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I remember when we were growing up and the first day I started school.
I was nervous as could be, and then you walked in trying to be so cool.

As the year progressed we became very close, and you took me
under your wing, and I think thats what I admired about you the most.

I remember by the time we reached middle school people thought we were
related,and as I think back about how shy I was and how I am now just
makes me elated.

By the time we reached high school we did just about everything together,
and vowed that even after graduation no matter what we would remain friends

College came and we both knew that we would regret this day, for I knew 
you were the smarter one therefor I knew we would have to go our sererate

The years have past and time has been good to us. Both or us married, kids
our health, and our friendship still in tact is better than any amout of wealth.

People say time goes on and accept things for the way that they are,
but I'm here to tell you our friendship will never change, and I know
that in my heart because no matter what the distance we were friends
from the very start.

Copyright © Edward LaMarre | Year Posted 2008

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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

Copyright © VICTOR BUN | Year Posted 2012

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My Guardian Angel

I, a stranger here in this unknown place a swarm of new faces moving at their own paces In the wandering crowd lost as i was their came piercing a ray of hope, blinding an inspiration, a support a guardian angel so sweet brimming with love potion spreading an aura of compassion her sufferings hidden by a mask of sweet smile that brighten my day with love immense to share and a heart that care she extended her hand prodding me to thrive led me through the hurdles paving way to success my second mother always close to my heart shining with a brilliance that can hush the stars. © (14 Jan '15) Dedicated to my lecturer Ms. Sonia Karkera * Honorable mention in the contest 'How you make the stars hush' by Justin Bordner on 13 March 2015

Copyright © poesy relish | Year Posted 2015

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Graduation Song

12 long years over so fast 
Time long gone we can't go back 
School is done,  we're on our way 
The rest of our lives start today 

Doors are opening its our time now 
To choose our futures, to make the world bow 
We are the world, we are the future 
It's our time to shine, no one can stop us now 

Corous.     We're graduates (graduates)
                   our lives just beginning 
                    The future is now 
                    And it's ours for the taking 
                    We're graduates (graduates) 
                  The keys in our hand
                   Unlock any door 
                   On our own feet we stand 

Our paths undecided we work as a team 
Dodge any obstacle dream any dream
We fought the battle,  won the war
Now on stage together sounds our victory roar 

Friends and enemies gathered together 
To head towards new beginnings, the star of forever
We're brave, we're strong  were proud and true 
We can do anything we set our minds to 


             We're graduates (graduates) memories we hold dear
Of the guidance of teachers the reason we're here
We're graduates (graduates) taking each stride as one
As we head toward a future that has only begun

We're graduates (graduates) 
The key in our hand
We're graduates  (graduates) 
United we stand

Copyright © Anne Hessler | Year Posted 2014

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The Reluctant Graduate

It's Insanity 

I'm not ready
how could they think I was
I'm not ready for the world
to leave it all behind just cause

I'm not ready to move on
to tell all I love good bye
I'm not ready to graduate
will someone tell me why?

why does it have to end
especially so soon
I'm to young to be on my own
please tell me what to do

18 is not that old at all
to grow up and be an adult
to have a job and pay my bills
I know nothing of that stuff

please somebody help me
there has to be a way
school is all I've ever known
I won't be ready on graduation day

Copyright © Anne Hessler | Year Posted 2013

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CyberPoetry: PeelingTheOnion

Tor, the free software enabling anonymous communication, 
if you want to hide from network surveillance, traffic analysis, or identity verification.  Instant messaging, online forums, or the darkest deepest post, 
personal privacy and freedoms ambiguity are obscured by anonymous host.  

Technical and legal questions surrounds Internet anonymity, 
encryption, hidden services, international crime fighting abilities.  
The history of onion routing and the ability to anonymize, 
dates back to mathematicians and computer scientists’ theorizing.  

Criminal enterprises, law enforcement, and hacktivism groups,
are involved in the primordial anonymous soup.  
But being invisible on Tor is not guaranteed, 
something journalist, human rights workers, and whistle blowers need.  

If you remember SilkRoad then you know the police is dominant, 
they monitor bank fraud, money laundering and illegal sexual content.  
Tor aims to conceal the identity for the ordinary person, 
but of course it has been used for violent cohersions.

Copyright © Derriziel Pierce | Year Posted 2015

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Where Were You

A little baby girl

not even one year old

without her daddies arms

the nights felt very cold

daddy I cant breath

so to the hospital they go

mommy held me down

where was my daddy though?

16 years had gone

my dad was mostly there 

but that morning he left

I said I didn't care

for two years I barely saw him

just talked to him now and then

but still I believed in him

and I'll choose to believe again

My graduation came 

he promised me he'd come

but when I walked across the stage

I only saw my mom

Why weren't you there daddy?

I still believe in you

I love you daddy and always will

please just show you love me too

Copyright © Anne Hessler | Year Posted 2014

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The Silly Little Lost Boy

 Silly little lost boy
 Who thinks he's all grown
 Who's graduated school
 Who's moved away from home

 The same little lost boy
 Who cried to me last night
 Saying that he's lonely
 That he's not alright

 Silly little lost boy
 Blames himself for being alone
 You can always come to me
 Always come home

 Silly little lost boy
 You can't control the way you feel
 The emotion is there
 The pain is so real

 Silly little lost boy
 I am here till the end
 To stand right beside you
 To be your best friend

Copyright © Caitlyn Smith | Year Posted 2016

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Graduation Goodbye

High school days are gone
And all the work are done
As we are about to take a leap
Our memories together I will keep

There will be tears to cry
As we move on and bid goodbye
I know it will be hard to fly
Without you on my way up high

Thanks for the lift
That is a great gift
The jokes and your smile
Made me forget the pain for a while

Now is the time to take the crown
Don't face the world with a frown
Let them see your smiling face
And dancewith them with grace

When all of today's work are done
It  doesn't mean our freindship is gone
I hope someday you'll be fine
You'll realize that  . . . 
Graduation is not Goodbye

Copyright © Desiree Gapuz | Year Posted 2005

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Shouldn't this be simple? 
I got my graduation ring but my mind's in a haze.
Dazzled by her beauty, I can't help but stare 'cause she's never there.

This day on Saturday she finally answered.
I want to straighten things out with her but I might as well join the millions of rejected
You know, the ones who died from a "heart attack," the ones that were driven insane,
especially the ones that feel no pain.

I look back on yesterday, now today, and I find myself looking for a place called home.
Conjured all of this up in my imagination but all I could do is watch her fade away.
Out of my mind, out of my heart, but how do I still have a crush on her?

The Lord has always been with me and my family but I've strayed away from my faith.
I hope he can forgive me and lead me to her heart... wherever it may lay.

Copyright © John Monteblanco | Year Posted 2010