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Husband Humorous Poems | Husband Poems About Humorous

These Husband Humorous poems are examples of Husband poems about Humorous. These are the best examples of Husband Humorous poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Rhyme |

Her Sense of Humor

A slight hint of consternation was in her voice,
“Why did you tell those people I’m deaf and dumb?”
“I never said you were deaf, my Dear.”
She laughed, but I kinda felt like a bum.

Hell.  It was just a joke.

One evening, she asked, “Will you love me if I get chubby?”
I responded, “Of course I still love you.
It would take much more than pounds and cellulite
To make me fall out of love…it’s true.”

Hell.  It was just a joke.

“Would you remarry if I die before you?” she asked.
I said, “No…probably not…I’ve been spoiled by you.”
“But you’ve been a great husband. I think you should.”
“Whatever happens, happens is the best I can do.”

“If you remarried, would you play golf with your new wife?
And would you let her use my clubs?” she demanded.  
I calmly smiled and said, “Your clubs are safe.
You see, my Dear…she’s left handed.”

Hell.  It was just a joke.

Then, she whined and whined about her butt.
I responded, “Want to knock some inches off that ass?
It may sound strange, but I heard it works….
Rinse all your panties in Slim Fast.”

Hell. It was just a joke.

The next day, I readied for work, took ‘undies’ from my drawer.
They were engulfed in a fog of white, why I didn’t know.
So, I asked, “Honey! Why did you put talcum powder on my shorts?”
She slyly smiled, “That’s not talcum powder.  That’s Miracle Gro.”

Hell.  It was just a joke....I guess.

So, what is my wife’s most endearing feature?
Her sense of humor.... there’s no doubt.
Always a smile where angst or anger might have been,
A smile I never want to be without.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

The Happy Dress

It’s a mother-in-law’s right, her prerogative 
To ‘drop in’ on her son almost any time,
But a mother-in-law should always be prepared
For almost anything she may find.

So, Mother Cready dropped in unannounced;
But as she approached her son’s front door,
Suddenly it opened.  “Ta Da!  Do you like my happy dress?”
His young wife stood there in her ‘all in all’…nothing more.

“Oh, my word!” Mother Cready exclaimed with surprise.
“Why are you naked?  Are you insane?”
Just as surprised, the young wife pulled her inside.
“Please, Mother Cready…if you’ll just let me explain.

You see, when Mac has had a rough day,
When he’s been under a lot of stress,
Sometimes I meet him at the door
With a smile and a kiss in my happy dress.

It always relaxes him and makes him happy,
Then he makes me very happy too.
It works for Mac and me, Mother Cready;
Maybe it would work for you.”

“We’re too old for such.” scoffed Mother Cready.
“Perhaps if we were young like the two of you.”
But, on her way home, she decided
She was definitely going to try it too.

So, she bathed and put on some nice perfume,
Fixed her make-up and her hair.
She was thinking some very sexy thoughts,
But she had to hurry…no time to spare.

She heard her husband’s car in the driveway;
And as he approached their front door,
She threw it open.  “Ta Da! Do you like my happy dress?"
She stood there in her ‘all in all’…nothing more.

She saw a little grimace cross his face,
But that was not the worst.
Then he said, “I appreciate your happy dress, my dear;
But maybe you should have ironed it first.”


“Well…your ‘happy dress’ could use some ironing;
But my birthday suit could use some starch.”
He kissed her. “Bet you and I can work it out.”;
And off to bed they marched.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Lyric |

Viagra and Beer

Too much Viagra and beer.
Too much Viagra and beer.
My wife was out of town,
I hit every club around.
Each time I'd hope to find
A horny woman here.

Country Bob's was the last club that was open.
Near blind drunk and horny, but I was still hopin'.
A pretty woman gave me a glance,
Smiled and said, "Nice pants.
Honey, I'm ridin' if you're ropin'."

A few hours later, I was in a Helluva mess
She's still ridin' hard and screamin', "God, this is the best!"
I was dizzy and light-headed. I had pains in my chest,
But she wouldn't stop long enough to call EMS.

When I came to, I was home in my own bed,
Next to my lovely wife; and this is what she said:
"I picked you up at Country Bob's, my dear;
And there's gonna be some changes around here.

You were fantastic last night;
So, I only think its right
If I supplement your diet 
With Viagra and beer."

Viagra and beer. Viagra and beer.
She treats me like a king,
Says I make her body sing;
So, She makes sure I get my Viagra and beer.

Viagra and beer. Viagra and beer.
Yeah, she makes sure I get my Viagra and beer.

We're like newlyweds. 
I need a break sometime.

Submitted by: Buzz O'Words
Written: 3/3/14

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

A Can of Peaches

She was a kleptomaniac,
His wife of thirty years.
The risks she took for stuff of little value
Had all but driven him to tears.

She had such low regard for the risk;
Always said, “If I’m caught, I’ll pay.”
“But what if they’re not satisfied?” he’d ask.
She just smiled and said, “That’ll be the day.”

When first they met, he thought her just young and wild;
And, after all, it really did no one any harm.
It was fun to watch her be so sneaky,
Kind of a sexy part of her appealing charm.

The stuff she stole was so petty,
But she seemed to have such fun.
After all, it wasn’t for the stuff she stole,
But for the thrill of what she’d done.

As time had passed, he had finally realized
It was a sickness, not just a game to play.
She’d steal something almost everywhere she went,
And she went somewhere almost every day.

So, it had gotten old and tiresome, completely out of hand.
His pleas of “Get some help.” she would ignore;
Tho’ she might have thought better of it
If she had known what was in store.

While grocery shopping, she tried to steal a can of peaches.
They caught her, called the cops, sent her off to jail.
She called her embarrassed and disgusted husband, 
Who resentfully made arrangements for her bail.

When her court date came, he went along;
And when her case came up, he was by her side.
As the judge reviewed her charges, it seemed to him
That the judge’s patience was being sorely tried.

“Madam" the judge said angrily, "…a single can of peaches?
It’s obvious you have no desperate financial need.
You are wasting my court’s time with such farce.
So, Madam...how do you plead?"

She feigned regret. She bowed her head.
Surely such a ploy might change his attitude.
“Guilty, your Honor.  I am so sorry.”
He growled, “Save your platitudes.”

Then he asked, “How many peaches were in the can?”
“Your Honor, I believe that there were ten."
“Madam, I intend to teach you a lesson this day.
You’ll think twice before you steal again.

You’ll serve three days in county jail for each peach in that can.”
Her husband saw his chance.  He said, “Your Honor, if you please,
Before you pass her final sentence, you should know….
She also stole a can of peas!"

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Haiku |

Quandary - A Husband's Haiku

The dishes are done,
Kids are asleep and dreaming.
Want to watch T.V.?

Privacy at last.
The kids will not disturb us.
Want to hug and smooch?

The dishes are done.
No one will disturb us, but
She's got a headache.

Whatever I did,
It must have been bad, because
She keeps saying, "No."

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |

Programmers Paradise

Hubby was talking about the job he was at: when he suddenly…
Got into the ‘Computer Programmers Mode’. Where absolutely…
Everything became ‘DITS & DOTS, and DARS & FARS’…
No more caffeine for Hubby any time this week, at home!

This lingo of his, only belongs at work, where he IS an Uber Geek.
But here at home… you gotta know… he’s only talking to me!
It must be like the dreams he has, with reams and reams of code.
And tables of papers are stacked to the ceiling, or maybe to his nose.

It’s an APP-APP here, and an APP-APP there, to tie the Data to his code.
Make it go faster! Make it go smarter! In his own little world, you know.
His eyes have glazed, as his fingers flash over his fancy keyboard at home.
If only me, his little old wifey- poo, could get such attention as this, to know.

At least, he keeps my computers running, like crazy, and way up to snuff!
Now if only he’d give me the time of day… to get my own work done.
With a type-type here, and a type-type there: I definitely blow his mind.
He’d fix my typing, if only he could, with a new app, well designed.

The ‘Trouble with Tribbles’ is nothing, as when confronting an Uber Geek.
Microsoft falls into a hush, as they whisper out his name and fame complete.
For Halloween, he hooks up electronics, with apps to animated programming…
Never Fear! Hubby’s here! Next, the Turkey will be clucking binary coding.

He made Santa a GPS, which goes to mars and beyond: It’s simply otherworldly.
But now he’s talking in binary code… I hope Hubby’ll land home, soon, surely.
For with DITs & DOTS, and DARS & FARS it’s getting way past midnight.
I know he’ll be back to earth soon, tho, for it’s time to say goodnight!

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Money From Heaven

My father-in-law, Frank was a man that loved to shop,	
We were two peas in a pod, we shopped til we dropped.
One spring day we decided to shop out of town,
We shopped best without my husband around.

We left my husband happily on his tractor on our land,
Then set off for a shopping day oh so grand!
The sun was shining, and we had Sinatra for the ride.
We couldn’t have picked a better day if we had tried!

We had lunch and then shopped in all the stores,
Happy we weren’t at home stuck doing the chores.
We started to get tired and decided to leave.
Then walked outside to a sight we couldn’t believe.

It was a mini tornado and not a soul to be found,
But the strangest thing was the money blowing around.
Money was falling from the sky, and our hands and feet were flying.
It was like a dream… catching the money was intensely gratifying.

We informed the store about the cash from above,
Then counted the money in the car we were so undeserving of.
A man knocked on the window when we were counting the dough,
It was about seventy-five bucks the wind fortuitously bestowed.

The man said to Frank,  “ Oh sir you forgot one,” and handed him a five.
 Frank took the five, said “God bless you,”…and I wanted to hide.
Later my husband scolded, “You should have given him the five, it wasn’t yours to keep!”
Frank replied, “What the hell, it wasn’t his either, God dropped it at my feet!”

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

Details | Iambic Pentameter |

God Help Ye Weary Gentleman, Let Nothing You Dismay

A Partridge perched upon a tree
entices him to throw something!
When songbirds sing and flap their wings  
two turtle doves, cause headache pain.
Those mocking words, thread-worn with wear.
 remind him of the dollars spent.
Defeat caves in, ... the thought of debt!

He bends his head to shield his face,
and steps upon the curb, to brace
against the mob, against the throng,
against long lines in shopping malls 

He watches herds with purses out,
who attack the narrow aisles and park.
Chagrins at purpose, poised, embarked
They're mad! They charge like Joans of Arc!

No one pays him time of day
He feels the sting of frostbit cheer
and leans beneath the canopy
The sales are lit, with half-price tease 
and gaggled geese attack with glee!

Pure instinct guides, their goal is keen
Gifts supreme, they seek and find!
He wonders, as they claim their prize,
if what they buy, and dollars leaked
will gratify their kin, divined?

With weighty burdens in their hands
and dollars spent from sun to sun,
he waits until his wife is done.
This madness took her far away
within the glass enclosed array
of Jingle Bells and money spilled,
of trinkets, socks and Visa bills

His feet are sore, a wrinkled coat, 
unruly hair,...  it glistens now,
With cheeks of red, he steels his breath.
Forefathers did, before their death!

Entrenched in snow beneath his feet,
his stomach growls,  he begs to quit
He watches from the window glass.
A check-out line!!            She's close!!!    ......   At last!!
She's almost done, her purchase won!!

She grins as if she's fetched the best!
The smile she wears, he catches fast 
And makes it worth the weary quest!                               

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

Details | Limerick |

Deaf Husband

I'm just about deaf because of me wife,
Her very loud voice has caused all the strife,
It always goes up an octave or two
When she thinks I've made an incredible blue,
Trouble is I've been making mistakes all of me life.

Copyright © john williams | Year Posted 2015

Details | Romanticism |

The Intensifying love story

The Intensifying love story by 
I simply adore you, my Mesmerizing 
As you are my first love.
Who lighted my heart with full of pride and 
Who ignited the ecstasy towards lovely life.
Who relieved my pains and took sorrows 
as boon.
You made me fall sick in your love when I 
see your madness.
I like the way,
The way you gazed at me and my smoky 
The way you smiled at my mystifying and 
enigmatic appeal.
The way you every time praises me.
The way you galvanized me and proved 
the meaning of life.
You are the one,
Yes, you are the one who aroused my 
feelings, my emotions.
Yes, you are the one who explored my 
passion of love, flaming in my charismatic 
Yes, you are the lovely treasure which god 
had baptized me.
Yes, you are the one who turned the page 
of my life.
Eureka, I found my true love!!!!
Bewilderedly I did not know, where is my 
love taking me to ??
But still I like the way,
Like, the way you clutched me into your 
Like, the way you kissed my palms.
Like, the way you hugged me, caressed 
Like, the way you rubbed your fingers on 
my lips.
Like, the way you tickled me on my neck.
Like, the way you squeezed my cheeks.
Like, the way you holded me up towards 
the sky.
Like, the way when you inspired me to fly 
so high.
Tears dropped from my eyes and the very 
next moment I realized that it is my 
sensational love. My true love. Then I 
decided that no one had right to do this 
except you. If you want to know the 
reason?? If yes??
Yes, because I seriously fell in love with 
Yes, because you are the one to whom god 
had assigned me to.
And here comes the Swifted instance 
When, the moment you wore the golden 
ring in my finger and I was happily waving 
Just can’t forget the time when our long 
lasting friendship turned into lifetime 
It was just the blooming of two lover’s 
indicating the herald of the marriage. It 
means a lot for any girl in this amazing 
And yes, you will always find my heart 
topped with love showered only for you. 
For you!!
And till my last breathe, my heart beats, 
beating for you, only for you SUYOG!!
In fervour I wanted you to be mine forever, 
We both sojourned in each other soul so 
deeply that we just can’t wait for a single 
second, unless and until, we share what is 
running in our mind. It’s just because we 
are so much accustomed to each other 
I Love you, adore you, adore you forever 
my Love.

Copyright © Madhavi Sarjare pagare | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


The time has come for me to say goodbye forever I am not brilliant at expressing my emotions But in the words of ‘Sealion Dion’ …. ‘I will always love you’ If you check in the filing cabinet You will find my portfolio of shares I have kept the Woolworth's certificate it may be valuable They may resurface one day …. That’s the wonder of Woolies! If you ever need a new sofa…. don’t forget these immortal words The DFS Half Price Sale starts at 10am on Boxing Day! Contest:- My Parting Gifts Sponsor:- Viv Wigley 02~06~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

Details | Couplet |


My hair is dyed to hide the grey and how my boobies sag But I have it on good authority I’m a ‘Walnut Wag’ A ‘Walnut Wag’ … what’s that you may ask I will enlighten you for that’s my task A ‘Walnut Wag’ is the partner of someone with prostate cancer This cancer can be cured so don’t let your man be a chancer From our experience early detection is the key With treatment your man can be cancer free 15th January 2016

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

Details | Limerick |

Meet the Husband

“We can’t go on meeting like this
‘Cause my husband’s all in a hiss”
- I found out: She’s right.
- met her husband tonight
I think it’s my face I will miss.

Copyright © Jack Clark | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Her Dog

Sara lived across from a large cemetery;
So, many sad processions she had seen;
But one gray and foggy morning
One like no other made an eerie scene.

Driving slowly was a long, black hearse;
But then, following right behind, another.
Followed by a woman with a huge dog on a leash.
Draped in black, she was someone’s wife or mother.

Then Sara noticed a long line of mourners,
All in black; and following in single file.
Suddenly, she realized they were all women;
And that brought just a hint…a glimmer…of a smile.

Compelled, Sara hurried through the mist.
She just had to know the story.
Just what had happened to these two people
That sent them to their glory?

She walked beside the woman with the dog;
Apologized for her uninvited intrusion.
“I’ve lived here for years, but seen nothing like this.
Please, explain. Give clarity to my confusion.” 

“The first hearse carries my husband.
This dog was his demise.”
“I’m so sorry for your loss” said Sara.
A tear came to her eye.

“But what about the second hearse?” she asked.
“That would be his girlfriend…yes, it’s true.
She thought she could help his situation,
But the dog killed her too.”

“Oh, how sad” Sara muttered.
As they slowly walked through the fog.
“But then, who are all these ladies who mourn?”
“They’re not mourning. They want to borrow the dog.”

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |

The Fishermen's Lament

Angrily, rain enfolds the insular rise of lawn undulating. 
Anglers dream, envious fishermen, inside looking out urging 

apostles, who elope within imaginary onslaughts, hooked unburdening's.
Aloft, thunder encounters lightening's insistent taunt, oracles fearsome uttering's.

And still, each fisherman's innermost summoning orchestrates this untoward
atmospheric downfall, each drop induced, prayerful, outpouring is underscored.

Admittedly many envious housebound inmates seek oceans, lakes, unexplored
although, the earthly torrent interferes pitiless, onerous, rainfall unleashed. 

Absent the energizing rays introduced by ordinary sun, undone 
are these enigmatic men in rooms, oar less, ship-less, landlubbers unconsoled.

Another day encases them indoors mooning over fish uncontrolled.
A trophy earned, stuffed, indisputably shows offerings untold.

Ah, fishtails energetically rise incensed by objections never unabridged 
absent their earnest wives, imagination rolls on winds un-curtailed. 

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

You Only Have Yourself To Blame

You're mad because I told your husband the truth.
You cheated on him and I showed him the proof.
Instead of being angry, you should be ashamed.
You cheated and you only have yourself to blame.

You tried to convince your hubby that my proof was misleading.
But he could see the truth and he started divorce proceedings.
Because you were unfaithful, the judge didn't give you squat.
The clothes on your back were the only things that you got.

Your good life is gone and that's something you regret.
You once drove a Porsche but now you drive a Chevette.
Because of your infidelity, you were tossed out into the street.
If you ever find another rich man, you'd better not cheat.

(This is a fictional poem)

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

Communication by touch

Communication by touch 
is not for every old dutch.

Volodymyr Knyr

Copyright © Volodymyr Knyr | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

What I Would Not Do For You

McGee was feeling poorly
Rather dizzy, kind of weak
He started thinking, that perhaps
It's a Doctor he should seek

His wife agreed, and drove him
To the nearest Doc in town
As they made it through the door
She helped him to sit down

It wasn't long before 
The Doctor called, and asked Him in
And it didn't take a minute
For the testing to begin

Then after all the pictures
The prodding and the poking
The Doctor's smile disappear
As he set aside all joking

I have to speak with you alone
He said to Ann McGee
Soon your Husband's gonna die
But it doesn't have to be

He has a stress disorder 
That will surely kill him dead
Unless of course you're willing
To change some things instead

"What can I do" Ann inquired
Her hands upon her head
"I'll tell all the things to do'
The Doc abruptly said

You mustn't wake Him early
For he needs more time to rest
And forget about a list of chores
He'll have to work must less

You mustn't stress him out
With problems that might weigh 
And cook him three good meals
Consistently each day

And mostly whats's important
As He handed her a bag
Have him take one each day
And for Gods Sake, never nag

The Doc then turned and said
If you do these thing, It'll clear
And he should show improvement
In six or seven years

Ann thanked the Doctor kindly
Then returning to McGee
Said "I'll take you home now, darling
And make your favorite tea"

It was silent in the car
Until they drove about half way
McGee then asked impatiently    
"What did the Doc say"

Anne stopped the car abruptly 
As tear fell from her eye
"Oh, McGee, My Dearest Love
He said your gonna Die"


Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2016

Details | Couplet |

A punchbag

Against a wife, a punchbag's just a dream!
While being punched it almost does not scream.

Volodymyr Knyr

Copyright © Volodymyr Knyr | Year Posted 2014

Details | Narrative |

Delhi ki sair

Sharma ji nayi bike laye
Man hi man khud par itraae
Patni ko aawaz lagai
Mrs. v dauri chali aai
Boli kya h ji q bulate ho
Mere dil ko itna q jalaate ho
Jab se ki h tumse shadi
Dekhi bas apni barbaadi
Gai thi meri mt maari
Ab ban gai hu bechari
Jeewan mei koi rang nahi
Jab se hu tmhare sang basis
Subah se shaam tk kaam hi kaam
Ek pal v na mile aaram
Aansuo k ghoot hi toh peeti hu
Tum kya jano sang tumhare kaise jeeti hu
Sharma ji kuchh samajh na paae
Patni q unpe itne laanchhan lagaae
Fir socha ye common bimari hai
Har patni apne pati pe bhari h
Harbarakar bole pahalwaan
Maaf karna mera mtlb hai bhagyawaan
Tmhari zubaan toh lambi itni 
Doctor k bill k parche jitni
Na koi comma na purnaviraam
Apne bolne se hi kaise na tum pareshaan
Chlo Zara sang man behlaae
Tumhe Delhi ki sair karaae
Jaae qutab minaar aur India gate
Dekho ab tum kro na late
Mrs. Fir saj dhaj chli aai
Sharma ji ne bike daurai
Mrs. ne sajaae kitne armaan
Sabko poora karne ki li thi thaan
Socha aaj mila h aysa mauka
Maarungi fir aysa chauka
Kharidungi saariya mai neeli peeli
Karungi inki jeb dheeli
Chat pakauri v khaungi
Dhero photo sang khichwaungi
Itne me mrs. dol park
Gusse mei wo bol park
Gaari itni tez q chalate ho
Mere sweet se heart ki heartbeat q barhate ho
Jaan hatheli pe q lete ho
Marne se kya nhi darte ho
Sharma ji bole q ghabraati ho
Dil mei aysi baate q laati ho
Ek upaay mai btlata hu
Dil k dar ko door bhagata hu
Ho jayengi tumhari v dharkane mnd
Agar tum v kar lo meri tarah ankhe bnd.... :p :p :D  : D

Copyright © kanchan priya | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

The Winged Man and His Wife

Once in a land full of life
At least that's what I was told so
There lived a happy man and his wife
Who smiled and watched the birds go

One day as they were watching the birds
The old man had flipped his hat
For he had said only a few words
And it was that he could fly like that

The wife then began to frown
For the man had simply gone mad
So she got ready to leave the town
Which made the cheery guy sad

He swore to her that he would fly
So the wife had grabbed her things
She opened the door and said bye
And when she left, the man sprouted wings

A few years had come and gone
The wife grew old and watched time pass
One day when sitting, she heard a song
That sounded from her fifth floor window glass

'my love,' it said, 'I now have wings.
my love,' it went on, 'I wish you would see me fly.
my dear, come look at me, drop your things.
I wait by your window, perched in the sky.'

The wife got up and looked out the pane
She froze at the sight she had saw
Her husband flying, or was she insane?
He smiled at her dropped jaw.

'My love, come with me. Fly in the sky.'
'I can't,' she shook her head
'oh come on. climb out. I promise you won't die.'
So she climbed out, and was never seen again.

(this is fictional)

Copyright © Destiny Jordan | Year Posted 2013

Details | Alliteration |

hubby having hysterics alliteration contest

Parents pushing perambulators
Meeting many mothers
Coffee , cake and chat
Babies bottles to boobs
Hurry home to hubby
Hubby holding hooter
Nappy, not nice.
Baby blowing bubbles
Shower sex sleep
Luxury, lazy lie-in
Hubby having hysterics.
Siana sick over Sean
Cosy cwtch cancelled

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

3 Husbands

Numero Un: 

To have and to hold, 
A Midas, 
Replete with gold.	

Lord of mountain hideaway, 
In Aspen, 
For family play.	

Manhattan penthouse 
Zooming Ferrari, 
Moneyed clout.	

Powerful and homely, 
Spawning ground, 
Socially comely.	

Numero Deux: 

To have and to hold, 
A Casanova, 
The force behold.

Sleepless nights, 
Monotonous rites.

Playful fun, 
Two bodies, 
Orgasmically one.

Always game, 
For another round, 
Of the same.	

Numero Trois: 

To have and to hold, 
An Aristotle, 
Intellectually bold.

Philosophy spewing, 
Tradition chewing.

Brainwork overtime, 
Prose and rhyme.

Original mind, 
Prejudices, immorality, 
Left far behind.

3 husbands, 
Heroes all 3, 
All with virtuous qualities.

Ahh……………. fantasy, 
3 rolled into 1
Can it ever be?

Copyright © Ritu Saheb | Year Posted 2016

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The Proverbial Hot Seat

As newlyweds we moved to Houston, where the traffic was insane.
I was finishing college there, and it made the commute a royal pain.
My husband told me emphatically to never park out in the road,
But one week he was out of town, and I figured he wouldn’t know.

I went next door to visit a friend, then suddenly we heard a loud bang.
It was gunfire, and shots that had ominously rang.
We looked out the window and it was utter chaos.
My van was being used as a shield, and the cops were in a face-off.

My heart was pounding as I thought of my poor van in the street,
Knowing when my husband found out, I would be in the proverbial hot seat.
Luck was on my side, and my van escaped without a scratch,
But it made the nightly news about the perilous shooting match.

I decided since there was no damage, I would just keep quiet.
About six months later I told my husband and broke my duplicitous silence.
He said, “I told you so,” and lectured me on where to park.
I vowed not to park there again, silently wishing I had left him in the dark.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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The Freaks Come Out At Night

Written December 29, 2013

You don't see me
You see her silhouetted by the vapor
My hands all over
She's an introverted now and later

You can build a wall
Before you fall
But I'd give up
When the wall will fall
I'll be waiting here
Plein de plaisir

In your snatch fits pleasure
Broom-shaped pleasure, even better
Like politicians
Spilling oil on the wonderland

The sun will fall
The moon will rise, the freaks come out at night
Native tongues and foreign lands
Leave me handcuffed to the night stand

You can build a wall
Before you fall
But I'd give up
When the wall will fall
I'll be waiting here
Plein de plaisir

Copyright © Brandon Carter | Year Posted 2013

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I'll Go First

Every week on Friday
McGee worked late at night
But this time would be different
The work load seem real light

So he left a little early
Punched his card and tipped his hat
Then headed to O'Malley's
For a stiff one and some chat

But a feeling seem to come to him
Perhaps He'd just go home
And surprise his little wife
That's waiting there alone

So he walks down the empty streets
"Till he made it to his door
Takes his shoes off as he enters
As to tip-toe cross the floor

That's when he hears some noise
Cracks the bedroom door to see
His Buddy Finn and his wife
Are making merrily 

Oh, McGee he got so flustered 
But didn't stop their fun
And slowly crept away
To the next room for his gun

He was locked and Loaded
When he kicked right through the door
With the gun at his head, He said,
"I can't take this anymore"

But his wife left the bed
And knelt down on her knees
And begged him not to kill himself
and "Put the gun down,Please"

McGee then looked upon his wife
His expression was quite vexed
Then he told her to "SHUT UP"
Cause she was surly NEXT !

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2014

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Sudden Death

Mary O'Sullivan
Right after Mass
Stepped out of the church
And as she walked passed
Father McGee, couldn't help see
That Mary was shedding a tear

Approaching Mary
With the kindest of hearts
He wasn't quiet sure, 
Where, he should start
The silents was broke, when McGee finally spoke
"What, is the problem, My Dear"

"Father forgive me
But late last night
My husband died sudden,
Right there in my sight"
McGee stood in shock, and barely could talk
Until he could work past the fear

"I know it's hard
But please do your best
Where there any last words 
Or final request" 
"Yes, 'PUT DOWN THAT GUN', while starting to run
But I'm not sure I heard him that clear"

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2014

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Perplex the Ex

Sunday I went to church late and slid into a back seat.
Then I was shocked beyond belief at who I did meet.
My ex was sitting smack dab in front of me on the pew,
With his arm close around a woman, I didn’t think I knew.

I wanted to fall into a hole and disappear,
But I had to take the high road, now I was here!
He turned his head to look at me, and I flashed him a big smile.
Then when I went to sing in the choir, I sashayed down the aisle.

My church was my haven, why had he come here?
The sight of him with that woman did not endear.
He had done this purposefully, I thought with dismay,
But I wasn’t about to let him know he ruined my day.

I sat through the sermon, but my blood ran cold.
He had stepped over the line, he was just too bold!
I was taken aback at the end when he introduced me to his date,
Because she looked more like his mother, than a new soulmate!

If he visits my church again, I will be surprised,
For I know he had an ulterior motive he could not disguise.
God works in mysterious ways…that is a fact.
I left the church chuckling, with my dignity intact.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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She sits in her Ivory Tower Her face like a lemon, so sour She mocks the human race With a scowl on her face She’s not seen for many an hour Her face could sink a thousand ships With those trout like pink pouty lips She sits in the nude then gobbles her food and then at the sherry she sips Her husband named Jeff was brow beaten He’d consume the scraps she’s not eaten Such an ignorant cow So poor Jeff ‘s left her now He got so fed up of her bleatin! 04~11~17 Inspired by the Rapunzel story with my own unique twist!!!

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

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How Many Ties- A Poetry Mix

A Rhyme about Ties

How many ties does a man need
In fashion to be up to speed?
I really haven’t got a clue
Would you say about sixty two?

Tie Limerick

His ties number sixty two
Now here’s what I’m going to do
I’ll snip off each end
Drive him round the bend
I’d do that, now how ‘bout you?

Each tie rack I have arranged
I tell you I’m quiet deranged
But this I must say
I’ll use them for play
Or else I will be estranged

He cuts a figure so fine
This crazy husband of mine
So I’ll just shut up
Drink this bitter cup
For in a suit he’s sublime

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013