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A conceited spring leaf, with pride in its heart


Its vigor and its beauty


The tree, how important it and its sibling leaves were,

And that without them naked the tree would have remained

Having no 

Foliage, that so majestically the tree had dressed which, not only  
Oxygen supplied to the tree 


Also protection from the wind and for the birds a place to

Make their home.  

The tree, after the leaf its long monologue had finished,

Turned towards it and asked with a sardonic smile:

“Where would you be, my newborn friend, if I were not 



To provide, my branches for you to grow on 


Nourishment from my roots that are hidden in the

Ground? *

© Demetrios Trifiatis 
    12 MARCH 2015

* All stories I write with such dialogues, are the result of inspiration. 
If, however, the story is not a poetic one, Please, blame me and not 
the inspiration!  

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2015

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Forgotten umbrella

It sit's there in the corner on a sunny day,
wondering why you don't take it on a good day.
It waits patiently for the day when rain falls,
knowing that's the day when you will call.

It gives you protection, from all life's extremes,
the deluge of water, and when the hot sun beams.
When life is easy, and breezy, or just mundane,
Do you think of the umbrella, or only when it rains?

God is not an umbrella, used only in an emergency,
cast aside, forgotten, unless there's an urgent need.
Remember him always in the good times and the bad,
leaving him on good days, makes him kind of sad.

John Derek Hamilton November 09,2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Said the door

Said the door!

The door SAID,
"I am tired.
Every day I get slammed in.
What am I just a piece of wood or metal?
Have I no feelings?
God forbids one of you gets angry,
you'll slam me so hard I fall off my hinges!
Then comes the thieves,
they kick me in!
What a set of rascals!
Most of all I hate those police squads,
they come with these big ugly pile driving things
that send me to smithereens.
Now the only people I will give permission to knock me in are fire fighters.
Them guys are always trying to help someone.
Why can you all be like them,
Help someone.
Matters not it's a bum, 
someone next door who need a ride to the grocery store,
whatever it is, 
don't think twice just do it."
© A. Juman The "said" poet       11/8/2015
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Copyright © A. Juman | Year Posted 2015

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One Enduring Stove

One Enduring Stove
A tribute to a major appliance

I am tough, hard working, good looking, and blend well with my neighbors.
I come in various colors with different compartments and choices in sizes
I am not perfect, because like everything else, I’m not made to last forever.          But just think about it; When have you seen me broken down and useless?

I will be there when you need me, serve you for years, and keep you fed.
I can be low tech or high tech; but I make you proud and happy regardless.
I am versatile, enabling you to utilize gas or electric; even wood if you prefer.

I have three good neighbors, one of whom washes after meals and one who refrigerates.  My other good neighbor is a friendly freezer who’s able to store food for a very long time.  I don't mean to brag, but if I may say so myself, I really think that I am the most important of the four of us.

Let’s face it.  When we are talking about gathering for the family meal, it’s me you think about.  O, you can smoke a turkey without me; but if I were you, I would not do thanksgiving without me.  I can bake, barbecue, boil, broil, fry, or even steam; I can also deliver it rare, medium, or well done.

I know that one can eat fruits, nuts, and  some healthy vegetables right out of their back yard garden; and there are many fresh things one may choose to eat without  heating or cooking.  However, if you really want to sit down as a family and enjoy a great and memorable meal, you really need me.

I know that I am primarily thought of as a cooking appliance, but that’s not all I’m good for.  In the winter, while I’m cooking your tasty meals, I’m also assisting in keeping your home nice and warm.
09102015 PS Contest, Any Poem Written On Your Birthday, Laura Loo, 4P

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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The Birds on the Farm

Ten years ago, there was a cock
Who lived up to his name.
For though he left us all well-fed,
He left the yard in shame.

Replaced was he by one who was
A very silly goose.
That goose got cooked; he cooked himself;
A danger being loose!

And with him was a vulture,
And that vulture sure was mean.
He swooped down, getting us in war
that plucked us all quite clean.

I could not rest until the two of them 
Were good and gone,
Praying I’d not have to watch
That grey goose on the lawn. 

Another - grinning, wrinkly-necked -
On TV bobble-bobbling,
Paced with worn-out rhetoric
He was fond of gobble-gobbling.

And by him was his sidekick,,
Female version of a “Quayle.”
I hoped inside the white barn
that chick would never dwell.

The other bird, a darker fowl,
“said” he didn’t want a war.
He was called by some a “chicken"
But at least cared for the poor!

So for November’s bird
He was voted on one day -
The turkey that was chosen
Before Thanksgiving Day.

Two years have past and nothing's changed
The same old cuckoo song.
And I don’t see a good bird yet
To even come along.

How sad there’s no bird like the one 
who from a forest came,
Then presided in the white barn.
Now a statue bears his name.

Like an eagle, symbol of
this stretch of land was he.
But since his time, few birds have flown
much higher than a tree.

It’s geese and quails and chickens
and turkeys growing here
while people on this vast great land
are filling up with fear.

I'd hoped our newest turkey were
an eagle in disguise,
and that he’d  get to take us soaring
into bluer skies.

For how much longer can our farm
keep running all amuck,
in which case we’re all better off
electing Donald Duck!

For Nate Dilt's "I Hate Politicians" contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Hypothetically Speaking Vol.III

If you knew my struggle would you try to 
convince me that I'm gone make it
If you knew how bad I was hurting would 
you try to take that pain away or just savor it
If you knew how much I loved you 
would you continue to do me wrong 
would you change your ways or press
repeat and play that same ol song
If you could grant my prayers 
just think about it, would you?
No matter what your friends say 
even though you had a rough past
would it cross ya mine that I'm
loving you unconditionally & true
If I showed you my inner self 
would you be able to handle it
or would you runaway and just be 
another statistic of my list of abandonment
Could I count on you to be as honest as me
would you think I was full of it 
when I say all I desire in life is just to be free
Would you care If I died tomorrow knowing
you didn't appreciate when while I was living
Would you try to understand why I lived 
the way I live with thanksgiving & repentance
If I told you the harsh truth of what 
I really thought about life would you 
or could you sympathize even though 
there were no more tears coming from my eyes
How would you react If I had to erase you from 
my life because of how you live yours 
would you plead wit me not to or just point 
me to the door.

Copyright © Corey Ross | Year Posted 2009