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Ode Marriage Poems | Ode Poems About Marriage

These Ode Marriage poems are examples of Ode poems about Marriage. These are the best examples of Ode Marriage poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Ode to My Husband

Ode to My Husband
What a wonderful, magical surprise! Sometimes love arrives in disguise. I never saw this coming, never anticipated such an awesome blessing. I was at the right place, when I spied your sweet, handsome face. It was at the right time, calling your goddess was a sign and I knew you were mine. I had been a sad, little bird with no songs to sing, with only broken wings, working my way through some hurtful things.
But you came along, a real man, offering me strong, broad shoulders to lean on. It was a slow process getting back on track, but you willingly took the burden off my back. You showered me with loving attention, tenderness, kindness, and consideration. Nurturing and cherishing me each step of the way, you build my confidence and trust each day. Thank you for helping my fragile heart to mend; thank you for helping me become whole and to love again!
Entered in contest "Best love poem #3" sponsored by Poet Destroyer A (5-26-2014)

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2014

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Ode To Marriage

Can I have this hand in marriage dear,
Can you grace me with "I do",
Let the angels sing to Heaven,
Let my heart soar with their tune.
Let us seal our love for we two,
Let no others interfere,
Let Evil, with his one good eye,
Attempt to trick and snare.
Let Age pass on his cares to us,
For bound, we are as one,
We'll ride the heady winds of joy,
Until another song is sung.
Until another song is sung, my love;
We'll drink the drink of fools;
Let passion be our compass,
And a blinding trust our rule.
Let us plant the seeds of new life,
That through Time will resonate,
Let our names be always dear to those,
Who we'll set then on their fate.

Copyright © Emmanuel Paul | Year Posted 2013

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The symmetry of love

How can Euclidian geometry
Describe such perfect symmetry
Such soft and velvet hills
Of love, and drink, it fills
How can such perfection of bend
Of dune that dips to dimple
Be caressed – not a ripple!
As age has passed by
Untouched, as tips of trees the sky
The blue veins tattooed
Under skin inverse to soot
Inverse to rhyme, sublime!
Warm to the touch, the tongue
The taste, the subtle kiss of peach
Always just
Out of reach
The moonlight surrounds the lines
So softly, so sable-brushed
As your sleep smiled breath
My love against soft pillows crushed

Copyright © Daniel Human | Year Posted 2014

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The length of love

Yes, I am guilty, Sir,
Guilty as charged.
I confess, I confess
I know it must be wrong, Sir,
And wring it must be,
Because no-one seems to do it Sir,
Is there anyone but me? 

Yes, Sir, I confess
I must be wrong
Yes, I confess,
Yes, I wrote my love that song.

Yes, yes, confess I will,
That it is true
That after all of these years,
It is my wife that I love still!

Copyright © Daniel Human | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to My Wife's Butt

A true vision of loveliness, wiggle-bouncing down the street
Just the sight at times incites a spontaneous victory dance
Particularly when it’s in tight bike shorts perched upon a seat
And I don’t forget the way it flatters your yoga pants

It’s been with us through all our days, even on vacation
And I don’t mean to sound like a total jerk
But truly, it’s my primary source of motivation
Without it I’m not sure that I’d bother going to work

And oh, this is how I feel from the depths of my heart:
Don’t underestimate the marital benefit of your curves
There were times your backside was the only part 
Of you that wasn’t totally getting on my nerves 

So hold not contempt for my love of your flavor
That bubblicious booty squish-ous wifeberry deluxe
There are times it was an outright marriage saver
Some may try to deny it, but they’re ignorant schmucks

I’m sure there are shallow things that you love about me
Though saying them out loud is probably taboo
Something that you lean on when I drive you up a tree
Just ‘cuz it’s superficial doesn’t mean it’s not true

© 7/21/16
Endorphin Junkie

Copyright © Endorphin Junkie | Year Posted 2016

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My Commitment Fears - A Short Confessional Ode

Many a pretty woman - and not so pretty woman 
has wanted to "tie the knot"
Fool that I am I never did - I avoided the "tender trap" 
However - and this is very important
I have taken up the craft of poetry 
Which as you know out there in the darkness 
can lift you up into the stratosphere - if you let it 
So, poetic brothers and sisters
   Dry your tears, you will all too soon be in a place where love and hate do not exist 
Peace Peace Peace 

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to a Cougar

Beautiful woman by my side 
Soul and body coincide 
I love you way too much sometimes 
Or perhaps it's not enough 

Back when you were my blushing bride 
We both were sorely terrified 
The kids, the house and minivan
The years flew by in a flash 

Then came the day when you walked out 
For another your love poured out 
Shelter elsewhere you would seek 
In the arms of a younger man

I rise up early in my bed
Music playing in my head 
What was the tune you used to sing?
So sweetly to my ears

"I would never love another 
'Cuz you're the Dad and I'm the Mother"
But your heart was turned astray
By the face of a younger man 

Copyright © Brian Moore | Year Posted 2015

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An ode: To a sister about to wed

Now, before my sister 
feels cheated
I have to drop for her 
some lines belated!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

As into matrimony you 
Peace and subtlety you 
go with I know!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

The things that make 
him in you happy
I pray will not by HIS 
grace become flappy!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

Your best behaviours 
and religion
Made him stay by you 
far like a legion!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

Celestially destined you 
are for him
Terestrially forever 
you will be with him!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

Space and time again 
will hamper I
So, I have to stop with 
a teary eye!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

Barakah and Sakinah to 
him you shall be
Aljanat, not hell to you, 
he shall be!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

Copyright © Adesina Idris Dolapo | Year Posted 2012

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My first husband

Wore out the arms of his chair
Digging his elbows
Into the soft upholstery
Of our marriage.

I made bright covers with
The fabric of family life
Home, children, pets
But the damage smouldered.

I bought new chairs
To fill the empty rooms
Of divorce and loneliness
But missed the old upholstery.

My second husband
Came with a brand new suite
Cushioned with conformity
It felt comfy and safe.


Copyright © Delphine Plaskett | Year Posted 2014

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He Is

He is my personal hot water bottle, 
He keeps my feet warm in bed,
He makes the best cup of tea ever, 
He is the guy I wed!
He supports me through my troubles,
He helps me face my fears,
He stands by me through thick and thin,
He wipes away my tears!
He laughs at me when I’m silly,
He turns a frown into a smile,
He provides for me & our boys;
He goes that extra mile!
He doesn’t seem to realise,
He is extremely special to me,
He is My Loving Husband,
He is all I want him to be!

Copyright © Kay Roberts | Year Posted 2017

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Shrunken Libido

It's date night once again,
almost near the witching hour
You dread the dimming of the light,
as the clock chimes the midnight strike
Half-hearted display of staged re-enactments
of bygone semi-passionate days
Youthful days in the rearview,
both bodies not looking like they used to
So you pop the pill Viagra,
still no artificial desire erected
Another impotent plea for forgiveness,
in the bedroom chamber of confession
Where did it go,
where did it go?
Where went the shrunken libido?
Where did it go,
where did it go?
Who hexed the phallic head with zombie voodoo?
Now you can't raise the love flagpole,
Tarzan can't swing into Jane's jungle
Limp, sagging wet desire
prematurely puts out
any spark of passion fire
She don't look like she used to,
but as a matter of fact neither do you
It was always a marriage of convenience,
based solely on appearance
In the nether region, you can't raise the bridge
Caution: low stamina clearance
Love sacrificed for a security price,
in exchange for a stale, empty sex life
Now every date night, your ego takes a blow,
and you're left to wonder 
what happened to your throbbing libido
Where did it go,
where did it go?
Where went the shrunken arousal?
Where did it go,
where did it go?
Where went the shrunken libido?
Like medieval trash,
machismo got thrown out the window

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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My Husband Twenty-five Years 8th edition

He pushes me towards my goals,
He encourages me to chase my dreams,
He champions my poetry,
He makes me laugh, 'til I burst my seams.
He builds me up,
He picks me up when I fall,
He teaches me to appreciate life,
He make mes feel ten feet tall.
He tells me I can be, all I want to be,
He gives me so much hope,
He stands by my side,
He helps me when I can't cope.
He makes fun of me,
He puts up with my aches and pains,
He listens to my troubles,
He laughs when I'm being insane.
He makes me feel proud,
He brews an awesome cup of tea,
He lets me warm my feet on him,
He is the only man for me.

Copyright © Kay Roberts | Year Posted 2016