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Details | Lyric |
Another day 
To waste away 
Drink some rum 
To feed the numb 
Vacant hollow 
Pills to swallow 
Feeling low
Ways to go 
Drink some more
On the floor
Music blaring 
I’m just staring 
Emotions cease 
Finally peace 
A little bliss 
Fleeting as it is

Then I crash down 
Into my world of sh*t 
Look around 
Try to give it up and quit 
I tell myself 
One last time and that’s it 
The same old lie 
So I won’t have to admit 

I’m addicted 

To being non-existent 

God’s in my heart 
Soon to depart 
Devil’s in my soul
Thinks I’m the fool
He don’t know 
How far south I go 
Being empty 
Isn’t easy
Little pot 
Hits the spot
Eight ball 
Take it all
soak it in 
Make it spin 

Then I crash down 
Into my world of sh*t 
Look around 
Try to give it up and quit 
I tell myself 
One last time and that’s it 
The same old lie 
So I won’t have to admit 

I’m addicted 

To being non-existent 

Still I stare 
At empty air 
Feeling nothing 
Being nothing 
Still I know 
Time will flow 
Wanting nothing
Finding nothing
Permanent fix 
Beyond the Styx 
Seeing nothing 
Needing nothing
Take it all away 
Skin and flay 
I am nothing 
I am nothing 

Then I crash down 
Into my world of sh*t 
Look around 
Try to give it up and quit 
I tell myself 
One last time and that’s it 
The same old lie 
So I won’t have to admit 

I’m addicted 

To being non-existent

Copyright © Nathan D. | Year Posted 2015

Details | Dramatic monologue |
She's holding in her hand
The only thing she can feel
Growing so weak she can barely stand
She chooses instead to kneel
To a forgotten God she prays
This pain is more than I can bear
Have mercy; please take the rest of my days
To the mirror, she turns to stare
Into eyes more than half dead
A girl without hope
There was no one to take the pain in her stead
No one to help her cope
As she makes the final cut
The blood drips on the floor
Her eyes forever shut
As she journeys to Heaven's door

Copyright © Grace Faolian | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |
mama how do i tell you its bad again
how the voices are telling me its okay to hurt
they want me to fall
to fall from the top of buildings 
and not get up
but don't worry mama
i plan to shut them up

mama how do i explain how the pain has returned
all you wanted was me to be better
i tried and tried and tried and tried
but in the end, the crazy won
they drive me crazy to no end
i want to make it stop 
but don't worry mama
i have a plan

mama i cant tell you how it feels
to be sunken to the depths of earth
angels are soaring above me
but their happy gazes hurt
i need this incessant chatter to go
to hurt me, to hate me 
it all feels so real
but don't worry mama
it wont soon

mama i can see the look in your eyes
it hurts me too that this is goodbye 
cant you see this is the only way 
for the voices to vanish but my body stay
goodbye and farewell 
ill miss you so much
but don't cry mama
ill be better now

Copyright © Ursula Black | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
Time moves on,
and soon will tell,
when asked for whom
they ring the bell…
 Forty lived
…and forty lost,
you left before twilight.
When it’s half as much,
at twice the cost,
you’ll  bask
in perfect light…
We live in castles
…made of sand,
we come as a stranger,
but leave as a friend…
Remember now,
your last first kiss,
those times will be
profoundly missed…
Your smile indeed
could cast a spell.
You learned to
play a bad hand well…
With all our hopes
and dreams in tow,
we are old too quick,
and wise too slow.
Life’s an elaborate
complex dance...
Would you live again,
if you had the chance?
 Copyright © 2013

Copyright © Cole Banner | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
if each tomorrow 
were the same as
each yesterday
what would you have done 
 - today?

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

Details | Dramatic Verse |
Oh, tragic feather what is thy tragedy
No longer freedom gay or certian loft
How is this thy new translation
From a majesty, unto a wing thou hath mighty dropped

Were thou thus, shunned, cast away 
Or merely, cut out or off
As limb from downward spiral angel
Perhaps, a troubled finch or insanity in wayward hawk

Lie, if thou must, be it amidst a deafening silence, lonesome soft
But, I plead, please tell me fallen feather, what hath befallen thee
Thy tuft to ne’er evermore touch again
What life should be, warmth of the summer's breeze

Sleep, sleep now 'neath the alley's gutter greys 
Catching Weeping Willows damning drops
Adrift as the drowning lily dying
In seas of the myriad scattered rots

An accomplice I shall say, within a winter's willing white
And alas, buried ordinary in this doth the corpse delight
Far beneath the crowds held at bay and forever lost
Now thou hath become the naked grove of wicker and then...
                                   the more of naked souless crops

Copyright © Michael Smith | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
Tears drench cotton thread
that cleans the blood she has shed
many trials stain red
for all the times she has bled

Freak, whore, loner, and slut
these are the words that cause her to cut

white lines rule shallow skin
scares that hold the monster in

They leaver her heart weak and soar
yet her brain still asks for more

Shinny blades are in control
for memories took her soul

so now shes alone with no hope for life
only guided by a tinted knife

left to death with an empty mind
upon no love for her to find

With no one shes left abandoned to cry
with only one wish and that is to die

In the last battle she ended the war
leaving her sleeping on tile floor
the cotton thread not stopping the pour
as she entered heavens open door

Copyright © lile toms | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
     She lies in a pile of bloody red roses

She left a note to her folks  saying

" I cant go on im sorry"

      It didnt say why

But still we cry

      We are all very sad

some of us are mad

       none of us are glad

She'll b greatly missed

        To me she was like a sis

But when will the rumors stop

        Noone knows the truth not even the cops

My pain is great 

       I wish we hadnt been late

But when we got there 

        there she lay 

on her already made bed of

Bloody red roses

Copyright © stacy wampler | Year Posted 2013

Details | Verse |
like a boat parked in a garage
or a kite lost in space
I feel different today,
both captive and free,
but definitely out of place.

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2017

Details | Blank verse |
This place,
this infinitely finite place,
where branches split the clouds
when they spin;
this place,
where the sky is studded with crystals
of dreams;
this place,
where the white melts the blue
and the cold melts the flowers,
among roses
a child runs
arms wide open
towards God...
This place,
where God is not what He is,
this place,
a replica of chaos,
the underworld of angels,
the mist of the Heavens
concealed by apparent

Copyright © Ruxandra Duca | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |
Trapped. No where to hide.You scream at me through the door.Though your words still 
sting me.
I sit on the ground alone.Blood drips down like tears. tears run down like rain.The room's 
spinning.  My heart bursts out of my clothes.We got into a fight.  Why is unclear.
I tried to leave.  You hit me. I fell.I started to cry.  You kicked me.A sharp pain burst out of 
my chest.  I could not breath. I have little energy,I kicked you.  You fell. I ran to our 
I am trapped.  No where to hide.I'm weak. I stumble to your Night stand.I see a gun.You 
break down the door.  I grab the gun.You start to choke me, squeezing my throat like you 
were trying to get some sort of juice out of me.
I pull the trigger.
BANG!Trapped.  No where to hide.Your grip feels looser.   Your face in pain.
You fall down. i fall into darkness.Free.  No need to hide.

Copyright © Chelsea Ouellette | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Do You Blame Or Trust God? Do you blame God for the trials you may face? Do you reject God’s mercy and grace? Perhaps you are in a most “difficult situation.” You can’t figure out a “reasonable explanation?” You may feel abandoned, alone and afraid. There may have been times when you prayed. You don’t know why this happening to you? You probably try your best in all that you do! But, it still things really haven’t worked out. And you often wonder what life is all about? Rather than blaming God… Why not trust him? He’s not your enemy! He wants you to know him! He’s not the blame for the sorrows of mankind! He’s always faithful, most loving and kind! He patiently waits for anyone to call on his name! With him in control… Things won’t be the same! He is here! Even if everyone else fails you! If you give him a chance! He wants to help you! Won’t you take the time, and invite him in? This is where a new opportunity can begin! His life for yours, is what he gives in exchange! He can help your situation to really change! He can change your life! And turn it around! And can put your life on a solid ground! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
        A shot rang out,

it became quiet,

         she tried to scream 

but out came nothing

         she tried to move

But she soon realized she was paralyzed with fear

         All of a sudden 

she saw herself 

        Looking down upon herself

She tried yelling for help

       But then she saw it

It was in her hand

       Then she realized she did something

something she promised herself she would never do

       Noone knows why she's gone 

Nor what happened

       All they know is that she pulled the trigger

on herself while layin in a bed of

Bloody Red Roses

Copyright © stacy wampler | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |
By Robielynn Collins 

  I have a thousand thoughts, running through my head, 
but I still can't believe, that your really dead, 
because you were so happy just hours before, 
your heart in the heavens,and ready to soar, 
I could never believe, 
that you'de do such a thing, to just take your life, 
and give it a fling, 
what about the people,that cared so much, 
how could you do that? we loved you such!, 
maybe you didn't know it, 
or maybe you didn't care, 
whatever the reason,it just wasn't fair, 
now you left us all here, 
to live wih this pain, 
what the hell in this world, 
did you think that you'de gain?

Copyright © RobieLynn Collins | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |
Whenever you see
my face,
please try not
to cry,
for i'm in a much
better place,
as i did not

I just knew it
was time to
begin a new 
and so i knew 
i could not
so i said

Whenever you see 
my face,
think of all the
the promises we
make no mistake
i'm keeping

Think back to the
endless hours we'd
think of what i'd
if i could see you one last

Whenever you see
my face,
smile but please don't
because although
i'm so far away,
this is not

Copyright © lucy needham | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
Lay in slumber of your solemn sleep
Leaving behind those who weep

Cry into the deaf air
Only silence will answer
Your life will remain in plight
Lay in slumber of that solemn night

Tattered memories cry down weary cheeks
Flowing into the forgotten sea
Rapids that rage the most remain unseen
Lay in slumber under that solemn stream

The memory that burns the most
Is that you chose the life of a ghost
Lay in slumber under the wings of your new host

Copyright © Dillon Lehrer | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Will God Accept Me?

I had nothing to offer to God but a life of  shame.
I was embarrassed of the mention of my name

I had nothing to offer to God but “failure.”
I didn’t know if he listened to me prayer?

I had a life that was just falling apart.
I often cried from a wounded heart.

I began to blame myself for things going wrong.
I began to feel like I didn’t belong.

I’d begin each day with a lot of stress and tension.
I didn’t feel any kind of love or appreciation.

Many of my friends began to “leave me behind.”
There wasn’t a single “friend” I could find!

Just when everything was falling around me...
Jesus was there!  His love began to surround me!

“Lord, please help me!” Where the words spoken.
My life was coming apart!,   And was empty and broken!

Jesus reached down and took a hold of my hand!
And told me everything I went through...  He understands!

Day by day he brought to me a peace I never knew!
Putting my life back together was what he wanted to do!

As I read his word, his spirit renewed my mind.
A precious friend in HIM…  I was able to find!

He accepted me! And gave so much more!
He truly is what living my life is meant for!

He is and will always be the Lord for me!
And can do the same for you!  Most certainly!

By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |
By Robielynn Collins 
He wasn't a coward, 
though he took the easy way out, 
no one really understood, 
what it was all about, 
but I know the truth, 
and the pain that he felt, 
and the hurtful feelings, 
that life, 
he had been dealt, 
so he ended his life November 1st.., 
knowing that everyone would feel the worst, 
but still he did it, 
with that gun to his head, 
II still can't believe, 
that my best friend is dead !!!!! 

Copyright © RobieLynn Collins | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |
You’re important to God!  And he knows it!
He wants to be with you!  His word shows it!

Your life belongs to God!  Yes it does!
He died for you!  It’s you that he loves!

Your life is precious of God!  Yes it is!
He wants to be with you, each day you live

Your life is just a heartbeat away!
From allowing God to change you today!

Your life is but a brief moment in time!
Won’t you take time for God?
  So merciful and kind!

Your life can be touched this very hour!
By God’s love and healing power!

Your life for his!  A choice can be made!
This is beautiful!  And worth the trade!

HIS life brings peace and hope within!
The beauty of him, forgiving your sin!

HIS life for yours, is what he gives in exchange!
You can find all you need, in HIS sweet name!

By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |
All i see from above is your eyes
Look to the sun above the skies
I know im not alive but i pray
That you will live day by day
One day we will reunite 
And have so much fun
But together right now isnt good enough for one
In the world is not fair
I know how i died  it made you scared
From all the days ive been gone
Shooting people was what has done
I believe you can make it
Dont hide your emtions and fake it
Just one more time 
I will see you 
Never discuss the pain 
Until the day it starts to rain
Forever and ever i will miss you
But it comes down to face you
All ive seen is you cry
Flying away wasnt my time
But it all ends with a worry
And shame
Having that day where you want to die
But one day you will find peace and shine
I know you can make it
I love you and miss you
But you gonna move on
People see what we dont see
But please make it and youll be free
I know i cant talk
And help you through
But remember that im always with you
Shining bright form ear to ear
I know you can do it dont shed a tear
Forever and always truly there. 
Please just trust me i still will care
Have a good life
I'll be waiting
But its time for me to go
I see you again but not for long
Remember your dreams.
And follow along. 
Somewhere i will follow
Dont judge yourself  or anybody there
Just remember to smile whoever is there 
Take life as it goes
Cuz before it you know it life 
just goes

Copyright © Elizabeth Berner | Year Posted 2017

Details | I do not know? |
“is suicide not the answer?
as people are in pain,
known or unknown by the world.
do they not have the right to get a little bit of silence ?
if they suffer so much why do u want them to keep hurting.
demons bigger than the Eiffel tower 
and thoughts heavier than buildings.
do you think they didn’t thought about every possible answer.
do you think they wanted to kill themselves.
Suicide is not a sin.
It’s not something to romanticise.
It’s not a fault.
As you are hurting and calling for help,
while the world let you on read,
death answers in silence.
don’t think they did it to hurt u,
they did it to stop the pain.
the invisible pain that no one sees,
so every one ignores it.”


Copyright © mina cha | Year Posted 2017