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Ode Food Poems | Ode Poems About Food

These Ode Food poems are examples of Ode poems about Food. These are the best examples of Ode Food poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Ode |

Queen of Camouflage

Mistress of deception,
as in victual monogamy.
A deceit of one’s perception,
without an irksome homily.

Mushrooms drop into a pot,
with peppers, once pureed.
Zucchini dance as they are tossed
amidst confetti of celery seed.

Onions sing out with Garlic,
part of the tomato cabaret.
They drop, sway, and frolic,
below the leaves of dried up bay.

A precipitation of spices,
fine herbs and hot chilies.
If omitted a possible crisis,
like the heel of Achilles.

Then a most decisive stroke,
wheat pasta hits the stage.
With every furtive jab and poke…
Spaghetti is still the rage!

Copyright © Michelle Mac Donald | Year Posted 2012

Details | Haiku |

Ode to the farmer (#2)

Ode to the farmer
We depend on your livestock
We're very grateful

Copyright © Jacob WÖLF | Year Posted 2008

Details | Ode |



I'll never be as good 
as that Nigella,
I just don't seem to 
have the expertise.
I've studied every
Ever written by a
And tried a hundred
different recipes. 

But my batter 
puddings turn out 
limp and soggy,
My omelettes refuse
to leave the pan.
And when I try to
A fancy cherry cake,
It comes out looking
like a strawberry

My casseroles don't
casser like they ought
My apple crumble 
just disintegrates.
My gravy's black and
Rather like an oil slick,
And tends to take the
pattern of the plates.

My tapioca tastes a 
bit peculiar, 
My semolina has no
taste at all.
Nobody will eat it,
But they say you
cannot beat it,
For sticking vinyl 
paper to the wall.

I can cope with all
the other household
But cooking, I confess,
has got me beat.
The family don't trust
Obviously that must
The reason why they
all go out to eat.


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

Ode to Candy

                  Oh Candy, 
      How you make me feel alive, 
    We have a love hate relationship
                  You and I,
           Sugar highs speak to me,
          Sugar crashes damage me.
             A danger zone you are, 
               But I can't resist
   Oh candy, you make me feel alive!

Copyright © Kate McMurtry | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

Untitled #206 / Icee

Mmm, Icee
it’s so
so icy

Copyright © Jesse Jones | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ode |

The incredible super-power of Bacon

The incredible superpower of the aroma of bacon frying And the pungent scent of fresh brewed coffee… To me, this shouts out …“Sunday morning!”… It has the power to move The most sleepy persons The power to lift leaden eyelids The ability to make frowns Turn to smiles and evoke memories Of timeworn kitchen tables And chipped coffee cups And cold linoleum floors No more or less It’s childhood It’s parents and grandparents Old neighborhoods Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall And yet all it truly is Is a bit of aromatic vapor Just bacon frying Coffee brewin’ Anticipation …And memories…

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |

Ode to Ice cream

You, Ice Cream, are delicious.
I could eat you every day.
I could eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I’ll eat you for dessert, too.
I’ll eat you Winter and Summer, Fall and Spring.
Because, you, Ice Cream, are the best.

You can be chocolate, vanilla or more, 
I love all of your flavors,
all except peanut butter.
You can be chocolatey and rich
or simple vanilla. 
You are cold, sweet and delicious,
thick or thin, but always scrumptious.

Copyright © Hannah Stockwell | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |


(Sing to the tune "American Pie.)

I long, long time ago, I can still remember when,
Junk food made me smile,
And I knew if I had a chance,
That I could make my fatness dance,
And maybe I was happy for a while,

But McDonald's made me shiver,
With every burger they'd deliver,
Bad news on their doorstep,
I couldn't take one more step,

I can't remember if I cried,
When I passed size twenty-five,
But something touched me deep inside,
The day I knocked back French fries.

So, bye, bye, McDonald's French fries,
Drove my chevy away from McDonald's,
didn't have a bevy,
I said goodbye to whiskey and rye,
Singing no more apple pies,
That's the end of obesity fries....

Did you go to McDonald's biomes?
Did you know you're changing your genomes?
Eating all those pesticides?
Now do you believe they love you guys?
Might as well eat dead flies!
And can you change evolution in real time?

I was an obese teenage bronco buck,
Driving to McDonald's in a pickup truck,
But I knew I was out of luck,
The day I ate landfill in those French fries...

I started singing bye, bye obesity fries,
Drove my chevy, had no bevies,
And the burgers were dry,
This is the day I knock back French fries.

I met a girl who sang the blues,
]She'd passed turning size twenty-two,
I asked her if she ate junk food too,
She just smiled and drove away,
I drove down to the store no more,
Where I ate additives years before,
But the junk food store didn't care anyway...

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prose Poetry |

Ode to the Orange Gourd

It’s that time of year again...
When family and friends gather together..
To share and give thanks for all that they treasure..
The young and the old, the tall and the small..
The Vegans and the Carnivores, come one come all...
There are dishes of tradition, like Turkey and stuffing..
Mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry muffins..
Green Bean casserole, and corn soufflé...
Are just some of the dishes of the day....
And of course a relish tray to take off the edge...
With that awesome Spinach dip in Pumpernickel bread...
So many desserts at this time of year...
But the favorite of all , synonymous of the Fall..
Is that Jack’O ‘Lantern, orange Gourd.....
 known as Pumpkin Pie...
As the children play a game of touch football...
Something that is 24-7 on this day in  Fall..
As Grandpa sits in the afternoon sun...
Remembering back ..when he was young...
Then the words of “ Let’s eat “ fills the air...
And everyone sits down in their chair..
Who wants the first slice ? Dark meat or White ?
Grandpa asks...then proceeds to take the first bite..
Everyone fills their plate, till it can’t hold no more...
Yet some go back, for more and more....
Finally everyone is full...can’t eat another bite..
Till the smell of fresh coffee brings on a plight...
Aahh  dessert ..and the best part of all....
“ PUMPKIN PIE “ !!!! ....It appears was a "Majority Call"...
This is “ my “ favorite time of the year....
When you mention "MY" name, everyone gives a cheer !!!
So without  further adieu  ...Grandpa picks up the knife...
As I am the “ MAJORITY CALL “ and receive the first slice....

Copyright © kj force | Year Posted 2013

Details | Limerick |

Ode to Pepsi

My addiction to Pepsi is a curse It's bad for my body and for my purse Limit is one per day But I have feet of clay I love the stuff..for better or for worse
for the Beverage contest...glug Barbara Gorelick 10/27/11

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2011

Details | Rhyme |

Ode to a Green Hat

The green cuisine will make you lean.
Like Jeanne, Christine, or age eighteen.
Sardines, soybeans, along with greens
Will help you fit in smaller jeans.
The diet scene, you've seen umpteen!
You've worked out on the green machine.
Being lean they say is supreme.
Like if you are a strong marine.
Or when he rubs on your sunscreen.
But if you're fat and seem obscene,
Be sure to wear a hat that's green.
The color green is so serene.
And sparkles in the sunlight's sheen.
Eat: kale, spinach and collard greens
Or buy a great big hat thats green!

© March 1, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  The Colors Have It 
Sponsor	Russell Sivey

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ode |

An Ode to Clam Chowder

Oh, clam chowder, how I would love
You to be like the thing you claim you taste of.
You're seafood, soup, potatoes, all warm
And bubbling in a splendrous, thick liquid form.
Your amount of potatoes, though is extensive,
Because I guess that clam is just too expensive
To be present in amounts that meet my desires.
But I suppose you'd be too costly for buyers.
But aside from that, clam chowder, you're alright.
I'll probably still have some tonight.

Copyright © Joseph Coogan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Imagism |


Oh cake you are my biggest
My Most wanton
My most utterly and delightful mistake

You invite my mouth to savour you
After I drool all over you
And I gladly indulge

I live only for a taste of you
You excite my taste buds so well
And fill my heart with joy
It is such a pity
That each bite so perfectly
Plots my ruin

Adding weight to my hips
After passing through my awaiting lips
You make me so plumptous

Oh cake I will always love you
No matter what ills you bring
I will forever sing
Of your taste
And eat another morsel of you

I will never forget
The many flavours you have
That so tingle my tongue

My cravings for you
Are torture
If I cannot possess you
I will seek you out
Where-ever you may be
And have you
Every morsel
Every crumb of you

Copyright © evrod samuel | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Ode To Fish And Chips

Ode To Fish And Chips

So hard to resist if you wanted to try
Fantasies started hours before build to a climax
No one knows but everyone realizes what is to come
Their scent more powerful than any other
It is a power that could never be ignored
Senses expand to take in every experience
Waves of nearly orgasmic energy flows through every cell
Not a word is spoken in expectation of what is to come
Everyone knows and everyone impatiently waits
The sounds of crackling and splashing 
Sounds that perk even the worst of imaginations
The heat emitted warms the hearts of young and old
Yet, with that it is the sme lls that drive humans crazy with desire
Suddenly, the ancient wooden doors open
The people push and claw to be the closet to their desire
A smell, a taste, even a look is all they desire
A hand reaches out and, for one person, their life is fulfilled
A bite of their fish and chips 
The ones from the small pub prove that the fantasies were true
There is a food of the gods and it is in a small British pub
Down an alley and behind and ancient door
The dream continues

Copyright © R. e. taylor | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |

Ode to Bacon

O thee I praise, and I sure ain’t fakin’
The fairest ether of carnal substance, our bacon!

That unctuous crunch so satisfying
I can already hear my fat cells sighing

Yea, about you there’s not one thing faulty
You make fried eggs so impeccably salty

A special treat from the Lord, yes I dig
Which is why he hid you inside a pig

Kindly don’t regard me a barbarian,
But you’re proof that God's no vegetarian

There is no shame in how I thee adore
I’d even pick you up after six seconds on the floor

Sweet minutes after, the glorious aftertaste lingers
Extra can be found on my greasy fingers

O dear Lord, may we never run out
Of the sweetest treat behind the muddy snout!

© Thomas W. Quigley

Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

Ode to Kao Niew - Sticky Rice

I meet you in Laos
as a seed
just a simple
existence of hard rice
seeded inside Huay Xai’s dirt
until water plains
cradle and nourish your infant body
'till you sprout above water banks
where you tickle yourself
with sunshine
like a child who spends all
day with the wind
when you mature
people pull your roots
carry you in bulk back home
along with your friends
moisten your skin
steam under flames and
boiling water
only a bath where
dirt splashes off
while you try to hold
breaths underwater
your skin does not wrinkle
only softens
to stick with other rice
and sink in perfection
of the basket
where my mother’s hands
shake and shuffle you
into a ball
to roll on a plate
now fully grown ready to
liberate our hunger
with your body
that is how we meet

everyday even now
when I chew you in big bites
you never fail to fill
my head with steam
and make my tummy your
cozy home
sometimes I eat you too fast
you burn my tongue

and mom says
I am crazy for eating too fast
but it don’t matter
when I can cool
squeeze to pebble-size bits
dip you in fish soup
or papaya salad
Kao Niew
my family sits together
on the floor legs folded
or on a dinner table
you cuddle inside our bellies
warm our lips
the way
our throats
in cold evenings with no heaters
you sacrifice to
fill our stomachs
so we can stick to each other
and swallow
our love whole

Copyright © Krysada Phounsiri | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

Ode To Junk Food

I doff my fedora to the feller who invented pertater chips!
That genius developed the ideal thingy in which to immerse our dips!
How could we survive sans our weekly fix of Dominoes pizza pie,
Or a half-dozen Dunkin Donuts consumed on the sly?

Ain't nothin' as finger lickin' good as Kentucky Fried, original of course,
Or a Wendy's triple bacon 'burger when you're as famished as a horse!
Ah! The myriad of Mexican fixin's offered by the local Taco Bell!
Chimichangas, burritos, tacos, tostadas and enchiladas as well!

Japanese and Chinese establishments offer mysterious and fancy fare.
Try sushi, octopus, crawfish or deep fried squid if you dare!
If you crave ice cream, cookies or a hunk of cake or such cuisine,
Hie yourself on down the street to the nearest Dairy Queen!

For the hotdog aficionado there are weenie varieties galore;
Foot longs, chilidogs, smothered in sauerkraut and so many more!
Want some scrumptious and satisfying grub that'll fill your belly?
Get a ham on rye, thick salami or a Rueben at the neighborhood deli!

At Dad's BBQ you can order any kind of barbeque with greasy fries.
To top off the pancakes at The Village Inn you can buy chocolate pies!
Doctors and nutritionists would cringe at such a diet of course.
Fiddle faddle!  I'll keep on eatin' that stuff with absolutely no remorese!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired 
(© All Rights Reserved)

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

Details | Ode |

Ham On Rye

I'm not no Picasso, and I'm not no Poe.
The only thing I need, is a late night woman.
And a whole lot of dough.
Apple and pumpkin, they're a cool kind of pie.
Preferred by me, is ham on rye.
There she was, so sexy and nice.
My late night woman.After striking out twice.
I met her in the bleachers, at a Friday night game.
My apple and pumpkin didn't taste the same.
And my late night woman, wouldn't take the blame.
Then we saw the kicker.Kick the ball so high.
It made us so unhappy.We were about to cry.
Anyways, the whole damn thing, made me drop my
ham on rye..

Humorous Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1992,2014..
ALL rights reserved..

Copyright © Kim Robin Edwards | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

Ode To McDonald's Hash Browns

Forbidden Pleasure This morning I had a Hash brown Something I almost never do It was greasy and hot And I liked it a lot I was sorely tempted To go back and buy two The girlish squeals from my booth Were embarrassing in truth But I simply could not Contain my delight The smile on my face Could not be erased As it only grew wider With each bite One hundred fifty calories Seemed as naught to my belly As I scarfed the last morsel down And I was not really conscious Of regret or guilty conscience Only the memory Of that Heavenly …Hash Brown…

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode |

I learn from you to fly through intercurrent days

  You make sweet things out of your pain, out of your joy
    Know how to blend experience, emotions, not just soy
    You gave me sweets, sweets in small transparent BOX
   Transparent like your own eyes – transparent like Soul
Oh, boy!
Was looking at it, expressionless!
What was so special
in it? Initially,
present is Love and God is the present, God presented us all present moments,
God is in each present moment Himself, and we, we can fill moments with Love

You gave me sweets – sweets in small transparent BOX
 Transparent like your own eyes – transparent like Soul
     You make sweet things out of your pain, out of your
   Know how to blend experience, emotions, not just soy

You are small... and quick...
At the same time, vigorous!
Speak to me, sweet Hummingbird, keep speaking, speak your heart Even if I am carried away in thoughts, I listen to emotional melodies I learn from you to fly through intercurrent days, I learn – not to cry I want to cry, all the time. „But that is waste of time!“ You say me. I don‘t know WHY Is that true? Is it right or not – to cry? I will try to keep two tears per day For one who showed God and for God... Not for myself, not for this world (not anymore) I say so. But, who knows...? Tinkling ankle bells, one for you, one for me. Happiness to explore! I like to see Hummingbird chirpy... I like to see Squirrel so peaceful I would like to see them everyday but life carries, carries me away I could not share my sorrow... you had your own sorrow... That schedule in world we follow: from mud lotuses grow My bottom perhaps was just a middle of yours But no one has right to put pain on scales: Whales and nightingales Inhale and exhale Their own WAY
Mar. 2016

Copyright © salamandra Gabija | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

ode to marshmellow peeps

Marsh mellow peeps
a wonderful treat.
Yellow pink or  blue 
 all of them stick like glue 
on easter , christmas or even halloween  
I like peeps and  pass on  jelly beans .
Some have said they can cure the common cold  
others say it reminds them of yellow slime mold  
what can I say ?
it doesnt matter to me either way 
but personally  my favorite type is
the ones you put in the microwave oven  
and watch as they  bubble, pop and  fizz   

Copyright © rebecca travis | Year Posted 2008

Details | Rhyme |

Ode to Rabbie Burns

Ode to Rabbie Burns.

. I was up before the dawn, 
still half asleep for sure. 
I struggled into wellies 
and headed for the moor. 

The heather smelt so fine, 
my Whisky tasted good 
as i put away the hip flask 
and walked towards the woods. 

I went in through the bracken 
and quietness was a need. 
The search was now in earnest 
for this is where they feed. 

At first i checked the traps 
all empty such a shame. 
This Beastie was elusive 
would you like to know his name? 

He is only found in Scotland 
on moors and deep in woods 
and sometimes changes colour 
depending on his moods. 

His diet it is Heather 
the purple is the best, 
though sometimes he eats Neeps 
to farmers he"s a pest. 

His legs they number three 
he has no grace or poise, 
and if theres more than one 
they really make a noise. 

They taste so good and spicy 
with pepper and with salt. 
Served up with Tatties and Neeps 
washed down with a single malt. 

But have you guessed his name, 
would you know one face to face. 
Robert Burns it was who called him 
" Great chieftain o the pudding-race" 

Yes it is the Haggis, 
let"s all take it in turns 
and raise your glass in homage 
"Oh heres tae Rabbie Burns" 

Copyright © ned flanders | Year Posted 2011

Details | Acrostic |

Ode To Tom Tryptophan

Oh Tom, you wonderful Turkey!
Dear departing, Tom!
Each year you bring such

Tryptophan tranquility to
Our over-stimulated brains

That we welcome the stupor
Only your chemistry
Makes memorable!

Tom, you great big glorious beastie
Ready we are for the feastie
Your plucked body will bring!
Pardon our fowl
Tastes but you know that
Obama will surely pardon one of you!
Perhaps our
Hearty appetites will be content with
A cornish game hen
Next year.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Entry for Donna Golden's Ode To A Turkey contest  ~~~~~

Copyright © Sue Mason | Year Posted 2009

Details | Rhyme |

An Ode to Avocados

I sampled my first one in Israel
And instantly fell for the taste,
Devouring one then another,
While adding some heft to my waist.

That happened way back in my 20’s,
When quite a bit more did I weigh,
So though I’m not quite as indulgent,
I still love to eat them today.

Sliced up and tossed into a salad
Or mashed up for dipping some chips,
They’re healthy and filling and yummy;
Just one won’t add much to your hips.

But eaten with some moderation,
They’ll add to a meal some pizzazz.
Your taste buds will groove with sensation,
Each bite smooth and silky like jazz.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |

Green onions(ode to)

Green Onions

What fool can write about green onions?
Not me, Not me
I'm not a fool you see

Green onions are food
not a poem my friend whose goofy

But I don't mean to be rude
or crude to any dude
who writes about green onions 
and not eat for food

So what if I'm rude or crude
to you, foolish dude
I'm not like you, I'm no fool
But a dude who's cool

So don't confuse me with a fool dude 
'cause I'm a cool dude
I do not write about green onions
that is you, a fool you see
and a fool you will always be

I do not write about green onions
you see ,you see

Copyright © greg halligan | Year Posted 2005

Details | Ode |


Coffee in a cup, makes a cup of coffee;
just as an aroma from within, makes the air,

smell of flowers in the spring



...a sweet thing, like sugar cane is to the tasting,
and the tasting is to stirring the dream,

making flavored coffee

a drink in the morning.

Copyright © Marrio Biggs | Year Posted 2012

Details | I do not know? |

An ode to the hottest sauce in the universe

I run
I scream
I cry
I release
I fall
I crawl
I heave

You win.

Copyright © Ginger Marie | Year Posted 2009

Details | Quatrain |

tongue ode

the tongue is just another muscle
gives strength to what we think
amidst life's daily hustle bustle
helps thoughts to words interlink

so the father with his mother tongue
speaks to progeny generations come
lessons learned to offspring young
good ways to live, his rule of thumb

still would wince at his tongue lashing
flinching, blinking, cowering and meek
if shouted anger from lips came flashing
'stead of old man's jokes, tongue-in-cheek

but before I become too tongue-tied 
some tongue twister squarely knotted
I'll place my tongue-in-cheek aside
to address these words I've jotted

and tell of my admiration for tongue
no forked tongue falsehood to relate
some silver tongued notes clearly sung
of glossa tongues and hooks and baits

that lovely lingual muscle hydrostat
can do things fit for moans and groans
I can hint, alluding to this and that
of things we tongue like flesh and bones

I think you'll agree with my observations
presented to you, from my mind sprung
and think of your own tasty applications
many things budding the tip of your tongue

© Goode Guy 2011-07-04

Copyright © Goode Guy | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |

Ode to Potstickers

Sizzling and Grizzling
Frying and Boiling
Crispy and crunchy
Gooey and chewy.

Cooked to perfection
Golden brown on each side,
Little pockets of goodness
Placed delicately on a china plate.

Scent so mouth-watering,
Taste that's quite exotic
Texture that is crunchy
Tastes heavenly in my mouth.

Dunked in rich sauce
That is darker than ink
The taste buds dance
As the divine flavor takes over.

Sweet and savory
Bitter and better
Crunchy and soft
Exotic and exquisite.

Sweet potstickers
You are quite a treat
I can't get enough
Of your exotic taste.

Copyright © Megan Ryan | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ode |

Ode To A Lemon

Zesty droplets on my tongue  
Setting a blaze of many flavours
Lively explosions on in my mouth

Copyright © Kudzai Mhangwa | Year Posted 2017