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Personification War Poems | Personification Poems About War

These Personification War poems are examples of Personification poems about War. These are the best examples of Personification War poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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To Manhood in a Foxhole

The silence...
The stillness
Akin to shadows, long fingers reach
Warriors and I
Lie here in the hallow
Fear…beside us, beseech!

Where is the enemy?
Whispers seem to ring out
Lips from my fingers, keeps head from arise
To quell eager peering about

I am a boy
But, this night, man become I
I and my buddies…
Too young, aren’t prepared to die

Onto their arms I do grab
Keeping their lives from growing all too short
Then, echoes…echoes. ..Breaking the silence of the still
A loud shot! Reports….

The one…
Then two!
A hail of missiles, I bring up my gun
Dirt spraying from every direction, which way do I shoot?

What I do not have…is…
Time! Time to think
I throw up my machine gun, blindly, not looking…
Squeezing the trigger, RAT TAT TAT… in frenzy, RAT TAT TAT…spitting instinct

Adrenaline rushing, surging!
Beads of sweat freefall to roll
Fingers tighten, muscles tauten
Madness besieging to depths of soul

Then my redden swelling ears take heed
From behind comes most frantic, deafening scream
Victory, exhilaration, hopes of my enemies all relieved!

It’s Johnny who’s been hit! Red river flows his crimson streams
I’m sobbing; I’m cradling him and shouting “YOU CANNOT DIE!”
Then I whisper…come back to life “Johnny, please, Johnny please"

Unnoticed to me, the stillness returns once more and then a paper…a letter… silently
floats to the floor
It’s the words like bullets that hit me, penned from his wife…
“I love you so much, the war will be over in just a short time; make sure you come back to me…
Come back to me alive”

Copyright © Michael Smith | Year Posted 2011

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    I am the Unknown Soldier, i stand guard here on my own.
    For those who fought for freedom, but never returned home.
    They lie where they had fallen, in everlasting  peace.
    Long since ago their comrades, who prayed by unmarked graves
    Did speak in truth of valour, displayed on battle fields.
    And i, in silence listened, bore witness to their deeds.
    Now they speak with reverence, of human sacrifice.
    And poppies tell their story, of days when reason died.
    Come the hour when bugles play, The Last Post, rest in peace.
    It is my solemn duty, to bear each soldiers pride.
    They look and say it's raindrops, when tears weep from my eyes,
    For those children of those children, of those who came before.
    I see great sadness and respect, bring comfort to their souls.
    Then as the setting sun goes down, i stand vigil all alone.

    8 / 29 / 2017.     

Copyright © george seal | Year Posted 2017

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War is suffocating.
You see them run through a line of fire.

You wonder will they survive and then, you see others die before your eyes.

You stand and shout to someone familiar but no response came.
Therefore, vehemently you ran to not bleed again.

Would you make it out of this alive or would you die trying?
You would not remember either, when the life is taken from your eyes.

Stay positive!  Stay alive…

User Name: Verlena
Pseudonym: Oblivion Dark Sunshine
Motif: War (Epic)

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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the world is burning

The peace the darkness has brought is shattered. 
the world is burning
the light has slaughtered many. 
Taking the souls of the living and the dead; Trapped they seek escape.

Freedom to run, freedom to fight, freedom to live
 By knife and claw, sword and fang, the taken souls fight their chains.

who shall free them from their suffering

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

Details | Personification |

I am a Savage, Sir

I am a savage sir,
and I really enjoy killing...
There is really nothing better
than pulling out my knife.

I am a warmonger
and I train the other savages.
I've built up a team.
It's called "Run For Your Life".

Have you a wife, sir?
Have you a wee wife...?
I would run my knife right through her heart.
She wouldn't have a life!

I am a savage, sir,
and I would kill you twice over.
Look at me, you coward, look!
Ha!  Deadened you, you jerk!



Contest  - You Say You Want A Revolution

Sponsor - Debbie Guzzi

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2017

Details | Personification |

dark grip

the dancing discouraged his grief as branches under the sky of a fireworks of war 
forged by then the caterpillars and the bees 
take the nectar sweet flower of the sins they stay at home as the war steadily 
creeping bitterness among the clouds they see
 The move in the dark grip

Copyright © veerle heyninck florimond margriet | Year Posted 2011

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War Stories

May Day, acid and the National Guard
You tell it so well, you tell it so hard
The dream, the trip and peace rallies you stress
We've heard them before selling war stories for less

Rinding in cars and running in the street
Locked behind bars, afraid of defeat
The dream , the trip and peace rallies you stress
We'ver heard them before selling war stories for less

You've fallen, get up and get out of here
Why risk being buried by the past many years
It's time for a change in you 'Little Boy,'
Pack up your bags, throw out your old toys

Why chance looking back when you're so far ahead
Go hang-up your hang-ups, awaken the dead
For the dream, the trip, and peace rallies you stress
All gone today and, people can care less

The Dream, the Trip and Peace Rallies you stress
Could have helped saved the world but 
our youth failed the test.

Copyright © Jack Kenny | Year Posted 2009

Details | Personification |

The Sword sorrowful

The sword  sat on Brigadier’s table,
thinking how she ate flesh of enemies
in the battle-field in bloody front-line

“I wish I could have change of diet
or just fast for  a few months to come”
She murmured to herself.

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

Details | Personification |


My Son came home.
For a well earned rest.
6 months he had served.
He was the best.
In his shining brand new jet.

He looked the same.
Childish face loving grin.
What did you do.
My fine young man?

I killed more than anyone.
I made the earth boil.
Hospitals, churches, all succumb.
To the dropping of my bomb.

But my son.
We raised you to be loving and mild.
Not to be a ravaging evil kind.
How can you do these terrible things?

It's OK Dad.
They are not real people you know.
Only fodder.
For me to blow.
I am doing my duty.
To God and King.
My orders are kill everything.

You are no longer my son.
I renounce you.
For what you have done
God will not forgive you, nor I.
You are covered in blood and sin.
You rejoice in it  within.


Copyright © Norman Purvis | Year Posted 2007

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War, a fairy and dreaded guest
Visits hosts with clenched iron fist
Red eyes to observe extended family
And deaf ears to hear songs of tears

On his back he carries hoe and spade
To prepare new homes for his hosts
Dogs with him to scatter feast-bones
Cameramen to decode and deny events

When war relaxes on visitor’s seat
Women, children begin to count stars
Plants start to enjoy their floral rights
Brutality of the hoe, cutlass vanishes

War, the vicious and carefree visitor 
Stings with venom of no known cure 

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

Details | Personification |

She looked down

Dressed in snow-white gown
cloud looked down
the ragging battle field
Seeing blood flowing as river
she tied round her waste
the beautiful gown
and fled beyond the skies

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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Ridiculous Picture War

Photos bomb social media. While Terrorists destroy livelihoods. War rages from within. Crashing rathe upon distant strangers; us... Pictures reveal this through social networking. A quite distant war becomes real—too extents. Photo bombs drop atop crooked faces. Suicide bombs disfigure and gravely injure a far out man and a groovy woman. However, These groves are not so far out. Closer to home than the television thinks— Maybe more problematic than depicted and possibly more galactic than photoshopped. What is their left to do with this distant war? Sir War, her majesty, governor of terror like substance—ruler of all. King War . . . Master War . . . Will you bow your heads to such ungodly deity? Or Will you fight for your mental pictures of believed righteousness? Let's take this down to size and ask me (the writer) what he would do. I would photobomb every picture possible until everyone around me cannot help but to smile and laugh. One thing I know for sure I would not do is... Never would I ever bow down to Master War. May 29, 2017 Contest: Form P Sponsor: Broken Wings

Copyright © Ir0nic ZiNk | Year Posted 2017

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War isn't just fighting for freedom,

War is a inportant way to solve matters

between countries for the shedding of

blood for mercy to win the battle of courage.

War isn't just for the freedom of our country

Red_  Faith

White _  Courage of the heart with love.

Blue_  Believing in the people behind you with love.

it's to protect us from tourist from other countries.

War is just a big battle over freedom, courage, and


7/14/06 copyright by: MIKE MILLER

Copyright © mike miller | Year Posted 2006

Details | Personification |

The Iron Bride

Perspiring smith 
stares with pride
at his newly wrought
iron bride
the device of death
his means for bread

Hung on the wall
in its scabbard
lined with gold 
glittering hazard
beauty its name
fear its fame

Drawing blood
cutting veins
sharp and brutal
red with stains
wielder cheering
end nearing

Rotten red juice
dust and decay
sweating grips
death and dismay
end of a battle
her sisters rattle

Journey to home
long and dry
the iron bride
won't see the sky
a long night
till another fight

Copyright © Onaiza Khan | Year Posted 2017