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Ode Spiritual Poems | Ode Poems About Spiritual

These Ode Spiritual poems are examples of Ode poems about Spiritual. These are the best examples of Ode Spiritual poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Ode |

Lady Of My Life

Her heartbeat echoes like a love moan in my mind,
summoning centuries of refined romanticism soulfully enshrined,
the contralto of her voice a fillatio upon the cock of my consciousness,
through her eyes I see that mystery is the Mistress of meaning beyond regress,
my manly mouth serenades & suckles the rosy pussy of her prophecy, homage cunnilingus,
revelations irresistible in their heretical invigorations excite our imaginations
as we fornicate a ferocious forsooth soothsaying love's reincarnations,
a vignette of virility forthcoming from fate's far side fortifications
presents a primal promise in paranormal inceptions,

Premonitions primitive in heart heat paint
streak the skin of our desire to design an indigenous heaven,
flesh tones warm fast and feral revealing a vitality of spirituality that tongues detonate,
the Univetse blooms into a Multiverse as she spreads her spell of star spice scintillation
onto my ripened body rendering her rites fertile in rich freight, 
within the brain's wildfire I feel her unction,

Becoming the shaman of our secret skin ceremony
I invoke the spirit of solar youth into veinage voracious for passion's patronage,
sanctifying the unifying lust between the bodily and ghostly unlicensed liberty,
shadow temple of temptation gives offering of blood and song from astral page,
death dream extremes fire hot ejaculation of divine vindication into cosmogony
as she and I have won our now with a win over age,

My Love Muse is more than a woman
she is a savage seduction and a sacred sweetness,
a Goddess of her own Cause...a lover known as Poetess,
her name changes from lifetime to lifetime, yet she is always beauty shown -


Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

For The Beautiful Mystic Rose

In many ways, you are immense,
Prevailing in your purpose,
Radiating all shades of Love’s perseverance
As mysteries unfurl 

You are restful,
Peaceful, and undulating with a deep desire to teach
Heal, and inspire

You arouse the senses with your fragrances,
The spirits of old heeding along the waysides
The quiet, silent souls nodding in affirmation
“Resilient, meek, and elegant is she,
Giving and gallant in Love’s guiding wing!”

The mighty Lord smiles in agreement,
His beam lighting every shaded flower

For in truth, every precious petal of hers
Draws these hearts nearer
To the root of her works
To the splendor of her unique magic,
Towards Love and Grace

-this was inspired by Mystic Rose’s  recent series regarding Love- 

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

Immanuel, God With Us

He came to Earth in human form and the Earth shouted sound the alarm, for our Lord and savior has been born. He came to save mankind, although He was here for just a short time. For God so loved the world He sent His only son to turn man from sin and be a shinning light for everyone.

Your light will shine, all He say to do, is to love your brother as I love you. You see the Grace of God comes through His Son and He offers life eternal for anyone. Now He was trying to show man God's perfection but the flesh is proud and hates correction. When He tried to teach this they nailed Him to the cross, it seemed all was lost.

Then He shouted, It is finished and no one could understand, that it was all part of The Father's plan, so the gift of eternal life could belong to man because man was under the law and could not stand, so Immanuel came to redeem man. He gave His life so we could live, through His love The Father can forgive because the wages of sin is death, and it's very real.

For darkest had come into the world and it seemed the madness would never cease, so He entered the world The Prince of Peace. Then He had to leave but He will return, He sits on the side of The Father and they are concerned, how long will it take for man to learn, while His flock patiently awaits His return.

Up, up and away we will go to a brand new life that we will come to know, and GOD'S Face He will show. With a Beautiful Life He has in store, Glory Be To GOD for Ever More

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |

In Reverence To The One Up There

How did we acquire the knowledge of getting food following all protocols and procedures of knowing when the Earth is in a fine mood to give a handshake of bountiful harvest? In search of knowledge and understanding man has explored Nature, down to its hood and due to his short comings, treated humanity unfairly and rude. Knowing the mechanics of an existing phenomenon makes one a happy and creative dude but having no idea how it even existed makes his understanding still bare and nude Under a higher authority, we’re all nursed be it a gentleman with the fine name-Jude or matter in a non-stop pause having no artery of sustenance like the wood Life and existence, wisdom and health, He’s the source Him- not even the microscopes can elude He is existing, everlasting and much more than a force He is no other than God and He is good.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

RIP Uncle - Ode to the late 'Vasco Lee Diah' 1948-2014

Illness we anticipate, but death we fear.
If dead, we cease to be.....
in total disbelief.
Swallows up life's brief existence.
Like summer gusts, so sudden.....
birth, then doom.  
One's beginning and end alone doth it declare.
But are we whole of being?
If the breath alone be 'life' itself,
If even a soul like Vasco can know death.
Oh man! Thou body wasteless.
With it's strange purposes and dreaded activities...
whilst he gazed on eternity.
Retreating slowly, with meditative pauses, he formed with peaceful hands unconsciously.....
and then, he was gone.

These costless expressions of my shadowy self.
Be sad! Be glad! Be neither!
There is no reason why!

Copyright © Carlene Simpson | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

What They've Done To Gary

What they've done to Gary is just plain scary. Global elites shut him up.Of their wicked ways, be wary.                                                                                                                       It is all in all,everything that they do,to try and scare me, to try and scare you.                     If they get their way,we'll all be shakin' in our shoes. If they can make us fear enough,they think they'll never lose.                                                                                                                                           For fear is their currency of delight,presses working over-time, ever in the night. Where their dark secrets lurk,hiding from the light.                                                                      With it they purchase hearts and minds, ultimately souls as their grand prize, To offer up to lucifer, in a scheme of grand demise.                                                                                                                                                        So take heart my friend and fear naught,but the Lord. This is wisdom's beginning, God's word, shield and sword.                                                                                                        Of this one thing be ever so aware, that those who hold God's spirit, they can not scare or make them slaves to the prince of the power of the air.                                                                                                                                              We, who stand with Gary, will remain strong and bold. Always doing what is right, not necessarily what we are told.                                                                                                 It is our one path to victory and bringing freedom home.                                                                                                                                                   Home, where our love dwells. Home. Dear, sweet home.

Copyright © John Carrier | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Ode To My Soul Friend

My gentle soul,
my shepherd in my solitary days.
Speaks to me each day.
Concerning my deeds committed.
I hold you culpable for all affliction. 
But I give you your due:

You are:

R - Rationale for my craving.
E  - Encyclopedia of my mind.
A  - Author of my life. 
S  - Specter that shows the way.  
O - Ode to my experiences.    
N  - Never-ending story.

F - Force that strengthens me.
O - Opulence of my character. 
R - Rudder of my ship.

L - Love that I never found.
I  - Infatuation of my heart. 
V - Vision that haunts me.
I -  Introvert within me.
N - Never-ending story.
G - Guest of my faculty.

You commit treason against human kind.
You are not visible to the naked eye.
You delve deep within myself. 
You are the custodian of my life.

Copyright © Sam Raj | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

FROM MY HEART: Ode to Everyone

A note to behold
That is strictly from my heart.

I am trained to have a little faith
Even when the night turns dry.

Maybe I am formidable to many course
But this one, I know is my call.

If at any time I will be retreating one
Not and Never will I quit my garden porch.

Even at the moment of inertia
My words are mine, not meant to be loosen.

If penury strikes me or I had a grudge
Not with my spare and axle of glory.

I may seems not to be buoyant before onlookers
But I  believe My knowledge are Mine.

If there is no two ways about this
Then I am a winner of all time.

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ode |

I Believe in God

I Believe in God
I believe in a higher power
I believe in that power to be greater than myself

I also believe in Jesus and what that means to the Christians 
And I humble myself by showing humility and respect to their spiritual leader and its people 
with a simple bow

I also believe in the Buddha teachings and what that means to the Buddhists
And I humble myself by showing humility and respect to their spiritual leader and its people 
with a simple bow

I also believe in Allah and in the prophet Mohammad and what that means to the Islamics
And I humble myself by showing humility and respect to their spiritual leader and its people 
with a simple bow

I also believe in Hashem and what that means to the Jews
And I humble myself by showing humility and respect to their spiritual leader and its people 
with a simple bow

There are many other religions and many other faiths. There is no right or wrong each of us 
follows a path that is best suited for a purpose. We are here not to ridicule or judge others 
but to assist our brothers and sisters regardless of ones belief or faith.  We are spiritual 
beings having human experiences. As soon as we recognize and honor the integrity of each 
other our world will change.

Copyright © Ron Flatow | Year Posted 2010

Details | Ode |


props for our Pastor to honor him for his anointing
to give him encouragement in his Godly appointing
to be a bride to the church is a Pastor's primary role
an Undershepard to his flock in the kingdom of saving souls
he's the angel of the church chosen by the Lord God
ordained and equipped to give the Gospel from the depths of his heart

props for our Pastor for whom we should always pray
to gird him up for the battle that he faces everyday
we're in the midst of spiritual warfare where every moment is a fight
so please pray for our Pastor morning, noon and night
pray that God protects him from powers and principalities in high places
pray that God covers him when he encounters those enemies with two faces
and when you pray for our Pastor also pray for yourself
that you will increase and be full of spiritual wealth

praise for our Pastor in his leadership capacity
praise for his sacrificial personality
he gives to his flock his all in all 
and for his congregation he will respond to every call
props for our Pastor as he preaches the Holy Word
in a prophetic manner never before heard
speaking words of power and revealing truths to authorities
as he proclaims the Gospel and how it came to be

props for our Pastor as he labors in word and doctrine
in a delivery of the Gospel of which he does not modify nor spin
he gives the full Gospel and testifies from the heart
he cuts down the enemy and deflects its fiery darts
props for our Pastor for his preaching and teaching
convincing and convicting us that the hand of God is all reaching
be one who inspires him for his spiritual calling
be a support to him on this mission into which he has fallen
and watch out for the goats in the midst of the flock
who are always butting in whether you want them to or not
be aware of the instigators, the agitators and the dictators sitting in the pews
lurking around like evil is wont to do

props for our Pastor as we protect and safeguard his back
for by the enemy he's constantly under attack
be one of the faithful few that keep gossip away from him
and use your spiritual gifts to shield, empower and defend
partner with out Pastor and help ease his load
be a compliment to him and his family as we travel this road
and also pay our Pastor so that for his flock he can give his best
tithe to the church and then let God handle the rest
with prayer, praise, partnership, protection and pay
props for our Pastor as we honor him this day

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2011

Details | Ode |

The Indecisive State of My Life

The Indecisive State of My Life
Like the rainbows of the sky,
Like the new moon before each month of Phoebe,
My life switches, dusk to dawn, dawn to dusk
I’m confused.

What is next? What coming next?
What is preset for me?
Will you answer, oh dear Forgiver?
Would you please soothe my endeavor?

I’m bit tired,
Nothing of my life expired, 
Still why do I feel like expiring soul?
Whenever there is a hope,
Few spaces to start or a little scope,
I feel like I’ve retired.

No one is touching my soul, 
Nothing is happening at all
Cause I don’t dare to do.
I really need some pace,
For settling down in this place
I look for a friend but don’t know who.

I love the evening sky, 
The scene when the birds fly to their nests,
I’m not so sure, where to go,
I wait to fly;
Just as the sun would lie
In the sea-bed after the tiring day.

Then only I’d feel
Why am I not standing on the hill?
Neither on my heel high,
Finally it pains,
My tender heart cries,
Who’s there to console my tries?

Copyright © Tasmina Hayat Khan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |


One day I was in New York
Quite close to Times Square,
I listened to a preacher man
With people gathered there.

“Repent” He said “Confess 
your sins”
“Because the end is near”
He’s right, I thought
Then off I went and had a 
glass of beer.

I went to bed, and then woke 
In the middle of the night,
That preacher man, I thought
Maybe he could well be right.

I’ll go to church next Sunday
And confess my every sin.
Cause if there is a heaven
Then believe me, I want in.

Next Sunday came, the weather
‘Twas the nicest day by far
Such a shame to waste it
So I went and washed the car.

I’ll go the Sunday after
His forgiveness I will seek.
I’m sure The Lord Almighty
Will wait another week

Next Sunday came, I did some 
That simply couldn’t wait.
The Sunday after, just the same
So was I tempting fate?

Always something else to do
As Sundays came and went.
And, sad to say, I must admit
Were always badly spent

This went on for weeks and 
And finally a year
Forgot about the preacher man
And lost my sense of fear

But one day I was out walking
When there came a mighty wind.
It filled me with such terror
I remembered I had sinned.

A great big tree came crashing 
And, it hit me on the head.
I floated ever upwards
And realised I was dead.

I thought about the preacher 
Oh dear, was it too late?
“Indeed it is” said St Peter
As he firmly shut the gate

Immediately I fell backwards and 
I thought
Oh gosh what’s this?
As I hurtled ever downwards
Down towards a great abyss

To my horror I could see
That leaping flames were lit,
“Oh help me, someone save 
From this awful fiery pit

Then bump, I found I landed
Upon the bedroom floor,
With great relief I realised
‘Twas a nightmare, nothing 

Did I go to church next Sunday?
Did I do as I was bid?
Ladies, gents, and children folk
You bet your life I did.

I knelt and I repented
I invited Jesus in.
He lovingly forgave me
And took away my sin

I’m happy now with Jesus
My Saviour and my friend,
He will never leave me or forsake 
He’ll be with me till the end.


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

The Needle Pushes: An Ode to the Pink Floyd Song Comfortably Numb

the needle pushes in her face 
a kiss and the wall scratches 
higher naked searching cracks
for an exit you scream soldiers
planes flash back and forth flying
a room fills with angry anxious
voices shadows growing tall
corpses rise flowers swallow
space white crosses over graves
praying mantis mothers explode
down the endless fluorescent
hall your lifted into the 
long black limo ripping worms
from your face

Copyright © Alex Roth | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

An Ode to Mother Kali

Dark and fierce She wears her pose, but
Light and compassion is Her real core – Dusky Mother.

The skulls She wears are neither human nor of demon, but
Of countless Egos slain and Souls freed  – Enlightening Mother.

The blood she drinks is not to quench her thirst, but to 
Save the world, from blood-sprouting evil - Warrior Mother.

Spouse nor beloved that She tramples down, but
Unwelcome male dominance she crushes to dust – Undomesticated Mother.

Nose rings she deems noose to her freedom;
Wanders She, the worlds, eternally untamed – Uncontrolled Mother.

She is the creation. She is destruction.
She is timeless and She is the time – Eternal Mother.

She projects the universes, and the delusion of many, but
Expects Her children to discover the unity and attain liberation – Loving Mother.

Mantra and Tantra may lead to Her boons, but
Love and surrender are shortcut to Her heart  – Merciful Mother.

We are She and She is us, but
It is our ignorance that makes Her She, and us we.

Through Love, meditation and surrender, let us become Her and She be us – Kali Mother.

Copyright © Anand Pilaka | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to the sun that does rise from soil

In angels walks and heavens gardens they do not see thee,
Mystic realms of galactic suns have nothing compared to your simple natural beauty.
From darkened soil your soul is born,
From within mortal lands comes springs flowering dawn.
Petals softer than silk I do admire thee,
Thou dress is always more elegant than she.
To be alive is a wondrous thing,
For gazing upon the birth of a simple spring time seed always makes my heart sing.
For even in heaven they have no soil or earth,
And so only in life can we see such beauty like that of the soils flowing sun upon its birth.


Copyright © Damien Biggs | Year Posted 2017

Details | Lyric |

Ode to NM

She say her sh is so cold it belong in Alaska
Well guess what, here I am, Alaska
I might even let her hit that, if only she ask, ah
See I know her as my Goddess, my idol
Here to stand for y'all as perfection, role model
Her purpose is to raise us once more to follow
But some of you just stand there empty, like a cave, hollow
So raise your voice and bow your knees
do as she says cause she's the Queen
do as she says, do what pleases
I can command you cause I'm her priestess
So fall to the floor and know your true purpose
Realize who you are, and that she's our Mistress
She is our Lady, our Mother, our Goddess

Copyright © Alaska Brant | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |

Ode to Life before and after the Lotus

Ode to Life before and after the Lotus

Just a flower soon to wilt gone back to the soil
‘who are you when men and women rule the world?’

‘I am beauty, a sacred Lotus and hold the spirit of
wisdom intelligence and knowledge. My center is
partially open for awakening of your lonely heart’.

‘Joy, beautiful spark of divinity’ meditates through
lost journeys when you pause to look at the flowers.

29th March 2017

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann | Year Posted 2017

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Noon i say an ode to Muscle Shoals

At noon i say
evening midnight
n' all of the day
Your Light rolls o'er me
River of grace throws in some moisture
to this clod of dust
A creature comes out of the muddy clay
The voice You gave it
reverberates reaching up
saying in You Lord I trust
harnessing rejection
to the right inflection
Just as Your prophets gave pen
Handy gave them blues a note
A magical mix of seeds
add in some Allman slide 
n' ya got a muse that goes into
the caverns of the heart
n' also straight to the throat.

11/30/2014 Duncan R.M.Ferguson 
note: "noon I say" phonetically in Native
 means " the river sings"

Copyright © Duncan R. M. Ferguson | Year Posted 2016

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Enlightened I, Look Beyond

Enlightened I, Look Beyond

Cacophonous chatter reverberates down congested hallways
Human minds stir anxious thoughts
Yet amidst the scattered, clouded banter
I force myself to read on.
The world spins on, a chaotic top
Trying not to fall off the coffee stained table, I breathe in
Snow white corset pulls tight digging persistent daggers
To taunt skin, clung to sore screaming ribs
Eyes blur to printed words
Ponders wander behind carefully edited pages
Earthquakes rumble shifting tectonic plates within my brain
Steady the queen,
Forfeit a few pawns to disastrous tremors 
Continue on, dead set center of the hurricane
Enlightened I let in the light
Elucidating my next move 
Peer into the future
Do not ignore the present gifts
Have faith, My Child, for when you believe you’ll find 
Sanctuary is within the groove

Copyright © Summer Washko | Year Posted 2017