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Details | Free verse |
Broken Butterfly Wings
Empty playground swings
tear filled, wide-eyed
Infants sigh
a choking stolen 
silence fills my being
as my love walks away
from me
I see everything wrong
with the world
once more

Copyright © Heather Hill | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |
Her head tilted back towards the darkened clouds,

Mocha curls rests on shoulder blades,

Lids shut tight hiding emerald eyes shedding crystals,

Water rushed from the grey sky,

Shades of ulysses butterfly flooded over flesh,

The drops pierced her tender pores,

Seeping under her pale skin,

Merging with her spirit as one,

Then remained.

Copyright © mourning mist | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |
When I was a child and my dreams were of gold
I always believed everything I was told,
my faith was implicit, my innocence pure
and magic existed, of that I was sure.

My old uncle Arthur was always in bed
his twinkling eyes sunken into his head,
he told me his stories of dragons and elves
that lived in the books on his library shelves.

On the table that stood at the foot of his bed
was an old leather box coloured purple and red,
and the lid was embroidered in threads of maroon
with the soft shining face of the man in the moon.

I asked him to show me what rested inside
and he said " Press the button, and open it wide!",
then up from the box with a deep whirring sigh
rose a magic mechanical gold butterfly.

It fluttered its wings as it gently spun round
Its beauty serene in the absence of sound,
and I was entranced by its magical flight
as it bathed in the flame of the candle's soft light.

As I lay in my bed with my head in a dream
I still could imagine the butterfly's gleam,
so I made up my mind to go back the next day
to watch the gold butterfly flutter and play.

But when I got there, the old house was in gloom
my old uncle Arthur was gone from his room,
and even though mother had tried to explain
I never did see uncle Arthur again.

That night I slept soundly, in dreams of delight
at the dawn I awoke to the morning's first light,
and there on the desk, by the side of my bed
was an old leather box coloured purple and red...

Copyright © Keith Robson | Year Posted 2006

Details | Tanka |
In innocent lie
Amidst the lightening dew
Poppies in mourning
She unknown, taken at will
Where now a butterfly sits


Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2011

Details | Rhyme |
 She arrived on the wings of a butterfly
 But left with wings of an angel, soaring ever so high
 She’s found heaven's glory in which to dwell
  I know that she is with love and doing well

  Her laughter still floats on a summer breeze
 And tears still fall with the rain
 And butterflies still flutter with delicate ease
  Where flowers bloom and happiness reigns

 She held my hand, running through the fields
 Brought me safety with her protective shields
 Then called me often crying out to me
  When I was restricted from her, not allowed to see

  But, she left with wings of an angel
  To a far better place than here
  Her memory is my cherished souvenir 
   Bright light shines on her, where she has no fear

  My thanks and appreciation to Heidi for
 sharing her poetic voice with me. 
 As always, it was a pleasure working with you Heidi.

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |
This is my life, don't you see Pure jealousy has taken over me My wings clipped and my neck broken The demon inside of me has awoken You left me heart and soul for the last time Your words spoken as I caused the true crime My body dies down and the cold breaks me down Once upon my head, now on the ground a shattered crown My lungs seize to take in more air But i tell myself... he doesn't care... I take my last breath and close my eyes My heart says goodbye to the mournful cries They all stand around and look down at me there Some say I deserved it, some say is was unfair An untimely death was one I was destined to behold But this death was certainly... the most utterly cold Hand placed upon my chest and my body dressed all in black The memories of my in their hearts begin to lack Lowered below the ground my body is taken Never again for the butterfly to awaken

Copyright © Christine Jensen | Year Posted 2010

Details | Haiku |
A promise breaking:
The sound of a snapping twig
Or butterfly wings

Copyright © Justin Benassi | Year Posted 2013

Details | Tanka |
In innocent lie Amidst the lightening dew Poppies in mourning She unknown, taken at will Where now a butterfly sits .

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2014

Details | Bio |

Loneliness is now foreign, as self-destructive vest I once wore
Oblivious of monstrous foes as friends, I opened my doors
Summer, Fall, winter, Spring; pizzazz I knew was vaporized
To see me; who knew me, tears would well within your eyes.

Lost my sight, my sprite, my family who helped fueled my might
On bull dagger highways, byways, and beat down buildings, I lost rights
Somebody ought to tell somebody, please don't ever venture there
To think your world has come to an end, meant no roots to declare, but

Love does bloom in warmth; silence! stillness, such priceless gems
Overhead skylight oozes rain song that'll soothe your soul, and then...
Song becomes prayer sans shame; you'd weep, hoping to stay alive
They said I arrived looking lost; then soon became cute butterfly.

Lost in midnight dreams, with me in clothing I had already burned
Only waking redressed me from haunting, to new haven I was in
Someone ought to tell somebody, do seek and venture therein
Today I am lost; stepping through multiple mirrors of no harm.

Love will find you when you're lost; its sensors' deep in our heart
Out and about, I'll forever stay lost in endless maze of gratitude
Sunshine and rain, fire and ice, I'll lose myself to warm pool of recovery
Take away my pen, my sheets of white, my glasses; I'd lose me to recovery.


Copyright © Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
Reach through the glass to where
A thousand suns ripple in the rivers of your hair

Reach through the glass to where
A garden of roses blooms in a moon beneath your eyes

Reach through the glass to where
Earthquakes resounding chaos reside in your quivering lips

Reach through the glass
	As my clouds begin to roll away
To where my raindrops danced on the tongues of gods bowing at my feet voracious starving
dogs quenchless and subservient ignorant and blind as their worlds crumble and fall and
every ancient star and dancing horse in the night sky collide with the invisible walls of
futility and I trample on all and nothing in a spiraling cataract of silver water and a
silken spray on a butterfly’s wing fluttering the childhood fields of yesteryear and
evermore forever young in brilliant dance immortalized in wheat and dirt and wind and rain
and I stand defiant!

To where my fingertips can reach no further. Butterfly wings in fields of concrete.


Copyright © Moose Bak | Year Posted 2010

Details | Rhyme |
The prayers we pray float to the sky
Each night before we dream
Carried above to the ones we love
On beautiful butterfly wings

A gentle breeze full of grace
Lifts them to the sky
Those precious wings say the things
So often on our minds

Invited in through the gates
Where streets are paved with gold
Where Angels trod and pains forgot
Just like the story's told

Far beyond the misty meadow
And past the tranquil pools
Where rainbows rise and white doves fly
My message waits for you

Landing on the precious flower 
That you've become to me
I feel as though I'm half the soul
Of who I used to be

My heart is full of emptiness
Since you've gone away
I hope to catch a glimpse of you
As now I often gaze

When I visit to your earthly home
Your presence still feels near
As though you're on vacation now
I wish you'd reappear

A part of me went with you
The day you left us here
I only hope you get my note
And hear my butterfly prayers

Copyright © M.P. Shaudd | Year Posted 2017

Details | Haiku |
The Chameleon ate 
the Butterfly, both do change
in different ways

Copyright © ward billings | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse |

The last
taste of summer
my pockets

mason jars
of butterflies



a childhood.

© Gry W Christensen

Copyright © Gry Christensen | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |
In the shadow of the passing and in swing of eternity,
you said Life.
By the wings, you stepped flying through the path without mercy
and through the path of a happiness,
you protected your the most dearest ones,
brothers and sisters, daughters and sons,
and all their life companions
and your dear grandchildren.

You're leaving a trace etched like a golden thread
waving in the eternity
for all coming generations,
your proud blood.

That Proud Blood today is standing tall here and testify
about majesty, about you, holding head straight
in such heavy time,
in time where your story ends
but it's giving a hope and defies the future.

So Butterfly Of Life, my grandma, wave strongly your wings
for the last time, because your Life,
by a testimony of the presents, will stay written
in Our Hearts, on The Wall Of The Happiness,
where Giants rest in peace,
till The End Of Time.

Copyright © marko gavranovic | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |
The darkness of light impossible to see the pain and the lies always damaging you reach and get burned not understanding this is my disease nature of the beast Suddenly my light is taken away my darkness was revealed taking me as slave when all I ever wanted was for someone to say please stop, for me or enter an early grave Now face to face with all of my demons how can I fight them if I don't want to beat them until the reason arrives, then I shine a little at first but that small thing, is mine The den of ten thieves come up with a plan a whole set of new lies that every single man cannot resist believing it's seeming to be that a horrific ending is just what I need Then all of the sudden my small shine swallows time and with that virtue my face comes to life I would never hurt you please, know this to be yet no one believes me this curse grows like a tree I hate my helpless fate why can't I make a new life for me that no one can take why can't I escape a prison not for me for years I accept this tired sense of defeat The small shine barely intact, inside until Saint Anger starts to burn me, alive I find I'm set off by my wrong, senseless self until I am talking to no one, in Hell So I pick up my pen power to create a new world for me where I design my escape in my invisible state the Devil don't notice that one of his children is no longer hopeless I stop all my madness by power of pen for years my sword drew nothing but sin the yin and the yang both helped me to find that I'm no longer afflicted when darkness lights my bright shine.

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
Suicide my untimely death
I can no longer take another breath

I feel empty inside
No one hears my cries

I do not know how to handle this
It is not something that I can dismiss

I used to be happy and kind
But now just never mind

I have just become a disguise
For everyone’s eyes

Would it be better off if I commit suicide...?


What is wrong with you!
Just because you have the “blues?”

And, what are we supposed to do
If you follow through?

Spend thousands of dollars to remove the rope
Your dead body set free, leaving us with no hope

What will happen to the family?
Do we just step aside silently...?


My son is gone, you are in my dreams
Every night it is always the same theme

Beautiful mountains and scenery
Amazing butterflies, I cannot believe 

You are just a little boy
Maybe three or four

Do not go, I say
Please stay, please stay!

So what do I do?
I just open my eyes...

To suicide.

"Survivors of Suicide Contest"

Holly Moore
November 2012

Copyright © HOLLY MOORE | Year Posted 2012

Details | I do not know? |
So young, so vibrant, so full of life
But just like that you were gone, in the blink of an eye
So God picked you up on the wings of a butterfly.

You were as bright as the colors on a butterfly’s wings
You where ready to go when you heard the heavenly choir sing
So God picked you up on the wings of a butterfly.

You lived life to the fullest till the end
In my heart I know I didn’t lose you even in death
Even though it’s hard I know that God only takes the best.
So God picked you up on the wings of a butterfly. 

I ask myself why he took you away
Oh, how badly I wanted you to stay
I remember how much I cried that day 
Without you my life will never be the same
But I’m glad he picked you up on a butterfly’s wings.

When I see a butterfly I will think of you
Souring high in a sky of endless blue.

I’ll always remember the day
When God picked you up on a butterfly’s wings.

“We miss you, we love you and we’ll be together some day.”

Copyright © kristen La Fontaine | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |
It was on the beat of butterfly wings, 
We became torn (micro-emotion fibers worn), 
Like pages from a discarded journal, 
Always said we knew what we were doing, 
Until all that we did was done, 
I thought that we grew yet 
I'm still just a caterpillar waiting to cocoon, 
But I don't know how to do it (it was supposed to be a natural thing), 
I hear the gentle beat of butterfly wings above me, 
Its simple life a distant disaster, 
A record of things ignored (so small, can't be my fault), 
Someone's bad karma.

Copyright © Justin Benassi | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |
                 O, butterfly
               This little boy
With a gun, thinking, it’s just a toy
                 O, butterfly
               This little boy
A soldier he is, yet still, he’s a boy
                 O, butterfly
               This little boy
Learned to fire, ‘cos of indecent lie
                  O, butterfly
                This little boy
He’s badly wounded, ‘cos of his toy
                 O, butterfly
               This little boy
No longer a soldier, nor, a little boy
                  O, butterfly
                This little boy
Not breathing, so he can not tell a lie
                   O, butterfly
                 This little boy
Show him, your world, without a gun
                    O, butterfly
                 This little boy
Tell him, he’s still a boy, not a soldier
                    O, butterfly
                 This little boy
Warn him, he’ll get hurt, when he fire
                     O, butterfly
                  This little boy
Guide his soul, to Enchanted Kingdom

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2006

Details | Ode |
It's so hard to say goodbye to imagine life without you. I just keep asking why but God chose to take you. Time, they say, heals all but I am lost away in a blur of tears that fall ceasesless, night and day. Reality is lost to me as I see you on butterfly wings soaring the heavens, I can hear you heart sing. I picture you there with sweet Grandpa Joe you have not a care you are peaceful I know. So hold my secrets a little longer while you wait for me but while I'm here dance with Grandpa Joe for me.

Copyright © Audrey Decker | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |
Have you seen the one with butterfly eyes?
The one who hides behind a smiling disguise
Who passes me by every night
As I close my eyes
They stand at the ledge
And whisper goodbye.

Have you seen the one with sunshine hair?
The one who plays that guitar everywhere
Who stands by the well and sings a tune
As cloudless eyes fade to rain
Their words they grow heavy
With unsung pain.

Have you seen the one with butterfly eyes?
The one who only seems to speak in sighs
Who looks to the sky asking it why
As they stand and watch
The butterflies die. 

Butterfly eyes
Who do you know?
Did you find that special place where the flowers always grow?
Did you grow weary of being the only color in the snow?
Butterfly eyes
Where did you go?

Copyright © Alanah Rae | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |
you are majestic.

Come fly around me
for just a while.

Let me catch you 
in a net
made of spider's web.

Let me pin you,
onto cloth
and then
show you off
until your colours fade.

Copyright © Jennifer D'Andrea | Year Posted 2011

Details | Verse |
Bullet grey, the listless sky,
Wandering on with little thought
To the silent butterfly
Alighting where the world has fought

To the slight, unblinking eye
How meaningless the world and ways
Of the men who fall and die
For the ogres' power plays

So easy it is to fly away
And leave behind the ghosts of men
Perhaps return another day
When no shadow remains of the fallen

A gilted wing, a touch of air,
So gently kissed by bitter breeze
To leave behind what little care
For callous quiet of broken pleas

As memory fades and decades pass,
No-one else will come to lie
Upon the field of broken grass
But for one thoughtless butterfly.

Copyright © Marchioness Of Mock Turtles | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |
Am I the reason why?
Did I really hurt you that much?
We fought so much, I wished you'd go away
Now I wish you would answer me

Was it because I disappointed you?
Did you despise me so much?
I wonder if you can hear me
I wonder if you’d answer if you did

I didn’t get to say I’m sorry
I hope I get the chance some day
I hope you can see this is for you
Do you ever laugh like you did?

I see you every night in my dreams
But instead of you being dead, it’s me
It’s painful when I’m there….
I hope it isn't for you

I’m so sorry for what I did
One day I hope to atone for all my sins
Sometimes I doubt I’m worth saving though
But while you play chess with God… maybe put in a good word for me?

I hope that you are happy there
Some day I hope to visit too
I’ve loved and hated you at the same time
Now I just miss you and hope you’re a star in our sky

I’m sure where you are it rains diamonds
But it was too early and it was my fault that you died
Grandfather, one day I hope to ask you for forgiveness
You’re the Butterfly I’ve been dedicated to all this time

Copyright © Truman Walls | Year Posted 2006

Details | Tanka |
winter, the poet
sad affections disordered
mourns in the morning
dead butterflies slaughtered by
the blunt blades of butterknives

© Gail Foster 18th November 2016 

Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2016

Details | Tanka |
after the guns stop
flowers from love letters fall
soft on no man’s ground

no glory be found in this 
quietus of butterflies

© Gail Foster 11th November 2016

Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
My sweet butterfly, You have such beautiful wings. Everytime I tried to fly with you, You crashed down. I want to fly with you, And fix your wings when they're broken, I want to fill your empty heart, And be the reason for its beating... You're all I need, Without you I'm nothing, Please just carry me for now, My wings are torn and broken... One day when my wings are fixed, I'll fly you everywhere, And across the seas, I'll carry you one day... I need you now, My heart is empty, And now my hopes and dreams are shattered, Only you can fix them...

Copyright © Chiana VanMeter | Year Posted 2011

Details | Bio |
Why fly little butterfly,
they will only cage you,
trap you and contain you.
Your beauty is innocence,
If they tear your wings you
will surly die.

You are so beautiful fluttering
butterfly you flit from place to place.
All colors bright lie in your face.
Wishing I could be as you butterfly
so high you flutter into the sky.

Wishing I had wings left to try
to flight the casualties of life.
I wish oh butterfly the collector had
 left my wings...
instead of this hollow wingless soul.
He plucked my innocence and 
clipped my wings I fear now
he will cage me and I will die.

Poets Notation for word verbage used:
Innocence- is the virginity of a young child.
The collector that cages is the one that rapes
Clipped wings is the inability to rise above
the fear and pain.
To remain in this {caged} state is surly death..

Copyright © Peggy Bertrand | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |
From the day she emerged
from her cocoon and spread
her brightly colored wings,
her life was destined for heartache.

She went through every kind
of pain imaginable, abuse from
the harsh winds, loosing friends
and family members to those damn
windshields in this thing called life.

She had her heart broken so many times
that she now expected it at every turn.
The only constant in her life was her
little baby boy caterpillar that
would one day grow to a beautiful
butterfly ready to spread his own wings.

Flying around one day, this beautiful
butterfly ran into a whirlwind called love
and fell head over heals very quickly
to a very handsome, very caring male butterfly.

She did not trust him at first because
of all the heartache she had encountered 
in her life before but he showed her what
trust was and before long she trusted
this male with every ounce of her small being.

Before long she was so lost in the
wild winds that she was having trouble 
keeping herself a float, her wings beating
hard to keep from falling into the dark 
dismal abyss.

One day as she was feeling more loved
than she ever had, she passed by a couple
other butterflys and overheard their conversation
where her name was mentioned.
She paused just long enough to hear
that her true love had told one of them
that they were just friends and he really
didn't know her that well.

Needless to say this beautiful butterfly
felt like she had hit the windshield of 
a big mac truck. She was crushed.
She knew better than to trust, but he
made it so damn easy, she couldn't help herself.

From that day forward, she never trusted
again and the day came when in that
whirlwind of life, before she could even
think, that Mac truck was there in front of her
and she slammed into the huge windshield.

Now that beautiful brightly colored
butterfly, lays on the cold, cold ground,
her wings broken and bruised like her heart.

Copyright © Michelle Hanks | Year Posted 2008

Details | Rhyme |
The butterfly, a symbol of rebirth.
The butterfly that I noticed fluttering around my back porch,
golden brown with black veins running through it, white dots along the edges of its wings.
The butterfly that couldn't find its way out,
The butterfly that I found two days later on the floor, lifeless.
The butterfly lays on my kitchen counter, still dead.

Copyright © Rosa Mendonca | Year Posted 2012