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Details | Narrative |
    (Why I'm Still Breathing)

When the cow was dry, she was compliant.
When she calved, she turned vicious
and no fence could hold her,
but she gave milk in abundance,
and Dad refused to sell her.

She chased Mother 'round and 'round the barn
until Mom panicked, climbed the corner logs,
and perched under the roof,
clinging like a cicada shell on a weed-pod.
Beasty pawed and bellowed until Dad came home.
"I could gain on her on the corners,"
Mother said, "because I could turn faster,
but she gained on me on the straightaway."

Plug-ugly tore through the fence,
into the garden, where Mom and I worked.
"Run, Cona Faye, run," my mother shouted.
How did she know? The cow passed Mother
and thundered straight for me. I ran.

At the fence, snorts filled my ears. Hot breath
steamed my back. I saw myself stomped,
pulverized into the dirt. I turned, screaming 
at full volume, and flailed my arms
like a windmill in a strong wind.
That old red cow locked her front legs
and skidded like a freight train on full brake.

I seized the moment, and scaled that rail fence.

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

Details | Verse |

                   Can you see the beauty in a newborn child

                      Whom a  mother will always protect

                    Wishing her child every star in the sky

             The strength of her love she would forever project


                                  The Natures Law

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
A fledgling crow huddled in
the grass beneath the drooling
gazes of my curious dogs.
Its eyes were blue.

And in the tree, its mother screamed

In my hands it lay, gently confused.
Too young to fear me,
it opened its thirsty beak and greedily
swallowed water from a syringe.

And outside the window, its mother screamed. 

I scratched its head,
stroked its breast,
and boxed it for its journey
to a refuge for homeless birds.
And, as I carried it to the car,
its mother circled overhead.

And screamed. 

Copyright © Mary Oliver Rotman | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |
clear sky
shadow in a desert
mother kissing

Copyright © Abdullah Alhemaidy | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
Killington Mountain, one of the largest Ski resorts in New England.
With its webbing of trails, dotted with colourful kaleidioscopic ski outfits;
racing to the Castle they call a Base Lodge.

My Cabin is atop a mountain across two valleys from Killington's backside
I can see the untamed, wild and free side of Mother Nature's: True being
Where deers have no fears, and the Bald Eagle soars Free

I once did a recue mission there, and when all were safe, I walked
Into the forrest of Nature,where mankind had never before intruded
I walked where the Deer, Bed. where the eaglets squawked for food

I saw the Black Bear awake; "Good Morning Mrs. Black Bear"she Yawned
And walked away.I heard the Evergreens giggle as melting snow ticked Pines
The Serenity,Tranquility,enveloped me in Nature's Wonder of the World.
      Inspired by Linda(PD) with her Contest: 7 Wonders of the Ancient and
                     New World. This POEM is one of my 7 Wonders.
This is Dedicated to all POETS who have written about the Autrocitys of 
Mankind to "  Nature or THE Beauty of Mother Nature in Rhyme "
                           This is not a Contest Entree

Copyright © HGarvey Daniel Esquire | Year Posted 2013

Details | Quatrain |
Sam, the box turtle, sauntered down deserted gravel road;
when he bumped into Elli, a gorgeous, slender, green toad.
Together they stopped to admire the rustic scenery;
noting, Bunny would like hiding eggs in all that greenery.

Easter will be in a few weeks, kids will have fun hunting eggs;
Bunny would be quite busy hopping on two spindly legs.
Sadie, a monarch butterfly fluttered into their path;
she was perched on a tree branch taking her daily sun bath.

“Hi!” she said to Sam and Sadie. “Have you heard hottest news?
The Easter Bunny was murdered, on the headline reviews.”
Sam and Sadie were speechless, much too shocked to say the least;
who murdered the Easter Bunny, who was the wicked beast?

No one could think of anyone who wanted Bunny killed,
the whole town was suspected, everyone thoroughly grilled.
It couldn’t be Sam or Sadie; they were not at the scene;
whoever it was, they were desperate, extremely mean.

Small town sheriff investigated the deadly crime site;
there lay Bunny sprawled along the roadside, eggs colored bright.
Struck down by angry mother hawk, thought he robbed her love nest;
sheriff pulled out the handcuffs, placed mother under arrest.

Copyright © 2013 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Copyright © Caryl Muzzey | Year Posted 2013

Details | Dramatic Verse |
I'm another "Being"
 But on Earth "Incarnated" but I love Mother Earth but I know I should be somewhere I can only  think with my "Imagination" 
The World is a Beautiful  "Creation" 
Being Killed by "Variations" of "Pestistations"
I have a metaphysical "Frequence"
Energy of "Magnesium"
Another beings look down on Earth of our "Unappreciation"
Heaven is infinity times 
The "Synchronicity" of Peace on Earth "Entity"
A "Chemistry" that can only be felt "Spiritually"
"Physically" my flesh is "Weak"
But my Spirit Or Soul "Unleashed"
Is at a "Degree"
Of all "Pinnacles" "Peaks"
My Spirit "Speaks"
To me "Mentally"
An my Guardian Angels Are in "Reach"
An angel with an Guardian "Angel"
Look at from my "Angle"
I'm so grateful but still with Sinful "Nature"
They not only killing us but our "Dominion"
Our "Instrument"
The "Image"
Of the "Musician"
Created with his Word for his "Intentions"
For "Living"
Death wasn't "Intended"
But the Fall of "Eve"
Of the Knowledge of the "Tree"
Being "Deceived"
Changed our Future to generations to generations "Conceived"
Child Labor to " Breed"
Bearings "Increased"
Fallen "Cherub"
His Heavenly "Inheritance"
Jealous of the "Genes"
Of "Man" and "GOD"
But it's hard to "Understand" and "Odd"
I love my mother "Earth"
An I hate that they "Thirst"
To destroy the "Works"
Of GOD An to "Perch"
Her to the "Dirt"
The beautiful "Creatures"
Lions Tigers "Beavers"
Their striped "Features"
Instincts and "Demeanors"
While we are Earths an their Soul "Keeper"
My words are getting "Short"
But I'll write that in the next "Report"


Copyright © uriel wisdom | Year Posted 2015

Details | Epic |
            The Bell in the Bush

Down woodland paths the wolf did roam
Far away from his packs home
For game he’d wandered off to seek
The sick, the helpless and the weak
When happened he across a fawn
Tied amid, a forest lawn

Well, he thought, what stroke of luck
a meal is set for me to tuck

“I wouldn’t do that”, came a voice
“It would not be your first best choice”

The wolf sprang round, saw standing near
A proud and steadfast mother deer

“What is that you have to say?
Why do you hold me from my prey?”

“Because the fawn, he be mine
I wish him grow up strong and fine”

“With you for him, I will not vie
for me to live the fawn must die”

“Oh wolf, I thought you would be wise
do you not see before your eyes?
no wish have I to dent your pride
can you not see the fawn is tied?
snatched by man to use as bait
then left for you, here to wait”

The wolf sat back to relax
“Can you not offer me some facts?
Where is this man of which you speak?”

“In yonder house fast asleep”

“How will he know the bait I’ve found?”

“Because the hidden bell will sound”

“You see to rope there is a bell
if you attack it rings to tell
the man in bed will then awaken
knowing that his baits been taken,
no matter where or fast you run
the man will kill you with his gun”

His eyes a slit as they did narrow
Was this deer a hawk or sparrow
Thoughts in his mind she did confuse
Is this the truth or just a ruse?
He looked in eyes of doe eyed deer
And still was left …. with no idea

“I fancy not and do declare
the fawn is caught in simple snare
and so I think I’ll call your bluff
and if I’m wrong, then that is tough” 

“But if I’m right you’ll look forlorn
laying dead before the dawn”

“Let me see that bell you hide
so I may be satisfied”

“The bell is hidden in this bush
behind these leaves so green and lush
the leaves you will have to disturb
and then the man the bell has heard”

“For me then there’s no gain to stay
I’m free of you to walk away”

“Well no, not quite” the deer replied
“For this with you I will confide
if you decide away to slip
the bell in bush, I’ll surely tip”

“It seems then deer in this we’re trapped”
As on the earth his paw he tapped
“So something from me, you want done
before the rising of the sun?”

“Oh yes your help I really need
I ask you wolf to do good deed”

“My teeth are blunt as weathered stone
I can’t chew through the rope alone
and if I try the rope I’ll pull
then bell will ring out loud and full
but your teeth are sharp and strong
to chew through rope won’t take you long”

“You realise my dear female
it’s me the wolf, you do blackmail”

“Tis such a small thing I do ask
and for you will be no great task
Look! I will hold this end steady
you may begin when you are ready”

The wolf sat back in admiration
Was this deer some new creation?
All the others he had met
Were skittish and so full of fret
But this one, she had some gall
She was the bravest of them all

He shook his head and teeth he bared
Bit at the rope the fawn ensnared
At the fibres he did chew
And very soon he’d bitten through

The fawn now free ran to his mother
He was so frightened of the other

The wolf then said. “Listen well my dear
of me there is no need to fear
you I admit, I do admire
even if you be a liar”

“You can’t say that to me fierce wolf
unless you think you do have proof”

“My statement then I do withdraw
my mind like rope you have chafed raw
so be away and take your young
and thank you for this night of fun
but listen now and listen well
this story others you won’t tell”

“Don’t take this tale and make a song
about the wolf who did no wrong
for certain as I am the wolf
the next deer I meet, I’ll engulf”

The deer to wolf did not reply
Instead in woods, the pair did fly

At bush the wolf did sit and stare
Was there a bell concealed there?
As off did run the fawn and doe
The answer now, he’ll never know

But for the deer I do suspect
He has now gained, some respect.

Moral; Never underestimate anyone you meet.

        For Carol Eastman Contest

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2016

Details | Lyric |

                             The Apple PASTURE

Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture.
Were once was and all well meet.
A pure and dear site.
Where silver reflection cover the still waters that holds the golden
grains of morality and the grazing souls lie young amounce no stars.
Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture
Were winds smell of melon and the trees whisper spring corals in the mellow dark and best of light and time creeps into no tomorrow.


Copyright © JAY JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |

Looking down on animals because with mouths 
they don't talk
Is human arrogance is which happens a lot

It brings out how short sighted humans can be
Animal intelligence is beyond what humans can see

Animals communicate with just a flick of the tail or eyes
Their communication skills humans can't even surmise

The natural world humans left long ago
Caring only about new movies or a TV show

Nature for humans is a foreign word to most
Forgetting planet Earth is where Mother 
Nature's the host

Copyright © Elizabeth Smith | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
My cat is so lovable she really makes me humble
She loves to play and cuddle and roll around and tumble
She can look into my soul with those oh so seeing eyes
What does she feel as she licks and cleans her daughter?
I can only say its love, what else?
I watch her as she sleeps, I can see that she dreams
I know she is a soul, just like you and me 
Please keep in mind this simple token
That we are all part of God and the chain cannot be broken       

Copyright © Colin James Platt | Year Posted 2015

Details | Narrative |
Another boring, Protestant Traditional, Sunday Family Dinner 1:00 pm sharp
This week it’s at Uncle David’s  house in Alford, Mass. I haven’t meant Him
Actually the only Family I met so far “Momma“, Poppa, and Big Sister Brenda 
YOU probably thought I was going to say “Momma, Poppa, and Baby Bear
Went for a walk in the forest“. Sorry I’m reading Goldilocks while I’m trying to Write
Brenda ( B B ) , and I use to wonder why they had to be called Momma and Poppa ?!! 
Pizza for dinner, on a Saturday night ,Baths, pajamas, robes, and slippers out to the car
Alright kids, It’s a 3 hour drive to Uncle Dave’s Let’s play “Grandma’s Suitcase” 
The subject Grandma is infatuated with is her : LOVE of Animals
Harry you start, Grandma went on a vacation , in her suitcase she put an alligator
Brenda, “Grandma went on a vacation, in her suitcase she puts a female Baboon 
“Poppa, it’s your turn, “Grandma went a vacation, in her Suitcase she put a Catamount
I challenge You  Poppa, Mount is Mountain ,not Animal  I brought my dictionary, Read;
The definition of catamount; a mountain lion, Cougar  A feline animal born in nature
Harry your out of the game; “Momma” Your turn “ Grandma put in her suitcase The Devil”

Copyright © HGarvey Daniel Esquire | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |
A caterpillar ran along
my bedroom floor and rested there
my kitty cat mewed it a song 
and up it sent a yearning stare

I picked it up, the crawling thing 
all green and wobbly and naive
"my thorns beware because they sting"
I said and paused fearing he'd leave.

The kitty looked up from below
and shook my stem to make him fall
but he held fast and she lay low
then shivered as she heard me call:

"Darling," I said, "don't be so grim,
my rosy perfume is for you
as much as for your brother, dream,
                                              for cats and worms I'll be a rose
prickly and motherly and true."

Copyright © Archontoula Alexandropoulou | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |
Flapping wings of love,
Mother eagle stirs the nest:
Eaglets learn to fly

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

Details | Narrative |
 I was in a museum. I suppose there were many displays of animals mounted or posed in 
their realistic forms to show them as they appeared in their natural environment. However, I 
recall only one display. It is the one that has stayed forever emblazoned on my young 
impressionistic mind. There in front of me they stood, in all their bloody glory: two wild 
animals. One (I cannot recall now what animal it was, only that it had hold of its victim’s 
throat.) Perhaps it was a wolf; maybe a wild boor. What matters most is that it was clearly 
the aggressor and it was the victor over the other animal in its natural habitat. The other, I 
am sure, was a deer, a poor innocent deer. Though its eye sockets were now filled with dark 
marbles, I could imagine in those eyes, terror beyond words. Whoever had put together this 
display had done a most realistic job. Heavy blood matted the neck of the deer and flowed 
down its body. Blood also gushed forth from the attacking beast’s mouth. I do not know what 
thoughts were running through my mind as I beheld this scene. I only remember standing 
there utterly transfixed.

Years later, I told my mother that my earliest childhood memory had been of two animals 
posed in struggle at a museum. So much time had passed, I was not even sure if maybe it 
had not been just a dream. My mother confirmed for me that I had indeed witnessed it and 
that it took place when I was around three years old. She then told how I had stood in front 
of the display for many minutes, perhaps fifteen, just staring and staring at it. She said that 
she and my dad could not tear me away from it, and they finally had to drag me away. Why 
that is my first memory I do not know. Perhaps because it was my first visual impression of 
violence. I wish I could remember what went through my mind as I gazed on it. Later in life, 
I was to witness acts of violence in the “real world” which greatly disturbed me, particularly 
those acts of cruelty involving man against man. However, I am someone who is able to step 
outside myself and view things in an analytical and detached way. I think this makes me 
sometimes misread by the "too feeling crowd." Furthermore, I always find myself strangely 
titillated by scenes of the macabre in horror movies. I do not enjoy gore. But I very much 
enjoy a good psychological thriller. Just something about me. I don’t know what it means. 
And I have no room to explore it here! 

For the Contest of Leighann Anderson: 
Sea of Words

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

Details | Couplet |
A Lioness Roaring under her Roar 
Stalking her prey upon natures paws

Deeply secure with a keen eye
She also has a Lions Pride

No fret to defeat
Confronting her enemy 

In a disarray, climbing up the food chain
Beauty within her Lions main

She guides her cubs so they could find
All the things they need to survive

Giving up isn't the look in her eyes 
Until that day she dies

^^^^^^^A Lioness Pride^^^^^^^

Copyright © Tiffany Diaz | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
Humans not meant to dwell in caves
Drowned out,
No inherited inhabitants 
Mother black bear's in rage

suckling on the land of mass construction
Dry and toxic is it's tit
Oh no more!
No natural function 

Seduced seducing men mock
Abyssal in spirit!
Is this the choice of your decision?
Idly dragging you down
Can you hear it?
Tick tock!
To you, I give this vision

Stanza 2

Humans not meant to dwell in caves
Drowned out,
No inherited inhabitants 
Mother black bear's in rage

While dancing with the devil
Did he place your feet upon the truth?
Did he tell you..
'Dance!' 'advance!'
To this evolution, my envious booth!

Hanging on the doors , the walls, no sanity to crave
Cleaned out, 
Mother black bear died in vain
Stanza 3

Humans not meant to dwell in caves
Drowned out,
No inherited inhabitants 
Mother black bear's spirit of rage!

They claim we came from monkeys
Starting of dwelling in caves!
Satan twisted the truth
But it seems you'll die this way!

Humans not meant to dwell in caves
I'll burn you out!
Inherit the Inheritance of truth
The mother black bear of flames!

As a Native American symbol, the bear is as free in spirit as the great wind; and grander than its mass. To match that magnitude is the quality of unpredictability in the bear. A massive animal who forages seemingly peacefully in the woods on berries and bush. when provoked in certain ways, the First Peoples witnessed a ferocity expressed from the bear that (understandably) could elicited terror.

Because of this potentially furious storm brewing just under the surface of bears spirit, our native forebears were extremely cautious and respectful of this animal. Even tribes inclined to peace honored the spirit of a warrior, and witnessing the bear seemed to embody that kind of blind, powerful surge of courage and strength that every warrior is want to tap into.

Bear meanings were enhanced by observations made tribal sages. These vital tribal figures were inclined to pensive and deeper understanding of how nature communicated intent in all her forms. These sages found connections between human and beast and from these associations would interpret profound meanings that propelled the community into direction, action, and wisdom.

Copyright © Justin Worthy | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
Cold shadows form
Blacker bars from locked window
Fall upon the remaining light and I
Wake caged memories as animals
Metaphors arouse the senses
Silence louder grips regret
And all I can do
Is think to run
But, instead I again hold on tighter
To my waning sanity
No signs insist on warning
Moments like rocks are falling
Always continue to pile up images within
That now stirs the soup thick dark 
And begin to play out
An unspeakable act 
Every year upon this very day
I watch from balconies, stuck 
In tragedies portrayed
And now I see…
What I forgot
Mother, lying
Covered about her sins
Beneath, I’m a child crying
Guilt turning always finds its way 
Around the coo-coo clock
Of hands and helpless
To time’s army, life’s ending, ticking, plot
If, but for an instance
I could be free
Free from what
A reality without her
And her needed love
When is enough, enough!
Please, subconscious just let me go…
And I promise
I’ll keep on… going and forgetting

Copyright © Michael Smith | Year Posted 2013

Details | Verse |
My mother use to tell me a story about living in the woods.
She said during autumn the leaves fell to the grounds and they burn very good.
Her siblings and she would go hunting in the month of October.
The family would store the deer and rabbit meat not to go to the store.
Nature was harsh when it was cold.

When the snow or the freezing rain comes, the birds do not soar in the sky.
The ether would freeze the fouls.
The upper arctic is rigid air.
The birds fly south.

Nature in the winter can bring struggle and strife.
The beauty of the outside can affect life.
Save your money and do not fly high.
You are gambling your stability of sound body and mind.
Bitter Mother Nature is not to be denied.

The beauty of nature and winter signals an end of a productive year.
Plants cessation is seen.
Farmers have harvest crop.
Animals migrate to warmer climates.
All know Mother Nature in her mood swings.
Therefore, pay attention to your surroundings.

Respect Mother Nature and she will respect you.
However, the weather is onset.
The quiet weather sneaks upon us.
Therefore, things can become quite turbulent defining a Bitter Mother Nature’s region.
Penned on May 20, 2014 12:30 A.M. EST!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Monorhyme |
She begins to swoon when Timberwolves croon
a lost lovers tune to their goddess moon.
When a handsome loon begs his mate to spoon
in late afternoon, she blushes maroon.
One day very soon, she'll burst our balloon
for poisons we've strewn, which nothing's immune.
01/05/2017 For contest: Rhymers delight-internal momorhyme Sponsor: John Hamilton

Copyright © Arlene Smith | Year Posted 2017

Details | I do not know? |
Upon my back
is the future of my people,
observing me
and the other women
for they, too, carry
symbols of hope and life.
I labored many days
while I carried him in my belly,
crafting his transportation,
his protection.
I have bound him
in his cradleboard,
beaded with tigerlilies,
like those that sprout beautifully
by the river,
skinned with the hide
of a gentle doe
snagged by my father's arrow.
A wintry rabbit pelt
lines his body and snuggles him
when I cannot.
Sparrow's feathers wave
-in front of his chipmunk cheeks
and mud brown eyes-
gently in the breeze
that washes our sweat away.
I stand, tall and proud
of my work,
to earn praise from the elders
that I am a good mother.
Upon my back,
my life, my love, my child,
I carry him, my son.

Upon her back
I am carried, burrowed,
deep down against the soft
rabbit's fur that rubs my cheek
by the grace of her warm hand.
I watch over the fields
as living rabbits hop around,
and birds fly free
while I am snuggled in this.
I hear the pounding
of the buffalo's hooves
as hunters chase them
with the fury of the dogs in the village
after their own tails.
A coyote howls in the distance,
watching us,
staring at me as though
I am dinner.
I cry;
she hushes me
with the lullaby of the wind
singing to trees when the moon is high.
She resumes bouncing me,
continuing her work with the others.
A breeze passes my face
as she turns back towards home.
Now I am removed from one comfort to another,
Mama's embrace,
as she cuddles me close
and helps me remember
that I am always with her.

Copyright © Alaska Brant | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
She just appeared one winter’s day,
A little cat from nowhere.
I tried my best to coax her in,
To give her food and care.

She stood her ground, just out of reach
As I filled up a dish
With feed from Tiger’s ample stash,
As much as she could wish.

Waiting until the door was closed
She ate all she could hold,
Then turned and went beneath my deck,
Her fortress from the cold.

It went that way all winter long,
At the same time every day,
She’d come until she had been fed,
Then turn and slink away.

Though Tiger and I worried lots,
The stray cat was doing fine.
Whenever I filled up her dish
She’d be right there to dine.

The winter waned, the warm spring came,
I knew her woes were over.
With sun to warm her frozen bones
She would live her life in clover.

One morning to my great surprise,
There were two kittens there.
One was all white and one was dark,
They were a handsome pair.

After breakfast she licked both of them
‘Til they were shining clean,
The most devoted mother cat
That I had ever seen.

How did she learn the lessons 
That she teaches them today,
When she is so disadvantaged,
Just a lonely little stray?

She coaxes them to lie down
In the sunshine on the deck, 
Then lays right down beside them,
Holding them close to her neck.

I run to take a picture
Of the scene so sweet, I cried.
The three of them together,
Mother love personified.

For Leonora's contest "Adorable Picture"

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2013

Details | Blank verse |
                                             MATERNAL LOVE

                              Mother Duck and Ducklings venture from cattail cover
                                               wiley mother duck
                                     which wee waddler will you sacrifice
                                                to the prowling fox

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2013

Details | Couplet |
When she walks, the whole forest is stalled                                                                        When she attacks, any prey is felled

When she is seen, any animal gets scared                                                                             When she roars, every prey gets feared

No prey is dare to meet her eye                                                                                                     As none desires to say to life, bye

Her teeth is needle-sharp                                                                                                              On holding the prey, authority she may usurp

Same teeth she uses, to hold up her cup                                                                                 Now it works as if very tender, with a tactful holdup

The cups are irresistible                                                                                                                 The mother is responsible

The cups know, she is not the other                                                                                           The lioness knows pretty well here, she is the mother!

Above poem is adapted from the  eBook “EAGLE EDUCATES ENDURANCE! AND OTHER POEMS ON NATURE ” by Mr.V.Muthu manickam. Copyright is held by V.Muthu manickam.

Copyright © V.MUTHU MANICKAM | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
This may come as a surprise to quite a few 
But if you're a pet lover it won't to you
This sweet soul watched over my mom In her final days 
She brought her comfort and warmth In so many way's 
She's not a doctor or nurse she's not any of that 
Her name is Destiny my little white cat 
Very sensitive and smart 
Small of body but big of heart 
This may seem hard to believe 
She knew when mom had pain to relieve 
Often she knew it long before us 
She would try to tell us by making a fuss 
When she knew that mom was going to have a bad day 
She would not leave her room by her side she would stay 
Some religions call them familiar's they're considered a treasure 
They see between worlds with a love beyond measure 
So when you get old and your days are coming to an end 
Rest assured you'll be loved By your little four legged friend

Copyright © John Berryhill | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |
The snow leopard

A snow leopard is walking down snow covered streets.
In these empty streets, she walks alone, a vision to be seen.
With skyscraper buildings on either side,
All the cars are silent,
The apartments only have a few lights on,
As she walks outside in the night-time.

With every stride the snow leopard creeps along,
These empty streets with her eyes fixed upon,
Her destination; the local fountain has become an ice rink.
She needs a place where she can sit and think
And the frozen water is calling.

The scratches on the surface from skaters earlier in the eve,
Are sliced crisscross by fur-covered shoes;
Her claws dig in deep.
With perfect balance she moves along;
Tail flat, she is relaxed, no pressure is on.
No need to flee, no-one to be seen.
The snow leopard lies down to relax; her cub inside is heavy.

Before dawn has arisen, the snow leopard has awoken.
Her ears pointed skyward to listen to distant sirens.
From early risers, phone calls have been made;
The zoo keeper is on his way…
But with a flash of her silhouette, the snow leopard is gone;
She was only seen close up for a second,
Before she disappeared into the thick winter’s fog.

Never to be seen again, but the lights in the skyscrapers remember.
The snow leopard stood here, on this cold night mid-December.
From where she came, nobody ever truly knew;
Some people say she was here simply looking for food.

She had been hiding a long time in a snow cave;
Her footprints were filled by the snow and her tracks began to fade.
She never was found and never again did she return.
The snow leopard was just passing through, her image just a blur.
Like a wind through a narrow street,
A piece of ice falling through a cloud;
A memory of a snowflake that disappears as soon as it is found.

There was no sign that the snow leopard had ever been around
And there was no way to know why,
The snow leopard ever came walking through this town.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2017

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I am not as big as you
I am trying, but the world is too big
You have not taught me what I need to know
I still need you
I want to be with you
Learn everything that you know
No matter how I try
I cannot keep up with you
But, I am not strong enough
I am not old enough to be alone
Life is just too hard for me
Please Mamma
Look back at me
See how I struggle to be like you
Come back to me
Help me take the next step
Help me to live

Copyright © R. e. taylor | Year Posted 2016

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All the streets were beginning to empty as I see a light
And the corners start whispering gently as I hear a sound
‘Twas a light too pure and too raw, not like I had so found
‘Twas a sound too serene that my soul was transported outright

To a world that is crumbling and mourning from the night 'til morning
To a world of thorns that was born of the forlorn mourning

Whose roses not red but gray
Whose clouds not white but blue
Whose skies not blue but red

A world that existed that no one knew
The world not like the world we see today 
A world to come that was left unsaid

A world that is crumbling and mourning from the night 'til morning
A world of thorns that was born of the forlorn mourning

Whose trees not dead but rotting
Whose humans lazy but moving
Whose waters moving but dead

" All my damages I turned to dam'ging "
" All my hurt I turned to hurting "
" All my tears I turned to flood "

" And all these I did not mean to do "
" But how could I not, when you "
" Took my caring hands that never goes bad "
" And also the only heart I had! "

" Sorry my children for I'm growing old "
" Don't be noisy for I'm feeling cold "

" I can't keep my secret for so long "
" So I have to tell you I'm not feeling strong "

" My child, may I ask you some questions? "
" I hope you answer with no objections "

" If I tell you I'm ill will you find the cure? "
" And when I die will you still call me mother nature? "

Copyright © Yinyang zzz | Year Posted 2015

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Toddlers teeter on the hollowed trunks and sport with juts of ice. 'Cross boulder bridges, flouting rapids, hop the agile blond and beige. Yet in close chase, for or found, and on uneven ground, they’ll slip. Clots in black and rose bespatter tans and whites. Though clouds may cope the flights of cubs and fawns in torrents spirit laden, steps shan’t be erased, where o’er plight’s edge they’re furrowed. Would least the cliff lay lad to nestle upon drifts of pedals fallow or as cradled by green swaths of summer blades. For if to hope, the whelp when bade need but renounce a bed of clover, might a father’s beckon stern retrieve the slain. But scolds can echo no reprieve where o’er forever’s precipice the yearling brown has left the seasons scarlet stained. Though with the day’s advance, a glance would chance the fact all tracks do fade, in the havens gray, in every trace, we dawdle. It’s the cleft that blanched a mother’s face. Bereft, her tears are gained. And blood ‘s been shed till never, like the rains.

Copyright © Eric Dent | Year Posted 2013

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Polar bears and grizzly bears cross over into each others territory,
and so occasionally polar and grizzly bears will mate and conceive.
The hybrid, let's call it a Polar/Grizzly
will be raised by its mother, whichever bear breed that might be.
If the Polar/Grizzly hybrid's mother is the grizzly,
the cub will be raised to scavenge carrion, graze on grass and forage for berries.
If the Polar/Grizzly hybrid's mother is the polar bear
the cub will be raised to stalk sleeping seals on the ocean's frozen water.
If a full grown Polar/Grizzly raised by a grizzly
were to find itself smack in the middle of strict polar bear territory,
it most likely wouldn't survive the night unfortunately,
because it wasn't raised to survive that way, despite it being a Polar/Grizzly.

Copyright © SillyBilly theKidster | Year Posted 2013