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A Stone's New Home

(an Ottava Rima)

The cliffs are towers here; one mere stone am I. Boulders all around me. I am on my own. Someone picks me up and raises me up high. How blue appears the sky as I'm being thrown! Skipping over water, I'm free; I can fly! Dropping into sea. . . . Am I again alone? It's mushy where I've landed. . . . but I can see way down here are beautiful small stones like me!
For Brian Strand's Contest: UP TO TEN LINES any form/theme Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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I am a Swallow

Turning and dipping in graceful, acrobatic flight,
my spirit soars against a sky brilliantly blue;
from these heights, I view life in its completeness,
its complex boundaries and limitations sharply defined.
I maintain my composure, calm and unruffled by the storms . . .
I sail above the strife where the sun spreads warmth upon my wings.

From this lofty perspective, I watch over my dearest ones.
This clear air provides treasures of wisdom, beauties like the facets of precious jewels,
sparkling with the vibrance that makes joy complete;
I glean and feed them to my little ones,  giving them nutrients to enrich their minds.

Home is my central focus. 
I learn and implement all that I can to make my nest comfortable and complete,
a rich environment for growth. 

Do not intrude; I protect what is mine.

© May 11, 2015, Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2015

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Vintage Retro Period

Vintage Retro Period

As for our periods of furniture–
not sure if Vintage Retro's one!
However, since I spanned so many years,
it seems to me this should be done!

My influence can still be seen in homes.
Some people often think it strange,
to cling to my old Vintage Retro look
and never want to make a change.

So pleased my unique period ruled well –
for thirty years I did endure!
My decades had a flavor of their own– 
so powerful was my allure!

My special time was dominated by
the colors green, orange, and gold;
Formica, Lucite, vinyl, walnut, chrome – 
outstanding – very sleek and bold.

My Vintage Retro period – well-loved 
by most – did fade away, its true.
Still Retro-furnished homes are so enjoyed
by visitors who get a view.

My long-remembered items bring a crowd
at Vintage Retro store displays! 
The prices paid are unbelievable –
so pleased I'm worth much more these days!

To prove my point, you might take time to see
the photo grouping up above!
My Vintage Retro gems still grace their home
forever more for them to love!

September 14, 2015

Contest: Punctuation Personified
             Theme: Period Furniture
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi

Note: Vintage Retro means actually made in '50s, '60s or '70s
The term Retro by itself can mean old but also newly made to look like old
Vintage Retro includes: Mid-Century, Mid-Century Modern, and Danish Modern styles


Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Vase in Point

You chose me.
Picked me up 
this delicate shadow thin glass vessel
in some antique store by the Asian docks.
Paid for me with peacock feathers and a slice of the star I still see from my window.
Gift wrapped in a shoe box
filled with foreign headlines steaming newspaper ink.
You poked holes in the lid
with your old brass house key.
What a walk home we had that night-
you whistling that tune...
What was it?
That Spanish tune you always sang?
I knew your voice as the first fingerprints of love.
The ships set sail to lapping water on barnacles
and you took me home to candlelight 
and the smell of fresh bread for your dinner.
The poor man's meal.
You unwrapped me and I smiled at you.
My first smile - so wide I almost broke my glass skin.
You filled me with violets and sank bubbled water in my throat.
An evening to remember as my first purpose in life.
Perhaps I mourn you still,
as I get passed from hand to hand
as your family heirloom.
They'll never know you as I did -
I hold your last fingerprint inside me, unwashed, untouched
excepting the last violet stem you graced me with.
You began my history, and I am the end of yours.

Copyright © Tatyana Carney | Year Posted 2006

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The Poor Dishwasher - Contest

I am here behind a closed door
Looking clean and gleaming
Oh my what is that smell I just got a whiff
smells like curry hope I am dreaming

They won't knock of the excess from the plate
The rice gets in my tubes and makes me hick up
The smell makes my motor lurch
Before you stack them, I shout, scrape it off

In come the dishes and bowels they used
Nothing is worse for me than cold curry for sure
Stuck  to the plates , my work will be hard
Why don't they eat jelly, so soft so pure

Oh they turn up my programme
Will be sweating in here
All they needed to do was, rinse  off the debris
Life would be simple why don't they hear.

Ok sauna here we go,round and round I spin
Geez I am dizzy, rice everywhere
Every orifice it can get in
No thoughts for me the worker, they don't care.

My work is done 
gleaming dishes once more
My head is still aching, 
Please, no more dirty dishes to abhor

penned 10 September 2015

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2015

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Trying To Find Home

This is one poem in the collection. They are a series of poems that tell a story. The story is about a war. A battle between wills and power struggles of any type. In this poem series  fairies fight for for the sake of  sanity. Making life livable even after human traumas. It is the will to survive when chaos seems to be in control. Escapism is the only way for survival of the life in a spirit.
The Fairies bring joy, wonder and a grasping of imagination in order to smile and appreciate innocence in a world of bleakness.


“Awe,” the radiance; so bright.
Then, follow it, with all might.
The road course shall lead by day
Rocks, turns, stickers and curves
Climb anyway…


My prejudiced thoughts;
Lofty visions of you.
Fiery images deflect a golden hue.
Imagined you, bronzed, dazzling, and vein.
We danced; then came the rain.


Caught too long there.
Idol thoughts; so dear.
Washed away; with my tear.
My arms bound, and mouth sealed.
Woven. Hey! What’s the deal?


OH, My God! I’ve Been Caught!
The coven’s web intently taut!
The feast I am. His delight.
Oh, fairy friend! By the firelight!
Here I am!


Now the spiders home virtually unseen,
Vaguely tucks into that corner beam.
But, see the dim light, growing so bright?
A fairy severs the silk, so tight.
And, falling from the web of fright.


Still arms tangled by silk threads
Pushing out bracing the fall
The spider and the fairy brawl
Wham, Bam, to and fro, from the deathly fight they bow
Looking, whom’s, my fairy friend? Noticing it must be Joe.


Underneath the spider
Joe waves thumbs up, You’re alright!
Now run like hell! To the light!
Run away little bait!
For, the fate of the firefly might be too late…

©2010 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved FS

Copyright © Bonnie Jennings | Year Posted 2016

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My Old Home

The dust has all but settled
let me go get the broom
sweeping off the back porch
and that old sitting room

Last night's wind storm was mighty
it nearly blew me far away
the foundation was a crumbling
as the house just swung and swayed

The timbers they were creaking
the tin roof has sprung a leak
the shutters all are broken
for a moment it really looked bleak

But that old building has survived
worn and weathered but tough
it stood up tall and fought
when everything got rough

There's so much beauty left
in this old home of mine
I believe I shall be loving her
till the very end of time

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2017

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            AT HOME

It is a long time; I left home.
   It was dark and there were no streetlights.
      I thought to live better life far away from my home 
       And failed to come back.
      My home was valueless to me
      It looked like a village yesterday, 
     It is a simple town today, 
And it will be like a paradise in the future.
The bees bit my brothers 
And sisters when they were looking for the queen bees.
They worked hard to develop farming.
      Yesterday it was traditional farming, 
       Today I can hear about modern farming, 
       Harvest honey from the backyard beehives 
     Without stressing the bees,
   The drinkers start drinking real lemon juice 
And proper honey in warm water.
At home,
Life is hard everywhere; 
Living with the bees, 
   It is so hard. 
      Life is like the game, 
        Life is hard work, strength is life, 
        But the weakness is death. 
     It is better to die in the field – battle. 
   A man who does not remember his motherland,
He is a slave.
I feel shame to go back home; 
I feel that everyone is talking 
About me behind my back
   And no one like me.
    Many people heard about the development of
    My mother country, and they wished them well. 
    They are ready to crown the first winner.
   Many people compare me to a lazy man
Who abandoned his native soil.
Friends learn how to find 
The hidden treasure
In your hometown.


Copyright © Alfonso II Warally Chris | Year Posted 2017

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Yoo Hoo - Is Anyone Home


Look up from your tablet ---

Neighboring trees
are tapping, ringing,
asking for sugar.

They just want to say:
“Howdy! Good Morning!”

They shake their leaves
with big wide grins.

Almost too much
to take in the a.m.!

And you notice,
like a childhood dream,
the whole wide world
is peeking in.
You throw open a door
to the rushing feet
of a brisk wind,

your guest so forward,
it turns your cheeks red.

Yet,  you welcome
the gesture of warmth,

grabbing your blanket,

and a piping hot
cup of strong Kona.

Looking down once again
at warm and brisk words,

that steam up spectacles
peeking through
a tablet’s window pane,
wondering if I can be seen,
my nouns and verbs smiling at you.

Kim Rodrigues© 2016

Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2016

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Home Again

Sun from the window, shines on my grain
My faded patina, now gleaming with pride
Broken and shabby, after years all alone
Once stored in rafters, so lost and afraid
You have dusted my cobwebs, and glued my rails
There was love in your touch...since the day you unveiled
That hiding place in the damp attic gloom

Long days of neglect, days of disgrace
I've been rescued from loneliness of that dark silent space
A remnant of childhood, from your days long ago
You have restored me to life, to be worthy and new
Do you remember the songs, that she hummed to you?
When she rocked you at midnight, under a velvet moon?

While you dusted my bones, and shined my face
Did your memories fall back to that magical place?
Where the world was your oyster, with childhood charms
When you were held to her breast, in soft loving arms?
Sweet nights spent together when the world was kind?

Now the rhythmic thump of my rails on the floor
Will return all those moments, to reflect on once more
You will feel on your face, and I on my grain
Sun's warming shine through the window glass pane
Wherever you are, that old world, or new...
      To be home again, is to belong here with you....

Written for Matt Calliri's contest  "Speak, Chair, Speak"

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2009

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The Ride Home

The melon yellow sun, burns through 
the winter forest,
backlighting it in shades of gray and mauve,
causing retinal flashes;
impeding the forward progress of traffic.
Car headlights, string out across the vista 
of days end, like reminders of Christmas past.
Red tails flare, as the iron horses baulk 
at fallen limbs, left by the last winter storm.
The air is heavy with 
the monsters mechanical breath.
And, within the belly of the beast,
behind their lensed lids, condensation forms.
Frost, smeared by the fingers 
of its symbiotic masters,
make the lifeless quadrupeds appear myopic,
As they rush frantically forward into 
the on coming night.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2009

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Fly Home

Crippled by knowing
Freed by a barbed wire
Gashes in my skin
Flight is difficult

But I fly.

Sinking with the wind
Bound for the trees
I sing 
But not a happy tune

A cracking sound
A gasping breath
Quickly I sink
I want to go back.

But I can’t.

Visions appear
Did I make a mistake?
They let me out
After all.

Maybe this time
I really am hurt
Change my course
I’ll sing louder this time.

But they won’t.

Hopping back home
I can’t see it.
Paused for an eternity.
Dirt under my toes.

Red water around me
It’s broken.
I can’t fly home.
I’m sorry I left.

I’m sorry.

Copyright © Tammy Armstrong | Year Posted 2005