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Feel me like an autumn breeze 
Dancing easily through your thoughts
Let me stir that hidden part of your soul
That part that you've forgotten long ago 
Experience me, deeply breathe me in   
Attempt to capture the essence of who I am 
But know that you will never pin me down
For no one is able to capture the wind 

Be ignited by the flames of my passion
Frolic in the radiance of my vibrant colors
Let my heated whispers call out to you    
Embrace me, and slowly remove the layers 
Leisurely explore every subtle nuance
Attempt to discover my deepest secrets
But realize that you can't fully know 
For no one is able to grasp a fire's glow  

I am waves of pure intensity   
I'm sincerity, passion, pain, and pleasure
With glimpses of clever, reticent, and demure 
Swim into my crystal clear epiphanies 
Bathe in the spring of my sensuality 
Drink and be refreshed by my offering 
You'll never grow tired of tasting me
For I am timeless .  I am Poetry

Copyright © Becca Teagan | Year Posted 2017

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Snow falling—
Feathers escaping from the pillow-heaven
Confusing the air
With the steadiness of a stampede
Advancing, clinging, smothering.

Snow falling—
White fleecy lambs atop every protrusion
Sleek ermine boas
Draped upon the naked arms of nature
Bare of their green velvet capes.

Snow falling—
The spatula of wind
Smoothing mounds of marshmallow frosting
Billowy swirls
Of whipped immaculate splendor.

Snow falling—
Obscuring the drab tired earth
Her deep wounds of time
Dissolving shadows of other seasons
That Spring may arise again.

Sandra M. Haight

~2nd Place~
Contest: Seasons
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Judged: 01/05/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Trills tumble through an air long silenced
warbled melodies enlighten the palate 
whistles delight but fly off to the thistle
freighted by the frigid speak  
amongst the downturn of the day
where blue skies lost their way

Memories of warm caresses
sing along in forgotten dreams
eclipsed heat of destiny
dealt away behind a curtain
draping naked rays of beauty
relegated to shroud in faded grey

Faint knocks of glory soon heard
where smiles seep in secret
gone but not forgotten
under blankets of hope
a moon struck douse of patience 
left to awaken another day

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2016

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I get a glimpse of you A soft hue of light lavender rising in my dawn gliding fervently in sun-kissed breeze An ephemeral beauty enchanting the depths of these caramel eyes flaunting your gossamer wings in whimsical ballad sprinkling ethereal dew upon the embers of my heart And I feel it,a florescent flutter tickling my bare shoulder a slight inhale of fragrance's breath lingering within my thought chasing the back of my neck,teasing in wistful wonder My blushed smile preserves the moment Of your tender brush across the silk peach of my cheek Of your fervent kiss fading in evanescent bliss and unspoiled warmth of ardent touch upon my hair My heart capture the seconds till those iridescent wings fly high in sheer splendor to crimson blossoms which bloom,which sway which bleed and bend,which wrap their thorns around my feet,around my hand So,I would not follow dreams'coloured pastels So I would not run to you,and I would not find you by Spring's muddy gardens,in the faraway land. Contest : ' In the Faraway!!!' sponsored by G.Veneto Inspired by love and nature Written by- Charmaine Chircop

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2013

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Solemn Seduction – for contest

soft winds are swallowed
by my wings
as the breath of lovers

unblinking eyes seducing
prying truth from camouflage

rotations of twist top head
listening for the silent
in silence

clinging to a white birch perch
moonlight’s searchlight
shifting shadows
of prey

soft wings and sleepy eyes
floating focus
beneath the star strewn sky

talons tensing in descent
without pick-up line
the owl’s loft
for dinner


submitted to – Owls Personification form – Poetry contest
sponsor – Eve Roper

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2016

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I met her  in a pawn shop on a warm summer night
When running from the rubble of  my shattered life
To sell a broken dream that would never come true
An engagement ring to pay for the rent that was due

There she lay sleeping in a battered rosewood bed
Heart strings breaking in a rusty sea of velvet red
So hauntingly beautiful, she took my breath away
Violin - an old reject who would change my life that day

So I bought Violin and lived out on the street
And played Rhapsody in Blue as coins fell at my feet
And soon we had a  little flat high above the Bay
And every day, I got better with every note I played

Today I am a maestro playing Carnegie Hall
My name in lights blinking on a Marquee Wall 
For it was I who saw myself in Violin
A tarnished soul and the beauty buried there within

Author:  Elaine George
Written:  2013

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2013

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The rushing wonts of action render these happenings unmovable,
These feelings, passionately felt, to dull words ill and strained
She clings, my koala, with chocolate eyes pining for my green
Though each time she lets me go, she leaves me docile and pained 

Once before I claimed her; yes, she did not turn away from me
But instead gazed on how the breeze could sway my branches
I wanted my bark to secrete the sweetest tears,
So she would know how eternally I yearn for her glances

For it is she alone, who can consume and digest my poisons
It is she alone—besides the sun—who gives me reason to stand erect

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2015

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I am the wind You cannot see me ,but you can feel me breezin' gently through your hair Brushin' slightly across your cheek Whisperin' softly 'neath your ear I am the wind , whirling , howling roaring fiercely against the desert sand which sifts silently through the hourglass of your soul. I will not fail you, nor leave your side till you smell fresh rain again and soak under cascading waterfalls. I am the wind ,extinguishing wild fire which scars the lifeline of your palm. I am the wind , blowing fragrance in the honey of each meadow where you lay down beneath a half sun . I breathe warmth where your cold fingers gather forget-me -not petals, that fall ever so slow with every drip drop of my fluetish tapping sound. I am the wind , I will carry you to places , far... I'd tickle your lips with fluttering feathers of early doves that soar above your mirthful past. I'd strip your thought bare till I touch your heart. I am the wind wafting by your pillowcase I play within your dreams ,with each seductive move I capture the hour of a star. I linger in the depths that once were dark I pour rose-scented zephyr in the alleys of your night Then I leave , I leave to return closer Closer enough to let my song reveil your sight. For Personification Contest ,sponsored by Lewis Raynes.

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2015

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I was born one day with the glistening sun.
Mom says I am her baby and I have a name;
One of twelve called Cygnet born amongst leaves,
Dad has taught me how to swim and in two days I could.

I am not much to look at right now,
But one day I will be a majestic trumpeter swan;
With white elegant plumage, powerful and graceful,
All day we drift on a slow, undisturbed wetland marsh.

Mom and Dad showed me how to submerge.
I love to eat underwater plants and small fish;
Life so far has been peaceful but one day I will fly.
I weep when I think of leaving my beloved swan family;

Silently we float along in harmony and love,
But I am just a little baby dreaming in the nest;
Just a baby who loves his truly beautiful Mom and Dad.
Oh, and I love my siblings too and the other drifting swans.

May 9, 2015


Swan meaning - true beauty, power of self, love, grace

For the contest, Picture Yourself a Bird, sponsor, Andrea Dietrich

Fifth Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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Lovely lily, you take my breath away I just have to tell you how much I adore you. The moment we met I could smell your sweet scent so fragrant and alluring. I looked longingly at your svelte body, so tall and elegant with long arms outstretched holding such beautiful blooms. Standing in the daylight I saw the sun shining on your beautiful face; you turned to bask in its rays and cute freckles appeared on your skin. I watched you flirting with nature and you blushed bright pink as you swirled your pretty party dress and danced on the summer breeze. 09~01~16 And in words she blooms Contest Sponsored by Casarah Nance Stargazer lilies are one of my favourite flowers and grow in pots in my front garden – sadly with the high winds we have experienced recently all the petals dropped in 4 days.

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Slipping down inside a crystal chandelier 
red rouge cheeks running on through
breathe  as visions settle in my mind
you're just a little bit of nutty 
with an apricot perfume
quite exceptional  I do say
a kindred spirit bouquet

Teasing along the tip of my palate 
caramel gaze of grandeur glows
as you kiss my parched lips away
partaking a perfect compliment 
in every simple way
sparkles spill in anticipation
topping off a pleasant kind of day


Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2017

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The visitors arrive and I must bear
Their comments, not that I really care.
I stare at them as they would stare at me; 
Until they break the ice, act so beastly.

Listen to their litany of abuse,
"Look well, her eyes are closed, having a snooze?"
"Isn't this an invert of a known painting?"
"Nice auburn hair though she looks like fainting."
"Not as good as Mona, now that's a dear."
I cannot understand why they come here.

They dare compare me to that wanton lass
How many men know she was sick, alas.
Finally they leave except for one man.
His love for me I know return I can.
If it were in my power down I'll come
Leave this mural, on his lips kiss him some.
Da Vinci paints our love and endeavor,
Happy; we'll be each other forever.

Placed 1

180 syllables – Couplets  - Personification
She Sits Alone - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Eve Roper 

Written 5 August 2017
Posted 7 August 2017

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2017

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Young girl can't you see your beauty and your worth you have so much to offer to 
this world your beauty shines more than the diamonds and rubies combined why 
are you hiding it under all this raggedy shoes.

Turn away all those blues and make something of yourself use that brain for some 
knowledge and power.

You must not realize how much respect you can get with all that wisdom and how 
much you can take with you.

Physical beauty may fade but your innner beauty will always be the same as long as 
you allow it to stay that way be determined, be motivated and fight for what is 

Don't you see what you are robbing yourself of the value of your worth and the 
precious knowledge that lives in you the beauty that has been inherited in you 
speak positive over yourself.

Speak love, speak joy, speak dominion, speak glory speak all of this in the name of 
the Heavenly Father.

He will be your navigator, your rock and your protector.

So he will make this ride smooth sailing but remember that it may get bumpy along 
the way but he will be there to help you get through it.

Copyright © Quondreika Cheatham | Year Posted 2011

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Sitting in a rocking chair
Staring out the window
The old man thinks quietly
Of all the people he used to know

He waits for someone that will see
And want to know his history
Cause from his window, the old man stares
For someone who knows him, and might even care

He thinks of the day when he will die
A few people will show, but no one will cry
People wonder who the old man is
But no one knows of the life he lives

He imagines all the things he would like to do
If he had a normal life like me and you
But every day he stays at home
Tired, weak and all alone

Copyright © Steph Gibeault | Year Posted 2017

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She walks in the beauty of the silvery moon
Her glow enchants the magical night
Light radiates as she dances the heavens
She entwines our souls within hers
Keeping an ever watchful eye 
as she races and glides
Over the star lite night
On the breath of the wind she swirls
Her colors of silk brilliantly weave
Patterns across the hemisphere
Creating grandeur illusions 
When morning comes she slips away
From  the covers of a new day.

Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2015

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Just to touch the untouchable touches of reality’s toughest fingers prints 
Touching the untouchable weakness in multiple personal splashes 
The year has been a nightmare with no blankets
Birds get shot down with no mercy mistaken for nightmares
Rulers of rules hidden in hells’ only passage
Smelling power armpits
Coordinators of exposed blood suckers in gallons
Chaos now rule confusions

Slam you slam the slammers

The holder of telephonic microphones for decades
I am your seed nevertheless you hardly eat my healthy streams 
Can i slam your slams slamming all forgotten slams

The chimney in my neck is about to explode dark smoke
The only soap washing illegal sniffer dogs 
Nostrils that sniff private conversations
Wrap it and send it to majority of non-gifted slammers planting fast paced maturity
Drag the slam down your throat like murdered lyrics choked on purity 

The sickest abandoned words spraying choir practice effects 
Lyrical birds slam pages flipping wings waving brave slammers
Sheltered in the nest of fame chasers 
Apologies packed in jeans 
Truth compete on fashion parades

Lies are rated the greatest fashion ever designed
Models dress in scams and sexy metaphors spitting rudeness by force
Conscious is tattooed and spared for black days
Spoken word my shampoo
The only soap cleaning dirty secrets 
Life’s only barefooted spoken words typing injured bangs

Reports glorify honesty 
Speaking prophecy prophesy corrections of spoken slams  


The road rage winner awarded for speeding corrections 
Just to trace the untraceable touches of reality’s complicated fingers prints 
Moving the untouchable weakness in multiple personal splashes 
A drop of a burning smile heals a heart broken angel
I salute as you slam doors on spoken corrections                                                                                           
(c) Ray

Copyright © Raymond Ngomane | Year Posted 2014

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Copyright © Quondreika Cheatham | Year Posted 2012

Details | Personification |
The heart of the sea is a mother's heart
She is the great ancestral mother of all life on the planet
Deep within the mysterious waters of her womb
she conceived and gave birth to the first life form
which evolved into more complex organisms
that live on the land and in the air

She is an essential part of the planet's ecosystem
feeding the clouds which bring rain and snow
that sustain life on the earth
Through tiny ocean plants and photosynthesis
she removes carbon dioxide from the air
and converts it to more than one half of the oxygen
in the earth's atmosphere

She is the great food provider to the planet
having her own internal food chain
with tiny phytoplankton at the lower end
and enormous sharks and whales at the upper end
She feeds creatures from the land and air 
that venture to fish in her waters

She is a thing of beauty even in her enraged fury
with massive waves towering over a hundred feet
and the seething white foam of her waters
This has been her action
even before the advent of man on the planet
Man must respect her behaviour 
or suffer death and destruction if he does not

She is a thing of beauty in her calm stillness under the setting sun
which lights up the evening sky in its glorious splendour
and paints a glistening beam of light on the water's surface
in line with the sun and surrounds it
with brilliant colours of the rainbow

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2013

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Oh how this bodice is dressed in taffeta, Lined with hundreds of lavender pleats Spiraling, drooping, whirling All over my voluptuous contour … Bare these limbs grinding on soft moss To tap among rustled displays From many a lovers’ heat to children’s romp. I gaze at my long tresses hung by threads Of July frills, combing the strands Delicate as clusters in a spin that ignites The evening air, the lush of daylight’s vine… And like Kojin in a free-fall prance, I cascade Through a mantle of grass, my arms floating Over wisps of mildest pink, of boldest lavender; Then to curtsy in a prayerful Shinto bow Under heaven's marquee where my chants about lonesome tales are hushed in secrecy. At nightfall, stars circle my lit frame, The aroma of wisteria's mint huffs outside my pores and unto an earthy glow; Young the nippled buds swelling in lusty dusk Till I gently writhe as a mystical shadow of the woods. ...................... SPRINGTIME STANDARD CONTEST ~ The wisteria tree is packed with an assemblage of purple blossoms, falling in tapered clusters to symbolize a kneeling pose of honor and devotion based on Asian folklore. ~ Kojin: Japanese Tree Goddess

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

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War is suffocating.
You see them run through a line of fire.

You wonder will they survive and then, you see others die before your eyes.

You stand and shout to someone familiar but no response came.
Therefore, vehemently you ran to not bleed again.

Would you make it out of this alive or would you die trying?
You would not remember either, when the life is taken from your eyes.

Stay positive!  Stay alive…

User Name: Verlena
Pseudonym: Oblivion Dark Sunshine
Motif: War (Epic)

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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I fly up so high
floating in the sky
watching below for my prey
If they knew they'd fear
for them death is near
This is part of natures way

I make my attack
hit the water smack
With my talons grab on tight
The pike in my grip
it will never slip
It is trapped within my might

Trying a form Dr. Ram's explained called an "Alouette"

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

Details | Personification |
It is strange
how things that we see
and take for granted
in everyday life
should suddenly instil
in our minds
a new awareness
of their presence

A silent moment
a brief pause
from life's ever quickening pace
a moment of peace -
in times like these
a common thing
like a dried old tree
becomes alive with beauty

It stands like a quiet sentinel
who has witnessed 
many an event 
through time
Time has passed by 
but it remains 
silently standing there
O Tree!
What secrets do you store
in your noble branches?
How many events have you recorded
that man knows nothing of?

In your younger days
when you wore your mantle of green
you nested the carefree birds
to their offspring
you gave protection
When the sun scorched the earth
you gave them cool shade
On a cool windy night
you gave them warmth
How pleasant was their song 
to your ear 
as they sang a song of thanks
to you

You were a playmate to the children
When they romped at your feet
or climbed on your branches
you smiled
Time grew older
and the children became lovers
You saw them kiss in your shade
soft with the light of the moon
The aura of their love
touched your leaves
and you blushed

they have all gone away
but you still remain 
silent sentinel
still waiting and watching
How many untold events 
have you witnessed
faithful keeper of secrets?

O that my soul could commune with you
and share of your rugged beauty!
Most Noble Tree!
forgive me for my
once-waxen eyes

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2013

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Blooming before us, like dandelions sprouting in the spring.
Rising above and beyond, invisible during the day,
  Guardians at night.

Dangling up high as if it were puppets.
So close, mountains could give a kiss away.
The Stars dance and wiggle, as if putting on a play.
Clouds form a dark, grey, thunderstorm,
Clapping and roaring vividly, like an applause.
The wind glides along in appraise.
The moon shivers and squirms, it smiles upon the stars.

A shooting star evolves, 
Leaving a trail of the dreams that sparkle in the dust.
Feeling pure joy, the
Moon erupts into a wall of tears. 
Water breaks the bond of the dreams attached to the star,
It slowly sinks down into the homes, in the rooms, 
Into the minds, of the beholder.

 It has now lost its dreams.
The sun is rising, and the star at once must become invisible,
It now must start over and watch from above like a hawk.
It now must watch the lives of everyday people,
And become one with the beholder.
It now must take dreams and guard them with its life.
It now must take on its duty as a Dream-Catcher.

Copyright © Angel classified | Year Posted 2014

Details | Personification |
The sunset bids 
quick goodbye.

It leaves behind
Orangey-red days,
Light-grey shadows 
That slowly dip into one's mind.

Copyright © hija de la luna | Year Posted 2014

Details | Personification |

Out in the open meadow 
Swaying in the breeze
I am a wildflower 
Living a life of ease

The seed from which I grew 
Was blown here by the wind
It landed on the earth 
And that was my beginning

I am watered by the rain 
And fed by the earth
Each of them is dear to me
My life depends on both

I have two faithful friends
Who come to visit me
One is a pretty butterfly
The other is a honeybee

I feed them with my nectar
And then they fly away
I tell them to come back
On another day

I am bathed by the sunshine
Which makes my colours glow
It keeps me nice and warm
And also helps me grow 

My beauty is free for all to see
Even a little child
I love the life I am living
I enjoy being free and wild

wildflower - a flower that grows wild and free

I have added three more verses: (verses 4,5,6)
I had removed them to meet the contest requirements.

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2015

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I know I'm surely not the most beautiful tree
For my leaves and form are really quite plain
All year I quietly stand and bide my time
In the fall I bear fruit, the waiting not in vain..

Finally my branches yield globes of green an gold
I bear their weight with pride and such delight
With reluctant pleasure at last I let them go
My yearly efforts a beautiful fall delight...

The season passes and comes the rain and snow
Then it seems in a much different role I'm cast
For a lovely partridge on my branch will perch
And just perhaps I am really beautiful at last......


Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2015

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Rhiannon, Celtic Goddess of the Moon, with your silver hair
That flows for eternity as on your beautiful silver steed speed
Across the huge sky; you use your beauty__ men to snare
How you've lured men for centures and their minds ensnare

Rhiannon, Celtic Goddess of the Moon with flowing silver hair
Without a care on your beautiful silver steed ride on into eternity
Drawing all men, trap__luring to come and gaze with ease
Looking into the night sky they see your beauty as you ride by

Seemingly on your silver steed you rear up and stars
Flow into your trance and around your body they follow
Captivited by your beauty and magical pull into moon glow
How you have lured men for centures and them ensnared

Rhiannon, Celtic Goddess of the Moon, with your silver hair
That flows for eternity as on your beautiful silver steed speed

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2010

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Completeness present in thy whole soul
purest it from fully present all,
elf creature by chance on earth
antique moment, thou simply took birth,

Wild eyes rough as gods,
equal thou beauty goddess, failing all odds,
wasn't earth fate to get thee,
but for us all, left thou fairy free.

Go goddess go ! fled to thy fairy land
or penetrate simple in light deep sand,
As this earth not for thee to dwell,
or ring to call you up thy eternal bell.

as these earthly creatures might sight the deep
or in thy odd compartments might they peep,
go to the heaven or near it,
or they escape thy each fairy bit.

akash sangwan

Copyright © Akash ripper | Year Posted 2014

Details | Personification |
I Am An Eagle

I await the first light of dawn
preening and priming flight feathers.
And prepare to mount a thermal
so I may soar above the heathers.

A red sun sears the horizon
as darkness gives way to daylight.
And as night shadows disappear
color is restored to my sight.

I flex my wings to greet the wind
embracing feelings breezes bring.
And stretching my eagle talons
I feel as regal as a king.

I launch myself into the air
to feed on the injured and weak.
And thus allow species to heal
by always staying at their peak.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |
Moon of the night,
I wish you could sing
You're indispensable to my being,
You guide me through this land,
of sparrows and nightingales,
over the bottle-green grass,
rain or shine or snow;
You're there every night
and the wrens sing to you, 
contemplating you
and pondering on their thirst; 
and in your eyes they see, 
a lovely face, 
for you have a face, 
like all moons, 
sometimes different
but you have one face
A face that illuminates.

Copyright © Ivo Cosentino | Year Posted 2014