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He's used to war, he fights real hard,
He's a soldier, he's battle scarred.
The enemy is weak, there is nothing to fear,
His compassion is gone, he has no tears.

He was taught well, was taught how to kill,
He's done it so much, it's lost it's thrill.
He no longer feels bad, when the enemy dies,
Tears don't come any more to his tired eyes.

In the beginning it was against his will,
But he soon broke down, and got used to kill.
Never thinking that his foe, was also just a man,
Like him with a family, doing the best he can.

He cannot have feelings, for anyone,
But then, for a moment, he thinks of his son.
He wants to go home, but it's not time yet,
So he goes back to a war, that he wants to forget.

Next day on the beach, on his tour of duty,
Lies a child's body, on the coast of Turkey.
He cannot believe what he sees with his own eyes,
A cute little boy, with no signs of life.

Lying face down, right there on the sand,
He picks him up, with his big strong hands.
And when he saw that there was no hope,
The soldier realized he could not cope.

He shuddered deeply...letting out a sigh,
And that's when...the soldier cried.

Now the whole world mourns that little boy,
Many children elsewhere, receive another toy.
Yes, people stand by, while these refugees die,
Some see the news and say, please...pass the pie.

John Derek Hamilton   September 04,2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Laying here staring out across the ocean,
listening to the sound of waves roaring,
gazing up at all of the glimmering stars,
lighting up the sea like a dance floor.

Counting stars as blessings life has given me,
thanking God for each and everyone of them,
so relaxing just lying next to the shore lines,
trying to draw in the last bits of the night.

The full moon shining ever so brightly now,
and the waves calm down to a gentle splash,
a light breeze pushes softly against my skin,
I grab my sweater and drape it around me,
as I go to leave I stop and turn around,
just to admire the ocean one last time.

Copyright © Rachel Trine | Year Posted 2015

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Morning breaks in cheerful warm brilliance,
pale sapphire sky pristine.
Grey-white gulls glide vociferously above
in search of firma bound fare.
Reflections of Sol’s arms vault from the sea,
smooth but for zephyr stroked folds;
pure, sugar white sand kissed softly
by persistent waves subtle roll.
Soft ghosts of tepid breeze course random,
sensually caressing what be;
long thin-bladed grasses sway lightly
in synchrony and shameless delight.

With bonnet in hand an aged woman strolls 
beside the vast Gulf of blue; 
damp, firm sand squeaks soothingly
against the soles of her tired bare feet.
Her large eyes of brown focus ahead,
bear no witness to her days and shine;
fine flowing hair of luminous white 
draped over shoulders so slight.
A pause, though brief, in quiet reflection,
her gaze upon the distant view
and mind in stoic reminiscence
of past friends and loves and wonder.

His strong arms hold her close tightly,
warmth of body and soul unite,
while gaiety in unbound laughter
disclose love once again renewed.
A tender brush of hand upon cheek
raises fiery passion in both,
as excited young eyes meet in ardor
essence link in eternal embrace.
One warm briny tear born of these thoughts
streams slowly down her cheek,
she slowly walks on as sand squeaks soothingly
against the soles of her tired bare feet.

Copyright © Michael Santner | Year Posted 2005

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Waves crash down on the rocks reducing them to sand
Then sweeps them away to some far off land
The wave roll in covering my feet in sand
In the concept of time I wonder just who I am?

I gaze before me the vastness of the sea
Represents all the possibilities inside of me
I can’t think of any place I would rather be
I have trouble describing there’s so much to see.

I walk out to the rocks to find some treasure
I find many starfish much to my pleasure
It seems that the only way to go is up
So I step up and take a drink from life’s cup.

Peace and tranquility fill me inside 
While the waves provide a pretty good ride
The water is cool and so refreshing
 All of the pieces seem to be meshing.

A seagull in the water and gets hit by a wave
I dawn a smile and feel I am saved
I like how the sky melts into the sea
Over the horizon sounds like the place to be.

The adventure I’m on may never be through
Sometimes I’m not sure what I should do
I just press on and see what shall become
I like what I see so I try to grab some.

Copyright © Mark Russell | Year Posted 2011

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Things seems to be very clear,
When actually felt it is unclear,
What really seems to be clear,
May never ever be clear for ever.

Your help for others,
May be to be appreciated,
Or taken as what is called,
to be uncounted.

My question is clear,
Why the help for others,
Is sometime never appreciated,
However it is always delivered. 

In response to ethics,
lingers in my mind the answer,
To help others is not to be recognised, 
But it is to be called someone, 
Who can be respected.

To all, continue to help,
Not to to be appreciated by others,
But to be respected by yourself.

Copyright © B S Sky | Year Posted 2013

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I was in-processing my Army unit in Germany when the fortieth anniversary of D-Day happened; but, alas, I couldn't leave.  I wanted so much to be there to meet the old surviving veterans, to shake their hands and hear their stories.  I had read accounts of D-Day-- June 6th, 1944.  I had already seen several times the film The Longest Day, based on the book by Cornelius Ryan.  
Eventually my family followed me back to Germany, and we later took a vacation that included Normandy.  
We visited Sainte-Mere-Eglise, and I pointed out the manekin of Private john Steele--the paratrooper that had gotten stuck on the church's steeple.  
We visited the upper German fortifications of Point Du Hoc, where Army Rangers fought their way up impossible cliffs.  
We paid our respects at the US war cemetery on Omaha Beach, and my sons and I walked where so many Americans had died to free Europe.
My wife was very somber and respectful at these sites; she is French, and grew up hearing stories of the German occupation.
I often still watch on June 6th either The Longest Day, or Saving Private Ryan, and try to imagine my forebears on those beaches.

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2015

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The Beach There was one spot upon the hill where when the sun was just right, and you got up real early, you could see the ocean. Just a glimpse of it as the sun bounced its morning yawn across the bay. It seemed a million miles away, that strip of salty coolness glimmering in the distance. We had gone there once, riding busses with the windows open, the smell of city pouring in and the thrill of mystery and adventure building. The slender strip of ocean now become the suitor of horizon’s hand, hot grainy sand to sift between the toes and waves, Oh man the waves, that slapped against hot skin causing shocking shrieks and shivered smiles. The taste of salt licked slowly from the last French Fry, the feel of sand and stone in tickling erosion beneath the feet, the touch of drifting seaweed, the tightness of fresh salted, drying skin. Shared sandwiches and Kool-aid raised to gourmet grade by scented breeze off ocean waves. Hot seats on stifling bus and fast asleep, a stone to hold, a memory to keep. The spot will e’er remain the keyhole that I peek through at a day, one day, when we were there, the sun, the sea, the air, and me. John G. Lawless 2013 submitted to – Summertime Fun – Poetry Contest sponsor – Debbie Guzzi

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2015

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Dawn’s arms rock us awaken
First light guides our eyes open
A minute or two we bask
Before we rise to the tasks

Buzzing we go, all duty
Not missing the melody
Of plans laid out well in war
When the battle cry did warn

Signs were posted in plenty
In aches of flesh past groaning
Clocks ticked too fast to keep up
We sensed the call to the Sun

Finally armed and fueled
We three and the engine revved 
Taking routes always farther 
Away from the walled master

Warmer becomes flesh and heart
As we steer like movie stars
Heads high to catch the sun’s drops
Eyes shaded in blissful lost

Soon we are flying through air
Passing green-eyed rooms with cheer
Bucolic scenes blaze colors
How beautifully they merge

Tempo slows as deep blue nears
Silent, the wait comes to bear 
Descent is smooth, toes sink in
Digging in grains so golden

It is here we recover
Here, we let go of the war

Copyright © Terry-Ann Coley | Year Posted 2013

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E-Z Glo Punk, Lightning Flash,
TNT Devices will burst, do crash
Southern Night, Piccolo Petes
       are hard to beat...

I like hand held Sparklers, Tanks
 flashing fountains, Solar Flare
 Six to #20 Gold I have to share,
 no incidence, no burns, thanks...

  Whistles blow, fountains glow,
 pop'n sounds, entire sky all aglow
 I love those colors, high an low
  trails eched onto my retina
  inspired me to let ya know

  Now you close both eyes
in pitch dark, what a surprise
  for you to see, right there
 darkness, absolutely  anywhere
beautiful trails of lights in motion
"Always read a label of caution"

Copyright © Perry Campanella | Year Posted 2013

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She was sitting on her bed while resting her back against a pillow that she placed vertically against the headboard. The chilly evening breeze managed to sneak inside to her bedroom so she snuggled her legs under her thick comforter. Her face was expressionless to begin with- she felt empty and hollow. She scrolled through her music playlist and played the song "Cuando me Enamoro" by Enrique Iglesias. It has been a while since she had listened to it. Spanish songs never fail to lift her soul as they always give her tingles and tickles.

When I am falling in love (Cuando me enamoro).

Closed her eyes and she could imagine herself walking towards a beach. She pictured a white large beach resort facing towards the ocean. It's sunset now.  "Pero por dentro, entiende que no puedo, y a veces me pierdo..." That song again; sweetly paired with invigorating beats produced by a light brown bongo and perfectly harmonized with passionate husky voices. It matched with a benign nylon strings of a Spanish guitar which were plucked meticulously.

Huu...uuu...cuando me enamoro...

The feminine wind rippled through her white maxi dress. She took hold of her sun hat so that it won't get knocked off by the wind. Her long dark blonde hair was blown softly. 

She was swayed by the moment but to her despair a few strands entered her mouth so she quickly got them out and tucked them in behind her right ear in order to not look like a person who's too starved they eat their own hair.

(Okay, back to the beachy mood.)

The music is still playing... obviously because she put it on repeat. The bongo is her favorite part- it mixes so well with other instruments. She smiled as she listened to it. The feeling of confidence has started to seep in so she decided to act as if she was wise and had experienced every ups and downs in life.

Si la luna sería tu premio, yo juraría hacer cualquier...

(continue to Cuando Me Enamoro II)

Copyright © Abidah Mahri | Year Posted 2016

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Dear Past, Present and My Dear Future

Wearing a coat 
Or call it an anorak
Through the rain he takes his steps
And on the road he walks
A hat to cover his head
Like an armored personnel 
He is dressed
Anodized from the loneliness in his pumping flesh
It beats even now
It used to beat then
With hopes for it to keep beating
Till his soul sees a dead end
He walks
Inside a shell he used to hide 
But now he breaks it
And takes a step ahead
Humiliating his past
Silently announcing life’s rebirth
By his anodyne walk

He walks and walks
To the mountain up ahead
He stands at the foot and
Looks back at the far end
He then says with a 
Smirk on his face
“Now it’s time”
And then breaks into a smile
Hoping for the best.
Before he walk
Any further ahead
He says to himself
“Dear past…. I will miss you 
but its fare well…….

Dear present …do know
Its happiness if you think
And sorrow if you think
Oh Dearest future…
I know not what you bring 
For me
But I hope your decision to be best 
And I know I will do my best
A test you will take
Of my fate
My patience
My knowledge
And my ways…
But help me to choose right
And help me to correct
My dear past and change the fate I fear
No more of that I shall suffer
For I feel I am in good hands and hoping that’s true…”

He walks again up the mountain and by this the rain stops
No fear, not scared for he believes in a 

Bright future and 
So does the sun shine above…

By Manthra ©

Copyright © manthra har | Year Posted 2015

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                                         The rush of swish against the shoreline
                                             The wind blowing swift by is a sign
                                     A storm a brewing, clattering, and shattering
                                       The thunder clapping a great sky battering
                                                  The waves swoosh higher up
                                           As you can get this sound like in a cup
                                               But more so just cover your hand
                                       Now the feeling of grit giving sound to sand
                                              Whoosh! the wind takes your hair
                                        It is fear-est when water spit as it declare
                                        War on your skin, with vibration that pings
                                        And the silence of slow blowing wind sings

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

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Her shadows followed her while she was strolling alongside the beach. The red hues of sunset fell upon her skin and emphasized the freckles on her cheeks. The girl desperately wanted to remember the taste of independence and openness. For some reason, the loud sound of the crashing waves complemented the song beautifully like when Haley Reinhart collaborated with Casey Abrams. She felt the rough texture of every grain of sand beneath her feet and squished it only to see that they come right out between her toes. Some Spanish dancers dancing Flamenco would be perfect here...and a cocktail or a glass of Sangria... or both. 

Cuando menos me lo espero me enamoro, se detiene el tiempo...

The wind is getting colder. A few boulders were seen just near the shore. One of them was dry and large enough for her to sit on top of. She hugged her knees and gazed out across the broad crimson sea, throwing the feeling of longing far towards the horizon. A mixture of maroon, apricot and amber colors painted the sky, performing a balmy gradient. A few small crows were present, like splashes of blank ink splattered across a canvas. 

Si la luna sería tu premio, yo juraría hacer cualquier cosa por ser su dueño, por ser tu dueño, oh...

She stayed there until the sun buried itself into the horizon and the bright spotlights at the beach resort were switched on. -The music stopped abruptly-

She slowly opened her eyes ... One by one, the furniture in her bedroom came to view. She looked out the window and it was so dark outside, it was already night. The girl lifted the comforter to take a look at her two paralyzed legs and let out a small sigh. She closed her eyes and subsided into her bed quietly. pictured the same beach and continued her fantasy. Only this time with different song.

Si pudiera bajarte una estrella del cielo, lo haría sin pensarlo dos veces, porque te quiero, ay, y hasta un lucero, ay.

26 March 2016
A'bidah Mahri

Copyright © Abidah Mahri | Year Posted 2016

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"A sunset is the proscenium between Heaven and Earth 
where Gods reminds us that he is
 always close by."

Copyright © Jeffrey Forman | Year Posted 2015

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  Just try to understand The ability To see 
  Where are these three witches 

  First of all it's hard to give them a forum
  Second hard to know why they are with us 

  Third they have a beauty of a goddess without a name

              SEA,AIR & NATURE  The three witches

 With love all 
 Jagdish bajantri

Copyright © jagdish bajantri | Year Posted 2016

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Alone was I 
on that sad fourth of July 
I can remember it all so well
the pains 
the cuts that will always remain,

I could see the fire works 
while life was slipping you bye
Oh, how this makes me cry 
to find out someone had taken your life, 

Alone was I 
without you by my side 
you was only a little guy 
you was only five 
on that sad fourth of July ,

The mystery binds my mind
how could someone be so cold
to take your soul .

Poetic Judy Emery (c)

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2016

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Salty mistiness enters my head.
Nostrils take in. Waves crash!

Sting rays sting! Crabs scatter!
Sandcastles, built wet on dry sand.

Walking miles on water-lapped shore.
Caesar remains, constant companion.
Then man politely asked for my hand.
Next year, for my hand in matrimony.

Ah. Salty, misty, water-waves pull.
Floating out to horizon, swim back.
Suck in the sweet, ocean air retreat.
Summertime vacations, every August.

Gray, weathered house, long ago gone.
It provided shelter, bed to lay head.
Shish kabobs! Stone crabs from fishy,
Dead heads on string. Left turn, bay.

Copyright © June Ellen Smith | Year Posted 2010

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Even as thunder boomed mighty overhead
and power lines on San Domingo Avenue outside
faltered and succumbed to the tempest
the Ortegas stood breathless in the family room, gaze transfixed 
upon the television screen like so many deer in the headlights of a truck.
Finally a flash from without, and a snap 
extinguished all light within the household. Ten seconds passed 
without a sound. Then the father uttered something and
the family members scattered, each returning a moment later
bearing possessions of infinite value. Within a minute, 
all had crammed into the station wagon, evacuation route ingrained
within their minds like a seed of hope.
All but one. Manuelito had been lost.
The mother howled and flied back into the house,
tears streaming down her face hard as the rain.
She reached the back porch, and to her eternal shock
found Manuelito standing alone on the beach like a mannequin
eyes locked upon the Cyclops-eye of the storm.
The mother cried out through anguished sobs
in vain, for the howling drone of the wind overpowered all
and when Manuelito turned around to face all that he loved
he did so with all the finality of a grown man
resolved upon his course of action.
The mother abruptly ceased her crying, and
her countenance briefly matched that of her son
as she, too, turned her gaze upon the jewel center of the storm
and was hypnotized by the awesome power of the divine.
At length she regained self-consciousness, and her eyes
darted back to that segment of the beach where her son had been standing
but his figure, like a stream of sand on the dunes of time,
had been replaced by nothingness,
the allure of the unknown and
Poseidon’s call of wild fury
too strong to resist.

Copyright © Jesse Jones | Year Posted 2007

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Prone,lying side by side
Lapped by an ebbing tide,
Together upon passion's ride-
In love's embrace enlocked
This watershed,no longer shocks.

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2007

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My favorite spot in Italy, and perhaps anywhere, was Ristorante Le Tre Sorelle 
in Positano. It was at the bottom of at least a hundred stone steps, just on 
the right, and right on the beach. A hundred steps seemed like ten, with 
delights for the senses on every step. Chic bikini shops with tan young clients, 
tiny pastry shops, ice cream vendors, mini-galleries, and lone musicians, all 
bathed in the soft bright sunlight of the Amalfi Coast. 

Le Tre Sorelle had affordable pasta and a priceless view. Between 
checkered tables and cobalt sea marched the ancient beauty of humanity in 
every form and state. 

Over espresso, we created names for people in this parade, to suit our 
fancy. “There is Mr. and Mrs. Cold Obtrusive boring Mr. and Mrs. Kind 
Receptive.”, we might say, or, “There is Mr. Old Fat Rich failing to interest 
Miss poor Young Georgeous.” Sometimes we would separate our unwitting 
victims into “should wear bikini”, “maybe should”, and “never should” 
classes. We made up other rude categories depending on how much wine 
we could afford with the affordable pasta. 

The challenge of youth in Positano was to find a place to sleep for free. 
Step one in this quest was to find a pretty girl who also had a hotel room. Step 
two was to persuade her to share it. Step three was to sleep on the beach. 

But the beach was duly patrolled by the Beach Patrol. So the trick was 
to dance in the last-open disco until everyone, including the Beach Patrol, 
were too tired to care. Then with luck, we could borrow some fisherman’s 
boat cover for the night, until the fisherman went fishing. Still, this meant 
one or two good hours of sleep. 

Besides, at sunrise, we could swim in the sea and chill ourselves awake, just 
long enough for the first espresso of another beautiful day, at Le Tre Sorelle. 

In spite of youthful nonsense, the crushing beauty of Amalfi, both human 
and stone, pressed it’s lovely wisdom deep inside our souls. 

Copyright © James Rudd | Year Posted 2011

Details | Narrative |
Look at the gal
Look at the gal
Wild eyes
Facing the sea
Living her freedom
Xperiencing science.
I did see
What is she
A part of an angel
Playing free.
Come n see
Through my eyes
U will see
The same I trust.
Look at the gal
Look at the gal
Wild eyes
Xperiencing science !!!

Copyright © anjanjyoti bhattacharjya | Year Posted 2015

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                                            She gathers her waves,
                                  To tell of that intolerable truth;
                                   that in all its deep, earnest passion is
                                     But the intrepid effort of her soul
                                     An open independence of herself;
                            While the wildest winds heave upon and conspire
                                  Casting her waves upon distant shores
                                    Splendor and lavish sentiments surge
                                      With emerald waves of brilliance
                                     Empowering as graceful cascades
                                           Wash upon golden sand
                                             Wrapped in mystery
                                      Beneath the silent cloudless ply
                                        Embraced by a timeless realm
                              It spreads a silvery light that radiates within
                                        Enchantingly filled with rapture
                                         Imposing will upon your soul
                                            In the Moon’s afterglow

Copyright © Johnny Martinez | Year Posted 2017

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Never thought I could enjoy  being this cold
The sand is firm beneath my bare wet feet
The sun hides behind clouds that threaten rain
Wind finds holes to shiver in my hasty thrown on jacket

And yet the aloneness of this wade into the wind
Is a satisfaction in itself  as gulls  group huddle ahead
Stress is long away from this brisk feeling
Glasses fogged and filled with salt mist brushwork
Change the distant view to Van Gogh swirls

A tern dives into rolling water to rise again in triumph with a fish
The sand between my aching toes is driving me to wetness
Soon I'll turn around 
Halfway taps my shoulder insisting
The tide turns as the jetty rocks appear

What other fool would call this walk enjoyment
I see a figure sitting there content
Turning  with the cold wind on my back
I leave her there alone with running tide
Put my useless glasses in my pocket
I feel like dancing in the runback water
The cold has gone I'm filled with joy instead

Copyright © Donald Meikle | Year Posted 2008

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With the closing of the day,
    I sit and watch another ship slowly sail away.
I run my fingers gently thru the sand.
   And watch its warm wet substance softly flow thru my hand.
I see nature and all its wonders and the heavens up above.
   The sights that I am seeing, had to have been a special gift, a gift of Gods’ love.
Something like this just didn’t happen, someone had a plan.
   The creator who made it was no mortal man.
It’s almost like the earth lives and breathes given a mind of its own.
   When it gets mad and angry its awesome force we are shown.
Come spring it’s like a lady all ready for the dance.
   Filled with awesome springtime flowers that weren’t put here just by chance
Each new season we see it put on a different hat.
   Each and every season gives us something spectacular for us to marvel at.
It was Gods on hand that sat on this land.
   And God is the one who has total and full command.

Copyright © Ronald Bingham | Year Posted 2007