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Ode Daughter Poems | Ode Poems About Daughter

These Ode Daughter poems are examples of Ode poems about Daughter. These are the best examples of Ode Daughter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Ode |

Mother's Bookmark's

My thoughts they roil like waters dark 
in the abyss of blackest night, 
with memories of mother’s bookmark,
of Longfellow read by lamp light.
She called, in the room around me,
the patter of other small feet.
Her gentle voice fetched angels	.
Oh, the rhymes, they astounded me 
like lullabies soft and so sweet.
All fearsome shadows, she’d dispel.

Maxine, my queen, read Tennyson
and the Charge of the Light Brigade.
A little girl dreamt of caissons
roll, and thunderous cannonade.
To be so brave, the small child mused,
mother her precious, heroine;
what would it take to stand so strong	
without father, and not confused.
What words could be the linchpin
to right mother’s tell-tale wrong.

Such sad inspiration, mother,
oh, how I wronged you by being born,
though I loved you above all others.
Some thoughts of you make me forlorn.
Bring back the tales of mother goose,
three small kittens and their mittens.
Return the vision of your smile
the happiness your warmth induced,
let your spirit comfort, lighten
night, if only for a little while.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ode |

For Mama

She showed me the clouds
and how to walk on the ninth one. A dreamer.
In the absoluteness of her mind, no barriers
exist within existence
as if her battles have
been won. I think she craves to fly,
past those clouds---another possibility
to make possible, a challenge
to challenge. Or dream about.
She probably thinks that when I complain
I cannot see the clouds,
the way she did when things got rough
in life. Of course, I beg to differ.
She dreams. I live. I don't
keep my eyes on clouds all day
as if there is nothing else to see
to make me understand the world better.
I suppose I'll rest one day, exhausted
by the what-ifs and whys, while Mama smiles
and points upward.

Copyright © Nikkia Roberts | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

Sweet Daughter of Mine

So beautiful, lovely and sweet from shiny hair, to dainty feet; Your pretty smile and innocence rivals the moon’s incandescence. I treasure times when we can feast on storybooks, bored not the least; At tea, content with lemonade, and cookies topped with marmalade. Daughter of mine, eyes full of mirth, my heart sings praises for your birth.
*inspired by Eve's painting and a letter I made for my daughter around 5 years ago. 16 November 2015 Kim Patrice Nunez Oil Painting Contest - 2nd Place sponsor: Eve Roper

Copyright © KP Nunez | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |

Ode to Tai-Ana at Age Ten and Far Away


Oh, gentle child, how doth my heart still burn
thine absence half a decade spent in vain
to break the bonds that tie, that fett’ring chain
that holds me from embracing  thee, thyself  in turn.

Thine all enchanting smile, piercing eyes–
thy flailing arms, the limbs, with rhythmic stroke – 
responses soundless to the silent words I spoke
to thee before from thee Fate forced me from thy cries.

I watched thee grow through temp’rate times of yore – 
remembering the gall’ry of my mind.

‘Twas all I had.

Oh, gentle child, how doth my heart still ache
thy presence all too far in distant land
where careless arms push thee with calloused hand
away from mine where once I swore thee none could take.

Thine eyes with tears I shared I shed alone
so thou might never feel the agony
the anguish, loss of my identity,
thy father, thee my offspring, daughter, dearest one.

I watched thee grow through chilling times, and more – 
remembering thy portrait in my mind.

‘Twas all I had.

.			3

Oh, gentle child, how doth my soul yet yearn
those many hours oft upon my breast
thy head thou laid safe harbor for thy rest,
thy questions,  mind alert, thy hungering to learn.

Thy voice I hear through dreams and zephyr breeze,
thou lark by morn by eve the nightingale,
as Dawn and Dusk, Aurora without fail,
thou hast my heart and soul kept warm with ease.

I watch thee grow, and will,  forever more – 
remembering thy sculpture in my mind.

‘Tis all I have.


Until we are as one renewed
some future date somewhere awaits
when thou her servant dare to flee 
that which with thee so long accrued
where here I love and there she hates
that wily witch who bindeth thee. 

Break loose those  prison bars that bind
thy tired wings that flap in vain – 
Renew thy pledge at length to find
thy youthful freedom once again.
Then shalt thy flags fly high aloft
while eagles scream thy freedom song,
while robins chirp with redbreast, soft – 
all a capella – pure and long.

Then both our souls shall share their peace,
a father and his daughter, found
to spend their lives on borrowed lease
to live and die on hallowed ground.

Thus, take, Tai-Ana, this, my prayer
that fathers and their children hear
of this solemnity
that children here and everywhere
ne’er shed a sad though soulful tear
for all eternity.


Copyright © Lorenz Lynn | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ode |

My father

I know a man of humility, love and kindness
This man is not so famous to the world but he is so famous in my world.
To raise four kids ain't an easy job
With a wage that wasn't enough
Growing up in an environment so down to earth,
He made sure the kids followed what he demanded for,
He made them all disciplined,well behaved and independent souls.
It wasn't an easy task for him and his wife,
Though rough from outside,soft from inside
Thinking for others first before his 's is the motto of his life.
This man whom I know for years and years is none other than my father
My hero,my inspiration of strength and also my great weakness
This man have stood by me in all my imperfections, giving me strength and 
encouraging me towards perfections.
Taught me to fight the wild storms in life
Taught me to love selflessly
Taught me to stand tall and strong .
No books or no teachers would have taught what my father taught me.
He has seen much of life,
Some great,some not,helped  us be what we want to  be
No matter where I may be,what I may do or who I may become,
I am sure my father's always there for me.
He has been a solid rock for me in times of hardships
A strong personality who thought I could move the mountain so easily
He is the person who toiled day and night to make sure our needs fulfilled.
He is a man like no other.
With every year that passes,my father you are so special for me than before.
I have no words to the describe my wonderful memories 
But I am a lucky and proud daughter to have father like you.
You are the strength of me standing tall
You made me live my life with heads held high
You sat by me whenever I was Ill
 You stood by me to wipe my tears whenever I cried.
You are the best among the 
You are the first person whom I could talk about my relationship 
You accepted all my flaws
And made me a better person with your love
You are my guiding force
My light ,my god in disguise
Though the years have brought a touch of gray,
And some wrinkles upon your face
But for me you are still the most handsome man that I grew up seeing  as a child.
You are just amazing father any daughter would have.
Its been so long I haven't said you
Today is the day ,a special day of yours for me to say 
I love you ,my father.
You are the gem of my life,
My hero,my guide and moderator of my life.
 Happy fathers day.

           Bandana basnett

Copyright © bandana basnett | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

Sand Storm

We will finish this Task 
Come what may
Wasting away the beauty of our day
A dark cloud of contempt
Winds of lies in the air
Lightening beating our souls bare
Where is the Sorrow
Is Their any Empathy at all
To Author this Storm
Is beyond comprehension
Dust can only Fall........

Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

Sexy Curves

In a dark room music plays with a slow beat,
the neon lights make you white panties and bra look like a street. 
You move your body slowly and so sexy to the music,
while i look at you threw the darkness of the room set.

A big silver gun on my hip and a mountain of coke on the table,
and nothing can distract me from the beauty i see dancing so stable. 
Your every move hypnotizes me,
I think I am going blind cause i am beginning not to see. 

I look at your hair how it waves there so perfectly,
your legs move just like i want them to, so delicately.
You touch your breasts and you hold your but,
you give me that look in your eyes like your not wanting to stop. 

You unbutton your bra and cover your breasts with your palms,
the music dies down a  little and calms. 
You walk up to me and than music begins to play,
that's when you start moving your body on top of me and asking me to stay.

You kiss my ear and rub my legs,
your breast rub against my inner pains.
You feel me harder than a rock,
than you decide to grind my cock. 

Your body moves so sexy and slowly to the music that i played,
my body is shaking from all the excitement that is payed. 
You go in for the big finish, and i tell you to get back up,
cause a lady like you should do all that kind of crap. 

Be with me, be with a BOSS,
Who cares if the people i killed ever took a loss. 

Dedicated to all the woman of the world. 
PS: You are not trash, you are not ......... you are precious jewels. Stay that way ladies. I love you all. 


Copyright © Roman Chebukin | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

Ode to My Daughter

I confided with The Jeweler
I want a masterpiece
A wonder to the modern world
Where joy will never cease

He said he’d start with umber
A rich, golden shade of brown
use it from the very start
create a special crown

Next, sparkle from His diamonds
He used them from within
Distributed them quite liberally on
Her eyes, her smile, her skin

Oh yes she will be special
A jewel the world will love
treasure made with so much heart 
They’ll know she’s from above
She shall be known as Ceci
Because she is to be
perfection of a young lady
like your sister is to Me

He said I know just what I’ll do 
To make your crown the best
I have special method 
Pulled from the family crest

There’s never been anything like her
nor will there ever be;
I’ve taken the spirit of her aunt
Your dear sister as you can see

You know she was quite special 
That’s why I called her home
but I wanted you to be blessed 
so praise Me with a poem

a tribute to My creation
a gift to all the world
although I blessed you with 2 boys
I gave you just one girl

I did one other special thing 
To set this child apart
I gave her something special
A piece of The Jeweler’s heart

I have  filled her with compassion
She will be the downtrodden’s friend
She will always be a guiding light 
Yes this is who I will send

Sometimes at night, you will hear her
As you lay there in the dark
this lil' Gem sing Me praises
A gentle meadowlark

A champion for all children
Inspiring, encouraging all
She embarked upon this journey
She already heard my call

So always, treat her special,
let her know I care
you see she is My masterpiece
A jewel that is quite rare.

A tribute on her 17th Birthday

Copyright © jeff eklund | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |

Ode to my daughter on her birthday - 26

My Sarah
When I looked at you last week trying on your new boots
Those almond eyes sparkling at something new, a gift
I saw my little pink girl, a princess, playing dress up again
Your long hair draped your high cheekbones
Life still a game, tinged with drama and theatre 
As you look for fun in all your pursuits!
A player in life with a passion for cooking and music
You have become a kind, loyal, vivacious young woman
Self assured, grounded with a love of tradition
I looked at you and felt an overwhelming pride.

Sunday’s child is ' bonny, blithe, good and gay' they say
Befitting my Sabbath girl, a model child of few demands
Your bedroom a vast sea of Barbie and friends
A Passion for story-time and books
Your Dutch life with Irish sea-touched roots, 
You are a real continental
A great scholar with degrees in Law and Psychoanalysis
You have found your true love with Luis, a Spaniard
As you both prepare to leave the Emerald Isle
I wonder at the achievement of you!

Copyright © Eiken Laan | Year Posted 2011

Details | Villanelle |

CHUBBY LITTLE GIRL: Ode to Bria Samone

I love her joyful smile, her hair in 
A plump round face with chocolate 
on her nose,
for she's her mamas' chubby little 

What better gift for me in all the 
wrapped in pink with lace and 
purple bows?
I love her joyful smile, her hair in 

Brown stains caress her mouth in 
one great swirl,
with a drop or two I saw upon her 
For she's her mamas' chubby little 

"I made a cake for you" she says, 
the whirls
around the room before she strikes 
a pose.
I love her joyful smile, her hair in 

"A cake for me?" I ask the precious 
I touch her sticky face and spotted 
She'll always be my chubby baby 

Hand in hand around the room we 
when we stop, I laugh and pull her 
I love her joyful smile, her hair in 
For she's her mamas' chubby little 

Copyright © TaMara Goode | Year Posted 2013

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Momma Has Dementia

Momma Has Dementia

I miss my mother so terribly
yet, she still walks the planet today, 
still looking like herself, her smile and her laugh
but her thoughts are only on yesterday.

But, let me look back at her life to see
what I can find, 
there is morality in the raising of her girls and
and courage when her loved ones were dying.

As a teenager when my heart would be broken
by some unfaithful boyfriend of mine, 
daddy and momma would dance to break off my sorrow
wanting again to see my face to shine.

She has always been so independent
and such a hard worker to, 
taking such care of daddy and my sisters and me
so in my heart I praise the Lord gratefully.

Then the fun we have had out shopping
and together going to foreign lands, 
sightseeing and visiting and all parts of the trip
just having her with me made it so grand.

For you see, good parents are hard to come by
in this wicked world of ours,
so I know that mine was Heaven sent
and by the Father’s hand they were lent.

And when her earthly life is over
and her time to leave here has come, 
I know that she’ll be with Him in Heaven
for she has trusted in God’s only Son.

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings
Momma went home in 2012

Copyright © Marilyn S Jennings | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |

Mum's the Word

I heard a little secret
I'm not about to tell
Then again, on second thought
I guess I might as well

The greatest gal that ever was
I'm sure you would agree
Sons and daughters everywhere
Would feel the same as me

Is one who loves without a doubt
Or any strings attached
And when it comes to caring 
Her love cannot be matched

And so it stands to reason
That mothers are so great
And grammas even greater
Sometimes they just can't wait

Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

Memorial Tribute

Mother you,
Mother you so beautiful your are.
Mother you,
Sweet mother you are to me precious.
Mother you, Mother you are,
Mother you are the world to me.
Mother your gracious, Mother you are.
Mother you have always been my super star.
Mother you, Mother you are.
Mother you are now resting in the arms of Jesus.
Mother you I miss you so very much.
Mother you are my mommy, Oh how I love you so very much.
Mother how much in sorrow I am left in this world without you.
Mother you, mother you are to me.
Mommie you are, my mother you are. 
Mother I will always love you.
My Mother,
Peggy Ann Chandler.
You are you.

God Bless You
I will always miss
and love you.

Copyright © Cheryl Chandler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

Fun-Frosted Memories

Dee’s father bought a fancy, family sled 
to her amusement and joy
He shocked the town pulling this sled around
With his good, shiny Model T Ford

Memories run through Dee’s mind
At the family hardware store,
she would climb the latter up to the loft
and sit inside the sled stored there,
reflecting on cool-warmed times-
a father’s smile…a heart sublime

-For my Grandma Dee
May 30, 2014

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

My Princess Growing

Started off so small
Growing so tall
Put Smiles on my face
In my head its Amazing
Hoping you won't be a static
Changing in every great way 
Its because my princess growing into
A queen

My queen you give me hope
and pride
Dignity and self efficiency you
will be someone Great I owe
it to GOD he gave me a princess 
growing into A queen
You are my light shining when 
I'm in the dark 
You make me not 
want a father not need one
I got you my princess
Growing into A queen

I'm going to raise you right
Tell you everyday how beautiful
you are 
You don't need to hear it from a 
You are my princess growing
Into a queen thanking you for
Giving me hope and pride to

What would I do if
I lost you, God forbid
that come true
Your my life when
there is no hope
You give me strength when 
There is no time
Princess don't worry you won't 
Lose me to drugs,prostitution
Addiction and Eviction 
I'm here to stay 
Because my princess
Growing into a Queen
I will make Great decisions 

Mianna you are my Princess 
Growing Into A Queen

Copyright © sherelle smith | Year Posted 2010

Details | Ode |

Musings of Mother

"I shall be telling this with a sigh" Robert Frost My thoughts they roil like waters dark in the abyss of blackest night with memories of mother’s book marks of Longfellow read by lamp light. She called in the room around me the patter of other small feet, her gentle voice fetched angels Oh, rhymes how they astounded me like lullabies soft and so sweet. All fearsome shadows, she’d dispel Maxine, my queen read Tennyson and the Charge of the Light Brigade a little girl dreamt of caissons roll and thunderous cannonades. To be so brave the small child mused mother’s small, precious, heroine what would it take to stand so strong without father, and not confused What words where the linchpin to right mother’s tell tale wrong. Such sad inspiration*.. mother but a champion you were born. You’re adored before all others yet, tears bring memories forlorn. So, dreams stream on of Mother Goose three kittens and their mittens. My visions of your fleeting smile return almost every night, and your spirit comforts, lightens sights, if only for a little while.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2010

Details | Bio |


 Red hair 
 From my dad.
 Does not describe
 my beautiful child.

 She is poised,
 calm and serene.
 My precious,
 clever queen.

 First born,
 to two nuts.
 Silver spoon.

 Beauty, brains.
 Had a loving start.
 So forgave for
 breaking her heart.

 Feels she needs
 to be in charge.
 Relax babe,
 I am no longer
 up in arms.

 Always there for
 her younger sisters.
 When I was not fit
 to be their mistress.

 I love your calm.
 Your "In control."
 So pleased you are
 a perfect mould. 

 Of my confidence
 and Dad's calm.
 His brains.
 My music.

 So proud.
 Can't find words.
 Thank you Edna
 For letting me
 be yours. xx

Copyright © JEAN MURRAY | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |


My gorgeous wonderful Maa(mother)
My beautiful humble sweetheart
My trustworthy and loyal companion
My first love ,My Maa.

You taught me to be strong and independent 
You taught me what humbleness is all about
You gave me wings to fly with my head held high
My Maa,you are my world ,my blessing in disguise

My first teacher since I first cried
Taught me what love is all about
You are the most gorgeous women in my life
You are my prayer,my most beautiful gift 
My wonderful Maa

You took so much care of me as a child 
Today you are my child that I care for
I love you my amazing friend
My most innocent and adorable child
You are my Maa that I am proud of.

Copyright © bandana basnett | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |


You began in my womb
You will remain in my soul,
Everlasting my wondrous girl.
A beautiful riddle
I can never seem to solve,
A child from my perspective
A woman in my view.
You are the star out of my reach,
You are the prize I hold onto,
Everlasting my wondrous girl.
A captivating image
I can never seem to articulate,
A “not only” is she 
A strength in the making.
You are the impassioned fruit of my tree,
You are the complex mind of your own,
A sum of your individual quirks.
I am humbled by your independence,
A moving example of discernible strengths.
You are the dream in your daughter’s slumber,
You are the flowing words in my best chapter,
A marvel beyond my imagination,
A delicate distance I keep.
You began in my womb,
You will remain in my soul,
Everlasting, everlasting
My wondrous girl.

Copyright © Nicky Bowers | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Ode to My Middle Child

Patterns gleam in the sun
Threads lie side by side
Or criss-cross
In intricate patterns
Like individuals intersecting
Within the family
Each dependent yet separate
Blues, reds, greens and yellows complete the rhythm
Any strand pulled from this parade of colors
Reveals a gap in dreams unfulfilled

How I love you,
My middle child,
You are the elegant pendant
Dropping gracefully
From our necklace’s mid-point
Giving meaning to our chain of life

How I love you,	
My middle child,
You are the glue
Within life’s weavings
Irrepressible giggles erupt in play with older sister
Whispered consultations emerge from pillow sessions with younger brother
Bridging, always bridging
Giving, always giving

Know, my middle child,
Those stirring fears
Of being in between
Are fleeting ghosts
Your constant beauty shines
Like the lighthouse globe
Signaling to all 
Your presence

Rejoice in your role,
My middle child,
Imagine a shimmering reflection pool
Whose immutable colors
Expand and multiply
You are vital to a whole
That is greater than its parts
And you are loved deeply

Happy Birthday, Maureen
Love, Mom
September 27, 2014

Copyright © Kathleen Kroll | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

Going Through Photographs of Yesteryear

Going through photographs of yesteryear,
makes me wonder what made you a murderer?
To the brother, who you claimed to be brother from another mother.

Going through photographs of yesteryear,
reminds me of the growing years when we (me & father) were your nurturers.
We told you to be her protector to your sister,
Not a murderer but a shoulder to her tears.

Have you not seen the color of your sister’s face when the brother of yours
and lover of hers arrived at our place everytime?
Have you not been prouder when she spoke of your bromance 
endearingly in front of the so called mediocre crowd?

Going through photographs of yesteryear,
makes me wonder why we told you to be a protector to your sister,
not a murderer but a shoulder to her tears.
Why had I told her that after me and father, brother will take care of her?
Why had I not taught her to be independent than make her bend
in front of the brother who at the end shall listen to the society?
Going through photographs of yesteryear…..

Copyright © Rashmi Deshpande | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ode |

The Motive of Our First Love

The Motive of Our first Love

From the day you were born, 
at 9:56 pm.. you murmured
and cried.
Your deep blue eyes drew everyone 
near to you, 
like a lanterns cerulean light..
catching the eyes of people;
The dawn had arisen from its trance..
but It had to rise, it couldn't fawn over you
Yet as you grew.. you grew more beautiful 
each minute love caressed your soul.
and Wonder enveloped your 
My memories can spin to infinity
of every cute babble that spilled from 
your mouth.
Baking with you was the most memorable 
and adorable, 
I tied your sandy blonde hair into a 
I rolled up your light pink sleeves dappled 
with little cherries;
There I handed you a white plastic bowl 
brimmed with 
strawberries, we mixed them together,
Shared the same vibration as mother and 
daughter, working systematically. 
The mother daughter team,
You touched the electric mixer and fiddled with it
since your little arms were to passive to put enough force 
to the mixers handle. 
So I touched your little hand, 
and you looked at me with your tiny smile;
and I beamed.. knowing that our love 
was infinite.. no matter distance, struggles
and on and on.
But from that day you weaved your finger through 
the loop of mine… I knew you were 
Just like me, and that we would take care of each other 
as years went on.
You would give me the love I lost through the 
childhood I had;
As mother and daughter working synchronized 
as one body and one motive 
to love.

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |


How could you pass by so eccentrically!
Didn’t you see me for even an instant?
Wearing the same evening gown you walked,
Adjacent to the car I was stuck!

I couldn’t believe my eyes,
How could it really be?
You were so apathetic, 
You seemed walking to your own,
As if, it were a walk to the Moon!
No stop over, no curve, no care for to and fro, 
It seemed like a goal was set fixed for you!
Just splashed once, and then walked straight in the rain.

Dad, you passed away ten years ago
No, it can neither be you, nor your shadow!
Dad, was it really you, or my imagination?
I called you back, but you were never seen again.
Still on my way the same daily,
I look for you again and again keenly
I don’t see you, neither your moon-walk,
Are you okay with your own, wherever you are?

Dad, its poor me, your forlorn daughter,
Don’t be so firm, please response ever!
From wherever you are! Just send me a smiley face once,
It will console my compassion, I’ll stay contented forever.

Copyright © Tasmina Hayat Khan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |

Ode to Lily

On our disparitive continuum 
when after dusk the dawn is flowering
and skies aglow in rose chrysanthemum
have scattered banished darkness, cowering;

And when the silver drizzled fingerlings
traipse slippy streaks upon our timid hold
of dimpled melodies the robin sings
beneath an ever blinking marigold;

In oscillation then returns a choice
between relinquished self or dim retorts
where fools admonish rain and wise rejoice
reflective puddles pooled on tennis courts;

Since by the day is night from whence the day,
and by the morning clouds a midday rain -
in either or exists enough to say
that by the by for none should one complain;

For when tomorrow reigns and shadows clear,
while through replenished streams fresh water flows,
what babbles life in dawn ‘til stars appear
is that by which my daughter Lily grows;

And though at times unsmooth, my pendulum
will always sway by her empowering;
the brightest light on my continuum 
whose love brought back a father, cowering.


Copyright © Phillip Garcia | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ode |

By the Cover

By the Cover

You left me.. 
oh father why?
was I not enough..
was mother not enough?
Divorces lack devotion 
people say.. 
but really, “people fall in love with 
the masks,” 
The being of us is called our 
spirit.. an endless and 
vast person.
Our body and superficial features 
be our vehicle, 
The body be the vehicle of the soul.
When mother met you 
at a beer tasting.. was it the 
intoxication that tripped your mind? To thinking 
you loved her,
The sweet honey infused 
euphoria to see more of her, 
that was to your liking? 
You went to her door step and knelt 
before her with lavender roses..
Ones that she dreamt so heavenly 
about, some with the pearled 
diamond claddagh ring. 
You read her like.. 
you knew her inside and out..
it was like you were perceptive so
it had to be faulty, 
Your underlying aloofness
that did not kindle her unfortunate 
heart that was vulnerable..
that needed to be bundled by affection 
and empathy. 
Which you could not give. 
So dear father my lesson to you is 
this… beauty is not always 
the possession- but the 
being, the spirit driving the vehicle
is what you must yearn.
For never ever.. judge a woman 
by her cover.

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2016

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you won't believe that Donald trump is secretly a slug

you wont believe that once I ate a bug

you wont believe that jesus was actually a bro

you wont believe that finn loves poe

you wont believe that eggs are actually made of glue

you wont believe that the sky is not the colour blue

you wont believe that under all of the laws of aviation a bee should not be able to fly

you don't believe that if you don't comment on this poem...

... I will cry

Copyright © ur mom | Year Posted 2016

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there is no one like Stephanie
she must be God’s epiphany
not only did he break the mold
he forged her heart of solid gold

More lovely than a sunburst with hair of fiery red
How radiant, how beautiful, how dear cannot be said
Her big green eyes can hypnotize like owls catch your gaze
Big apple of my everything, the eye of all amaze

As high as I can place you on a cloud of my adore
You rise above all measure, and I love you even more
As bright a star as I can see in all the milky way
You outshine every means of light in every single way

Whatever frame of time you have, whatever tray of hope
Cup of courage or compassion, ounce of cheer, wisp of care
You offer up in kindness for whatever be the need
A little joy, a spot of tea, reward is here nor there
Copyright © Mike Martin 2015

Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to Mother

Ode to Mother

Mothers are the greatest
Mothers are the love,
That children hold the dearest

Mothers overlook the things
That children often do
That’s why Mother, we
Sing this song to you.

We hold you in the deepest 
Section of our heart.
And show you, Mother, that we love you
And with you we’d never part

Although we never tell you
Somehow we need for you to know
That the friend we sometimes need,
Is found in you indeed.

Our friendship is one that
Blossoms from a bud
And flourishes into what
A daughter calls a MOM

	By: Nena Enriquez

Copyright © Maria Elena Enriquez | Year Posted 2009

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Cordillia 2

You were small and still inside,
Now you never will come out.
Even though i never got to know you,
I still love you with all my heart.

There are many things i wanted to teach you,
so many things i wanted you to see.
But i know you are in a place that will always be beautiful,
You will always stay young.

You will have your sister to guide you there,
My family is always there to protect you no matter what.
I hope you are happy cordillia where ever you are,
I am happy knowing you will never experience heartache.

You will never experience the lies people will tell,
You are protected.
you are loved.
You will always be part of me and your dad.

Although i wish i could hold you in my arms,
But until we do see eye to eye.
you are in my heart.

Copyright © Danyell Mormino | Year Posted 2010

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Christmas House

Mommy! Mommy! See the Christmas tree
Shining brightly for the neighborhood to see?
And the logs on the fire are so sparkly.
They make me feel warm and fuzzy.
Did you know tonight is Christmas Eve?

Mommy! Mommy! Watch how the lights
Blink and glitter. They shine so bright.
Used to be I was ‘fraid of the night
But it’s too pretty to feel any fright.
Mommy, what will you open at midnight?

Mommy! Mommy! Listen. They’re singing
And there’s snowmen. And angels. And bells ringing!
I wonder if anyone will come bringing
Any music for us? Any ding-dong-dinging,
And make us happy…our skin tingling?

Mommy! Mommy! What did you say?
Oh, me? What do I want this holiday?
That’s easy. I wan’na laugh, sing and play
With you -n- Sissy. Now, can we pray
That God will send us Daddy on Christmas Day?

Copyright © Sherree Huckleberry | Year Posted 2007