he'll fly over this hill, between, just me and you! 
He LOVES church and after his last visit, they rebuilt the church, which was… assured!
They built our group our own SPECIAL section… Of that, you can definitely, be sure! 

The church thought, for a very long time, but with a sigh, they knew…WWJD?!!!
Then prayed some more as they cried, at the thought, of what Dragon could do…
In the end, they built a fireproof room, for no matter what they though, to be true…
They knew Dragon is Gods little lost lamb and that’s just “What Jesus Would DO!’
Happy Easter to You!

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |

The birth of Jesus Christ
is almost with us now,
As we all give thanks – in
church our heads we bow.
For the saviour has been
born – and peace will now
be known
As baby Jesus himself – 
loves all as the norm.

We share our love as best
we know,
As our hearts do pound – 
with love’s own glow.
Rejoice we do – in sight of
the queue,
As a manger is bare – for
it is true.

Baby Jesus was born for
us – to forgive our  sins 
that we may make.
Honour thy love as best
you know,
And Christmas you’ll share,
as we all do grow.

The birth of Jesus will be
As we all celebrate – and
so behold!
Baby Jesus we bless you
our way,
Welcome to you – on your
unique birthday.        

The Messiah is the saviour,
that is known today.
We now all celebrate – it’s
called; ‘Christmas Day.
Peace on earth – and love
shall reign,
Even when it pours with
horrible rain! 

The chalice of life is our
holy prayer,
It will bring us true love 
so ever near.
The church of our Father – 
and our Son,
The life of Jesus – has just

Hail the King – at this time
of year –
As some of us will – shed a
The birth of Jesus is known
this way - 
‘And that’s why we call it; 
‘Christmas Day’.           


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2014

Details | Lyric |
Don't you worry bout my soul
Til you've been down all my lonely roads
And gauged the weight of my full load 
Don't you worry bout my soul
I see you on the tv conning, talking squawking walking like you really care about me and my kind
You cry your tears like a  crocodile  empty eyes phony smile,
To me I plainly see you're clearly blind 
So don't you worry bout my kind . . .
I see everything just fine
You're busy yelling and a tellin me all the things you think you can see, going on in this ol world you think ain't right
Get the beam on out of your own eye, til you've listened to the children cry, hungry and tormented in the night 
Don't you worry bout my eyes . . .
I'm seeing everything just fine
Don't you worry bout my ears
Cause you've been deaf for many years
I don't need some deaf man tellin me what I should hear or how to be, when he is only playing on my fears
So don't you worry bout my ears . . .
I hear your deafness loud and clear
Don't you worry bout my mind
Though it gets misplaced from time to time
But I think I know what courage means, how heartache feels, when freedom rings
And I know that I am running out of time
So don't you worry bout my mind . . .
I think I'll get along just fine
Don't you worry bout my soul
Cause I met the Master long ago
And the one you portray Him to be
Is not the same One known to me
The One Who made me free so long ago
So don't you worry bout my soul.
Mathew 15:14

Copyright © Kelly Crenshaw | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
Jesus provides our needs...
Just ask Him and you will see.
Give Him the praise,
He is the Lord of our destiny.

God is faithful to His own...
Praise Him in song.
It pleases Him to be
The one who provides for you and me. 

Trust Him to lead...
He is there to help us believe.
His love is unconditional,
Jesus is the rock that we stand on.

He will not fail or leave us...
It is because of Him that we can trust.
Have faith in our Lord and Savior.
It's because of Him that we find favor.

Thank you Lord...
For giving to us Your Son.
Thank you for providing for your own,
For Jesus is our provider and our song.

Copyright © Cinda Carter | Year Posted 2014

Details | Italian Sonnet |
My father...
You are a unique flower
This is how I keep you
In my heart forever
Until the sunset waves goodbye
My father...
You dwell now in the heart of Jesus Christ
Since with your strongest faith and blissful honor
You pleased our Lord, Jesus Christ, who
Visited your humble radiant home
In the middle of a calm night
And hugged your ardent soul
With an eternal blessing..
Your beautiful memory, my father, and
Your beautiful poetry will linger
Over Palestinian heights, your homeland,
And shine passionately forever.

This poetry was composed and translated to English and Spanish by his two daughters:
Suheila Zeidan and Nadia Shahwan in the memory of their father, Panayot Zeidan, who was
known as the poet of Palestine. He lived in Aruba for over twenty years working and
studying philosophy. He was a member in the Palestinian Book League, he worked as a
language teacher in addition to his small business as a merchant, and he composed
bounteous poetry that bloomed from his kernel with a great love for his country, Palestine.

Mi padre... 
Usted es una flor única, 
esto es cómo mantenerle en mi corazón para siempre, 
hasta que despide de la puesta del sol. 
Mi padre... 
Usted detenerme ahora en el corazón de Jesucristo, 
desde su fe más fuerte y dichosos honor; 
complace nuestro Señor, Jesucristo, 
que visitó su humilde casa radiante, 
en medio de una noche tranquila 
y abrazó a su alma ardiente 
con una eterna blessing… 
Su memoria hermosa, mi padre 
y su poesía hermosa se 
persistir en alturas de palestinas, su patria 
y brillan apasionadamente para siempre.

Copyright © Nadia Shahwan | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse |
Stand up and shake;
Feel the rhythm in your heart.
Ignite those pants;
We get up and dance.
God on our mind,
Eternity in our souls;
Feel the chills of those bones.
It's the hope.
Open those closed doors:
Into Heaven we go,
Welcomed and forgiven.
Here is the love;
Let's dance!

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |
Jesus is faithful to His own,
He sits upon the Throne.
It is to Him that we belong.

Keep your eyes focused on Jesus.
Only He can help us,
He is the one who can save us.

Jesus will not leave you alone,
Shine Your, light through the Word.
So, agape love might be shown.

It is Jesus that protects us,
Our rock and foundation.
There's no one like Jesus.

Fear not for the I Am with you.
Fear not be kind and true.
Fear not and let your light so, shine.
A witness to mankind. 

These are lyrics to a song placed on U-Tube but somewhat refraised...

Tune by Tom Blakely and Lyrics by Cinda M Carter

Copyright © Cinda Carter | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dramatic Verse |
Sometimes things are up,
And sometimes they are down,
Sometimes black is white, 
And sometimes it is brown.
All the rivers flowing,
Back to the sacred sea,
All the monkeys climbing,
Up the very same tree.
You think you know a lot,
Think you know it all,
But the autumn leaves are falling,
At the north wind's lonely call.
The thinking of the meaning,
The reasons lost and gone,
At last the place is ready, 
A vacant holy throne.
The emptiness that fill you,
Fills you from inside,
Is the treasure you are holding,
The bridegroom's holy bride.
And now the north wind's blowing,
Blowing down the Way,
And now we sit here waiting,
For the bridegroom's wedding day.

more at http://labyrinthoflies.com

Copyright © ness tillson | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |

Palm Sunday it is called,
on a bleak green hill on
a dreary morn.
The sky was dark and
so depressive, all of life
was to be reborn.
The birds had gone - 
they knew the score,
They'd flown away as
the morning swore.

The silence was eerie,
the land so still,
All eyes soon on the
lonely green hill.
A lonely figure is put
on trial - knowing 
soon he'd die in exile.
The sins of man was
not his fault, and this
was hidden from his

The verdict was death
upon the cross, 
For thine is the kingdom
of the boss.
The walk of death was
that of Christ,
Holding a cross to his
People shouted, and 
people cried,
Jesus was whipped
he tried to hide.

To the green hill he was
Clutching his cross - his
body was perched.
Christ looked up at the
hill - 
His journey was over 
he'd lost his will.
He was placed down
arms outstretched, 
Nails were inserted as
Jesus cried out,
Then the cross was 
placed upright - to
end the doubt.

His resurrection to
eternal life,
Would change the
history, and end the
Jesus died upon the
cross - for all of us 
and our salvation.
For Christ, the king ,is
now in heaven. the
story of the Green Hill

As the bloody figure
of Christ was numb
with pain,
Suddenly the pain
was gone - washed 
away by the miracle
of the rain.
Close to death, Jesus
looked up - and saw
the light,
Calling out to God; 
'forgive them, father,
for they know not of
my plight.'

Then Jesus was still - 
the land was in 
Jesus was at peace, 
a new day was now
To a cave Christ was
laid to rest - his
disciples were there,
and they were loyal.
A vigil was kept to
protect their master,
now at peace - beside
the soil.

A miracle of life shall
come to pass,
And the love of mankind 
shall surpass. 
On this holy day Jesus
died for our creation.
It is known today as
the Good Friday 


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
The glory of the Lord,
Shines through His word.
Salvation to proclaim,
Through His Holy Name.

Cleansed by the blood of the Lamb,
Forever to be His child I am.
I will never be the same,
When into my life He came.

Redeemed, Redeemed.
Hallelujah to the King.
Sitting at the right hand of the Father,
No need to look any further.

Jesus the answer to our prayers,
A God of mercy, for He cares.
Thank you, Lord for Your Son,
Who came to earth and who will return.

For His bride,
All dressed in white.
Finishing the work that He has begun,
Through the only begotten Son.

A Blue Ribbon Winner through Christian Online Magazine...

Copyright © Cinda Carter | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |

Essentially, there are two opposite Christologies.
Jesus as King, Jesus as outcast
Scripture plays with both
But the 2nd speaks to me far more powerfully

I like the idea of a Savior 
Lives with the meek and poor
The humble and humiliated
A Savor that says power and wealth are obstacles to spiritual health

A former sheepherder
Understood not being able to rest until those in your care are all recovered and safe
Lines from Psalm 118 repeated in Acts 4:11

Applied to Jesus
One of numerous places appears in the New Testament
The seeming paradox of these two cristologies are reconciled
The humiliated is triumphant; the one cast out is now at the center

As the resurrection account has unfolded in the gospel readings
We see the rejected one
Seemingly destroyed by earthly powers

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
As I look back, I see from where I have come.
My sins were as scarlet, I felt empty and undone.
Then I looked up to my only hope.
I knew this was the only way, I would be able to cope.

My life was desolate and there was no meaning.
It took God's love to free me.
My prayer was, "Dear Lord," come what may,
Please, show me the way.

Along with the prayers were many tears,
And through the years.
There had been many unanswered questions and many fears to face.
Then I found forgiveness through Christ, under God's Grace.

God's Love comes through our Savior,
With His unmerited favor.
God, Himself came in the flesh, to present to us His ideal solution,
By giving us His Son, Jesus Christ, for our Salvation.

Only by God's mercy, this is the secret I have found in life.
During the times of tribulation and strife,
It's to trust and obey,
Even when you feel afraid.

Through perseverance,
God will make a way and give you clearance.
But sometimes misunderstood,
Is just believing if only I could?

It's making a commitment to obey,
Even when you still feel afraid.
Be strong in the Lord, be brave.
This day the Lord has made.

Yes, I am blessed but not without trials and tests.

Copyright © Cinda Carter | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |
Jolly holy Christmas............. The white season is around the corner and the snowflakes will start falling softly on our heads Its a month for celebration that's welcome the Christmas and the best time of the year to enjoy merry Christmas Chorus..... Wish you a jolly merry Christmas and have a holy merry Christmas It’s a day of our Savior King Jesus Christ was born to save our world The Christmas trees are decorated and illuminated and the gifts are overflowing under this beautiful tree The carols are sung in every corners of the streets and the kids are dancing and singing in the town Chorus....... Wish you a jolly merry Christmas and have a holy merry Christmas It’s a day of our Savior King Jesus Christ was born to save our mankind The silver bells are ringing in the churches and Santa is on his way with loads of toys All the children are waiting to spy to see how the reindeers are flying in the sky Chorus....... Wish you a jolly merry Christmas and have a holy merry Christmas It’s a day of our Savior King Jesus Christ was born to enlighten our lives Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka Copyright @2005 Ravi Sathasivam

Copyright © Ravi Sathasivam | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |
Somewhere In The Silence

Sometimes in the silence
so dark I cannot see.
Reaching into brokenness
is where I then find me.

Not seeking of some sympathy
for teardrops on my face.
I found that it's sufficient
I turn to God and grace.

At times I find great suffering
my words are at a loss.
Then I turn to Jesus
and see Him on the cross.

Crowned by His obedience
blood drying in His hair.
Arms outstretched in love
it's love that held Him there.

In the quiet of the moment
I hear a teardrop fall.
Somewhere in the silence
I hear an angel call.

Telling me of love forever
that I may never understand.
Until at last I can see me
through the hole in Jesus hand.

Edwin C Hofert

Copyright © Edwin Hofert | Year Posted 2015

Details | Light Poetry |

                    Christmas comes but once a year
                    a blessed celebration we all hold so dear
                    of the birth of our Lord Jesus
                    who is the reason for the season
                    we celebrate in many ways
                    each in our own way
                    by giving gifts to family and friends we love
                    with open hearts we share
                    it’s the season to express and show your happiness
                    singing songs of peace, love and joy
                    sleigh bells ring and children sing
                    the wonderful Christmas songs of the season
                    as angles fly through the air
                    Christmas trees with lights all aglow
                    homes decorated all in a row
                    waiting for Santa Claus to show
                    Christmas is all about love an fun
                    from special candies to food and such
                    all the goodies we love to eat so very much 
                    to share our love for the one
                    who was born this day
                    to bring about peace and harmony 
                    for all of history
                    our lord Jesus in Heaven up above

Copyright © Dennis Davis | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |
Jesus Christ, I thank you for loving me. I have come to church to say thank you Jesus for loving me and caring me. Yesterday, I was living with my life without listening to your valuable precepts. I have not visit to the churches to keep my soul purify. As a result I have earned lots of sins which took me to the hell and my life was miserable Today, you brought me into your light of heaven where I can see your endless love and kindness Yesterday, even when I was bad, you loved me without hatred because of your peace of mind When your hands were stretched towards me, I walked away without holding your hands and kissing them Your unlimited forgiveness bring my tears like a rain and I thank you for all you have done to me. My Jesus, if not you I would have been an incomplete soul which would have end my life in the hell of suffering Although, I don't deserve your blessings that you bestow upon me but you only can show me the way to live happily. Jesus Christ, I thank you for loving me and caring me. Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka All rights are reserved

Copyright © Ravi Sathasivam | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |
its not wrong
to be strong
he'll help you too
frist you must do
is be his wall
so he will not fall

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |

Christmas is a magic
time - it is so very
special - 
All the schools are
busy - with 
pantomime rehearsal.
Boys and girls all get
together - and act
the Christmas Carol,
And the birth of Baby
Jesus - is told like
something special.

The magic is this
time of year - when
forgiveness is also
People are more
friendly - and new
lives are being born.
The stars light the
way to heaven - as
the heaven's are
black as coal,
And Santa is seen
hurrying in his sleigh,
he answers an 
emergency call.

The poor little children
in war-torn lands,
he's trying to get to
them - 
To deliver some 
festive gifts - their 
sorrow he will stem.
The world will be 
united - as Christmas
is so magic,
And everyone will
sing and laugh - and
feel so ecstatic.

Even the Bah Humbugs - 
that includes me,
We may repent and
praise this the sleigh,
and admire the Christmas
Those who are bereaved,
they must be in our
To comfort them on
this day - and hopefully
wipe away their tears.

The spirit of Christmas - 
and the holy birth,
Is sent to us on a 
mission - to create 
love, and peace on
Everyone may shed
a tear - even those
silly cynics,
Because Christmas
day is so special - 
some even work in
the clinics!

The three wise men
who gave gifts, of
one, two and three,
All in the name of
Christmas - a perfect
God bless the holy
birth, and may true
love go your way,
On this, the lord's
holy birthday - which
we know as Christmas


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
As We Look Back 
We Also Look Ahead.

We look back a few short days.
We’d trimmed a “Christian” tree.
For all the Season to enjoy.
To see how ‘changed’ we all might be.

For there upon that lovely sight,
Was the story, how it all began.
Of many things the Bible says
How our Savior took His stand. 

But let’s not stop our story here
Easter time is coming fast.
That will announce this stories end
Our Saviors come to save at last.

For though at Christmas time we cheer
The humble birth of “King of Kings”
Most Christian folk remember well
The death of Christ this season brings.

With pieces of the “Stable” story
Still hung upon our “Christian Tree”
Our Savior’s body would also hang
For all the world’s lost souls to see.

Let’s keep this rhyme close at hand
So while others await the Easter Bunny
Dyeing eggs and munching “Peeps”
We see Easter’s not the least bit funny

What we will see is God’s own plan
Written down all across the land
Preserved for us to learn and live
All carried out by His “Right” hand.

Lest I forget the exciting part
It doesn’t end with a buried preacher
For in coming days many would see
Walking & talking, their Blessed teacher. 

 For God had long promised A Messiah
A Prophet, A Priest, A Healer, A King
A Deliverer, A Savior, an Intercessor.
This Jesus would prove to be “everything”.
So if you pray before bed each night
May it be Christmas Eve or Easter’s Lent
Remember always to share with others
That wonderful Savior our God has sent.

And if by chance you haven’t done it.
Remember always He wants you too.
Invite Him now, to rule your heart.
Time may be short. Our days be few?

Written by oldbuck to encourage some serious
moments into days often completely filled with 
Joy & Laughter. To bring “hints” of the “rebirth” to come.

Copyright © Old buck | Year Posted 2015

Details | Light Poetry |
My Lord Jesus Christ, let me sing for you..... I am singing with my heart and I am singing with my soul to get a place in your heart my Lord Jesus Christ Please my Lord Jesus make my day with your love and show me the way to live in this world happily Songs are not enough to sing for you my Lord Jesus and those words are not enough to match with your love Oh, my Lord Jesus I want to be in your arms to fulfill my thirst with your love and care. My Lord Jesus you are my savior and my scared companion who makes my tears vanish from my sorrow Please Lord Jesus come and change our world to better environment and let your love shine through our hearts Let me sing for you my Lord Jesus and let me tell the world that you will be back soon to take care of us Let all the world of music sing for your throne with glorify and worship you alone my Lord Jesus Christ Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka All rights are reserved.

Copyright © Ravi Sathasivam | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |
May the hand of our Lord always guide you
May His tender love daily anoint your heart
May the peace of His heaven fill your world
As this New Year's breath begins to start

May His grace in your mind be steadfast
May the light of His Spirit fill your face
May you never again feel any loneliness
As you live daily in His loving embrace

May your spirit be blessed very abundantly 
Writing and sharing what He bequeaths to you
May you strive to inspire and touch another
In the wonderful way He also does for you

Be charitable and kind in your daily walk
Never finding hatred or prejudice within
Living your life each day in a humble way 
As this new year in your life now begins

May each step you take this year resemble 
The sharing life our Lord always displayed
And you will find His spirit blessing you
As His grace guides your life each new day.

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |
I rise each day with a song in my heart
And so rich is its blossoming melody
For I know my heart has heard his call
Yes His dear precious call of life to me

I sleep so peacefully throughout the night
Dreaming lovingly of His grace which stays
I know  he always listens to my prayers 
For I daily feel His answers coming my way

I know I will never be left to strive alone
For his spirit has made my heart its home
And as I reach out to him with praise words
He eases the aches and pain within my bones

For His love is a very true healing medicine
Whose touch will evenly flow deep within
And with each tender blessing I receive daily
I know more embraces will come my way again

...because of His deep love for me. 

Copyright © Wendell Brown | Year Posted 2014