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Oh Lord Jesus Christ,
 May we love with a holy love that distinguishes us as your ambassadors, servants and children of the one true God who gave His blood for us. Only by abiding in You can we do this daunting feat and glorify the Godhead...Prayer for peace in downtown streets of Waterbury, Ct. Father God, please we present our bodies as living sacrifices. Help us Lord to reach out to those lost souls that have turned their backs on you. Jesus, help stop abortion father God. Prayer for those suffering from Aids they need your healing touch precious Jesus. Pray for those elected officials father God that they may serve you in faith & righteousness. We need you Jesus we can't live the Christian life on our own. Help us to discover your peace that passes all understanding. Father, prayers for Kathy Griffin Lord that she may come to Jesus as her Lord and savior. Prayers for the LGBTD community that they may seek the love of God in their hearts. In jesus Christ name, Amen

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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Two Games
By Curtis Johnson

Game One

Once in a while, we are blessed with the presence of a magical moment.
They are rare; they are few; cherish them and understand why they are sent.
We are graced by heaven with an unspeakable thrilling event

Your greatest sports victory; absolutely spectacular!
Your greatest sports defeat; it’s also sincerely yours.
It’s your life, your story; dreams are made of these.

Remind yourself; tell your children and their children.
Tell them that life is best when we learn lessons that we need not repeat.
Tell them that life has balance, and provides both agonies and defeats.

When in the eight grade, I made the basketball team at my school.
It was both fun and work as I played and learned the rules.
As in every sport, winning is great; but losing is not cool.

One season, my school played a rival school.
I played the two-guard position and scored no baskets;
Nor did I succeed at anything else.

By game’s end, our rivals had scored 52 points.
And my team had managed a measly total of 12.
They were big and confident; we departed deeply defeated and sorely beaten.
I started the season with pride and expectations; but now I was weakened.

In the game of life, we pick our faces off the floor,                                        head for the door, and stop our weeping.

We cheer and shout when we win; but it’s hard to master how to lose.
The greatest wins are those we celebrate, when in defeat, we paid our dues.
Today, the game is over, and we lost; and tomorrow, we again, lace our shoes.
Tomorrow, a new day will unfold with new battles; but a new story will emerge.

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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You know what I think sometimes?
said Allah to Buddha,
Of course you do
and yet you don't.

I think I gave this gift of language
because you have a uniquely humanurtured gift
of comprehending
and transposing
and translating languages thru-out each and all Earth tribes,
but primally amongst your anthro-Allah loving selves.

Buddha thinks
we under-invest using this cooperatively intended gift
to speak clearly
and honestly
with candid integrity
about what "I need"
and what "I really do not need more of,
or any longer."

Perhaps at work
in your vocation
you get along confluently,
most folks act professionally
and politically
and socially
and economically
and ecologically
and healthily correct.

Yet, notice
next time
perhaps even within yourself,
within your family,
with your spouse,
with your kids
especially with those teenagers,
how much time do we invest
prattling happily
and sometimes ranting unhappily along
about what we want or wish for,
don't want and would never care to see
or hear
now compare to your investment
conversing about what you most need
and what you most critically,
yet also chronically,
most specifically do not need
in your healthy intended and practiced life,
and in your death-trending non-life
of false wealthy abundance,
yet ultimate loss.

We might turn to our professional colleague at work
say "I could use a cup of coffee."
but we would probably never say,
"I need more stimulants in my system
or this situation will put me to sleep."

We might say to our oppositionally obsessed daughter,
"If you throw that one-eyed Zoe doll down the stairs again
in the middle of this clunky throbbing night,
you can predict its immediate demise
in the trashcan of life!!!"
but seldom think to say
"I need for us to figure out a less alarming way
for you to wake me
when you need my attention,
and for you to let me sleep
when you merely want me."

Why are we more comfortable
telling our life partners,
"I don't feel like it tonight"
and less comfortable adding,
"but a back and foot and scalp massage would be heaven."

Seems like we would all be somewhat healthier
and wiser
if we were more articulate
about our bodies' "need" language
while less reductively focused on
our little ego's cognitive "want"
"don't want" messages.

And, for that matter,
Allah adds
it might be nicer
if your national and global political conversations
followed this same trend
of ecological body integrity
with Buddha-mind communication patterns.

Rather than
"If you keep killing those innocent victims,
I'm going to spank you
and starve you."
as if sociopathology had not had quite enough of both
rather than co-mentored love,
what about,
"I do not need you to lead us toward more death.
I do need you to do what we elected
and supported
and expected you to do,
to facilitate positive health and wealth trends
for me
and all Earth's Tribes,
for life,
and all Time's incarnating needs for health right now,
through future's timeless generations,
positively trending outcomes
rooted in needs and not needs,
not-so-much about what you want
and don't want
for your small-minded anthro-exclusive future."

Our global Buddha body,
Earth as Sanghakaya
multisystemic incarnational economic school of ecojustice,
evolves religious as cultural sanity
screaming for cooperative healing
while speaking PC
through appropriate channels
how nice we could all be
through competing for wealth
by following Allah's nature and nation-building rules
of healthy reason,
inclusive organic seasons without threat of treason.

Our bodies need to compete cooperatively
even more than our minds want
to cooperatively compete.

It                   We
IS                  ISn't
crazy              sane
to                   not to
kill                 communicate
against            with
those               you
"Allah              "Allah creation
has                  has not
created"           destroyed"
without             with
first                 terminally
sharing             killing
Allah                Allah creation's
beauty and joy  ugly and sorrow
hospitality         ballistics
generosity        competitive selfishness
integrity.          mendacity.

When economic interest in ego
exceeds equivalent value
for eco-logical interest
and comprehensive assurance coverage
in healthy wealth optimization,
then ego mind
operates out of cognitively dominant "want"
rather than bodily-centered "eco-need"
rich environmental responses,
and healthy dialogue
of about and for optimizing life trends.

How could we incarnate
economic or psychic wealth and health
not eco-logically balanced,
positively trending toward "beloved"
or "climax"
healthy-wealth nutritional optimization
meeting Continuous Quality Improvement
Permacultural Standards
of Positive Design
and universally-uniting, integral, dialectic Development?

And, even if we could,
Buddha body would hate it
and Western mind
would disrupt into further cognitive-reductive dissonance,
rather than this emerging eco-consciousness
of Allah's incarnating mind as body-wisdom,
seeing while seeking continuous religious experience.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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My sweet, my sour, my sore
I stalk, you run, and you hide
You appear, I fear, I pause
You smile, I choke, and I freeze

I wish, I could tell, I can’t 
I wish, you could see, my sensations
My love, my comfort, my care, for you
My fictions, my thoughts, our world

You pass; I am relieved, I am angry
I hit myself, I stupid, its fine 
You don’t appear, it hurts, and I am sleepless
You’re my day, by day, diversion,
I always believed, you were not mine

The gallant, took you, away
I wish, I could have, told you
That, I love you…………..

Copyright © Sello Matsepe | Year Posted 2014

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On this day
it was about seven thirty
in the morning
I sat on a couch reading a poem
when my phone rang
and was told that my uncle had an accident
and he was in the hospital.
I hastily dashed out
as a feather being controlled by breeze
I flew fast to the hospital.

When I got there, I asked
to where he was and they pointed.
Upon entering his ward
I saw his body which tied road had mutilated
I was shocked with fear and I hastily closed my eyes 
I opened one of it to take a sharp glimpse
at how he was doing 
and saw that he can't lift his body and he can't eat. 
My head expanded like a balloon,
my stomach groaned and quivered a bit, 
my heart pounded heavily 
my legs trembled upon the ground 
I opened my mouth to say sorry 
but a word won't come out. 
My eyes filled with tears 
though I struggled, and managed to suppress it.

However, my gratitude to the Almighty
for despite the accident and a lot of pain he endured,
neither his legs nor his hands were paralysed.
neither his eyes nor his brain were injured,
he is still complete as a man.
Most of all,  with mist in our eyes,
we smiled as we faced each other
with words of praise and thanksgiving.
We realize that with less serious accidents,
some had already crossed the fence. 
Glory be to the wonderful Lord.

Copyright © Afolabi Muideen | Year Posted 2015

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The scarf, on my head, 
Everyday, I beg.
To Allah, and His Messenger, 
Am I not one of His?

I Obey!
I Respect!
I Pray!
I Believe!
I Proclaim!

Is it all out of nature?

Five times in a day, 
I Pray, 
Bowing down to Allah,
I Beg.

The Decency of my nature, 
Leads me into a venture,
Simultaneously, a juncture,
That I, conjecture.

My Believe in Allah. 
My Pride in Islam.


Copyright © Malyun Ahmed | Year Posted 2014

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Reading a book, the war between
Saladin and Richard the lion hearted 
their battle went into Allepo
checking Allepo on the web
I found them still at war

Yet how stupid are we 
one thousand years 
and we have learned, nothing
we still fight we still kill
nothing has changed.

Talking with friends 
she said they kill because 
the worlds overpopulated
she said that it's wrong
God gave you the child

to me it's wrong because 
we should not kill
God gave us a brain
with the ability to think
a brain to solve our problems

If you drive a car
around a corner at one hundred
don't blame God for the accident
If the world's overpopulated 
have less kids, do not kill the ones you have.

Copyright © Bernard Barclay | Year Posted 2014

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Muslims and christians clashes,  the worst sectarian violence!
Therefore I urge christians and muslim to readjust their neighbourliness, 
and friendliness to receive reconcilliation approval from the powers above!

Copyright © chipepo lwele | Year Posted 2013

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It is in heaven I shall live forever
the earth is my floor
and the sky is my canopy
it sends the rains to make rivers
to water me and grow me plants
for a simple sustenance
and for me a bountiful food

I do not meanly the falsehood
and concealing the truth 
I do not create mischief
and trouble in my homeland
I am created from nothing
and nothing is me
and that me is secret to itself

A secret that Allah kept to discover
where I shall believe is true
nothingness is only seen from nothing
that nothing exists to prove I am nothing
that nothingness exists
in my existence it is indeed nothing
I do exist as nothing.

As I shall always need to believe
that my life would be restored
it is upon my life’s death
that Allah will teach me what I do not know
He will teach me who knows nothing
that nothing is indeed me
and without Him I really mean nothing!

UCA, Kota Kinabalu,
29 June 2014
1st Ramadan 1435

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2014

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Those unforgettable moments,
Of the various individuals,
You enjoyed with,
Almost all your days in high school,
Day after day troubles,
And happy moments,
Having some of them as your best friends,
Some as normal friends and others virtual haters.

The unforgettable tough and continuous meals,
Seeming like prisoners,
Except the lucky days of rice and other special meals,
On the other hands the happy moments,
When you bought for one another edibles,
From your school canteen,
Which seemed like a party,
To some of those who could not often afford.

The indiscipline cases you were involved in,
Sometimes individually or with your peers,
Full of worry of the suspensions or expulsions,
Or the most tiresome punishments,
From some few most strict persons in the discipline department,
Who seemed a threat to most of the students.

The toughest tests and exams you sat for,
Where a few were above average,
And the most successful moments,
When you seemed to get 100%,
Feeling the pride of becoming an academic giant,
Moments when you were wishing,
If the holidays would ever reach,
Worried of the weird words from parents incase of poor results,
Or warm welcomes just incase you made a success.

The early nights you woke up,
The sleepless nights you spent,
Revising for exams,
And regreted when the results were poor,
But had that internal smile when results were pleasant.

Talk of the high school celebs,
In different aspects,
Be it basketball, music, dancing, football, debate, mention it,
Who seemed to be more loved and known,
Not forgetting those who gained fame,
From being academic giants.

Talk of some hated occasions,
That seemed too common,
Talk of the assembly,
The big line during meals at the dinning hall,
Which seemed a burden to most,
Though unavoidable.

Not forgetting the hot babes around school,
The nymphets, statuesques, damsets and height killers,
The brown and black beauties,
The chics with the best figures,
Dental formulas, smiles, moves and lifestyles,
Those that every guy around school,
Wished to be engaged with.

The indiscipline record breakers,
Likely to be found,
Most cases serving punishments,
Sometimes offered suspensions or even expulsions,
Victims of drug abuse and mindset locking,
Doing the opposite of what the school requires of them.

The daily preps attended evening and sometimes morning,
The classmates, dorm mates, home mates, club mates...
And many other friends you associated with,

Written by; Reagan Musore


Copyright © reagan musore | Year Posted 2017

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Trace the birth of life back down the genes
you find that Abraham is still a king 
the father of two sons we know by name
Ishmeal and Isaac are are their name's

The father of the Muslims and the Jews
the father of the Christians and their views
Allah or Jehovah still is God
and yet you fight but over just his name

With the changing times and languages 
the words in different country's 
they do change
so you have different names in your language
what does it matter 
if God has thirty eight name's 
but is still the same God
are you wiser than God

do you think that he can't speak
to every one
perhaps all gods are the same God
with just different names

The American Indian 
call's him the great white father
what does it matter 
if the God remains the same

The bible speaks of peace
Hindu's speak of peace
the message of love is the same
who are you to say 

that God can't reach every one
if theirs thirty eight ways to find God 
what does it matter which one you take
the message he give's is love each other 

and honour him with your actions
killing people does not honour God
Killing people does not build respect
build respect for God

Copyright © Bernard Barclay | Year Posted 2014

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Praying on my knees,
Hoping that Allah can forgive me
From the sins
That gives me pleasure,
Much pleasure.

Sin is all I know,
Sin is my way of living.
It’s the only thing that’s
Worth living for…
To me atleast,
Then came the torture,
My heart throbs, angrily
As the floor shakes, constantly.

I run to the place
Where I keep my deadly weapons,
“Black Sins”, some may call it,
But all I want to do is save myself,
Not my family…
I know what they are after.
I am dead,
I know, 
But I can’t go down
Without a fight.

“Allah, please forgive me”…
I gathered my “black sin”
And headed towards the family room,
To my surprise,
I had several unexpected guests…
But only three caught my attention.
It wasn’t a pretty sight,
For I knew that I was going to die
A DEATH much similar to the people

They shot my wife,
But I just wanted to save myself,
I had plenty of wives…
I ran downstairs
To see my death approach me,
Something that I thought I would never see.
All of a sudden I felt pain,
An excruiting pain,
Build up in my brain.
“Allah, please for—“
I was out.
I was solid.
I was dead.

Copyright © mya thompson | Year Posted 2011

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When we pledge our allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.
    And also to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God.
It doesn’t say under budda or allah or any other form of belief that is not 
Christian. Indivisible which means we are not to be divided. With Liberty which 
we have ungrudgingly shared, and Justice which we are daily being deprived of. 
And last it says for All, which I take it to mean for Americans and our way of life. 
This is a pledge only for Americans and intended only for Americans. That was 
written by Americans many years ago that had been suppressed of many rights 
we now take for granite. When we give up one right think of all the blood that was 
let just so you could have that right.

To my brothers and sisters that live in this land.
    Let us reclaim freedom as in God as we stand.
Let us stop the abortions and save the child.
    Return discipline back to the educators in return for a child that is not wild.
Remove elected officials that don’t do their job or do what they say.
   Send those to jail that accept bribery or pay.
Stop turning your head when you see something that is not right.
    Beef up the minutemen and teach them to fight.
Goods can be exchanged at the borders but allow no foreign vehicle to traverse 
cross our land.
    No more immigrants allowed, no more can this country of ours stand.
We are united and we have all sworn the oath.
     To better our country and cherish its growth.

Copyright © Ronald Bingham | Year Posted 2007