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The Lamb that can Roar

The Lamb that can Roar 

Stop being a lamb child!
Or you will get hurt,
Be the lion that disperses it power,
Do not show the dainty hoof, 
Show the paw with claws that tear through every verbal contusion,
Young lamb, listen to me now,
Now is not the time to be timid or shy, for now it is the time for you to fly.
Little lamb you have left your herd, 
Little lamb now you can be burned,
Little lamb do not let them shear you,
Be the lion that growls at the blade,
Claw your way through the pastures of maim,
Little lamb it is time to be tough, to grow a thicker wool that will not buff,
It is time to stop pretending little lamb, 
A lion can roar, growl, and bite, claw their way through the night.
You do not need a herd to protect you little lamb, you can protect yourself, 
All you must say is "I am."

I am strong.
I am brave, 
I am powerful.
Beyond maim.
Maim will not tarnish my frail hooves,
My wool will not be taken from me anymore,
I will no longer be available to the shearers who harmed me.
I am no longer Mary's little lamb, 
I am my own lamb,
I am a warrior, with thick skin,
One who cannot be penetrated from within.
For the time is now to unleash my claws, and tear through the holes that made barred.
No more little this, or little that,
For now I will be referred to as Lion,
Lion is powerful,
Lion is respected.
Lion is not afraid to take a stand,
Lion will claw,
Lion will bite.
Lion will not let any razors, or blades come near his golden fur,
Come and try shearers, since you have found me, come try to take my pride away, 
Come try to strip me of my self esteem,
Come try and take away the only air I breath.
Come try to take my armor,
My mane away!
I am putting my beastly paw down, 
I am roaring at the top of my lungs,

No longer am I minuscule, or a lamb that toddles about.
I am a lion with fire bursting at my seams,
I am concealed, I am protected.
No longer do I have tuft white wool,
No longer do I have a tight blue ribbon on my neck, 
The ribbon is shredded!
No one will try to knock little lamb down ever again!
I am little lamb, and I god damn will be respected by the shearers, and the world.
I am.
I am little lamb,
Wearing my.

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to my Chiro

My body’s friend, the Chiropractor
gives me exactly what I’m after.
A reduction of serious pain 
in my skeletal frame is my aim.
To be enabled to be able
keeps me mentally stable.
For years in my pain, Doctors said “no don’t go,
those Chiropractors are your foe!”
So doctors fed me pain pills and charged me too much,
talked of expensive therapy, operations and such.
Possible fusing could be motion  losing.
The therapy never did the trick,
And the pills just made me sick.
So I tried to be believing and nice,
but went against the Doc’s advice
because I could barely walk
and had to work, 
my body in shock.
Saw that Chiropractor, took his advice
and at a very reasonable price.
That was my first whose name was Dr B. 
He helped me immensely.
The pain left quickly. 
I was no longer sickly.
My current Chiropractor uses an activator,
He’s a dedicated rejuvenator.
A friend recommended him twelve years ago,
For needed maintenance, I still go.
So many times to my elation,
he’s saved me an operation,
because of the sensible characteristic,
That his Chiropractics are holistic.
Doctors have their place and if it needs be so,
My chiropractor will tell me to go.
So Doctors, curb your pride and make the confession,
CHIROPRACTICS  is a Most Noble Profession !

copyright : Written by Robert A. Dufresne 7/23/11
( A heart felt thanks to my Chiropractors, Dr B. in Vt. 
   and  Dr. R. S. here in Florida. God bless you both. )

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2011

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“Abandon ship and from her flee
Better her than all be lost to sea.”
“First Mate, be rendered silent,” is the captain’s plea
“Dear crew, I beg, depart not, stay along with me.”

But Admiral calls from ships numbered three.
“Leave Elpida alone, and Captain, for drowning.”
Then company vanished, quick as a wink.
Left small, untested sailboat to sink.

Night reached down on vast ocean’s face,
And soon sea’s swells were by darkness embraced
Light blazed cross the sky, wind roared from the heat.
The blue’s anger and rage against terrified vessel did beat.

More and most fiercely Elpida battled the deep.
Up ‘til the moment Earth sunk in her teeth.
The storm screamed on, endless as the heavens are deep.
And for half a score years, the sun, from Captain's eyes, night did keep.

For two times for every five, did the captain despair
Lost upon foreign soil, abandon by fleet out there.
To stumble upon natives, fate had it be.
An amiable bunch, again the odd number three.

To restore broken vessel labored the four
Sew up the hull, repair ruptured floors.
And for time, two times, and three times more
Toiled this group ’til there was work no more.

And the sun, as, of course, it would be
Broke the horizon and bore new day on the sea.
Set the deserted again to conquer the deep.
No armada to accompany, but lone Captain, no fleet.

And now, even now, sails Elpida Berregin.
Meeting new worlds by way of the sea.
In all her travels she met again her former fleet,
But Captain did not the Admiral re-meet.

For they had become galleys of ghosts;
Galleys to whom the dead were tending.
Offering up a prayer, Captain took his leave,
And having left, returned to journeying.

“Abandon ship and from her flee.”
Perhaps they, but never me.
Elpida Berregin, mighty galleon proved by sea,
A crew member, forever yours, will I be,
And will serve your Captain most faithfully.

Copyright © Jonathan J. | Year Posted 2014

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I had to wait
Until I could write
Without shedding a tear
But, alas, that time will never come.

I hear a noise
I look around, she won’t be there
She won’t return
I have to accept 
The finality of her death.

She was everyone’s friend
She loved people and 
People loved her in return 
Strangers would talk to her
No matter where
As if they knew her for eternity.

Her family always came first
No matter the pain she felt 
She had a need 
To keep pain to herself
She did not want to worry us.

She made my life whole
She gave me two wonderful children
And she always gave of herself
She was a bright, caring, compassionate soul.

We loved each other
Without ever a doubt
 We made each other happy
We were a good, complete couple.
Now my loving partner is gone
She will not return
I have to accept 
The finality of her death.

Copyright © Leonard Kleeman | Year Posted 2013

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Solitude: To Yoda, An Ode

Green bark a prism creates,
Feel the pull of earth, you must.

Rotates, a slime of endless hates,
Can hold me not, this world’s crust.

Friendship’s ties, isolation Deflates,
Succumbs, my spaceship, to bitter rust.

Mist, my soul forever permeates,
Lift-off, booms the rocket’s thrust.

My spirit when light returns, elates,
Swamps swell, swallowed hope’s swirling dust.

Trapped, I am, until student from fate
Arrives to learn; Cloud City or bust.

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to Joy Life Brings

                                         Ode to Joy Life Brings.
                                              By: Kitty Jones

The pain the sorrow
I’ll get over tomorrow
Oh what joy life brings.
Here today
Gone tomorrow
In my life there is no sorrow.
I try to be insensitive
To all you’re wants and needs
And when you have an open wound
I try to make you bleed.
What is hope?
What is laughter?
What is happily ever after
The pain the sorrow
I’ll get over tomorrow
Oh what joy life brings.

Copyright © kitty jones | Year Posted 2013

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Under My Skin

I wonder who I am sometimes, what seems to be a universal phenomenon. As everyone remains looking to be someone other than themselves, because those who are themselves are persecuted and dreams hung on the cross by society.

But as I wonder the colorful atmosphere of those around me tend to judgingly remind me exactly who I am and what I’m capable of accomplishing. 

Because they assume before they even get the chance to know me, my story, why I act, talk, or dress different, why I smell another fragrance, perceive, taste, and feel the world inversely. 

Under my skin they shoot before they ask, a trigger finger itching as the deadly explosion blast piercing the body of another innocent soul. Slavery is illegal now but we still hang.

Hang pictures up of loved ones taken through an unjust act, if you listen closely you can still hear the sound of invisible shackles as I walk and fall to my death…click clack, clic clac, click…a heart beating but dead now the heart no longer beats…

Under my skin if I put my hoodie up I might as well wear a mask, to hide the sinister agenda people assume I carry. Sometimes I just want some shade to block out all the negative rain on a summer day.

And when I succeed they assume I’m cheating, because my plateau has no high point or high ground. I’m a flat line, dead to success, and they put me here.

It’s a little misleading when all your hard work just falls off the deep end, because they look at you as if you have a red hand or you’re the bandit.

And if I bought it I could never own it because under my skin without acting I’ve already sinned.

How can you win when you can’t control the end?

All I can say is never stop praying and keep grinding until the end, because God controls the future. So never let someone else control you through “You cant’s or you’ll Nevers.”   

P.S. I am black lives, THIS IS JUST A POST SCRIPT.

Copyright © Post Script | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to a friend

Socially retarded and somewhat aloof I never knew what a true friendship was.
Not knowing how to play well with others growing into a young man.
I was 18 years old, washing dishes in that Chinese Restaurant, House of Lypan.
A dude came along, pretty tall and good looking as the girls gave chase.
Giggling and fluttering their eyes, I always wished to be as cool as you, just a taste. 
Then one day, on a visit to see the girls; you stopped in my presence and said, 
“I want to hang with you! What time do you get off work?”
I was baffled, befuddled and a little standoffish,
 for no one ever talked to me, unless to get dishes.
As I remember those many Friday nights, 
beers and tacos, everything was going to be all right.
 Lyrics of Rush and Journey, you knew every word, singing along in your V.W. bug 
like a bird. 
By summer’s end of that infamous summer, a genuine friend I had found; 
but alas, it was over what a bummer. 
I moved away, but came back that fall, our friendship flourished once more.
But as most friendships do, our ways dearly departed. Many years would pass until 
we’d cross each other’s lives again.
This chance quite by fortune, as you knocked on my door one New Year’s Eve’ it 
was ’95 I believe.
That night was a big one; deciding to end this journey called life, too much pain for 
this young man to carry; 
Two kinds of ‘candy’ to help ease the transition
 from mortal to death; a bottle of Jack, for some extra kick.
 I had a loaded 45 gun to help do the deed.
Then came your knock, was about 2 minutes to ‘celebration time’ for they 
say ‘midnight is the bewitching hour.”
I thought to myself, ‘who could this be?’ for I had no more friends, no career or 
family. And yet as if an Angel, you were knocking on my door! I hid what I had, 
ashamed and not wanting a friend to know how much pain I was in. I opened the 
door to those familiar words, ““I want to hang with you! What time you get off 
work?” I remember thinking, "how long has been since I grinned?"
If just for one moment, when you stand before God, all your sins are erased, and a 
moment of cause 
as God says with a Joyous loud voice…”Wait a minute Rick, what’s this? Well I’ll be, 
you’re better than most I can clearly see. I was just perusing over your life, you 
didn’t mention this… but you saved a life!” 
“Ah shucks it was nothin’, just a friend being a friend...I’m sure he’d of done the 
same, if the tables were turned.” And that is why I will and have always called you 

Copyright © michael hornschuch | Year Posted 2011

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Divine Servant

With my attributes lessened
By those who need less
My efforts so invisible before your eyes
Likely to be provoked for my kindness
I am a divine servant
Serving from the core of my heart and soul
From the deepest depths of my devotions
To the highest heights of your desires
Highly dedicated
Bravely committed
Yet my compassion is so suffocated
How about a little humanity
A little consideration to my faithfulness
I am a solitary soul survivor
Striving for freedom
In the lands of servitude
Through the darkness and heavy storms
Where I learned not to suffer
But to dance in the rain
To feebly endure this heavily pain
Even though
My soul  is being crucified
For my morality
My heart is bleeding to death
So as my palms are wounded, yet
I’m still willing to give

Copyright © Molantwa Mmele | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to Painkillers

Slow released relief from powder coated tablets.
To an ache which seems to never go away.
When I’m fighting to survive each hour, each day
I will take whatever comfort I can salvage.
My veins once rich with vital fluids
My skin once not so deathly in complexion
The recipient of my fixation
Turned inward on what I’m consuming.
For a few moments of brief relief
I’m condemned to greater sufferings.
There is a line you should not cross, and I
Have recklessly passed it countless times.
For what little anguish I have staved
Away, I have matched in dirt for my grave

Copyright © Samuel Lee | Year Posted 2015

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My Dear Friend

My Dear Friend,
	If, even just for one day I could take all your pain and worry away I would. So I could see you relaxed and happy once more.

	If I could change the past events, make them better, I would.

	If I could go back in time to when we were small, sitting on the floor playing with our Bratz dolls, I would.

	If I could help you, instead of making it worse…I would.

	If I could change everything, make everything right; would you want me to?

	If everything you know was back to the way it should be would you want to do it?

	If it was just for a day would you still take that one day, knowing that the next day you’d wake from the dream of perfection to the harsh cruelty of reality?

	If I could do this for you,

	If I could make it all better,

	If there was something I could do…

	If all was possible, would you want it?

	If I could change the pain to happiness would you want me to?

	If I could find a way to help, I would. I miss those times we used to spend together, playing with the hermit crabs and telling stupid jokes.

	If I could go back to then, I would. If I could go back to when we’d run out to the ocean and jump into the waves, pretend the seaweed was evil and was going to kill us, I would.

	If I could comfort you

	If I could be there for you

	If I could have stopped this from happening
	If I could do more

	If I could, I would do it all… And I would freeze time so you could be happy forever.

*Dedicated to Laura Breidenthal*

Copyright © Rebecca Larkin | Year Posted 2012

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ode to shadows

ode to shadows as i peer out the glassed portières penumbral visitations mock me; dare they deign to scare this parched crypt of adrenaline and cortisol, usurped by unquiet scourges over lifetimes' rebirth? steps shifting in the dark, familiar and beloved; the shushing and stirring, commit to draw me near; umbral amici and i provide a panoply o'bosky trappings f'thee a joinin' we, or off to obscure pastures to wee thee pants for eternity!

Copyright © Kathryne Ankney Higheagle | Year Posted 2015

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Pragmatic evolution: LOVE and PAIN

Wandering wind unlock me
Through the ages I forgot to count in
For it never came to me
The longest time that forever seems to be right all the time.

Whispering wind caresses my soul
I hear knocking right outside the door
Then wind came in to my post
I suddenly feel ecstatic joy rushing to my core.

Flow me to the river of unknown
Just hold me and never let me go
Touch my hand and wrap me in
For your love will keep me warm, safe and sound within.

As the wind came in
Dark and heavy with shattering as it came
I almost faint yet I try not to fall in.

I dream of this ecstatic feeling I can’t explain
Then why does it bring heavy dark clouds to mine
I dream of this with butterflies and dancing grass from the meadow
Then why does it came shattering everything that I care somehow.

Flow me to the river of unknown
Just hold me and never let me go
Touch my hand and wrap me in
For your love will keep me warm, safe and sound within.

Should I be thankful of this?
Should I curse myself dreaming of this?
Should I face this with boldness and strength?
Or, should I just fall to its trap and let these clouds burry me in forever?

Great choices I made
To just flow from its dark and heavy shattering coming
Yet from time to time
I ask myself, why in the world love came with pain and pain with love?

Flow me to the river of unknown
Just hold me and never let me go
Touch my hand and wrap me in
For your love will keep me warm, safe and sound within.

Copyright © hemarcs Osoteo | Year Posted 2016

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Once I knew you
Well, I thought I did
Once we shared something
I thought was big
I played the game 
You got lost
Once was not enough
You needed more
Once was done
I hurt no more

Copyright © Carla Vigneau | Year Posted 2016

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An Ode to Insulin

Last night was tremendous,
I made love with the super penis
Parted the defense of thick blood,
seized the bruised belly
You are my guardian angel.
You melt the frozen heart.
For the odor of your sperm,
releases me from the smell of the abyss.

Copyright © winda sari | Year Posted 2016

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Ode To Billy

Young Billy was a soldier in the War Between the States; 
And scars of war made Billy feel a victim of the fates. 
He fought for Mr. Lincoln and the preservation creed 
Yet saw too many dying and he saw too many bleed. 

Now Billy knew the dreams of war so vivid every night, 
Were dreams of almost everyone who'd caught that bloody fight. 
The war he fought sought righteousness which he believed was true 
But never understood how North and South could split in two. 

His parents died of fever while he fought in Tennessee, 
A fact he didn't know until the North claimed victory. 
His papa, wise and sullen like the Irish Sea he knew, 
Had come to this America with dreams to start anew. 

Young Billy hoped his mama knew he'd made it through the war 
For she had shed no salted tears when he marched off before - 
But mothers bury very deep such pain within their soul 
So only God could touch her there and try to make her whole. 

Now both were gone along with wisdoms they could gently share 
To help him lift conflicted pain no man should have to bear. 
He prayed that Father Dave back home in Dublin had been right - 
A man can speak with loved ones in the starlight of the night. 

The things of life one covets can be lost to history, 
Including soldiers buried by the war's ferocity. 
He cried out loud in anger at the God he once adored: 
"Why did You leave me all alone my precious, precious Lord? 

What grave offense did I commence before Your loving eyes?" 
Though God was silent in repose great clouds then cleared the skies 
And Billy's father softly spoke and made the two as one 
With words of wisdom's calming balm to heal his broken son. 

"The wisdom of this world are pearls wrapped snug in crystal rain 
Proclaiming life will never end but just begin again." 

Copyright © tom mcmurray | Year Posted 2010

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Cold Hearted Love

Cold smiles,
cadaver touch
Whatever love you had for me,
now ain’t much
My tender heart still not yet tough
In-bed pleas to a deaf shoulder
get covered with stone silent rebuff
You flaunt your affairs openly,
with no regard for my feelings
You don’t tip up the stairs quietly,
or try to hide your indiscreet dealings

Empty promises, empty promises
Broken vows written in blood
Empty promises, empty promises
Scarlet cold hearted love

You gave me lots of flash photos of hope,
as you kept plenty of negatives in the darkroom
You whispered a lot of mirrors and smoke,
then disappeared into a world of distant, cold gloom
Once you got your hands on the joint account,
the marital demands didn’t seem to matter much
Now you’re on the move
like a bunny beach ball ready to bounce
Saying we lost our groove,
and your love gets paid by the pound, not by the ounce

Empty promises, empty promises
Hollow house built in blood
Empty promises, empty promises
Bricks of stone cold hearted love

Cold smiles,
cadaver touch
Whatever love you had for me,
now ain’t much
Bankroll from other lovers
lay brazenly on the night stand
Cigar smell cologne on your clothes,
scented trail mix of another man

You kept one promise though,
said soon it was all gonna end
And that when we part ways,
we ain’t gonna be best friends

Empty promises, empty promises
Scarlet tears flowing in  a river of blood
Empty promises, empty promises
Love got carried away in a crimson flood

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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Goodbye, my love - Part II

And now I look down at her, her serene, angelic face
And the slight smile on her lips that has stayed
I think of how peaceful she looks,
In her death, all of her pain has been taken away

The pain has been passed on to me,
But I accept this suffering in all humility
Knowing she suffered much worse and far more,
Forever her pain is now a grander part of me

Now life's worth just our memories, 
Everyday I relive them, our precious love story 
I see her everyday, in the smiles of our four children,
I look forward to their visits, that's what keeps me going

Once I had thought I wouldn't last long,
Would die the very second she was gone
But I'm stronger now, facing her death and this emptiness in my life,
With the strength and courage to me, she passed on. 

Every night my love, when I go to sleep,
I feel u lying next to me,
And everyday on my morning walks, I feel this tinkling in my palm,
As if u were there, holding my hand,
And then I look down and see...your invisible footprints in the sand. 

I smile a little smile then, I knew u couldn't leave,
After all, you promised me eternity 
And It's your presence in my life, that even after you died, has helped me stay alive
And it's your aura around me, that has helped me survive,
The biggest blow God gave me,
When He took you, 'Sabera'...the love and joy of my life, away from me. 

Copyright © Ef Kaye | Year Posted 2012

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To where pain goes I face

Sealed by wounds that healeth through time
I am asking thee to spare me
Spare yours truly to the pain of sanctuary
To those clouds that surrounds within me.

From the table of melancholy, I was lost in the center 
With no one to speak, nor no one to touch
Then wind of solitude came rushing through my vein
I suddenly felt cold blood of yesterday running through my base.

I wish to stand yet I can’t
Lock to where I sit as I feel those cripples under the table of mine
Biting sorrows was all I felt, as they reap my jar
Jar to which restored by closest to thine.

I shout hard as I can, yet voiceless I was shock
Then with all hope fades, I suddenly remember
I am an empty vessel plowing the river of pain
And so I gather pain and use it to stand

But… as I reach for my arm to harvest pain in the river
I was then grab by one of those pain
It was an abyss of cries and pit of melancholy
To it I say, free yours truly

But oh I know, its not as easy as 1,2,3
Nor as easy as A,B,C
And I pause and let it eat yours truly
Biting, swallowing pieces of mine.

As the pain flow to me in a faster than the speed of light
Death came in
Came breaking the dark abyss with its own dark
Reaching my hand to death as it came is all I want.

As I reached for death, sudden pain tormented my last strength
Then I felt a strange calmness touch my aching bod
As I went to search for who tormented my last strength
I saw smiles, not from a distant but within reach of mine.

I whisper why
They shouted you can
I whisper I can’t 
They prolonged that I can.

I am an abyss
I am empty
I am tormented with pain
I am glued with hopes

To it I push myself to stand
Shaking bones and crying eyes
To add melancholic atmosphere surround yours truly
But, firm I want to stand.

With no holding to death I stand
I stand to the light of smiles that shouted I can
To where the pain goes I want not to escape
To where pain goes I want to face. 

Copyright © hemarcs Osoteo | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to black men from a black woman

Dear Black Man, 

Shout out to your deep waved, shaggy, Afro picking outlines. In honor of the loose fitting jeans with the snap backed, wide hip loving, story telling beats that carry on like the echos of the Congo drums from the motherland. Black Man, I Black woman, am not here today in the name of needing my beauty sanctioned or demanding R-E-S-P-E-C-T from you. I am not angry at you, I am  not angry with myself. I am angry with the systems operation on our children' self worth. Don't ever think I am here to stunt your growth. I am Black woman, whose being is the closest thing to God. Whose body is in conjunction with the earth, boring life, as the birds and bees have come to be. My appreciation for you goes on and on like the munchies of the fiend. Though I will never truly understand all the turmoil this earth brings to your face. We share burdens which are too similar to ignore. I see you, Black man, working hard with no reward. Watching your brothers getting stolen and washed away. I see you scared for your lives, running from the greatness of which your sons and fathers possess . Is it that you don't want to show them the potential that has been taken away from your lips? Black man, I uphold your royalty, you are nothing like they make of you to be. Grab your brother's hand and lift it up in solidarity. I black woman, am dignified to stand by you, and fight through any war in the honor of our people. Black man, I hear you. I feel you. I am black woman, whose name should soothe your worried shaken ambitions. Black man, over time your inventions have been gripped by the European counterparts that fear you so much that they intruded your Black women in plain sight. As deep as the hurts appears to be, You and I are the strongest unit, Black love is one of the most sacred existences that there is. Lets turn away from the road of shame, moving toward the flight to recovering and discovering the greatness of who you are.
A black woman.

Copyright © Amanda Mawu | Year Posted 2017

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Touch Me

   So many things can be determined within a touch, for a single touch can bring forth the most of things. The right touch is priceless and can never be duplicated. So many things beautiful are birthed by a single touch.
     Touch me and feel the pain of being in love tremble through my inner core. This same beautiful pain that has given meanining to the passion of us.
      Touch me and replenish my soul with warmthand caring, that the lifes audacities have stolen from me, for I am attimes numb and it is only your touch that can grant me feelings once more.
       Touch me and sense the words of affection that are caught in my throat, but can be seen in my eyes. This same affection that has given me golden mist of breathe each time I pronounce your name.
        Touchme and understand that the future of us has been founded by that same touch.A future that consist of an eternal desire to be kissed by you,seen by you and to live and grow with you.
         Touch me and always know that it is your touch and only your touch that is the cure for the ills life at times offers, within your touch I am given endurance, inspiration,and am left with an intoxicating longing for more and more of your touch.
         Touch me and become my truest friend...Touch me and become my confidant...Touch me and become my greatest fantasy come true...Touch me and become my reason for living.
                                             Just Touch me.

Copyright © Son Winter | Year Posted 2011

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Can you feel them itching 
Songs begging to get out 
Can see his fingers twitching 
Just moving all about 

there’s music in him 
for that, there is no doubt 
rhythm and words just bursting to escape 
laughter and the sadness 
all his love and eternal heartbreak 

so much to write about 
it’s way too big to contain 
emotions taking over 
like colors on display 

Can you feel them itching 
Songs begging to get out 
Can see his fingers twitching 
Just moving all about 

sending all his wheels a spinning 
manic energy takes control 
it's creating something magical 
as he lets his many talents flow 

all the pain and anguish 
they paint the pages with his tears 
with talk of love and betrayal 
of intensity in loss and fears 
his depth of hurt, it’ll gut you 
bleed you at your core 
it’s a wonder he’s still standing 
how is it he could take much more 

Can you feel them itching 
Songs begging to get out 
Can see his fingers twitching 
Just moving all about 

outside his art, you wouldn’t know it 
just how his internal scars cry out 
but take a look in those clear blue eyes 
you’ll find the wisdom and the wear 
of one whose lived a consuming life 
and known the meaning of despair 

been taken to the brink and more 
then left just hanging there 
had his heart ripped from his chest 
leaving his soul stripped bare 

Can you feel them itching 
Songs begging to get out 
Can see his fingers twitching 
Just moving all about 

but this boy, this guy, this man 
is made of more than all that 
that of which would do it’s best 
to destroy him from the inside out 
no this clever one, he won’t be taken down lightly 

no, not without a fight he… 
he’ll take all the turmoil and the woe 
he’ll make the very most of it 
use it for his craft, the sadness oh so sad 
he twist it into beauty, bends it to his will 
and when he’s done and last poems been sung 
the tears, your eyes are now filled 
for his pain has transformed to such of strength 
and beauty, that never can be killed

Copyright © Cristy Quinn | Year Posted 2012

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Goodbye, my love -Part I

I want to right, all the wrongs that make u cry,
I want to fight for u against the racing time
I don't want to lose, not until I try
And I know u won't give up too, not without one hell of a fight. 

Just when we had reached a point of no return,
He made us stop and made u turn,
You were all I had, my most prized possession,
But He decided u die...oh His one decision

Oh my Lord, your one decision, 
Has changed the very course of my life
Without her by my side, how do You expect me to survive.
Without her such radiant smile, how do You expect me to feel alive.

She loves me so much and doesn't want me to hurt
So she's not letting go, battling her illness bcoz she knows
That it would leave me stranded here, wallowing in pain
Slowly and surely her death would drive me insane

And it makes her resolve, to be brave and soldier on,
Fight her death and meet every blow head on
But the end is near and she smiles and takes my hand 
She says a silent prayer for the suffering she's about to gift her man

And now I look down at her, her flawless face,
And think of how much more pain she's willing to take
I think of our lives then, so full of happiness
And I think of our lives now, so filled with turbulence

And I wonder how much inner strength she must have,
To have endured all the severe pain that she has
I just want her now to be free,
Since she's only hanging on bcoz she's afraid what what might become of me

And in her eyes I see such helplessness,
Maybe down the road, she can see the darkness
And she looks at me now, 
Her teary eyes beg for my forgiveness

For she knows she's leaving me now
Her strength is now wearing her down
I can hear her silently crying, and even though she's trying,
In her heart, she knows she's dying.

Copyright © Ef Kaye | Year Posted 2012

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Ode to Jan Allison:

I lie in bed,
Just can't sleep,
I think instead,
That I may weep.

As I watch the time,
Thriving in pain,
Still, I rhyme,
In my brain.

There is no cure,
For what I've got,
The nights' are fewer,
And sleep is not.

I've tried fresh ginger,
Amongst other things,
But I'm no whinger,
It's just clipped my wings.

So before the dawn,
I'm up writing again,
Though feeling forlorn,
With paper and pen.
(for Jan who suffers from osteoarthritis)

Copyright © White Wolf | Year Posted 2016

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Ode To My Past

Here's to you because you have 
taught me..
To arise above the pain that life has
brought me.
If it wasn't for you I would never
When I stood at the cross roads which way
to go.
You taught me to focus, see beyond my
Press toward the mark never ever
I saluate you 'ole' past, and all I've done
Things I can change even the things I can't
These were the things from which I cried at
Decisions I've made when I chose to call wrong
Here's to you 'ole past' because you have 
taught me..
To rise above the pain that life has 
brought me.

Copyright © Valerie Sherman | Year Posted 2011

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An ode to the pain of human hearts

I lay awake in my soft silk 
staring into the empty space
that seemed to fill in my pounding heart.
what eyes hath the power 
to seep through the brick of skin
and cup my emptiness,
to live, to dwell,
oh, to love forever inside.

what am I, yet a powerless woman
who dream to hold the starry night in her womb,
every star is another world
Lying undiscovered
as pieces of my love hath scattered
to somewhere deep and dark...
lost is it?
oh, what is that unusual rhythm
a flawless rhyme of footsteps
steeping down my path
who dare to walk unaided
with fearless chest and powerless jealousy,
who posses the lost piece of my puzzle
who embark upon this courageous journey
to see me and to hold me
or just greedily want to love me.
what is that apparition my eyes fear to form?
once carved by the mighty lord
had he placed a part of me in it?
for I realize a fulfillment 
and a destined power
in him,
I see what I found in myself
Oh, that emptiness!
I had fallen into the drama of the light
where raised curtains of fate beheld
something that I searched 
in those bottomless eyes of my stranger
that cried like a raging ocean
holding onto the sandy shores, 
I own.

tell me all the gods man had imagined,
tell me all the corals
the hidden rubies and diamonds somewhere deep in the embrace of the soil,
tell me the raining sky,
the power of light,
tell me the eternal flame,
when ,
for that single moment I closed my lids
to shed the endless drops of contentment
when in that split second,
have you taketh away my filled vase
my wholeness
my cherished tale of freedom...
and why if you had known 
that this is not reality
but a reflection of someone so pure
never born,
never lived,
you had given me the power to dream
you had given me the secret of joy
and took away
at the smallest ease
the strength of my soul, 
My love.

Or had it been a flicker of laughter 
to your ears
when I still search for the lost part of me
in the unending branches of the brown trees
and in the bottomless blue ocean
for that intimate stranger...
for his shadow.

Copyright © Soha Sukku | Year Posted 2005

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Ode To Mothers!

Blue birds and Blue Jays just flappin'in
the wind,
They are one of nature's most beautiful
whims! For hath the music in all our hearts,
Going thru life with minimal smarts!
God's overseeing everything about us,
While man is busy,creating a fuss!
Shaded trees are down by the river,
As a crying child's finger is in pain from
a sliver.
As he fusses and cringes at all
his discomfort and disdain,All that is in
his mind,is all the frustrational pain!
For without his mother's tenderly care,Easing
the pain with love that is beyond total,
and incomprehensible,devotional compare!
Alas! Dear mothers,are lovingly there!

Copyright © Michael Gale | Year Posted 2006

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Ode to Misery

My love seems to have passed away
The pain of lies and Death's dire sting;
All stick with me throughout the day

For when morn comes and birds all sing
I then recall my misery
There is no good this day could bring

The screams and yells surrounding me
Of miser'ble people filled with ire
This hurt remains; how can it be?

And yet, perhaps, this is the fire
To test my mettle and my trust
And find out who's indeed the liar

Now of my mind; to change it must
For I shall love it now and then
So into misery, I thrust!

Copyright © Cameron Leslie | Year Posted 2017