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Ding Dong The Wicked Witch is Dead

Globally, miners jubilantly jump for joy
Smiles on the faces of every girl and boy
The grins of a newly opened Xmas toy
Thatcher’s dead.

Trade unionists bounce along the street
Music blaring and the tapping of feet
From nurses to Bobbies still on the beat
Thatcher’s dead.

Street parties announced in the nation
Satan who brought economic inflation
Is deceased, now’s the time for elation
Thatcher’s dead.

Its times like this I’m sad I’m an atheist
And can only shout and wave my fist
And then go to the pub and get pissed
Thatcher’s dead.

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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Some Limericks...

She’s out there chasing a cricket

Through bush, through shrub & through thicket

Together they hop

Fugitive, cop

But when she gets it, she just wants to lick it!

A cat whose vet took his eye

Just cannot quite understand why

His eye’s been enucleated,

3-D vision reduciated,

So now, he keeps an eye out for an eye

Ya gotta keep limericks loose

Think green eggs, or perhaps Dr. Seuss

They’re structured, it’s true,

But they’re also a zoo

Whose tenants are all on the loose!

I frolic in fountains of words

Overflowing with serious absurds

Each poem I write

Wakes up and takes flight

Joining angels and faeries and birds

You ask that we write a good limerick

How to do so, I haven’t a glimmerick

So I struggle and frown

Teaching  poems to clown

So a smile on your lips will be shimmerick

A cat with a mouth full of mouse

Brought her feast right into my house

She played with her food

Who was not in the mood

To be a banquet of mouse in the house

The nightmares that shadow my sleep

Stampede the proverbial sheep

Right out of my mind

When I try to unwind

I find my appointment with sleep hard to keep

In her search for original truth

She met people unsavory and couth

She knitted and purled

But only unfurled

Yarns told by new age and old youth

Cat, suddenly pink,

Drinks her water from out of the sink

She looks so absurd

Since she’s been de-furred

I really don’t know what to think!

If one and one is two and two is four,

And there’s only two ways to go through  a door,

Then, is earth up or down?

And, where is down town?

These are questions we need to explore!

A was that is an is

Tried to mind my biz

But I sent it packing,

Its presence was lacking

And I don’t have time for such shiz!

A couple who lived in Los Lunas

Loved the wide desert sky’s crystal blueness

They’d stare at the air,

Over here, over there

And rejoice at the feeling of newness

A cat with a very fat gut

Found it easier to walk on his butt

He’d drag it around

Across carpet and ground

And use it to slam the doors shut

Said the Missus to her dear Mr. Otter,

“There’s something I think that you oughta

Do before we get old

To protect us from cold –

You oughta make the hot water hotter!”

The ghosts who live up in my attic

Make noises that sound much like static

I’ve tried to send them away,

But they’re here to stay,

Those staticky ghosts in my attic

Copyright © Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson | Year Posted 2007

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Thanks. You are Souper!

I thought I would just say
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

For all of You Souper people are 
In my estimation, the ones who care.

It is wonderful to have your comments, too
When I write something here for all of you.

The joy of reading your works and words
Goes well beyond the things I've heard.

And in the short time that I have around you
Friendships through words abound, too.

I say that you are the cheeriest bunch
With whom I have never sat down to lunch.

But I'll say a prayer of thanksgiving for all
And hope that the Lord hears my call.

For tomorrow when we remember the good things in life
I'll count all of you in, with a thought none too brief.

With you I feel like I am a true part,
So, I say "Thank You All, from the bottom of my heart".

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part VI

Water licks your feet
Far cry from the beating sun
Desert sand to sea

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part I

Gathering grey clouds
Whip crack of frothing thunder
Is this Africa?

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Going Home

What is it to see the soil of home again?
A welcome, snow-struck and a return
To cold; sharp white contrasts sunburn.
We converse in broken tongues to men

We know, hooked on holiday language
Comprised of wandering hand signs.
Collect the car and pay parking fines,
Drive through towns and over a bridge

Until we reach the Western gateway.
Oh when will we arrive at our house?
No camels there, only field mouse
Which are eaten by our cat anyway.

The plane flies for an age, slyly yawning
Through the stretching, pealing sky,
A knife through air; what it is to fly.
Our travels over; a new day is dawning.

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part II

The Med between us
The gusts make me think of you
Storms... it’s just like home.

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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Clean Slate

driftwood drawn words~
sandy slate washed clean
under  waves of the sea.

Copyright © Patricia Sawyer | Year Posted 2008

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Forking River Dam, Illinois

Forking River Dam, Illinois

Forking River 
Forking Dam 

John M went camping and took his friend Timmy. Off they went to the Forking River Dam. They 
went to the Forking Campground near the Forking Dam. They decided to visit the Forking City. 
They had to go to the Forking Market. It was near the Forking Gas Station closer to the
Forking River bending near the Forking swamp turning into the Forking Quicksanding place 
there where they turned off the Main Forking Road. They turned Forking right there. There
is a 
Forking left turn as well but they had to get to the Forking Store. They bought some
Forking Beer 
made in the Forking Brewery. They were still in Illinois. Forking, Ill. Ill is the
abbreviation for 
Illinois, so we aer all Forking, Ill. For now. The men were Forking camping so they bought
Forking beans made at the Forking beanery. The Forking Meat CO. provided. The Olympic 
branch of the Mount Olympus Water CO. Donated the Forking Water. They went to the Forking 
River Motel to steal the soap and the towels. They paid for the room and took two Forking Dam 
showers. They kept the Forking Dam Ashtray. It has a picture of the Forking Dam River. The 
Forking Dam Police were searching for the Forking Dam Campground to arrest the Forking 
men. They were not from Forking at all but just out of townies they had come to Forking
Dam to 
Fish for Forking Fish. They went to the Forking Boat Dock and rented a Forking Boat the
Man in charge of the Forking Boat Dock said you out of townies speak with Forking tongue. But 
money green in Forking Dam. Good to see you Forking men. The Men in Forking Dam City are 
Forking gay. The Forking City Future Club is Oddfellows Hall. 
Eye am Forking, Ill. From all that Forking Fish they gave to me the nibbles and the bites
the love 
all tied up in Forking Ville. They said that visit day is FrYdaY at the Forking Prison
Institution they 
have a Forking Fish fry for religion they want me to go to Forking, Ill. And visit.

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2008

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Poetry About Poetry

Shades of color bounce within
Singing their hues dancing in place
Vivid lines colored outside
Rules broken with empty space
A midnights dream heard and seen
Gleaming from the twinkle of a eye
Wings touched flown and plucked
Gliding like a bird up in the sky
Wishes from pennies thrown into tears
The reservoir over flowing with pigments of pain
Drowning from the shadows 
The flood paints the day
Words speak volumes of silence hidden
Their sounds blind to what they see
Mirrors of nouns and verbs 
Their meaning and secrets lost at sea
Emotions ruled by laws of language
Spelled in boxes of glass
Melted from sands inside
That voices strangle to grasp

Copyright © Justin Robbins | Year Posted 2011

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H  aiku,maybe a monoku
A  n acrostic or two
P  astoral poems,perhaps
P  erceived ,just for 
Y  ou

N  arrative vignette
E  kphrasis,you bet
W  ith honour & a prize to net

Y  our words in verse or
E  pulaeryu
A  contest to celebrate and
R  ing in the new

Happy 2010 to everyone who supported my 2009 contests.Thank you

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2009

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Ischchaduta II


This is a new word in the name of the Infamous Pinkee....I still say that it should be
added to the British and/or American Dictionary!  There is an ongoing campaign to 
implement this change fore it is detrimental to the survival of the total alphabet system.
This, I do in the name of the Pinkster....The only problem with this word is that it's spelling
seem's to change every time that it is used, according to the setence structure. I bet that 
Scholars' will fight over this for years.....

Ischchaduta (ish-chc-duta)

Ishchehaduta do what you want
I can ish-chu-data
The way that I feel
I can isch-cu-duta
When I finally need a break
Or climbing up a hill
That's that old isch-ca-dut-a
Some-time's it could kill
I can isch-chu-du-a
When I'm eating a steak
I can even isch-cu-duta
When it is all just a big mistake
That's the chance we take
I can ischcu-duat
When I say that I love you
When I am alone and feel blue
I truly isch-ca-duta-doo
Especially for you
I can isch-cu-duta
When I am talking on
        The phone
This is the making of
When I just want to play
           All alone
I do seem to isch-ul-ax
When I just want to relax
I isch-cc- to the max
When it is time to pay
The "ISR" their tax'
I ischu-duta-day
In such a seriou's way
As a fact of the matter
I wish that I could Is-cha-duta
         Again to day
Only this time that I ish-co-duta
It won't be for play


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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Copyright © Marie Harrison | Year Posted 2010

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Christmas Celebration

Make Merry!
Put on Your best dress!
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Make Merry!
Kick up your Heels!
Rejoice! Rejoice!
It's Christmas Time!
Kick up Your Heels!
Put on Your best dress!
It's Christmas Time!

Copyright © Patricia Sawyer | Year Posted 2008

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Holiday Tag " thank you Linda "

What will i write
For my Poetry Soup Tag
It's about holidays
Which we all think are fab
There is so much choice
Many places to go
You can head to Aspen
For the Colorado snow
Or even the Maldives
To enjoy the heat
It's such a wonderful place
Delightful people to meet
But, if its rain you want
Scotland's the place to be
Believe me
There's plenty to see
Or you can spend time at home
On Poetry Soup
Where you can comment and write
With the Poetry Soup Troop
Or even better
Take your kids to a beach
Watch them smile and play
Keep them well within reach
But, what ever you do
When your holidays come around
And where ever you go
Please be all, safe and sound

" Thank you for the tag Linda, and i now tag Carolyn "


Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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A Holiday Wish to My Super-Soupers

This is to all you lovely folks, who have become such an important part of my life, 
although I'd like to single out a few special folks- Sharon Weimer- everyone's No. 
1 favorite poet and friend, Christy Hardy, John Heck, Ruby Metzger, Farah 
Chamma, Sara Lokken,Catie Lindsey,Laura Mckenzie, Rhoda Galgiani, Patricia 
Adams,Wilfredo Deriquito, Jack Reed,Sue Mason, Sandra Hudson, Carol Brown, 
Karen O'Leary, Vince Suzadail Jr.,Heidie Buys, Elaine George, Teressa Harr-
Pena,Maya Kaabour, Susan Trotiner,Zeina Kasawat,Chaney Short,Michael 
Jordan,Sean Kelly,Peggy Bertrand,Troy Jeremy Nelson,Joseph Spence,Patricia 
Leonitis,Rene Bennet,Erin Conn,Julie Bristow, Josie Whitehead, Brian Strnd, 
Rhea Daniel Dear,Adell Foster, Marycile Beer (what a lovely name!), Patricia 
Contreras, John Loving III, Sandy Schermerhorn,and all the countless others, 
please do not feel slighted if I missed your name...all you Soupers are super.

Happy Holidays!
Your poetry does amaze!
I'll be reading it,
And enjoying it,
Until my final days!

Best regards to people who have become so important in my life, and inspired 
me, amazed me, soothed me, and made me smile.   tom

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2007

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What is Gluttony

Gluttony like Greed
Excessive desire of Food or Drink
Part of7 Capital sins or 7 Deadly sins
Jesus Christ requires one to confess

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2011

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T'was The Night Of Thanksgiving

(Humorous silly holiday poem)

T'was the night of Thanksgiving,and I couldn't just fall asleep
I tried everything I knew,even trying to count  some dumb sheep,
But nothing happened and I was getting more angry and mad at myself,
The leftovers were still on my mind and my stomach went just bleat!

I jumped over my bed and I raced to the door with all my power and might,
And right in the kitchen I landed,where some food was still on sight,
My heart beat it so fast like a train gone bad,when I saw all the turkey leftover galore,
White and dark meat were waiting there just for me, to my profounded delight!

There was cranberry sauce,apple pie and the most wonderfully sweet, pumpkin pie!
My heart aglowed and my mouth watered all over in front of all this sight,
For there I saw some chocolate pudding just sitting upon  a tray,
So I gobbled and gobbled, till I thought I couldn't see another new day!

I felt myself swelling up all the sudden, right to the size of the house!
Then I heard this  terrible noise,and I've just burst and rip off my blouse!
As I went off straight to the ceiling like a Speeding Gonzalez balloon!
I felt again so sick and so big as I went flying right past the face of the moon

But I still managed to YEEELLL to everyone in the whole town,
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!and pass me all your chocolate PUDDING! Please!



Dorian Petersen Potter
aka laydp2000


Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2008

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New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions made the first of the year,
vague and illusive, significant at the moment
but fleeting as foolish, idle thoughts.
"Absorb and observe" sum up my needs
as I become an element of wherever I am;
perceive the aura surrounding me,
enjoy the soft rain, the warmth of the sun,
the fragrance of nature and its untouched settings.
I will walk and feel the earth under foot
trying to put my thoughts to words as I
seek to become as one with the setting.

Copyright © Charlotte Zuzak | Year Posted 2008

Details | Epulaeryu |

HolidayTreats (Epulaeryu)

Chocolate cheesecake, tasty
Cherries jubilee,
Yummy sweet potato pies,
Fresh baked apple crisp,
Mississippi cake
Great tasting

Copyright © Adell Foster | Year Posted 2007

Details | I do not know? |

I saved Christmas

When Santa Claus came down my chimney, I thought he was a robber.
I grabbed my baseball bat and old Saint Nick got clobbered.
Santa had some compound fractures and he kept saying ouch.
I made his deliveries while he laid on my couch.
I climbed on my roof and got in his sled.
When I told the reindeers to fly, Prancer kicked me in the head.
I delivered the presents all around the world.
Because of me, there were a lot of happy boys and girls.
The next year I asked Santa for a new bowling ball because I love to bowl.
But when I checked my stocking, I saw that the fatso gave me a block of coal.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2007

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Christmas came from Jesus

If Jesus hadn't been born, we wouldn't be celebrating Christmas.
He came down here because he wanted to save all of us.
If he hadn't been born, there would be no presents under the tree.
Christmas came from Jesus and that should feel us with glee.
I have something to say to you and I'm going to be frank.
When you get your gifts, you should remember that you have Jesus to thank.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2007

Details | I do not know? |

R U thankful?

R U looking forward to carving your turkey with a knife?
R U thankful for the things you have in your life?
R U thankful for all that God has given to you?
Being thankful will put a smile on your face when you're feeling blue.
Go hug your family because they should be adored.
We all have lots of things to be thankful for.

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2007