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Battered and bruised mommy cries as she tries to cover her black eyes.
But mommy doesn't see daddy as her demise.
One January 25 mommy and daddy awaited as baby arrived.
Smiles of comfort and tears of joy came as so did the baby boy.
Mommy and daddy weren't ready to take care of the child for daddy was still a child.
At heart mommy took all those foul mouth liquor jeers from daddy's mouth but baby didn't 
know what that was about.
Mommy stays with daddy for the child, not realizing that it is doing more harm than 
anything...comes from daddy's mouth and baby takes it in not realizing.  
Flashing lights and sirens ring incredulously one slumber-some December night as baby was 
tucked in tight...while mommy and daddy was going on like it was Saturday fight night.
Baby cries but whose there to hear for mommy and daddy curse and de fouls the baby's ear.
Baby's heart is broken and shattered as mommy is shaken and battered.
Sweet kisses to mend her wounds internal and external but are they sincere from daddy's 
They will never part even though in mommy's heart she wishes daddy would leave forever.
One grief-some January 25 mommy rested never to return for her and daddy went on a 
"Where is mommy", said baby but daddy couldn't talk.
What could he say "I beat mommy till I killed her leaving her internally bruised and brain 
He couldn't say that any way for he was talking to Tiny in cell block five that day.
And baby has no other choice than to realize that his family was nothing more than a mere 
Sirens ring
Sirens ring
Battered and bruised mommy cries for help as she fights for her life.
Because daddy has beat her till her eyes turned dark as night.
It's ironic because baby has become a fighter in Saturday fight night.

Copyright © Paul Easter | Year Posted 2009

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The feeders were empty, dejected, forlorn.
The lady who filled them had suddenly gone.
Her time here now ended, she wakened no more:
Gone from her gardens, departed her door.
This little much mattered to birds on the wing,
With winter now over, well into the spring.
All busy with nesting, caught up in new life.
No hunger in summer, no cold, bitter strife.
New homes to be built: sturdy and staid.
Songs to be sung and eggs to be laid.
Sheltered and nurtured; the young ones appear.
A sure rite of passage in the spring of each year.
Fledglings near grown will be taught how to fly
And soar past the tree tops up into the sky.
They will learn of the hawk and its hunger for flesh:
Of wicked, sly felines that hide in the brush.
Then late summer grows weary and tired of play. 
It goes to bed earlier and earlier each day.
The fall time all golden and valued the more;
Birds sense coming peril past winter’s cold door.
Those who remain for new season’s sharp sting,
Grow restless, uneasy, not choosing to sing.
Old feeders hang empty, no seed to be found . . 
Below only barren, forbidding, cold ground.
Blue jays and the doves, all the species of finch,
Chickadees, titmice, now feel winter's pinch.
Woodpeckers, nuthatches, cardinals and crows,
Will all group together to face winter woes.
Then a morning arrives with white flakes in the air.
Frigid and stark; the day reeks of despair.
First jay to arrive at the earliest light,
Gives out a sharp cry to all others in flight.
There's someone out tending the feeders below,
Tamping the snow where the cracked corn will go.
And filling the hollow in that old rotten stump:
Sunflower, suet, dried fruit and some nuts.
Bleak landscape has kidnapped the scene down below,
But all’s right in the hemlock, as well as the snow.
New feeders abound, where old feeders once hung 
And with someone to fill them, let the new winter come.

Copyright © Diane Lefebvre | Year Posted 2015

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As history was awakened,
on this January Day,
a man of hope,
takes his place.

Speaking to the world,
he told of his plan,
where equality is here,
for every woman, and man.

No more will greed,
be allowed to grow,
eyes will be watching,
this you should know.

We are survivors,
and like others before,
we will defend our great country,
from every shore.

Hard work, and sweat,
and prayers from our lips,
united we shall stand,
on this four year trip.

Copyright © Christy Hardy | Year Posted 2009

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The day of your birth, so close to my birthday
We always shared a cake and ice cream
You lead us through the branch, and dark, shady forest every summer
Over hills and stumps, we found all sorts of childish treasures along the way
We would swim in the branch most every afternoon to cool off the summer heat
We stumbled apon an old rusty moonshine still that had ax holes in the woods, scared that 
we would get in trouble because of it, somehow.
Our canine friends would follow along to see where you would take us, then follow us home 
We had to be home by supper time, we couldn't miss supper.

Copyright © Doris Culverhouse | Year Posted 2010

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Those city's snowfalls in January
come down to earth surprisingly...
to induce an ideal stillness,and make
with an impressive effect,
lovely sceneries to be instilled
inside the inquisitive and perceptive mind!

Fluffy and swirling snowflakes
give glitter and beauty
to lifeless and drooping trees
sheltering the holly's shrubs,
which are fearful of showing  entirely
their frozen berries;
and who isn't happier than
a fumbling mockingbird...
vanquishing danger
and not being heard?

Hill tops are swarmed by teens
so confident and daring...
while sliding downhill
on snowboards delirously
and whenever they come to a stop:
they are shouts and cheers
so encouragingly;
imagine life without them: 
neither joy or event
will be rembered by us,
who cherished the thrill
of those days when we laughed a lot!

The tallest pine trees,ever to grow,
attract birds needing shelter and more...
and to hear and see swift blue-jays humming
their harmonious and cheerful notes,
while fleeing brench to brench,
is so inspiring and heart-warming...
not ever lamenting winter's pinch,
rather celebrating life with gladness!

Those city's snowfalls in January
are unique,pretty and breatless
as we draw ourselves closer to Nature...
when tranquillity is there to conquer us;
and we lose ourselves into it with ardor...
to amend our neligence and feel serenity!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2006