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My Anxiety

Anxiety can fuel a person with imaginations created from the darkest corners of the mind, overwhelming them with the negativities of the unknown. 
It is in those moments where it’s critical to take a step back and remember to breathe, to exhale the toxics fumes of what is known as anxiety. 
Thoughts of the uncertain tomorrows will only drain you of today’s strength,
reducing your functioning capabilities in the present moment whilst siphoning away your optimism. 
Anxiety by itself is nothing but a simple concern about the uncontrollable future; 
it is our reaction to anxiety that is poisonously damaging to our psyche, entrapping us in a toxic cloud of helplessness. 
Thus, alleviation from anxiety is necessary in order for us to optimize our functioning capabilities for today’s responsibilities.
Concerns and worries about the future will always exist but becoming overly fixated on them is what hinders our ability to be productive in the present moment. 
File away your worries about situations that are not under your control and focus your mind and energy towards the worries that can be addressed presently. 
It is only after you begin to chip away the outer layers of an onion that you will ultimately be able to target the core. 
Make the most of what today brings by using today’s strength to target today’s problem and leave tomorrow’s struggle for the tomorrow you; 
you are doing the best you can today and today…
you are productive.

By: Johnny K. Wong

Copyright © Johnny Wong | Year Posted 2016

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This Day

This is a day that I could have really done without,
Saying you love me and do this to me hurts no doubt.
   Day  after day I pray that you will please stop,
What pain you've caused me has taken all I've got .
   I love you and adore you but it seems not to matter,
Still you continue to hurt me leaving my heart shattered.
   You come to me with words I have only  dreamed ,
But what they were meant for was to hurt me it seems .
    Never  have I seen a woman with so much hate ,
Taking revenge on me by disrespecting me till it hurts.
    True I have  waivered with my troubles with trust,
The one thing thats important and this is a must.
     There are no more words or sayings that will ever work,
I have tried everything  I know giving it all that its worth .     
     To the day I die I will never understand why ,
The woman I love does everything to make me cry .
     So this my dream to be forever with you ,
Is only nightmares for me  and dying is all I can do.
     This a day I surely could do without.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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Constant state of denial

I've thought of it, I've been thinking about it for a while
I actually do live in a constant state of denial!!

Giving each of you a chance to make yourself better,
Thinking you'll propose your invisible warmth to me through that awaited love letter

It's me who needs a reality check it's me who has to have an understanding 
Live and let live is just an average human slogan, life is far more challenging and demanding

What I've come to realize is that I'm not at all what i always think I've been,
No one has ever actually understood my struggle no one has been that keen

Let's wake up tomorrow with the pledge to be that legendary champion,oo mind and body of mine;
Tomorrow is a new day, let the past pass away, let your true self come out, let your charisma rise and shine.

By-Syed Waleed Shah

Copyright © Syed Waleed Shah | Year Posted 2016